January 1st Progress Report

Happy New Year!

I didn’t want to let any more time pass without a progress report, so I’ve prepared one for you. It’s mostly a recap of what I’ve already said across various blog posts over the past few months, but I wanted to make sure that this information was shared with the YouTube audience, and not just the blog audience.

In addition to the video, I also have a new bug-fixing build to release today! To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous Happy New Year illustration by Agyle!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Added another background track to the school scene (with 9 variations, one for each combination of atmosphere and sanity). These tracks were created by Ferret Entertainment! The school scene now has 8 tracks in total. During school gameplay, you can skip to the next track by tapping the “M” key twice.
  • Removed Study-kun A and Study-kun B. Their purpose was to allow the player to deduce what Kokona was attracted to (slick hair, intelligence) but now that the school has other male students with those traits, the Study-kuns are no longer necessary.
  • Added two new background music tracks to Mission Mode (there are now 8 tracks in total). You can change the music that plays in Mission Mode by opening the pause screen and selecting the music icon during Mission Mode gameplay.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Light Music Club members’ musical instruments to levitate in front of their bodies if they were distracted by a noise while they were practicing with their instruments.
  • Upgraded the music being played by the Light Music Club when they practice around 5:00 PM. The new track was provided by David Area Williams of DIAVImusic (diavi.com)!
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to highlight menu options while the “Are you sure?” confirmation window was displaying at the title screen.
  • From now on, whenever the police identify a student’s corpse, the following day will begin with a memorial service for the deceased student.
  • From now on, if Kokona is in a relationship with Riku, she will no longer turn her head and check out other guys she finds attractive.
  • Adjusted glasses on Senpai’s face in the Senpai creation screen so that the glasses aren’t clipping into his head in a weird way.
  • The lock of Senpai’s hair in Yandere-chan’s Senpai Shrine will now be the same color as the hair that Senpai actually has.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to play Mission Mode if they hadn’t set up a save profile yet.
  • Fixed bug that caused some text to hover over the “Are you sure?” confirmation window at the Calendar screen.
  • Moved the kidnapping case to the gym instead of the storage closet. (It was always meant to be in the gym.)
  • The Save/Load feature will now remember what doors were opened/closed at the time that the game was saved.
  • Fixed bug that caused School Atmosphere to shoot to 600% if the player got the delinquents expelled.
  • Adjusted the dates on the Calendar scene so that the game now takes place in 2020 instead of 2019.
  • Teachers now have different hair colors, instead of all being brown-haired.
  • Fixed lighting bugs with the panties in Yandere-chan’s room.

What’s Next?

Probably one of those red “X” items from the checklist that I displayed in this video!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

84 thoughts on “January 1st Progress Report

  1. Wow good job haven’t watched video yet but I bet it will b good! I just came back from a flight and I’m exhausted, and I have work to do tomorrow. But this made me feel a bit better 🙂

  2. Can we have more info on the obstacle that will be in our way to osana. Most people know it’s her sister as you showed us Osanas house plan. It would be to see the concepts of DLC rivals, one reminded me of sayori/natsuki

      • Why does it say targets room then not Senpais room huh. Also when people added the obstacle into the game idk how she was always around Osana and it would be easy to say that it will be her sister because that would make sense

  3. Happy New Year, Yandere Dev! Really excited to hear about what you and your volunteers have completed. You guys should be very proud. Keep up the amazing work!!! I can’t wait to watch new update videos in the future from Bijuu Mike and Jay from the KubzScouts.

  4. Hey Yandere Dev!
    I have a fan request to you! Could you make it possible to play your prototypes, I really wanted to play them, and you don’t need to be ashamed because we (the fan community) knows that it is simply a prototype.
    Thanks for your attention,
    And keep on doing the great work!

  5. First of all, Happy New Year Yandere Dev!

    Cheer up, there are many times in a production of the game that you have to try many things and put them down again if it does not work, but for that you have become richer with the knowledge that it does not always work! So do not be scared, if something does not work, it will not work, what can you say a lot about that? I find it interesting if you give something about a video and explain that the December maybe did not bring much. But because of that, I’m not angry or pissed off.
    Keep the good work and looking not down when you feel guilty about that, i understand that very good when somethong going not right x)

  6. Sounds amazing! Can’t wait to get the update downloaded! I think i have an obsession with kuu dere {Dunno if its spelt right} , Her bitch face is just great. So happy you added that feature back!

  7. Happy new year 🥳
    Yandere dev if you read this. No matter what happens remember. You’re amazing, making a game is incredibly difficult.

  8. Yandere Dev, I cant get access to the new build! whenever i press update on the launcher, It asks me to move it to :C\Program Files, but it already is.and It asks me to check if firewall isn’t blocking the internet but i checked and its not. What do i do?

  9. Hey yandere dev! When will you implement the clubless boys? I’ve been waiting for them for a long time. Will you implememnt them in the next update? I’m sorry I just can’t wait any longer…

  10. (Just some small ideas)
    (Also, beware that my english is not the best, since its not my first language)
    (ALSO also, sorry for this long ass comment)
    Sooo.. ive been thinking

    You have a minigame for the light music club, right dev?

    I cant recall if you have any other club minigames (Im a mac user and I havent been able to play the game for some time OOF)

    Soo, ive been thinking~
    _And here are just some small ideas that you would perhaps hear?_*

    So for the baking club, there could be a game that would look a little like the game “Overcooked”? But with baking suplies instead?

    As for the drama club, the example im about to put is.. a little ridiculous.. See, what if the drama clubs minigame was.. like the “opera duel” in sly 3? (I love that game and that duel was hillarious) And by that I meant that the leader could be singing in some notes and you (the player) have to repeat it?

    Sadly, I havent come with an idea for the occult club yet..
    (Or the science club)

    You know one of those games that you have to press a button as much and as fast as you can in order to.. well, in some cases run? That would perhaps be an idea for the sports club?

    OHHH, and for the club leader meeting, imagine if you could be able to send something you would like to change in the club, and they would take it in the meeting?

    _And.. Imagine if yan chan could somehow.. become a leader?_

    I-Im so sorry for taking too much space with this comment >-<

  11. you feel like you didn’t move forward?
    well, it’s true you added many details that could seem useless. but those details are part of the game so don’t feel like it’s nothing.

    also I know people will probably hate me after I said that but here are some other red X items that you forgot to mention:

    – to fill the empty rooms in the school
    – add the money function (I don’t know if you still plan to add it but it could be cool to show it in the V-slice if you do)
    – more events between students in school to make it feel more lively (it could be usefull to show more type of interactions between students in the V-slice)
    – some stuff about the lore (for example events with Ayano and her club if she was often present during club activities. This one is just an idea of mine but if you have more ideas to improve the game, just take the time to add them in)

    anyway, a new year has passed and the game looks more and more intresting. also for the video’s you talked about, I’m for it.
    keep the good work yanderedev.

  12. Congratulations yandere dev, your work is wonderful, I have always loved Yandere simulator, I have been following since when all the girls had blue hair, the thing I most loved in this update was the teachers’ hair. From this list, what I most want is that the students react to blood, because when I’m playing, and I kill someone, they go over the blood and do not even notice hahahaha. And one thing I really want, (I think will still be a long time) is that we can have a woman senpai. And happy New Year. Sorry if something is spelled wrong, I’m not very well in English, I’m Brazilian. I’m going to miss Study-Kuns.

  13. i hate to be a pain but i cannot, for the life of me, find the new kidnapping box location hAHA is it just me or?

  14. Fixed bug that caused School Atmosphere to shoot to 600% if the player got the delinquents expelled.
    More like a feature

  15. I love the new save file mechanic! But a quick suggestion- what if the pink file bubbles turned into love notes? All the info can be listed on a piece of paper that’s slipped out of the envelope, and once you clicked on the them- they will close and shoot off screen. (And load that file.) I’m aware that that will require graphics and animation- but I just thought it would be a nice touch! (Woah Technology MomentTM)

  16. im really stuned for the history of Yandere Simulator, i already know the games old and earlier versions… but i wana see how yan – dev explains it! 🙂

  17. I think he should work now on the intro cutscene beacause its just a cutscene that I think it will only take 2 weeks to be done

  18. i found a bug.
    i send horuda ( in mind slave state) to kil saki. when she killd her all the cooking club menbers saw it happen.
    then the other members said that they need to get to safety. 2 min later i saw Ajia running in fear to one of the science club menebers. she then spun around like an idiot while the science club member eat some sushi. she then ran ( again in fear) to someone els and did the same thing. i wached it happen 5 times, than i reset the week. and made horuda ( again in mind slave state) repeat it. and it happend again. this time i checked on all the members that saw it happen and they were all handing out food and spining like an idiot.
    the build that i’m using is the build released with this blog.

    sorry if it’s bad english, im from the netherlands.

  19. Hello Yandere Dev. This is not about the updates or Osana or anything like that. I just want to know if the game works on Windows 10 or not. I can’t download it anywhere else.


  20. love it

    On Tue, Jan 1, 2019 at 3:02 PM Yandere Simulator Development Blog wrote:

    > YandereDev posted: “Happy New Year! I didn’t want to let any more time > pass without a progress report, so I’ve prepared one for you. It’s mostly a > recap of what I’ve already said across various blog posts over the past few > months, but I wanted to make sure that this informa” >

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