Update Coming Soon

Edit: Sorry, I need a bit more time! Hopefully the update will be ready by September 3rd!

I need a few more assets in order to implement the Light Music Club as I’ve been envisioning them. While I wait for those assets to be created, I’ve been working on the cosmetic aspects of the club, fixing bugs, making progress on Osana, and working on other aspects of the game unrelated to the club.

There’s a special feature that I’ve wanted to implement for a very long time. I decided that this would be the perfect time to work on it, so I spent the past few days putting it together. The feature is now 99% complete, and tomorrow I’m going to put the finishing touches on it! I’m really eager to see how people react to it! If everything goes well, then I estimate that I should be ready to release a new build of the game within 24 hours.

In the meantime, I’d like to share some cool things that I found over the past few days:

A French YouTuber named KaraL created a video where she dresses up as Musume Ronshaku and depicts a day in Musume’s life! She puts herself inside of the game and interacts with the characters; it’s rare for me to see something so creative! There are a lot of funny moments, and the video has English subtitles for non-French speakers!

YouTuber TaraFYW created a really cool Yandere-chan cosplay tutorial. I had a lot of fun watching her transform into Yandere-chan. The styling of the wig was especially fascinating to me, since I was always curious how people were able to create “air intakes” on a wig!

A Russian cosplay team named “Bad Guys” dressed up as Yandere Sim characters, and I think they did an absolutely amazing job!

You can see a gallery of their work here!

Last but not least, there are a few more images I’d like to share with you! Click “Continue Reading” to see them!

In life, there are certain things you can always expect. The sun will always rise and set. Gravity will always pull things downwards. A minute will always contain 60 seconds.

And then, there are the things that you don’t expect. You don’t expect to see Luigi walking through the halls of Akademi.

You don’t expect to see Guzma apprehending Yandere-chan.

You don’t expect to see Info-chan striking a nefarious deal with Dr. Robotnik.

There are few times in my life when I’ve been left absolutely speechless. But when I beheld the creations of FcoMk513, I was truly left without words. I felt as though it would be a crime to not share his work with you.

…eh? What’s that? You want to see a preview of upcoming content? Well…I guess a little peek won’t hurt.

What do you think this is?

Where’s this?

What’s this all about?

I hope you’re going to enjoy what I’ve been working on!

128 thoughts on “Update Coming Soon

  1. Yandere Dev Yandere Dev!:
    1)The olds walk and running animations was so cool! And the pose mod of kgftbz allow you to activate for Yandere-Chan’s the animations you want!. In the game’s pose mod wil be this source of things?
    2) Is a suggestion (If you dont want to read this no problem!) The old Yan-Chan’s hair animations were good. I liked so much that because is like when she’s walking or running we can see how the pony tail moves by the movement of walking or running. However, i don’t want to ask you to delete the actual phisics/movement of the pony tail so if you are agree with my suggestion, you can make in the debug menu any key for activate the old pony tail animation, with phisics. (Only do it when you want. I don’t want waste your time.)
    3) Why the new sweater model is so strange? Before the sweater model was ‘normal’ because a sweater. It’s supposed to be big and not squeezed. Then for Yandere-Chan the sweater should be big (As you can see in previous versions of the game). However, now Yandere-Chan is quite tight and it seems that her body is quite uncomfortable. I think you changed the model for the bullies, which have the jacket tied to the hip. If you agree with me, you can change it, but if you think that the uniform is fine, nothing happens. (Do it if you want, since it’s your game and you do what you want with it)
    I hope im not wasting your time

  2. I highly believe it’s the maid cafe mini game to be honest because its something that we were supposed to see back in 2016 so I’m sure it was something he wanted to work on. And if you remember the little preview of the game then you know that the title of the game in the third screen shot matches the maid cafe mini game perfectly…

  3. 1. Maybe it’s Yandere-chan/Ayano going to school, and there’s more students
    2. The Occult Club Room or Light Music Club Room is being changed and looks different
    3. New Title Screen or Maid Cafe Mini Game Title Screen

  4. Honestly I hope that isn’t the music club…. I mean like the old music club was perfect itself! ( the music club looks like it came from the anime K-On and it looks “normal” and simple than the other club rooms…

  5. 1) Maybe the mysterious obstacle! He said that he would discuss it in a later video! And he said he was working on Osana in the blog post.
    2) Best guess, Occult Room or Light Music Room with a makeover. If not, than a new location.
    3) Definitely a menu for something. There’s no way that it’s the main menu or the phone menu, but maybe a menu for a game you can get from another student

  6. SempaiDev! SempaiDev!

    One question, when do you plan to make a conference room? And I do not mean the stadium. A special coference room to give announcements or talk about “disappearances” or about the death of a character. It’s something I’ve been waiting for!

    PD: Have you been sleeping? Please! Sleep your eight hours, SempaiDev.

  7. okay so
    1. if you click on the first picture, it looks like yanderedev putting up pictures of magical fairy girl on the wall. this can be the otaku dude who creates a problem for Osana and is the main subject for the befriend betrayal problem.

    and that’s about it

  8. 1.) All those posters on the wall look like they have the AR character on it. Maybe this is another decoration for the gaming club? But, that person in the middle looks like he’s holding a paint bucket and brush. Could this possibly be another art club thing?
    2.) That looks like a new design for the music club, or maybe one of the empty classrooms.
    3.) OMG YES!! Another customization thing!

  9. my birthday is on September 10,208 can u have a update on my birthday pls ill pick pls u will add all the rivals pls have update on it pls have update on September 10,2018 pls thats my birthday and have a update on it ill pick ok
    1) add all the rivals pls
    2) add new weapons and chainsaw too pls
    ok thats all yandere dev i love ur game yandere simulator c:

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