September 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

The assets I need to implement the Light Music Club are beginning to trickle in – I’m so excited about it! I’ve begun to implement them, but so far, I’ve mostly just worked on the cosmetic aspects of the characters and club; they don’t have true functionality yet, so they’re disabled in the current build.

In the meantime, I worked on other features and made progress on Osana. The latest build contains a new feature that I’m really excited about, but I don’t want to say too much about it…I want to see the surprise on YouTubers’ faces when they find it for the first time. All I’m going to say is that the new feature is located somewhere within Yandere-chan’s home. I’m looking forward to seeing what they think of it!

When you see this feature, you might ask yourself, “Why did YandereDev spend time on this, instead of working on a core gameplay feature?” The answer is that the new feature fulfills certain criteria that Yandere Simulator’s demo needs to fulfill. I’m intentionally being vague about it, because I plan to explain my reasoning in my next video, which will come out when the Light Music Club is done!

To see a list of everything that is new, different, or fixed in the latest build, scroll down past his porcelain figure of Aoi, created by MarianaAndrade123! It’s modeled after this illustration from MulberryArt!

Fixed, Changes, and Additions

  • It is now possible to learn a student’s opinions on various topics by befriending the student, then asking them to follow you around school, and then walking by various important locations (such as clubrooms, the library, the incinerator area, etc). As of now, only Kokona has opinions on topics, but other students will be updated with opinions evenutally. (This is related to the matchmaking feature, where the suitor has to make positive/negative remarks about various topics.)
  • To make it clear that the player must befriend Kokona in order to be able to use the “Offer Help” command, the text “Must Befriend Student First” now appears when attempting to offer help to Kokona before befriending her.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character’s smartphone (and a little magical girl attached to the smartphone) to remain visible in their hands if they were killed while holding a smartphone.
  • Fixed bug that allowed a delinquent to get into a fight with Yandere-chan while she was in the process of dumping a body into an incinerator, causing both states to occur simultaneously.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a voiced line from Info-chan to play when looking at a character’s profile after looking at Info-chan’s profile.
  • Fixed bug that caused one of the gym doors to open in the wrong direction, pushing Yandere-chan through a wall when she tried to open it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to twitch rapidly if they spotted Yandere-chan after calling the police to report a murder.
  • When I changed Kokona’s StudentID number, various features related to Kokona became broken. These features should now be fixed.
  • Gave Gema a new hairstyle upon completion of his Task. His new hairstyle should make him look much more like a “handsome stud”.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the bullies to enter the “peeking at Gema” animation even if Gema was not inside of his clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that prevented certain hairstyles from losing their outlines when using the Settings menu to turn off outlines.
  • A student’s name now appears beside the button prompt at their locker, so that you can easily tell whose locker it is.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere Vision shadows to remain visible even after Yandere Vision had been de-activated.
  • The bullies will no longer bully a boy that they have a crush on, no matter what level his reputation is at.
  • Fixed bug that caused the game to freeze when trying to perform the Martial Arts Club’s club activity.
  • It is no longer possible to block a student’s path using a dropped object (like a bucket or a mop).
  • Fixed bug that would cause a white rectangle to appear beneath Yandere-chan’s computer at night.
  • The Cooking Club will now prepare food that matches the descriptions written in their profiles.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a Cooking Club member to try to give food to a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that caused the back sides of the curtains in the school gym to be invisible.
  • Added something new to the game, located inside of Yandere-chan’s home. Who will be the first to find it?

77 thoughts on “September 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

    • Sorry, I don’t have space to comment, I’m in my phone//

      So Yandere dev… Are you gonna do something, like a Easter egg or a special character or a draw in the game about Stephan Kharl (Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town) dead? Because if you do, I’ll be glad to be the artist!

      1) There will be students that can fall in love with Ayano? Just for use them as sleeves or something like that.

      2) Are you still use all of the empty rooms?

      3) What about make letters for Senpai? Like, send messages in an anonymous person and with that gain more reputation from him and start to be his friend. It can be sended at his locker and you can revive the response at an empty one.

      (If I make a grammatical error, I’m sorry. I don’t speak English very well, but I’m not bad at it :3)

      • 1) There will be students that fall in love with Ayano if her seduction skill is high, then they’ll probably stalk you (this will probably be implemented)
        2) If there isn’t any use of the rooms, in the future they will become something else, or be a part of a bigger room
        3) That is a good idea, but i think YandereDev will not allow Yandere-Chan to speak to Senpai in any way because of the rivals
        Hope i was helpful

      • 1) students might be able to develop crushes on ayano in the future if her reputation is too high but i don’t think yan dev is working on that right now
        2 &3) this is answered on the about page

  1. YandereDev! Can you add this?
    1.Add a bubble gum item to the game (since bubble gum is strictly illegal to school)
    and i was thinking if you could frame a rival for eating bubble gum allyou need to do is
    1.Befriend with Musume and she will give you a bubble gum for a reward because you did her task
    2. Make sure no one is looking at you putting the gum at the rival’s desk.
    3.Report her to Guidance Councelor
    I think that would be a nice addition to the game another of framing your rival 🙂
    and i think you should give the bullies or delinquents chewing bubble gum animation while their blowing bubbles.

      • He doesn’t want to get emails with suggestions.If you write here a suggestion it isn’t a problem.

    • There are already cigarettes in the game… why should he add bubblegum. If a guidance teacher found out someone is eating bubblegum, she will at most scold that student and not expell them… wtf?

    • 1. I’m pretty sure some schools allow chewing gum.
      2. I’m pretty sure getting caught with gum will not get you expelled.

    • Sorry, but I don’t agree with this suggestion. Bubble gum isn’t really something to be expelled/expelling percentage increased for. Osana is very close, I can see it! :0 But I’m extremely excited for her arrival. I’ve waiting for Osana to be implemented for quite some time now, and I just don’t want anything to take away from it. I see your creativeness with this idea but I don’t think it’s quite the right time to add it, plus to me it doesn’t make much sense.

  2. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev! I have some questions.
    1)Will Osana have a pretender?
    2)Why you have given so long hair to osana?
    3)Who win in a battle:Osana or Delinquents?
    I love your game! Hope you will have a nice day.
    Sorry for bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad English.

  3. Apparently i can’t update the game from the launcher or from the site. If anyone knows how to update it that will be just fine by me.
    PS: i love this game so much and i want to play it as soon as i figure out how to update it.

    • This happens to me to. One day, it was my b-day and a new update came out and I was so exited but I had to wait till the next day because of the launcher. I really hope it gets fixed.

    • the same kind of thing happened when i was trying to download the game, what i did to fix it was i put the game files & launcher in c:/program files
      (i use windows so im not sure if this works for other people)

  4. I have 2 bugs in the new build

    1. When the cooking club members give their food to other students, the student takes the food and then they just keep eating them. The cooking club member and the student gets stuck.

    2. When I went into the basement in Yandere Chan’s I noticed that Yandere Chan walks and runs straight through the basement’s walls and stairs

  5. Hi,Yandere Dev!I I’ve an idea for the game.Don’t read my comment if I’m wasting your time,ok?
    If Yandere chan joins the Drama/Sience/Occult club,she willha e to change her hair color at the backstage to look like the other members of the respective club. I hope you’ll read my comment! 😉

  6. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev!:
    1) Will the teachers catch Yandere-Chan, even she’s hiding? Or they’ll going do the same way like Nemesis?
    2)The olds walk and running animations was so cool! And the pose mod of kgftbz allow you to activate for Yandere-Chan’s the animations you want!. In the game’s pose mod wil be this source of things?
    3) Is a suggestion (If you dont want to read this no problem!) The old Yan-Chan’s hair animations were good. I liked so much that because is like when she’s walking or running we can see how the pony tail moves by the movement of walking or running. However, i don’t want to ask you to delete the actual phisics/movement of the pony tail so if you are agree with my suggestion, you can make in the debug menu any key for activate the old pony tail animation, with phisics. (Only do it when you want. I don’t want waste your time.)
    4) Why the new sweater model is so strange? Before the sweater model was ‘normal’ because a sweater. It’s supposed to be big and not squeezed. Then for Yandere-Chan the sweater should be big (As you can see in previous versions of the game). However, now Yandere-Chan is quite tight and it seems that her body is quite uncomfortable. I think you changed the model for the bullies, which have the jacket tied to the hip. If you agree with me, you can change it, but if you think that the uniform is fine, nothing happens. (Do it if you want, since it’s your game and you do what you want with it)
    I hope im not wasting your time

  7. YandereDev! few questions:

    1) Are the clubless students gonna be some of the Rainbow haired people?

    2) Its just about an Easter Egg but imma ask:
    Are you considering on adding an Adventure Time easter egg to the game since the final episode date is today? 9/3/2018

  8. i have found 2 bugs in the new build

    1- on mission mode it is possible to spawn and kill osana in the game eventhough her name says reserved

    2- in the basement of yan-chans house she is able to walk through every single wall and the stairs

  9. Oh and i have questions
    1)un the future Will you add like two members of the drama club un the club room and the other two un the gym and the leader travels around More áreas and be More populated.
    2) Will you make the músic club to make like little concerts on the gym or practice on the rooftop ir something.
    3)during the gameplay Will you do like a presentación day that the músic and drama club Will perform and un there Is where you kill kizana and stuff.
    4) how did u come up whit the names of the rivals
    5) Will you add the ability to kizana to ask yandere chan to be in the play like if the player accept they lost the oportunity of eliminating her or something.
    6) and like Will you add something like the músic club want to practice they concert on the gym but there Is where the drama club practice and there Will be a conflict that yandere chan have to stop to gain More reputation.
    Ok yandev i hope you respond and good luck making the Rivals and músic club and remember it’s hard but not impossible<3 and tan dev you need to stop posting so early lol

    • not yan dev but I have some accurate answers (ish)
      1. No because the drama club has a set routine and some other students that just walk around and chat in random areas will soon be added, plus its already hard enough with the bullies, science club etc.
      2.He said their routine would be complicates, that’s all I really know for that one.
      3.Probably because some videos about the rivals show kizana acting on stage while yan chan drops a weight from above.
      4.for most other students he looked at popular Japanese names or translated a few words that described them into Japanese (e.g Budo Masuta= Martial arts master.)
      5.Idk it seems like she would take part in a play if she had joined the drama club.
      6.Lots of people have been suggesting that but it probably won’t be a thing… IDK
      Like I said my answers aren’t 100 percent reliable but yan dev hasn’t been replying to comments as much recently so yeah Im here hi

  10. I know this is probably way off, but what if Rival Chan was the light music club? Probably not, but it would be a way to keep everyone happy with the restriction of students being 100

  11. I have 2 bugs that involve Akane,
    1. When the art club is closed, Akane will try to get in the art club
    2. When Akane walks in the light music club she spins in circles.

  12. I found a bugs:
    1) In new game shift not working
    2) In cutscens wen I wanna be friend with Kokona she head is all black and Kokona didn’t have hair.
    (Sorry for my English I’m from Poland)

  13. It’s not really a bug, but a “weird thing”:
    – Spawn Mind-Broken Saki
    – Befriend Kokona & Riku, learn Kokona’s opinion
    – Go to class until it’s 3:30 PM
    – Have the headset Info-chan gives you
    – Have a knife
    – Use “court” with Kokona & Riku
    – Give the weapon to Saki when Riku & Kokona are in place and use Kokona/Riku as a target
    – Only start the “mini-game” when Saki is about to murder them
    – And mini-game still work…

  14. Hello Yandere Dev, since you are the proffessional programmer, do you have any tips for me in this subject?
    (I’m the future student in the college at Informatics/Programming, It looks very complicated, but I’m very curious about this.)
    I love your game ❤

  15. I think that Gema’s job should be to change another student, maybe like Shin Higaku, first that the bulllies fall in love suddenly seems absurd, Gema is a complete failure and even if he changes his appearance he will not change what he really is. I was a little excited with his appearance but if he does not change his personality I’m still the same thing, I would like the task to be for Shin, he would leave the club and the club would be closed until the week of the opponent would sleep more, peinaria and finally change face

    Obviously distract bullies one day because leaving them distracted forever seems to me exaggerated

  16. Yander dev,
    1. Who’s your favorite rival?
    2. Is there a way to make senpai have a crush on Ayano?
    3. Is the info club going to be made?
    4. Later when you are amost done with the rivals can you tell us how we can become student council and a delinquent?

    Thanks so much for working hard!!

    • 1) I think YandereDev once said Megami
      2) We will probably find out at the end of the 10th week
      3) Info Club is already made, just Info-Chan is in the Info Club
      4) YandereDev already made a video about the Student Council (Student Council Gameplay Focus, i think), i don’t think he made a video about the Delinquents though
      Hope i was helpful

  17. Yanderedev, I saw the thing in Yan Chan’s room it’s really cool, but in the video game area there are slots that say ??? What games are you gonna fill them with?

  18. Hey Devpai. I was thinking, do you think we could be stronger in the Magical Girl Pretty Miyuki game if we befriended all male students? Like Sota mentioned, he said that Miyuki’s strength was based on how many admirers we have, so I think it would be really cool.

  19. Hi Devpai. I won’t ask any questions, I just wanna say you’re doing an amazing job. Remember to eat well, drink lots of water and rest well everyday! Don’t overwork yourself!
    (… But I really just wanna say that, when you added Shin Higaku and his profile said something about being trusted, I knew right away he would replace Oka Ruto while she’s abscent for weeks. Everybody lost their minds when you “removed” Oka LOL)

  20. Yandere Dev, when I redownload the game to get the new build, I keep getting the August 22 build. I tried to delete everything of Yandere Sim than redownload it but, it won’t work. Can you plz tell me how to fix this, if you can. Thank you! 🙂

  21. Bug: Light music room, girl in room wont disengage from conversation. Didnt actually freeze the game but froze my character

  22. I downloaded the new update and I found a bug, when Ayano goes to the basement and walks towards the walls she goes inside them, and walks inside the walls.

    Thanks for the update, hugs from Brazil !

  23. YandereDev YandereDev! My launcher hasn’t been working so I had to click the other option. (The file that downloads) It has been downloading for a while, how far does it go to mines at 140MB so far..

  24. Omg! Yandere dev, Yandere dev!! I can’t play Yandere Simulator because the launcher doesn’t work and I tried to use one of the other options but It’s impossible!! It’s the sameeeeee!!!! PLZ I NEED HELP!! I NEED MY YANDEREEE! :O >:’O S.O.S

  25. Hi Yandere dev

    Please Yui Rio add the light music club :c i miss Yui… I know, Rainbow six will never add, but as it suits the clubs of saki miyu and kokona haruka, yui rio can not fit the light music club?

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