January 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

Hi again! The previous build had some unexpected bugs, so here’s a new build with fixes.

For a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this adorable Happy New Year artwork by Budokas!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • From now on, whenever Yandere-chan’s Physical Education Stat increases during gameplay, all corpses at school will automatically update to have the “Carry” button prompt appear.
  • The Drama Club can no longer be seen rehearsing their play on the gym stage if a memorial service was held there earlier in the day.
  • Fixed bug that caused all of the bullies (including Musume) to write nasty graffiti on Musume’s desk after exiting a memorial service.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Student Council to glitch out if they shoved Yandere-chan while on their way to turn off a radio.
  • Fixed bug that prevented “speech lines” from ceasing to emit out of a character’s head when Yandere-chan spoke to them.
  • Fixed Mission Mode bug that was preventing School Atmosphere from being affected by the current difficulty level.
  • Fixed bug that caused Riku’s hair to change color if the player told him to change his hairstyle, but not his hair color.
  • Fixed bug that caused the bullies to have “speech lines” emitting out of their heads after attending a memorial service.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing mind-broken slaves from committing suicide at the end of the school day.
  • From now on, Yandere-chan will be wearing indoor shoes after exiting a memorial service.
  • Adjusted teacher hair color / eye color again.
  • Senpai can no longer be killed by Ebola.

56 thoughts on “January 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. But if a student doesn’t go to school because they were being bullied will there be a memorial service to say they killed themselves

  2. Hi, Yandere Dev. Whenever I kidnap Himari Fujita, there is a version of wierd Saki Miyu with camera, wristbands etc. I’m just reporting new bug here because I know how much e-mail you get on daily basis.

  3. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev!!
    In the previous post (and video) you said that there’s a new version of unity, but with bugs. In that version the game will run with better framerate and will load faster. That means that the error of pink screen will be deleted?? And with that version the game (without bugs) will not be necessary dseactivate any student for the framerate?? Thanks for your attention

  4. I found a bug that when I killed someone and there was a memorial the next day, I killed someone else when everyone was walking back to school, Senpai saw me, and when I was saying “no, wait”, I was doing the animation that the nurse does when she is standing in the nurse’s office.

  5. I didn’t even know that Riku’s hair changing to yellow was a bug, it was just one of the study-kun’s hairstyles, it’s been in for months tbh. N LOL Musume self depreciation was hilarious when I encountered it.

  6. It has already happened to me also about Riku. But I have a question, not every time I do the machmaking elimination I do the whole process and when they arrive at the cherry tree kokona disappears and the cutscene does not appear.

  7. I opened the newest build went to the shrine and the picture looked like the photography club leader and he was moving then I opened the phone clicked senpai it showed the menu and the info and it said Musume instead I was confused to restart the program it happened again so I just went to the school and no one was there except Rival chan the headmaster and counselor IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS ISSUE

  8. Hello! I do not know if it’s just me, but Miyuki’s Easter Egg, when I use the power of the Magic Girl Hand, does not work. And once it happened when I killed and buried a student’s body in the garden club, and I cleaned everything (all the same) by the end of the day, it appeared that a student had seen blood. Sorry if this is written something wrong, Google Translator that helps me, because I’m Brazilian.

  9. I found a glitch/bug that i think im the only one who got it
    So, What i did to get this was You befriend Kokona, Offer Help, Do whatever you do to get her to go to your house, Eliminate her, Next day blah blah then go to your basement, There should be a black figure tied in the chair, You choose the Tortue for 18 hours, you should be sent to school, No one including faculty is there, you are the only person at school (This was on a Wednesday for me) and when you ‘Go home’ you will be stuck on a screen, probably after or before you ‘follow senpai home’
    I cant seem to do anything (other than ALT + F4 etc).

    You are able to continue clicking for Who knows how long but you cant change from that screen unless you restart your game

  10. Just a question, what would Yandere-Kun’s real name be? Some people including myself have called him Ayato Aishi, but I was wondering what his canon name is.

  11. Aaaaah! I’ve been sleeping since last year, I mean, I didn’t visited this blog since… November? Well I want to say that the game is going excellent. Thanks YanDev you are doing a great work, keep coding like that… And Happy New Year for you and all the Psycho-Lovesicks of this blog.
    I should keep sleeping…

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