October 15th Bug-Fixing Build

Because of the wide, sweeping changes made to the game in the previous update, I expected a lot of new bugs to pop up. Fortunately, it was a lot more stable than I thought it would be! However, there were still some issues, which I’ve decided to address with a new build.

To read a list of everything that was fixed or changed in the latest build, please scroll down past this absolutely gorgeous illustration of Yandere-chan by Hanna Fugulin!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Moved the stapler from the counselor’s office to the headmaster’s office, since it’s no longer possible to enter the counselor’s office.
  • Fixed bug that would cause cooking club members to offer food to the Light Music Club while they were busy during a performance.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Cooking Club members to attempt to give food to Kokona when she was in the restroom or taking a bath.
  • Updated the text that displays when joining the Light Music Club to better describe the advantages of joining the club.
  • Fixed bug that caused the doors to the counselor’s office to say “Info Club” instead of “Guidance Counselor”.
  • Fixed bug that caused the audience members in the rhythm minigame to bounce up and down to an extreme degree.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to soft-lock if the player tried to report Kokona to the Guidance Counselor.
  • The player can no longer enter the guidance counselor’s office while covered in blood or visibly insane.
  • Fixed bug that caused the player to get stuck in a loop of exiting and re-entering the rhythm minigame.
  • Adjusted volume of the music that plays during the counselor minigame, since it was a bit too loud.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Miyuji’s student info text from displaying properly.
  • Made small timing adjustments to the Light Music Club’s 4:00 PM performance.
  • Increased the volume of some voiced lines that were too quiet.

44 thoughts on “October 15th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Yandere Dev Have you fix the problem when after downloading your game and I open and everything is pink and I don’t know how to fix it please fix the bu that would be wonder full I missed lots of updates since that happened

    • Hello!
      I would like to ask if you did anything with the game files? If not, I don’t know if I have a solution to your problem, but the one I found is just to copy-paste the backup Students file, delete the original one, and rename the original backup to be called ‘Students’.
      I hope you understood and I hope you found this helpful.
      Have a nice day/night!

      -CiciMici Arts

      • it doesn’t work. The screen is pink and I can turn on the first day blindly but after the first day it breaks down and I can not go to the second day. I will give photos of this problem to on reddit

  2. Huh, The Previous Build Didn’t Have Critical Bugs, That’s Nice.

    Oh Man, Now I Have A Question:

    If You Join The Delincuent Gang And You Get In Trouble, Will You Be Sent To The Guidance Counselor? If So, Is There A Possibility To Threaten Her?

    • Hello!
      There should always be a threaten option, but I do not know if it is possible to get away with it. if there will be a way to join the delinquents one day, I don’t think she’ll show mercy, though. As said in the story of how the delinquents are still at school, its mentioned that if they make one, even small damage to anyone or anything in any way, they will be expelled.
      I hope you understood and I hope you found this helpful.
      Have a nice day/night!

      -CiciMici Arts

      • Oh, Hi, Thanks For The Answer, It Makes A Lot Of Sense! But Now, I Have Another Question.Is There A Possibility To Flirt With The Counselor And Get Away With It?

        Maybe With High Reputation, Or Something?

        I’m So Curious

      • No, the guidance counselor was only talking about Osoro, not the rest of the delinquents.

  3. If LMC boost reputation better than cooking club, cooking club is useless now. Why you will join C.C. when LMC boost reputation and provide a way to carry corpses

  4. Awesome update! Will getting in trouble also include getting caught not cleaning during cleaning time? I haven’t seen any youtubers testing this theory, thanks!

  5. Ya know…I’ve thought about it and I was curious…when you’re sent to the guidance counselor and take too long to pick an option, she mentions pleading the fifth…but isn’t that just in the US? Or at least with how it is called or am I mistaken? I may just be thinking a bit too much haha >.<

  6. Yandere Dev! In your video, I found the following recordings of conversations with Genka:

    What is it???

  7. Mission mode is very bugged Nemesis just slides up to you on her feet and can’t kill you (IDK is it works normally, but it doest work with her disguised)

  8. I keep trying to download the new build but it keeps saying its obsolet and when I tried it just now it said to contact you (YandereDev). I’ve tried the different websites but none of them are working and I don’t know what else to try.

  9. In one of the dialogues of the Guidance Counselor, if the player remains silent, she mentions “pleading the fifth” which I found kind of strange since the game takes place in Japan and they referenced a US Constitutional Amendment

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