February 16th Bug-Fixing Build

Oops!! That previous build had an outright embarrassing number of bugs. Here’s a new build, containing twice the number of bug fixes that a normal build contains.

To read a list of everything that was fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this awesome fan art by crazyanime3!

Fixes and Changes

  • It is now possible to dump a bucket of liquid or weights off the school roof onto a student who is standing directly behind the school. (However, remember that a bucket is only fatal if there are 5 weights in the bucket!)
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a bucket-over-door trap from working effectively if Yandere-chan was holding an object in her hands at the moment that the trap was activated.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to register as “doused in gasoline” even if that student had been to the locker room and cleaned gasoline off of their body.
  • If anyone witnesses you touch a gasoline-doused student with a candle, they will recognize that you are committing murder and react according to their Persona.
  • Expanded the size of the candle flame’s collider so that it’s less likely for a gasoline-doused student to slip right past it without catching on fire.
  • Made adjustments to Yandere-chan’s character collider in an attempt to reduce chances of Yandere-chan getting stuck while walking up stairs.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Occult Club and Basu Sisters to not respond correctly to a note left in their lockers.
  • Fixed bug that caused female students to become frozen in place if they activated a water trap twice in one day.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan’s feet to sink into the ground if she crouched and then stood up again.
  • From now on, if Yandere-chan gets too close to a student who is on fire, she will back away in pain.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Yandere-chan from being able to change her shoes at her own shoe locker.
  • Fixed bug that caused male students to spawn with “soaked by bucket of liquid” effects enabled.
  • Fixed bug that caused the nurse to get stuck when following her daily routine in the infirmary.
  • Fixed bug that would cause button prompts to be invisible for 1 second before displaying.
  • Fixed bug that caused Otohiko’s clothing to turn pure white after he put his shoes on.
  • Bullies will now react positively to a note in their locker mentioning “juicy gossip”.
  • Fixed bug that caused a student to throw a rejected note in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed bug that caused male students to spawn at the wrong scale.
  • A student who is soaking wet will no longer shove Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed typos in the End-of-Day Results sequence.

52 thoughts on “February 16th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. This is a pretty minor thing, but, shouldn’t Yandere-chan spawn with her club (if she joins one) instead of in the middle? It would make sense as all clubmembers spawn with their leaders.

  2. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! I was doing a killing spree in the game, and i was putting the bodies in the art room changing section. After a certain amount of time i would just fall through the floor into the cooking club, and sometimes i could run through walls or land on the fridge, please fix these!

  3. Yandere Dev please correct the bug on the electric guitar because when you kill the students with the electric guitar the weapon turns white in reality it must have been black with blood

  4. Haha he had to remind those youtubers that it takes more than one dumbbell in a bucket to work! I guess after no doing it for so long they forgot.

  5. Can I know the new button for cinematic mode? I pressed alt like a mad man and all it did was take a picture. Thanks for the update by the way.

  6. I came up with a dumb yandere sim character that would prevent yan-chan from carrying weapons. They were blind and needed a service dog, and yan-chan just so happened to be allergic to dogs so she would sneeze and drop her weapon around him.

  7. “It is now possible to dump a bucket of liquid or weights off the school roof onto a student who is standing directly behind the school. (However, remember that a bucket is only fatal if there are 5 weights in the bucket!)”

    You saw Kubz’s vid, didn’t you?

  8. I have a bug. When cooking club member will give food to student, this student will go to cooking club and won’t leave until they get distracted.

  9. For some reason, I can’t find Ayano’s locker. That may be because I still am on the February 15th build and the gandered-sim launcher doesn’t update on time and instead on the day after each new build, but still. If anyone else has this issue on the newer build, please let me know.

  10. theres also bug where nearly all character go to the cooking club and preform their normal animations its quite funny to be honest

  11. Hey yan dev.
    The advance that the game has is impressive, only that there are some bugs like: The blood in the weapons are white and with a strange texture, when the students have the outside shoes are black and white, when a student is fed goes to the club cooking and the last I found is that when I pass the time quickly and entered the men’s room and one is going to bathe then say that … has no censorship and his face is white .-. I hope you can fix these flaws.

    pd: ​​What good voices for men to throw water, leave notes and throw them from the roof XD

  12. I can’t download it for some reason. No matter what I do, it doesn’t come up. I deleted it and downloaded it again, but it didn’t help

    • the bullies still have their cardigans, scrunchies and book bags while nude and in the gym uniform, plus they lose their tan. I think this might also be the case for Shiromi and Kuroko (I think Aoi and Akane are fine since their accessories make sense even if nude

  13. I had an idea for the game and I didn’t know where to put it so I will put it here, i think that the reputation star is a bit strange as if a loner or a social butterfly catch you doing something bad they will both deal the same amount of damage, I think (just my opninion) social butterfly’s should dea more damage to the character than a loner and if a bully catches you doing something bad then it would be really bad (not sure if the bully part is allready implemented though) also I think if you don’t do the gaming leader’s task then the bullies would think that the delinquents are attractive, these are just ideas I am not forcing you to do anything. I love your work!

  14. Wait, what about the bug that make Senpai goes to the cooking club and the other students too. like Kuu Dere,Inkyu and Sakyu Basu,all the occult club students.

  15. For some reason I have a bug that makes a lot of the students walk into the cooking club instead of doing their normal routine. Senpai and Kuu Dere are sitting midair in the cooking club reading, and members of the drama club are standing there talking. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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