December 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

Hi! I was worried that shrinking the school environment and re-positioning some areas would result in a whole bunch of new bugs. Fortunately, it only resulted in a small number of bugs, which have been fixed in this update. This build also contains a few minor changes and additions (such as a new Task for one of the students)!

To read a list of everything that is fixed or different in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely adorable pixel art by Stefani “Dalmatia” Prsa!

Super cute, huh?!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause a Club Leader to instantly be aware that Yandere-chan was a murderer if a club member witnessed Yandere-chan commit murder while she was a member of that club.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to behave incorrectly if they were instructed to “Go Away” while wearing club attire (such as a martial arts gi or a scientist lab coat).
  • Fixed bug that caused Kaga Kusha to get stuck on the Science Club’s door during Cleaning Time, if the Science Club was shut down.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a club leader from performing the correct animation when kicking Yandere-chan out of a club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a pink polygon to appear over the eyes of male students when their irises shrank in fear.
  • Made it a little easier to pickpocket Uekiya’s keys (extended the amount of time that she stands still for).
  • Fixed bug that caused Uekiya to perform her cleaning animation in the wrong locations during Cleaning Time.
  • Fixed bug that caused a club leader to treat Yandere-chan normally even after kicking her out of a club.
  • Moved some of the Gardening Club’s most useful items (shovel, axe, gasoline) into the gardening shed.
  • Fixed bug that caused the distant mountains to turn white if School Atmosphere dropped beneath 100%.
  • Fixed bug that would cause one of the debug commands to teleport the player outside of the map.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a bucket of weights from being able to collide with Kokona’s head.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing some students’ locker doors from being able to animate.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the player from being able to join the Gardening Club.
  • Updated Cooking Club aprons so that each member’s apron matches their kerchief.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Gardening Club girls to have long red fingernails.
  • Fixed bug that made 5 of the “Mysterious Tapes” inaccessible.
  • Added some props into the Gardening Club’s greenhouse.
  • Updated the vending machine and soda can models.
  • Updated the Gardening Club’s dirt path texture.
  • Added one new hairstyle for Yandere-chan.
  • Added a Task for Gita Yamahato.
  • Reduced the size of the occlusion culling box and converted background geometry into a skybox. (In short, I tried to improve a few rendering issues to improve the framerate. Please let me know if you see any improvement over the previous build.)

53 thoughts on “December 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Hi I’m actually new to your blog and updates. I’m honestly amazed how much you update your blogs, considering how hard you are working on the game! So all I just want to say is: keep up the good work!

  2. I discovered a “bug”: The Coca Dora, the E-sven Up and the Mr. Peter vending machines give the wrong soda cans.

  3. “Reduced the size of the occlusion culling box and converted background geometry into a skybox. (In short, I tried to improve a few rendering issues to improve the framerate. Please let me know if you see any improvement over the previous build.)”
    well, i am sorry to say this but i don’t think this comment helps but since i have a low computer. When in the house it is more glitchy then the previous build. At first it is the school from april builds or since the delinquents have implemented into the game then it got more worse for me till today it is still got more worse. I am sorry to say this yanderedev, but i want to play this game in the latest build. Still waiting that Stable Framerate into the game. I like this game too so… i’ll keep waiting with positive thinking =D.

      • well only the text that is glitchy. I think around 2 – 5 months back, the text is starting to become glitchy and i can’t access the school because 2 of these outcomes. 1. the game would crash and cause a black screen. 2. the game would restart my computer apparently on it’s own.

    • Lets hope no. No offense, but making everything so colorful and unique for every character makes it a little too childish in a way.
      I love that every character looks different even if they have the same face. But really? Water cans for the Gardening club so they match with their hair? Looks really odd tbh

  4. yanderedev so i was playing and i think you should know this
    so i killed one of the bullies and showed the delinquents, but instead of turning into spiteful persona, one of them ran out of school and called the police(he wasnt holding a phone or anything i think)

  5. Makes we wonder is Yandere-Dev intended to fill out the large space we used to have with even more stuff but couldn’t because of time. Oh well: maybe when he has a team and he gets all that moola he cna finally make it. “Till then, keep finghting Yandere Dev! You’re almost there!

  6. When Horuda went to kill Kokona, it turned out that she killed her in the dressing room, in the bathroom.
    There were no witnesses except Ayano, I got rid of all the evidence, but the police arrived and found the bodies, although I burn everything.
    Please correct this if it is possible for the game to provide for a double murder without witnesses, including the concealment of evidence, so that the police did not find any corpses.

  7. Please can you make some students like the gardering club having meal time in the new eating area?it is so empty right now…

  8. YandereDev YandereDev! I just wanted to ask you if you could put it in the game…so I wanted if you could put nine tailed fox easter egg like spider girl demon easter egg that when you press activating button then you will change to the fox with nine tails or changing into girl with nine tails could you please do it?! And thank you for creating the game I really liek to play her!

  9. Bug Alert :V
    Make a character into a mind slave and eliminate a student (I used one of the occult kids.) Get a phone addict or any student with a phone to follow you towards the suicide scene. When they try to take a picture they freeze up. (do it after the teacher comes)

  10. I found a huge bug, I just installed the latest update and all the student council members have Saki Miyu’s new hairstyle with white eyes, and the male occult club members have oversized hair and white hands. Has anyone else experienced this?

  11. Yandere Dev not to bug you but is the student who got the new task voiced by Lizzie a youtuber just wondering because I’m curious (I don’t mean ldshadowlady)

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