December 5th Bug-Fixing Build

If you’ve been following the development of Yandere Simulator for a while, then you’ve probably noticed that all female characters share the same “base model”; as a result, they all have the same face:

I’ve tried to make each character as distinct as possible using different hair styles, hair colors, eye colors, accessories, makeup, bust size, skirt length, stockings, etc. However, being stuck with one face is kinda lame; being able to give each character a different face would be a giant improvement…

…which is why I’m incredibly grateful to AMZE, who has upgraded the character models to make it possible for me to tweak their faces! Here are some before-and-after shots:

In the latest build, I’ve given new eye shapes to the female students! Some of them share the same general shape as other students, but now there is waaaaay more variety than there was before, and characters’ personalities are more accurately reflected in their faces.

If you don’t like some of these faces, don’t worry about it; these are merely the “first drafts” for new faces. They can always be improved in the future. (I might even add a face-tweaking menu to Pose Mode!)

The latest build also contains numerous other bug fixes and minor cosmetic changes. To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down past this festive illustration of Yandere-chan, drawn by IceAngel0203!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • From now on, when you take a photo of something that has a use for Yandere-chan (like a photo of panties), a text box will appear at the top of the screen and display the name of whatever you have just photographed. If you take a photo of a Task-related subject (such as the kitten, or Miyuji playing air guitar) you’ll see the name of that subject appear at the top of the screen, too. This should help the player to confirm that they have taken a photograph of something that satisfies the requirements of a Task.
  • From now on, whenever you speak to a student, all Light Music Club members’ instruments will decrease in volume so that the sound of their instruments doesn’t overpower the voice of the student you’re speaking to. Their volume will return to normal when you stop speaking to the student. (I never had a problem with Dora’s drums overpowering Gita’s voice, because I never spoke to Gita when she was sitting directly underneath Dora…)
  • Thanks to help from AMZE, female characters now have more distinct faces. As of now, no two female characters have a 100% identical face, although there are characters with very similar faces (within 1% of one another). Their current faces are not necessarily final, and may continue to change in the future.
  • Fixed the camera that provides a view of an object striking Kokona after it has been dropped from the roof (press “Q” when dropping something on Kokona to see this camera).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to launch with timeScale at a high value. (As a result, the game would look like it was running at a super-fast speed.)
  • Added a new item to Info-chan’s “Drops” menu; a lockpick. It can be used to pick the lock to the gardening shed or the medicine cabinet.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to stop following Yandere-chan if she went to the school roof and stood directly above a bathroom.
  • Fixed bug that caused Geiju to give a positive response instead of a negative response when refusing to follow Yandere-chan.
  • Updated Saki Miyu’s hair. (I’ve always wanted it to have a silhouette similar to her original hairstyle from back in 2015.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause Shiromi to get stuck trying to enter the Gardening Club if it closed down.
  • Adjusted the appearance of Yandere-chan’s eyes during Yandere Vision.
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to dump water on Kokona.
  • Fixed the broken “Riku confesses to Kokona” cutscene.
  • Updated the Cooking Club apron textures again.

55 thoughts on “December 5th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Wow, in this version, the gym teacher and the consuls are Saki, and some guys look like the girl who replaced the club leaders.
    Sorry for my English: <

  2. Really cool update, but the Student Council and the gym teacher loved Saki so much that they decided to become her XD (they are clones of Saki) and some of the boys have the Empty Demon’s hair

  3. I can’t wait to get the update. Also saki miyu looks cool.

    I played the new update and there are some issues.

    1. The sports club leader and the gaming club leader have straight hair that covers their eyes and they have the science club leader band on their arm.

    2. The smiling girl with the red hair in student council looks like Saki Miyu.

  4. Thanks for this update YanDev! Everyone looks so much better now! Btw, now that the Guidance Counselor is implemented, will you change the way the Student Council reacts to the player being bloody, armed, insane, etc (by sending Yan-chan to the Counselor)? You know, as stated in the gameplay focus video of the Student Council

  5. I just hope that the changes in the hairstyles of the Basu sisters, which are in the unity store, they are the only ones that do not have something original, as you say that all the models of the game are original until now, well those of them do not.

    • For me the only problem (even if it’s not really a problem) is that the Sakyu Basu’s Hairstyle’s mesh looks like ayano Hair in some way

  6. Honestly, Yandere-chans Base Model with the eyes makes Yandere-chan innocent…with the new eyes its when i see her, i dont get the feel of a cute innocent girl.

  7. Hey, Yandere Dev! Except for the mistakes you have already got it from other users, I have made other mistakes: in Medusa mode from student council and the gym teacher pupils became the color of the stone if they noticed you. In Сirno mode, Yandere Chan’s face is missing. In Tornade mode, the texture of the height is placed on the face of Yandere Chan. In 47 Mode, half the head goes missing.

  8. I just wanna say Yandere Dev. I will always continue to follow and support you (even tho I’m broke right now) but I enjoy everything you have to offer and will always be here to see even some of the little improvements because that’s better than rushing you without considering your well being. Keep up the good work.

  9. Other people may be experiencing this and have posted this but the student council members and the gym teacher all look like Saki Miyu (As in hairstyle and school outfit)

  10. Cool updates, I know jay was kinda like ” oh fuck I was waiting for that fat update ” Me; ” Opps sorry jay, if ya dont want to do it ya dont ” Also I am trying to find money making ways so I can but the hoodie cause I want it ;c

  11. They’re beautiful! I remember you experimenting with the eyes before too. I love that Mai has her gentle eyes back! Yeah they could use a little more tweaking for some of them but great start! 😀
    Keep it up Yanderedev we love you!! ❤ ^__^

  12. This build has alot of bugs. All the student council plus the gym teacher have Saki new hair and some male student have the husk hair and a special case for Shin, not only he have the husk hair, he also have tge science club arm band. Please fix this soon YandereDev. 😊😊😊

  13. There was a lot of bugs, but other than that I think that the updates are really good and make the students more unique and different. The school also feels so lively! I love the updates. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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  15. I love how bitchy Musume looks now. There’s a resource I believe could help you get more personality in each face, but I’m not going to interrupt your schedule to say “YanDev, YanDev! Look at this now!” Because you’ve stated you don’t like that. Instead, I’m just gonna say “If you have an opening, google search ‘physiognomy.’ I believe the results that pop up might assist you with this.”

    • Oh balls. I hate my scroll speed, it’s too fast. I posted that because I wasn’t aware of AMZE assisting you, because my scroll speed was fast enough that it just like… skipped over the notes where it says they’re helping you. I apologize. Will be more meticulous.

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