September 13th Bug-Fixing Build

You know how, when you’re talking to a club leader, there is a “Spar” option on the dialogue wheel?

For the past couple of years, that menu option has been unavailable. In the current build, it finally does something!

The idea is that, for every club, that menu option would have a different effect. For the Martial Arts Club, it would be “Spar”, but for other clubs, it would be something else entirely.

In the case of the Martial Arts Club, it would allow the player to practice the delinquent combat minigame in a safe setting with no consequences, so that you can gain experience at the minigame without actually putting yourself at risk of being knocked out by the delinquents.

I’ve wanted to implement this feature for years, but of course, it had to wait until the delinquents and the combat minigame were in the game. The Light Music Club is going to use that menu option, so I had to implement it as part of the process for implementing the LMC. Now that this feature is in the game, we’re one step closer to the LMC being completely finished!

I’m actually not sure if this feature will make it into the final game; it could extend development time considerably if every club has a unique utility or interactive minigame. Because I’m not actually sure if this feature will make it into the game, I haven’t been talking about it at all for the past few years; if I have to cut this feature from the game, I don’t want anyone to feel like I’ve broken a promise. Still, this is a feature that I want the game’s demo to have, so that I can say, “This is my vision for the game,” when I’m showing off the demo.

On the subject of giving every club a unique utility that is accessible by talking to the club leader, I already have ideas for every club – but I’d still be interested in hearing what kind of ideas you might come up with. If every club had a menu option that resulted in some sort of gameplay benefit, what kind of features do you think would be most beneficial for the player? It could be a “practice mode” for one of the game’s features, but it could also grant the player a benefit or an item or something along those lines. What ideas can you come up with?

Of course, I’ve been working on other stuff, too – but the majority of it, I can’t show you yet, since it’s not ready and I want it to be a surprise. I’m really excited about all of it, though!

For a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, click “Continue Reading”!

Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

  • Fixed bug that would cause a soft-lock if the player used the “change subjects” feature while talking to a placeholder club leader.
  • Fixed bug that would make bullies freeze in place like statues when they arrived at the rooftop after being told to “Go Away”.
  • Fixed bug that would cause held objects to clip into Yandere-chan’s face while she was performing her laugh animation.
  • Fixed bug that caused characters’ smartphones to clip through their hands in a weird way while calling the police.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan and Kokona to have strange appearances in the “Befriend/Betray” cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to react to a can of gasoline as though it was a cleaning product.
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain students to attempt to sit in the same seat as other students.
  • Fixed bug that gave club leaders the wrong icons on their armbands in their student portraits.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from using the “Study with suitor in Library” feature.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a musical instrument case to appear on Nemesis’ back.
  • Added collision box to a table in the Science Club that was missing collision.
  • Updated the title screen music and boss battle music in the Miyuki minigame.
  • Added a “practice self defense” feature to the Martial Arts club.
  • Added more props to the backstage area of the school gym.

198 thoughts on “September 13th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. OMG no offense yandere dev but the whole spar option is bugged I fought the easy level member and I won and she walked away and then started fighting me again and I won again and then I just stood there as delinquent voice logs would start spaming my screen this update is really broken

  2. Why are the girls now the weakest? Mina Rai used to be very strong, she was the 2nd strongest. Juku Ren was always very weak. This seems kinda sexist. I’m a little disappointed 😦

      • Also, HOW is that sexist? It’s been PROVEN that in some ways, women are weaker than men. Not sexism, straight facts.

      • First of all I don’t like rude people. Men can grow more muscle but fighting requires tactics and strategy. You don’t have to be extremely built to be martial arts master the previous master was female. Also if Ayano can easily defeat Budo and not be a Martial arts member than why are the actual martial arts girls so weak?

      • Actually, Not,”Straight Facts” It is stated as an opinion and it is proven to be Women are stronger than men not like five girls in the world A whole lot of Women in this world who are WAY stronger

        than men.

      • it is sexist lol
        Yeah, men are naturally strongers. But girls can, if they exercice more, be stronger. And Osoro is really strong, like Ayano if you make her train, so yeah.

      • Lunalia don’t be stupid. Just because girls CAN train to be stronger than boys, doesn’t make it sexist that they are weaker. If a girl, who is naturally weaker than a man, is always training, she will eventually be stronger than him. But if they are both training the same amount, then the man will still end up stronger than her. Plus, it isn’t talking about strength, it is talking about skill level. There is nothing wrong with the fact that the boys may have been in the club longer and may have more skill. It’s natural that a bunch of boys would join a club about fighting before any girl did. Stop being a toxic feminist a deal with it.

      • Not all women are weak and not all men are strong. Also this is a anime inspired game many extremely strong females exist in anime. The strongest student in Akademi high is a girl.

      • common sense beliefs tend to be founded on ideas that are like houses built on beaches – very risky and very likely to collapse compared to something that has a better foundation on something more stable. Humans have specific genetic patterns that determine how strong a person is from the start and how much strength they can gain without having to put any effort into training. Both men and women have relatively similar levels of strength, however it depends on the cultural importance and interest in physical activity that can boost the strength of an individual, so it’s less of a “natural” assumption and more of a cultural/environmental assumption being mistaken as natural. I’m a woman who is relatively equal in strength to the average dude, and that’s mainly due to lifestyle choices that involve heavy lifting and long-distance walking (can walk 2-3 Kilometres without even breaking a sweat because I spent a large portion of my free time walking, at least an hour’s worth a day, sometimes 2 hours). A man who did the same amount of activity as I would might be either slightly stronger or slightly weaker when you consider upbringing, nutrition, genetics, family history of fitness, etc. In my case, it’s more of a stamina problem rather than a strength problem.

        What you people have done is believe statistics to be fact without considering the “why” of how those results came out the way they did…

      • Women can be more weaker than men or more stronger, this depends. In my classroom i’m not the most stronger boy, my level is the same of much people in the school, but i can defeat the most stronger girl in the class, Livia, who can defeat the most stronger boy, Kaiki, who can defeat me. I’ts only depend of your skill, the people that are you fighting against and the condition of your body. Sometimes a women will lost against a men, but sometimes she will win against him.

      • People are upset cause Mina was always the 2nd strongest and Shima was the 2nd weakest. It has been this way ever since they were implemented. Making Juku a higher level then both of them when he is incapable of self defense is just plain dumb. If Yandere really felt the need to lower their strength he could have at least made Mina level 3. I am positive Osana’s mysterious obstacle is the previous martial arts leader (female). The obstacle student is extremely strong and skilled. She was defeated by Budo, but that still makes her the 2nd strongest girl in the school (after Osoro). Mina could easily be stronger than Juku but not as strong as Budo. I’m pretty sure Osoro is tougher then Budo (Maybe not stronger but a better fighter) She took out a whole gang of delinquents by herself.

      • Women are weaker and who cares if they are potrayed as weak in Yandere?? I feel it’s like those feminist who keeps raising pointless issues are following the game!!

      • That is not cool to say at all, There are plenty of strong women. We’ve had many men and women risk their lives for our country I really hope you mature enough to learn this.

      • My friend had a guy try to kiss again after she told him no and she punched him in the throat and said “Don’t ever mess with me again!” She lifts weights and knows self defense. You don’t have to be bulk to know how to fight and defend yourself. You just have to have quick reflexes and be skilled in combat.

      • RJred: women are weaker. Those women risking their lives for country? They would do more if they are men, hope you have common sense to learn this.

        Chery Blossom: That shows how lowest she is, you think a guy couldnt do that?

      • I have been reading through this comment section and, well, it kinda looks like you tried to find every single comment about this and saying that girls are weak and stuff like that. I personally think that this is not a huge of a deal but Mina should still be hard to beat and I hope that it will change.

      • Nah bro. The muscle is just in a different place. A typical man has better upper body strength, this is true, but the typical woman has better lower body strength. We all just have to play to our advantages.

      • Yeah, um, I want you to realize (if that’s even how you spell it, English isn’t my first language) some women can do more than man, so don’t be an ass saying that women (like me) are the weakest thing on earth! (if that’s even what you guys are fighting about, honestly, women can be extremely strong, too…)

      • Nessie, stop pulling words out of your ass. Girls can be strong, but not as strong as men. Scientifically proven. Maybe you can say they’re stronger when compared to little boys, people with health issues, etc…. but in a martial arts club, it’s no surprise to see them at the bottom. That’s how life works, that’s how god create gender differences. Read the bible.

  3. YandereDev!

    is this supposed to be a bug on the spar minigame because once Akane stepped into the Martial Arts Club she stopped the practice fight
    same when u fight the delinquents and the game freezed which made me restart the day. Another bug is the Martial Arts member spazzed the f*ck out once the fight ends tf?

    • Will Mina Rai’s strength be changed back to its original level? Unless her current level is a requirement for some future aspect of the game. Otherwise, I’m wondering why it was changed since there seems like having strong female characters to spar against already in the game would make sense for some of the later rivals and obstacles that have been described or implemented (*cough* Aoi Ryugoku)

    • he does his best and then not be an idiot in your opinion because he had turned off the comments on his videos a short time ago? because people did nothing but insult him and criticize his dream people like you must learn to understand the toil that makes every day yandere dev to develop the game without bugs and start to help him morally by saying the same without offending

    • I see why you are upset I’m disappointed to. Yandere Dev usually tries to keep his fans happy but some of his decisions I don’t agree with. Making Mina go from 2nd strongest to 2nd weakest probably upset a lot of people. Insulting the entire fandom isn’t cool though especially cause most of them are 12-15 year old girls.

  4. Can yuo implement mini game where yuo haf to break a lock. When yuo comit murder and coward personality sees it thei haf to run in emty room lock them selfs in and call the police the olny whai to get in is to break a lock or breke the foors lock before hand ( sorry baut my English )

  5. Hello Yandere Dev. There is a glitch, I want to report:
    When ever I pick up the basement tapes, I can’t play both of them. They just don’t show up on the list…
    I hope you fix it soon!

  6. I mean, the spar option has nothing to do with sexism, I am a woman and I know that men are USUALLY stronger (not saying ALL of them,because there are some women that are stronger). I mean, I’m more used to the old strength stats (did I say that right?) I know that juku ren used to be the weakest and Mina rai used to be one of the strongest.

  7. In biological terms women are born slightly weaker due to having a lower muscle:fat ratio compared to men. However environmental factors can influence who is stronger such as the amount of exercise, diet, illness etc. Furthermore this is only talking about physical strength. Mental/emotional strength varies completely from person to person and isn’t greatly influenced by your gender; it’s more heavily impacted by your life experiences and health conditions.
    What yanderedev did isn’t inherently sexist but he should in theory balance it out a little more so everyone is satisfied.
    I myself am not offended though… it’s a video game which is still in development.

  8. I don’t get why people are making all these sparring options for different clubs so complicated. I think it would be cool if you could just sparring the club leader in some way to take over the club. For example, you could challenge Kizana for a certain part in a play to see who the better actress is. The winner would get the club, and the loser would be kicked from it. This would be a cool method to lower your rivals’ reputation and make them easier to kill because they wouldn’t be surrounded by a bunch of people all the time.

  9. (APOLOGIES IN ADVANCE, THIS IS A PARAGRAPH) Sorry to rain on your parades but, yes women are biologically weaker than men. Yes, I know it sucks, but it’s the truth. It doesn’t mean that ALL women are weaker then men, it means that if a man trains at the same rate as a women; the man will win. It’s not sexism, just facts and how men and women are built differently. In order for a women to beat a man, they must: 1. Have more combat experience than a man/ fight against one that doesn’t. 2. Train harder or have more techniques than the man. Don’t get mad because in the martial arts club, some of the women happen to be weaker than the men. There are TONS of strong women in the game: Osoro, Ayano, ALL of the teachers, Megami, the Nurse, and the Guidance Counselor. I can’t believe that if I’m this society, if a guy is weaker than a girl, people are so quick to shout, “ITS SEXISM!”. By the way, I’m female aswell, so don’t say “You’re just defending it because you’re probably a man, and you don’t understand how it ‘feels to be always judged by sexism’.” And.. GOSH DANG THIS IS A LONG PARAGRAPH!

  10. We know it’s a game, but Mina was always WAY stronger than Shima and Juku. Since she was always 2nd strongest if Yandere Dev felt the need to weaken her he could have at least made her the third level. Considering the fact that most of his fans are girls obviously this is gonna piss of a huge fraction of the fandom.

  11. Hey guys, I dunno if you realize this or not, But more than likely he got the stats for martial arts strength wrong on accident, He spends so much time on this game he barely even does anything else, so yeah small mistakes are gonna happen, and even if he DID mean to order the stats this way, news flash, it’s his game! It’s not sexist, it’s not unfair, it’s his game, he can do whatever he’d like with the characters, but more than likely it was a mistake.

  12. I think for the Drama Club minigame, you should be able to practice the confrontation that happens with the hero persona/teacher and Yandere-chan when you try to kill them.
    This is an idea that came to mind because, as I remember, it is or was planned that the tutorial could be a drama club member needing some help with recitals of a play and in that scene, you have to stab the club member with a toy knife. So the only difference in the minigame would be that you have to win a confrontation!
    This minigame (like the martial art club) would help you train for one of those types of situation without any consequences as a result!

    Hope you see this Yandev ^^

  13. Okay so this isn’t really an idea for sparing games but I think it would be cool if Yandere Chan could become a TA(Teachers Assistant) and if she is a TA teachers wont pay any mind when she walks into the teachers lounge or something like that. It’s just an idea but I think it would be cool!

  14. I think for the cooking club you should practice cooking foods, so when Yan-Chan needs a better reputation she uses what she has learned and makes food for people.
    For the Drama club, she could be given a script, where she learns how to act under pressure and convince, so she could be better at convincing the police she didn’t kill anyone if she was a suspect.
    For the sports, martial arts and swim club is obviously going to be making Yan-Chan stronger and faster.
    For the Occult club, she could learn about all the supernatural, which would give her more confidence to beat the aura around Senpai and talk to him.
    For the art club, Yan-Chan could maybe learn how to draw portraits, which would be beneficial to her when she draws a false suspect for the police to search for.
    And finally my last idea is for the gardening club, where she could compete with the members on digging and planting which would help her learn how to hide a body in the soil.

  15. Alright Yan Dev. I can understand why this build is bugged, You reused code that’s fine it really is. So i just hope you will fix these bugs soon. Also to everyone who is talking about sexism, Martial arts is about the tactics. You could be Male or Female it really doesn’t matter. The Female Gender is LITERALLY proven to start of weaker then men but can GROW to be better then men. So guys knock it off! Its a video game about killing for your lover. Not Real life the game.

  16. YandereDev YanderDev! I have the mini games for other clubs I mean for some clubs!!!! Listen!
    1. Cooking Club: You have knife and you have line with the right place to get the knife in there!
    2. Drama Club: You have to do the right pose for the stage and click the letters that they are showing!
    3. Occult Club: I dont get any Idea so I make ghost catcher mini game. The ghosts are shwoing and you have to shoot them!
    4. Art Club: You have to draw the right picture what is showing you on the right side!
    5. Music Club: You have piano and its showing you letters that you have press while you are repeating the song that was played!
    6. Science Club: You have a robot that you have to fix, its showing you letters that you have to press!
    7. Photography Club: You have a picture and you have to go to that same place to take photo to do the same picture!
    8. Sports Club: You just have to get ahead all sports club members!
    9. Gardening Club: You need to fast plant the flowers!
    And thats all my ideas on mini games in other clubs! I hope you gonna put them! Good Bye!

  17. 1. Drama Club: Ayano Aishi is emotionless and a desired feature of acting is to “become the character” which includes his/her/it emotions, behaviors, personality etc. The advantage the player gets from the drama club is – a training in different social groups and situations e.g. adapt their speech, formality, body language or the ability to play the victim at an ongoing murder.

    Durling the mini game a daily theme (Depending on the day, the theme changes e.g. Monday – bullying victims, Tuesday – Lovers, Wednesday – Best friends etc.) where the player have to adapt to her role. The game should be a theater performance where the player (Ayano) and other club members is included in the show/training. Within the performance should the player study his/her/it partner and respond to her actions in the form of speech, body language, facial expression and depending on the player’s successful decision, the player gets points that affect Ayano’s ability to handle their acting in Yandere Sim.

    2. Gardening Club: The player gets the experience of digging deeper holes for Ayano’s victim.

    3. Cooking Club: The knowledge of cut up dead corpses e.g. fish which the player benefits from when he/she/it dismember human bodies resulting in less blood loss and less cleaning.

    • That’s the delinquent animation so that you can train to beat the actual delinquents. Also, you don’t kick them in the nuts, you kick the in the stomach.

  18. Something to practice game features, huh? Maybe all those gardening/cooking/gaming/other patrolling clubs can have something that allows us to see their patrol routes?

    And for photography club, maybe we can practice taking different types of photos (those types at the top of the screen when you take a photo). Maybe, like browse some photos which have outlined details of what counts for certain types? We don’t really have anything that teaches us this thing yet.

  19. Yandere Dev, I have an idea for the Martial Arts club!
    So, I the point of the Martial Arts club, in Budo’s case, is to take a course on how to defend yourself. Maybe, hear me out, Budo should also go over where the weakest parts are on a human during one of the club activities. This could be another thing for the player to discover so it may come in handy. Say Yan-Chan doesn’t know where the weakest parts on a person are and she gets into a fight. How can she “defend” herself if she doesn’t know where they are? Okay, yeah, weapons, but say she has no weapon. If she knows where the weak parts are in a fight without a weapon, she could disable her opponent momentarily in time to run away or grab a weapon. It came to me while I was watching Kubz Scouts latest video on Yandere Simulator and I thought it’d be interesting to put it in the game. This is just an idea, so you don’t have to use it.

  20. It’s strange
    That Mina and Shima in category very easy and easy

    In spite of the fact that in the Martial Arts not only the physical force is needed but also the skill and the experience to fight against an enemy

    It would be better

    Very easy

    Juku Ren: He is weaker in every way and the only member who does not defend himself when he sees a threat.

    Shima Shita: She is very weak though, if she defends herself from Yan chan.


    Shou Kunin: He is the third strongest member of the group, this one is below Mina


    Mina Rai: She is the second in command of the club and consequently the second strongest in the club.

    Very difficult


    He is one of the strongest and consequently the leader of the martial art club

  21. It has been that way ever since they were first added. I don’t think this new change was needed and it understandably caused a huge argument. I am hoping this isn’t final but if it I will be very disappointed in Yandere Dev. When the delinquents and sports club were added at first I was a little disappointed, but I got over it cause I thought “At least the martial arts club has some tough non rivals girls, and then this happened….

  22. So,Yandere Dev, i just ran into a bug…

    I can exit the girls locker room nude… by running at the door on Ynadere-Chans right side.
    1: Go to the locker room (before hand i did some things with Pose Mode, but it still does it if you don’t)
    2: Well, get undressed
    3: Get a running start to the door at Yandere-Chans right side
    4: When you get pushed, stay running and, bam, you can exit.

  23. Drama Club: quickly changing your persona based on what is happening in the scene, and it gets you access to the change persona option

    science club: circuit minigame, and it gets you the ability to make poison

    gardening club: dig mounds, and it gets you the ability to dig deeper holes to put bodies in

    music club: either a game where it give you a set of notes and you have to repeat it, and it gets you the cello so you can put a cut up body in it

    sports club: track and field game, and it gets you a boost in speed

    cooking club: food scrolls across the screen and you time cutting into in when it’s highlighted in green (where the flesh is weakest), and it gets you the ability to dismember

    Photography: daily challenges to get certain pics, and it gets you the trust of the members

    occult club: two options here: 1. researching a ghost rumor in the school (involves looking in the library, talking to specific students, and taking picture in the bathroom with the ghost), and it gets you learning about the ghost girl and possibly learning something that will help win the final rival
    2. spying on the sisters, learning their supernatural secrets, and unlocking the succubus spirit

  24. Hello YanDev, I have had several ideas for unique abilities for each club, so I was excited when you said that we could make suggestions. I hope that they can be useful to you in some way.

    Light Music Club – Do a quest for Miyuji, possibly regarding the riddle about her change in behavior, or just a simple fetch quest or minigame (like a Guitar Hero one). After this, you would befriend her, or she would owe you for doing her a favor. Then, the next time you talk to Miyuji, when you ask her a favor, you’ll have the option of starting a concert. Miyuji will then ask you which kind of music you want her to play, and that music will attract different students depending on their personalities. You can then use this opportunity to single out certain people, kill someone on their way to the concert, or dispose of evidence.

    Cooking Club – Do a quest for Shoku or Amai, depending on the week, so you can befriend them. Then you can ask them to start a bake/cook sale as a favor, which they would do. They will then ask you if you would like to participate, and if you accept, you will be able to eliminate certain students with poison that does not kick in until a couple of hours. In order to eliminate certain students, you will have to grab their attention and trick them into buying it. If the item you are trying to sell is something like cookies, you will have to choose one to give to the target. The only way to know which cookie is poisoned is to memorize where it is. After the bake sale ends, find the student, who has a 50/50 chance of having already eaten the cookie when they bought it, and either wait until they die, or dispose of their body if they already ate the food.

    Gardening Club – For a quest, prove to Uekiya that you are passionate about plants by answering trivia or simply planting some. You can then ask her to throw a tree and flower planting in the empty field around the school building and places in the classroom and the courtyard. After she accepts, the day will be devoted especially to the planting, allowing for opportunities to arise. Some students will work on the inside planting, some on the outside, and some slacking off and hiding from teachers. Also, teachers will be watching out for any students not doing their jobs, ultimately, making the school very unsafe. However, you can use these obstacles and turn them into opportunities. The students who are gardening could be framed if you kill somebody with their gardening tool after they use it. The teachers can be distracted if you report a group of students slacking off, which will result in the students being sent to do extra work separate from everyone else, which also makes them more vulnerable then everyone else. You can also have people dispose of evidence by putting dismembered bodies in trash bags full of weeds. Students will then come to the trash bag and throw it in the incinerator.

    That’s my first batch of events for clubs, I’ll update this soon and finish it. Hopefully, someone will see this and enjoy it.
    Best Regards,
    Some Dude on the Internet

  25. It’s a great idea! but maybe minigame doesn’t have to labeled as ‘benefit’ at all, just a feature granted for entering the club perhaps?
    I imagine if it could work like this:

    Karate club
    benefit(s) – gain access to club equipment: fighthing glove/ protective gear etc.
    – increases combat strenght
    – get close to karate club members (able to do their task or ask them for help)
    feature(s) – unlock karate gi uniform
    – unlock sparing minigame (each level increases your belt rank)
    – unlock new fighting mechanisme since you’ve learnt how to effectively offense and defence maybe?

    It’ll be better to add depth to each club, and specifically discribe what they do, for example:

    martial arts club–what type of martial art?
    occult club — seriously, the school allow this? I would like to read their back story explaining their exictence.XD
    sports club – -what kind of sport?
    science club — Seriously genius, developing AI in high school? I thought they’ll be making chemicals or something, but these guys suppose to be creative anyways, in high school level, that’ll be realistic and much persuasive.
    gardening — maybe they do more than gardening? these guys responsible for beautifying school grounds, they must know a lot of place that other student don’t…
    gaming — this club must have the most interesting mini game, like it’s an otaku club?! crazy cosplayer?!
    drama club — they must have a lot of stage props, non leathal ones, but what if you get access to their light and sound system as well?
    cooking club — cooking utensils can be leathal, but they’re meant for cooking, maybe you’ll find some recipe that is useful?
    photographing club — this one is awesome 🙂

    I know these club will definately become more lively in future right?

  26. Gardening club— Maybe find hidden objets on a picture tha could be usefull for the history, maybe the objets you find can be use as a gift to win somebody’s trust or reveal something about the story
    Sports club—— A collection of simple mechanics minigames related to the sports they practice like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games
    Cult club——– I know this is a weird twist but maybe the demonds could ask a certain death scenario that you would have to fullfit on order to get a hint or favor.
    Cooking club—- Maybe you could make something similar to overcook or even some simple game related to knifes, you can even make a litle alchemy game to discover new flavors that could grant you a good relation if you give the dish to the right person
    Photografy club– Maybe some kind of trivia about the students. It would be usefull for information exchange.
    Music club—— B E A T S (Theres literally endless ideas of how could you make this work) you coul borrow guitars or other instruments to rise your populatrity with different kinds of students (Maybe the cult club could be impressed with a flute melody), use the cases to hide objets ande even distract a large ammount of people.
    Drama club —– A trivia and a dating sim mixed, that could grant youbthe club members respect
    This are some of my ideas.

  27. I think what you’ve done for the Martial Arts club is really cool and works well for the club. 😀 It’d be nice to see some variation, and maybe you could implement this as part of completing the club activities, giving Yan-chan some strength builds over time.

    I have a few ideas for the others if you’d be open to hearing them 🙂
    Light Music Club – This minigame could act like an ommage to the Guitar Hero or Rockband games, with picking an instrument and a trait to add to, like a vocal part in a seduction song, or the drums in a metal song, etc etc. The difficulty is set by the tempo of the song, so a quick paced song will allow you to have a higher pay off than a low tempo song. Maybe if you’ve been seen practicing the chello, or complete a minigame where YanChan successfully plays the chello, that will allow her to take the chello case out of the room without being seen as suspicious.
    Cooking Club – Maybe the cooking club will have weekly competitions, and they want to race against you for who can make the best dish in the quickest time, and you have to pick the ingredients or chop them up in the right order. The level of difficulty could either lower the completion time, give you more items to work with, or maybe the judges will be harsher on your score. maybe even a combination of all those elements. And of course, you’ll be able to use the knife and such while walking around without suspicion. Or maybe you could have your future rival be your ultimate judge, and poison your dish in the minigame, and since everyone except her would be competing, no one would know who had the killing dish. Maybe they’d even help you hide the body? idk, just a thought
    Drama Club – Maybe you chose whether to be an actor or a stage hand, and the level of difficulty is varied between those two. For example, if you’re an actor, a low difficulty task would be remembering your place when the lights come up, and maybe changing costumes like a double cast background character. If you chose very difficult, then you take on the role of the star, and have to remember lines, placement, dances, and costume changes. If you chose stage hand, then your cues are light and setting based. A low difficulty option would be keeping props in place, maybe moving a spotlight from the back. A middle difficulty would be moving backgrounds, reminding people of cues, on top of staying backstage. A higher difficulty would be having to deal with maybe a light/sound board in the back, keeping your audience centered on the attention. Either way, hard stuff. The reward might be a stat boost or the ability to “pretend to be normal” more convincingly, while also navigating the stage with props, masks, etc without question.
    Occult Club – This club is difficult seeing how all they want is to summon a demon… maybe itd be a few puzzle minigames to try and decode the messages in the books, sliding and connecting the dots to symbols and connections to help them be a bit more “successful” in summoning a demon. Or maybe you’d do small tasks to decide what offering should go to what demon. A benefit from doing this enough times might be that you can convince a Demon to kill off your rival or protect Senpai. Maybe they can help you with manipulation/persuation skills when you try to make a mind slave
    Sports Club – The sports club might have similar but separate minigames based on location, like a similar style button mashing that will gradually up your speed or strength if you are successful in beating the members in various races (swim, track/relay, etc)
    Gaming Club – I like how the gaming club has a selection of different stats you can boost, so maybe keeping that array of talent boosts could be a nice touch. Different little mini games with their own little perks. Nothing too fancy, just maybe fake dating sim or beat em up game with one or two buttons to up your skill set (maybe the dating sim can boost your seduction/matchmaking skills?). Maybe there are some group games that you can face off or collaborate with for different skills. DDR is a hopeful dream in the future, and could be easier to impliment since its just using either the number pad, arrow keys, or WASD.
    Science Club – Different ideas for this one depending on where you go in the lab, like a hacking minigame to put in the right codes, or a chemistry game similar to dr. mario, or maybe a fake surgery game working on a frog or a squid. Since the player can never come back after leaving, this club might want to offer a little more than a single minigame and access to the cleaning bot. Like stat boosts in their Chem, Biology, Psychology study point bars, or maybe adding additions to the study bot like faster movement, faster clean up, camouflage mode, etc.
    Photography Club – Since this club has two separate modes, maybe it has two separate mini games? Or similar mini games with different implications and mechanics? If the school atmosphere is at 100%, the minigame could be engaging in light conversation, acting normal, maybe a decision based minigame that says what picture was taken at what time. This wouldn’t give the player a huge benefit, other than maybe throwing off suspicion that they’re a killer. Once the atmosphere is lower than 80%, the game could act as a detective based minigame, comparing notes and throwing the club off, leading them to stalk another student and leading them to look for the killer somewhere else. maybe you could start a rumor that your rival might be a killer, and there could be a stealth based minigame following them around the school, and you have to snap a picture of them doing something incriminating, like bullying or being bullied a student that you kill within the next few days. the reward would be worth it if done correctly, and it would be worth it to stay in this club since you cant rejoin.
    Art Club – maybe a simple tracing or coloring game of things you find around the school, or making original pieces based off of prompts of what you want to draw, like self worth, senpai, rival, numbness, etc. Maybe you could give the others critiques of their work, and ask them to draw something else so that they wont be in the hall, and you could eliminate your rival.
    Gardening Club – maybe a simple weed picking or flower planting minigame. maybe you’d chop up wood with the circular saw, and so you can walk around school with the saw as you look for more logs or wood around the outskirts. maybe you’d be able to up your biology skill set by keeping a plant alive and growing throughout the week, and you have to attend to it regularly depending on it’s difficulty.

    Technically you can’t join these next two, but maybe for the future?

    Student Counsel? – A debate minigame where you can advocate for the students by selecting words and options to convince the other members about what you want. Maybe you debate for higher or lower security, or about having romances at school, or a weapons policy, while also gaining the trust of teachers being a student counsel member with all the previously stated benefits from its announcement.
    Delinquents? – A minigame where you and the delinquents steal or gang up on other students. Maybe you can work together to take down a group that they dislike, like the bullies or the student counsel. Maybe you help them steal cheat sheets and deal cigarettes to other students, getting them in trouble, but not you.

    I hope I was able to give some good ideas (I know its a mouthful and im sorry)
    Can’t wait to see the next update!

  28. I think it would be a good idea for the Clubs with rivals (cooking, Drama, Sports, Maybe occult) and the highly social Clubs (Gardening, photography) to have an Option to hang out with them, which would give you a Reputation boost with those students. They would be less aware around you, and it would be easier to befriend them- for example, if their Task is finding something, they give you a hint where it could be.
    The minigame could be similar to the match making “minigame”, as you have to make the right positive and negative remarks.

  29. I had an idea for the cooking club “mini game”
    When you play the game it’s to improve your knife skills. The more you level up your knife skills, the faster it will be, and a lot cleaner, when murdering a person.

  30. I think growing “herbs” in the gardening club could be a good addition, as it would open up a new technique to expel a student. Of course, there could be some limitations of this, like the time it takes to grow and the dedication needed. For instance, if you don’t do the task of tending the garden everyday, you might get found out by the club members, resulting in action by the guidance counselor.

  31. I’ve got some ideas for the Gaming club minigames, depending on how much effort you want to put in for them is up to you or how to go about them, but it would probably be easier making all of them 2D minigames. I made a list of possible game concepts, as a suggestion, and I know a bit about pixel art spriting, but not the coding. I could try creating pixel concept work if you’re interested, just don’t want to bother you by writing a huge email about it and others could add to this comment 😀

    > Biology would be to assess knowledge regarding medicine and poisons, possibly
    > Chemistry, I think, should be similar to Harry potter and the half-blood prince Wii game – there was a minigame where you made potions following the instructions, and this might be where Ayano can gain knowledge on compounds meant for poisoning or other effective tools for cleaning up crime scenes (I loved that minigame, BTW, always wanted to make potions IRL).
    > Language – In Bully, the english class minigame would be perfect in terms of concept for the language minigame, having to match up letters to form words, with the highest amount of correct words leading to a higher boost (within a threshold)
    >Psychology, there’s hundreds of different kinds of psychology games on the internet that tests specific areas, maybe certain ones regarding the ability to lie or convince people to talk to you would be a good idea. There’s also puzzle games that test logic, maybe that could be an option
    >Physical education could be locating the parts of the body as fast as you can, the better score the higher boost, which help when doing things like injecting the sleeping drug
    >Seduction would be a perfect excuse to put in a sim game with senpai, trying to get him to fall for you.
    > Numbness would be one of those psychological horror games that deal with severe and disturbing topics such as murdering characters. Probably locate all of the victims and kill them.
    > A social minigame is tricky, though when I did some research, turn-based games tend to be among the list of traits – awareness of other’s actions is a big factor, so possibly a turn-based fighting game against an online opponent (by that I mean one of the gaming club members). Chess or card games are a good idea for that sort of thing
    > Stealth would be great for a more hitman-esque style game, or maybe the same game as the numbness suggestion – except you play as one of the victims instead of the killer, and get through the level without being noticed
    >Speed – I think this should be the only game that cannot be played on the computer, instead using the DDR machine and matching the arrow prompts
    >Enlightenment…. Probably a shitty edutainment game, doesn’t need any major effort because it’s supposed to be the creepy and poorly-drawn style similar to most edutainments.

  32. Lasses and gentlefucks, it is I, the great (not great at all) Nessie Yanika, from the interenet (because why the hell not!?)! The fights over the sexism stuff, is f**king stupid. Let’s just stop fighting about it. And leave YandereDev alone about the fact that Mina isn’t as strong as you thought she was (if this sentence makes no sense, that means you are reading it correctly. English isn’t my first language). These fights are stupid, childish and pointless. You guys are just being lazy little asses (pardon me swearing, I grew up with a dad that always swears) who want nothing more than to see a game that isn’t finished yet, be finished so you can just continue being lazy while playing it. Also you guys honestly think that YandereDev is letting you guys down on purpose? 😡 Don’t say that, he’s not. He only does what he think is best for the game. Truth be told, you guys don’t. You guys aren’t the creator, and you can’t change YandereDev’s mind by whinning and complaing (if that’s even how you spell it, again, English= not my first language). Excuse me if this is the longest piece of s#!t you’ve ever read, but it’s true.

  33. YandereDev!
    The gardening club can have a minigame where you make cute bouquets. You can give them to a suitor as a gift for a rival to help with the matchmaking minigame.

    The theater club can have an “improv” minigame, which can help YanChan unlock different “personas” or, since improv requires quick thinking, YanChan can automatically apologize for suspicious behavior (for a limited time) and take less of a reputation penalty.

    Light music club can have a guitar hero minigame, Myuji Shan loves showing people how to play chords and pop songs. This will give YanChan a temporary dexterity boost, making pickpocketing keys easier.

    The occult club can have daily tarot readings, which can give the player hints about how to catch their rival at a vulnerable time. (Seeing as you won’t showcase every single rivals weaknesses.)

    The science club could be looking for testers for their cleaning robots. If the robot just happened to “break” near a rival, she could be covered in soapy water and have to run to the locker room. Though, if this did happen, the science club may take a few weeks to repair it. Naturally, finding blood in the robot would be considered suspicious, so it could not be used to its full extent.

    The sports club needs help cleaning up their equipment, but some members leave items in odd places. Perform a scavenger hunt for all the items around the track, pool and gym. Once done, they’ll ask you to put them away. For one day, it won’t be suspicious to carry a bat or weights. (Running speed is not boosted.)

    The gaming club takes some extra effort. Once the bullies take a liking to the club president, they won’t want to upset his friends. Gema particularly enjoys his AR game, and is happy to play it with anyone, even non-members. If they saw you with him that day, they will not want to make a bad impression on you, and any suspicious acts they see you do that day will be given a little less scrutiny. (Murder will always be suspicious, this does not affect other NPCs.)

    The cooking club, much like Odayaka, loves making people happy with food, especially on their birthday! A week, there’s another birthday at Akademi high, but the best kind of cake is a surprise! If you’re not a member of the cooking club, they won’t suspect anything if you ask them about their favorite cake. On their birthday, a random day of the week, they will realize you were in on the surprise and be very flattered. For the rest of the day, they will behave as your friend. If the player doesn’t ask a favor on their birthday, the buff is wasted until the next week.

    The photography club is supposed to be developing photos, but they’d much rather goof off. If YanChan would be so kind as to mix the chemicals, allow the photos to develop, and then hang them successfully, they will be impressed, leaving her to work as they relax. In lower school atmosphere, the club will take far more photos than normal, and will need as much help as they can get developing them. They’re incredibly distracted with their work, almost blind to YanChan. In this way, YanChan has access to powerful chemical poisons. As long as they return to the clubroom by 5:30 (or by the time police arrive) no one will suspect anything happened to it.

    Some of these minigames can be used daily, some weekly, some once in several weeks. Though the player shouldn’t be allowed to use more than one minigame a day.

    • Alternatively, on each day, one cooking club member has to remain in the club and do the dishes. Help them, and they will be grateful enough to do you a favor that day. If the player doesn’t use the favor that day, it will not be available the next day.

    • The art club could need help cleaning paint from brushes. Playing this minigame can help make cleaning up blood easier for one day.

  34. (First of all sorry about my English, it’s not my native language but i tried my best)
    For the art club i have two ideas, first when you join the club you immediately being not suspicious by blood stains on your clothes because people think it’s paint, but in real life blood gets darker with time so maybe you can trick students to think it’s paint but the art club members will know that actual paint dont get darker (lets take into account that art club members will always be so observant) so the only way to trick them can be to have multiple colorful stains all over your clothes so the red ones wont outstand. The mini game can be something like splatoon or mario party where you have to compete with the other members to get a canvas full of paint stains of your color Or maybe it can be a game where they show you a simple picture for a time and them you have to color it again from memory.

    The second thing you can get from this is paint water ( the brown water you get from cleaning the brushes) and maybe you can use it something like when you sabotage osana’s food, but maybe with amai odayaka sabotaging a drink she gives senpai by changing her drink with that dirt water (and you won’t be as suspicious as you can be by carrying poison)

    Thanks for all the effort you are putting into the game!

    • The only issue: Acrylic paint would pass almost harmlessly through the body, being pigmented plastic. Oil paint would float on top of a beverage, and would be impossible to fully dissolve. Naturally, guache could be used, but too many people don’t know what guache is, something that can’t be explained quickly in a video game.

  35. I dont think every club needs a minigame. They could just provide the player with useful information; Such as, if youre in athletics club, they can teach about some of the weapons(baseball bat, dumbells, etc) and the effects of them(Theyd probably say “But be careful with this, it could seriously injure or even kill someone!!” as a hint to the player but not as obvious). Gardening club leader could tell the player something like “The cat here at school keeps burring its dead birds in the flower bed…”.

    Besides maybe giving the player tips or ideas, they could raise skills. Martial arts/sports raises strength, Music/Occult/drama could help with writing, Science/Art could help with chemistry, etc.

    i think its a great idea and think itd be really useful for the player. Then, players are also choosing clubs potentially based off skills, tips, or items they might need. Mini-games would make it all impossible, this way its more just voiced lines or maybe a short cut-scene like event.

  36. Mini-Game

    I have an idea for a mini-game for the Gardening Club.

    A, mostly, memory-based mini-game where Ayano will have the option to accept different tasks from the Gardening Club Leader — like the way the Spar menu is set up, along with the difficulty of each task — where she’ll have different levels of difficulty for different kinds of flowers — flowers that are the personal favorite to the members.

    She will be given a specific order of seeds that need to be gathered/ planted from/to other plants around the school — like the flower pots the other member’s water during the day.

    1. Lighting
    2. Temperature Conditions
    3. Watering times

    Everything important when it comes to growing the specific flower to its best shape.

    With each success, her members will grow to like her more which will provide an ‘open window’ for Ayano. They can spread a good word about her and her skills across the school while even giving the player the option of requesting favors from them.

    With each failure and the decrease in the health of the plant life around the school, her clubmates will like her less and less until the Club Leader will have no choice but to remove her from the club. They will spread a negative word about Ayano and her skills that can possibly harm her chances of getting into another club.

    (THIS could possibly lead to her having to PROVE her skills in order to get in. OR, if she’s done perfectly well, but leaves the club, the Club Leader and her good word will make the other Club Leaders eager to have her and go a little easier on her when she slips up the first few times.)

    Besides this — and the ‘remember to check in them everyday’ deal, that is all!

    Also….it would be very amusing to have a Time Attack mode where you have to collect a certain number of one specific flower (or multiple types) to gather in a certain amount of time and get them to the designated person or place before time runs out.

    You know, that could actually be a favor for someone…. o3o

    Anyway, I hope you find something helpful from this, Yandere Dev! Keep up the awesome work!

  37. Guys, im pissed, IDK HOW TO DOWNLOAD LMAOOO! Please leave a reply, My friend has it only and when I played it the glitch happened, but I still wanna download this version on my pc, but still, yan dev, how did you not notice that glitch, no offense i love deh game!

  38. Does anyone here know how the fuck you download builds, the whole day i wasted researching on this thing, I felt like yandere-dev trying to input everything together, man must’ve been hard, anyway, I almost wanted to get some glasses and a book to feel like some scientist, bro, who does that, I know who, me, the fucking pissed bitch trying to download this game, selfish suggestion but yandere-deb can you move some download button on any build so its easier??? (reposted this since I realised people can not reply on other peoples replies, makes sense actually)

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