September 4th Minor Improvement Build

The latest build contains a handful of improvements over the previous one. All very minor differences, but I still want to release this build and let people experience the changes.

First, I want to say that I was absolutely delighted by Bijuu Mike’s video about the new minigame, Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki. I was actually really looking forward to watching YouTubers react to it, so I was very happy to see Jay, Razz, and Veggie all give it a try! however, the only one who succeeded in beating the minigame was Bijuu Mike! As a reward, here is an illustration of Mike as a magical girl boy, drawn by MulberryArt! Take a look at Pretty Salad Bijuu Mike!

While programming Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki, I became so familiar with it that I could easily beat it without taking damage, and I lost the ability to objectively judge whether or not it was easy or hard. I was actually worried that it might be considered too easy! Although most people expressed that the game was way too hard, a certain individual implied that the game wasn’t challenging enough for him. For his benefit, I have added a Hard Mode to Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki. Press “H” at the title screen and see what happens!

By the way – do you remember “LoveSick”, the animated series about Yandere Simulator being produced by Sakura Media? The 5th episode is finally out! Please give it a watch!

A few months ago, Michaela Laws – the voice actress for Yandere-chan – created a rap battle between Yandere-chan and Yandere-kun. Just a few weeks ago, Eisjon Noaj, the artist who provided the artwork for Yandere-chan’s Childhood – created illustrations for the rap battle! Check it out!

To view a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, click “Continue Reading”!

  • The idea with the Matchmaking minigame was that after the player learned a student’s opinions on various topics, the player would have to open up the student’s profile and memorize their likes and dislikes before actually doing the Matchmaking minigame. However, this would probably be an annoying/obnoxious/tedious feature, so I’ve updated the Matchmaking minigame so that a student’s opinions are displayed onscreen during the minigame.
  • Students will now refuse to follow Yandere-chan into a bathroom, similarly to how they refuse to follow Yandere-chan into a locker room.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes prevented an enemy from flashing white after being hit by a bullet in the Miyuki minigame.
  • Fixed bug with Gema’s new hair model that put weird shadows on his forehead and changed his eye color.
  • Added a little explosion effect for whenever a bullet hits an enemy in the Miyuki minigame.
  • Fixed bug that caused Akane to get stuck while patrolling in the Light Music Club.
  • Fixed bug that allowed Yandere-chan to walk through the walls in her basement.
  • Moved the mirror in the Light Music Club so that it’s accessible again.
  • Each club leader now has a different icon on their red club armband.
  • Added a “Hard Mode” to the Miyuki minigame. Press “H” at the Miyuki title screen to activate it.

93 thoughts on “September 4th Minor Improvement Build

    • I would like this new features:
      -You can matchmake everyone in the school (if student1 hates student2, then you should make student1 understand that he should’t hate student2, like helping student2 being more attractive
      -You can join the Bullies/Delinquents/Student Council
      -Bullies Activity (Sunbathe, Gossip in the Bathrooms)
      -Student Council Activity (Patrol the School, Discuss about what they found during the day)
      -Delinquents Activity (Discuss about topics-like drugs, criminality and violence-, Vandalize the school (like making graffitis on a school’s wall)
      -Every Bully (and Osana too) have their own bikini
      -You can kidnap also Male Students

      • 1)Yandere Dev said that won’t do the matchmaking thing to all students,just to the rivals
        2)In the future the player will be able to join the Deliquents and the Student Council.The player won’t be able to join the bullies(he said these thinks in the videos where he said about each one of these group of students.)
        3)This is a good idea
        4)It won’t be possible

      • Yanderedev never said that matchmaking was only for rivals. Indeed, he may add the matchmaking for everyone – It would be beneficial to the school’s atmosphere, and it’s fanservice tho.

  1. Yandere dev!

    I saw the new hairstyles for the light music club! I don’t wanna spoil anything or where it is but anyways they were pretty cool looking!

  2. I wish someone would upload pictures of the new hair model so I don’t have to go looking for youtube videos all the time, wiki is kinda crap

    also yandere-kun’s VA has such an amazing voice like hot damn

      • Why do you feel the need to answer all of those questions? Many of them are ridiculous and can be answered with research and well… logic. Sure you can try and help them, but you can do so much more with your time… Yandere Dev started this mania and honestly if he would just allow somebody to answer questions directed to him, it shows he is not determined enough to go through with this Q&A. You are gonna look back at this and say ‘why did I spend hours of my life on this?’

  3. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! I think I found out what assets you were missing for the light music club!
    It was their stockings! In the JSON files, the music club’s stockings are labeled Music1-5. But when you start up the game and then on pose mode, there are none of the music club’s stockings.
    By the way, I kinda think pose mode gives people a lot of spoilers. I AM NOT saying to get rid of it and I actually want it to stay. I think you should find a way to disable their hairstyles until they are released.
    Well, anyway I am a big fan of your gam- I mean, debug sandbox and I can’t wait to see what the future of this game would hold. Make sure to keep working hard and try to ignore haters! It will be worth it in the end!

  4. Lol this is awesome, I love the illustration of Bijiuu Mike. I’m sure he’ll like it as well. Also nice work yanderedev as always

  5. Hey but… girls go to the bathroom together all the time, and sometimes they go to have a more private place to talk and such… Why would someone refuse to go to the bathroom with yan-chan?

  6. great job yan dev! i have a question: will you add the beautiful blur in the distance back into the game?? I know you removed it because it made something look weird but the games graphics looked soooo much better with that blur.. 😦

  7. YandereDev ; bence Michaela Laws ‘ın yaptığı rap gibi birşey olabilir yani sadece önümüzde rakipler olmasın birde bizim tarafımızda olan kişiler felan olabilir . Bence böyle hem daha zorlayıcı hemde daha ön vurguda olan bir aşk hikayesi çıkabilir . Yandere similator oyunun bitmesini dört gözle bekliyoruz .

    • I think that will be one of the last things (or the last thing) implemented (before Osana), because SNAP mode will probably effect everything in the game

  8. Hey Yandere Dev, so I have two minor bugs to report:
    1) You can’t kill the Cooking Club while they’re holding their food platters.
    2) There are like 15 names in the Mission Mode Menu (besides ones from the music club) that don’t belong to any students. I assume some of them are Gardening Club names ideas, since there are three Sumires and few Himaris.
    Can’t wait for the next club! Character descriptions sound amazing, and it’s pretty clever to name them after music industry brands 🙂

  9. YandereDev, I was guess I found a bug:
    When I tried to get one of Riku´s Inteligentice (I guess lol) on the libray, the HUD doesn´t show up! Please fix it!

  10. “I’ve updated the Matchmaking minigame so that a student’s opinions are displayed onscreen during the minigame.”
    Memorizing stuff was so annoying, lol.

  11. I just figured out what hard mode was really like! When I pressed that h button I almost got a heart attack because everything just became red and bloody! Now i know when you add something new to always stay cautious just in case another jump scare happen

  12. Hey Yan Dev !! I don’t know if this is a bug…. 🐞, but the bullies are changing at the same locker when they go to the pond.
    It is weird. I know you will say something like that: the game is not finished 🙂
    Anyway, you are the best 😉
    Sorry if my english is kinda lame 😛

  13. I’m really loving how fan friendly Dev’s gotten lately. Showcasing smaller creators on his platforms. Props, my dude.

  14. Also, I really enjoyed the Matchmaking Minigame as is. I enjoy having to figure things out, puzzle games and such. Is there a way you can make a Hard mode for that as well?

    • Probably, if YandereDev implements feeding (Yandere-Chan feeds the person that she keeps), but since Yandere-Chan comes with Yandere, you’ll probably not be able to feed the person so they can starve and dehydrate (I give the girl maximum 10 days because we can low her sanity by 10% (the lowest))

  15. Yandere dev!
    I know that there are 10 rivals! However, there’s still Kokona!! You use Kokona like a Test subject but you say that it will be a organic game if you remplace Kokona for any type of rival, so you decide to leave her. But she is still an obstacle. She has a crush on Senpai, and she have events too! So any moment that you’re getting rid of Osana, she can go to Senpai and confess that she loves him! In 5 days you have to keep an eye on Kokona and Osana! What are you going to do? Becausa if you eliminate Kokona and all her events , it would be time, effort and money lost in something that you have already worked. You’re going to became her a rival (Without deleting Kizana), you’re going to Give her more importance and visuality in the game (Because all rivals have a club or and important rule in the game) or you’re going to leave her like an ‘obstacle’ so it will make more difficulty to eliminate Osana? Awnser me and Tell me! because I want to know what rule is going to have in the game!

    • i think i can answer your question. When Yandere dev is going to put osana in then game kokona doesn t feel nothing for sempai she will be a normal character and doesn t waste his time because he recycles all the animations of kokona and put in osana and only do the animations better.
      in no yandere dev by i expect that i can helped you. For finish i only want to say that sorry for my bad english

      • Ok Rafael! Gracias por la informacion! De todas formas, no estaría nada mal que Kokona sea un obstáculo para nosotros, ya que YanDev dijo que sería un aburrimiento si Osana tuviera los mismos problemas que Kokona. Pero gracias!

    • Kokona isn’t a real rival (yet…). Kokona is the test rival because Osana isn’t in the game, and most of the animations will be transfered to Osana once she is implemented. Kokona could be a possible DLC character that doesn’t really love Senpai, but wants to kill Yandere-Chan because of all the times she was killed and came back (was forced to relive a week of her life every time Yandere-Chan killed her)
      But like YandereDev said, it’s too early to plan any DLCs for the game (even though i would love to see DLCs where there are more rivals including Kokona)

  16. Hey yandere dev?

    Sense smash ultmate is coming out I was wondering if you would be ok with Nintendo putting a yandere simulator character in it and if so if you could maybe talk to them about it? I would be so happy if somone from yandere simulator was in there

    (Don’t awnser my question if your not yandere dev I want to hear it from him)

    • 1) He will probably post a video when the Light Music Club is ready
      2) I think the cat only exists because of Riku (i think taking a picture of the cat was his quest), so probably the cat will not be able to do something except moving it’s head towards Yandere-Chan

  17. yandere dev are you going to make it were you have to have a conversation with the person you want to follow you and if you get the answers wrong they stop following you or are you going to keep it the same? If you do keep it the same i would like it if the student following you talk to you while following you.

    • If you do a task for a student, the student becomes your friend and you can select Follow for him to follow you, i don’t think a conversation is really necessary because the student will be grateful that you did the task for them, so you can get them to follow you, and the tasks are actually medium (not too easy, and not too hard)

  18. I really hope that some of the rivals are bi or something so that their matchmaking person can be a girl.
    or that …….. PiPpI aNd RiYoTo CaN FiNaLlY bE tOgEtHeR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Hello! I have a small bug, it was from the August update, when I open the game in the scene where the sponsors are in pink you can not see the logos, when the game starts in the yandere room, the character comes out then it comes out a black circle with the background also closing it and does not move anymore, restart it several times, it is removed restarting many times the game.

  20. Yandere-dev! I don’t want to spoil anything so head over to YouTube and watch Jay from the Kubz Scouts latest video I am so shovked! He deserves something epic for what he did cuz not even biju mike did what Jay did!

    • I think it starts in the middle of the school year I mean it would explain how everyone including the high school freshmen (USA years) know their way around but then agian if it is at the begging I think he should make it so random freshman get easily lost to A. Make it harder to eliminate rivals and B. To make easier to eliminate rivals based on if the person who is lost is a rival would it not?

    • I think it starts in the middle of the school year I mean it would explain how everyone including the high school freshmen (USA years) know their way around but then agian if it is at the begging I think he should make it so random freshman get easily lost to A. Make it harder to eliminate rivals and B. To make easier to eliminate rivals based on if the person who is lost is a rival would it not?

  21. Hey!!!
    I was thinking: when you have finished Osana, I hope you don’t do, for exemple the : ”All Amai’s elimination methods” video
    But I hope you make like a ”post” on this website ”Amai Finished!!”
    It would be great!!!!!!! :):):):):):):)
    Hope ths works out!! 🙂

  22. i really ship yandere chan and yandere kun..sooo bad i dont knw why i feel like senpai isnt the guy yandere chan or yandere kun deserves ..please i would love to see them together ❤ they are perfect for each other yandere dev please do something like a plot twist or somethimg omg i love them both so much please let my ship sale

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