August 21st Bug-Fixing Build

Hi again! The previous build didn’t have any super-critical bugs in it, but I fixed a lot of problems today, so I decided to create an updated build.

To read a list of everything that is fixed or different in the latest update, scroll down past this short comic by PamelaThePanther!

There are two types of people in the world: people who will instantly get the joke, and people who have never experienced the greatest meme of 2008.

Fixes and Changes

  • If a club leader witnesses the player commit murder, that club leader will refuse to allow Yandere-chan to join their club. I fixed a bug that prevented a club leader from speaking the correct line of dialogue when this was supposed to be happening.
  • Updated the voiced lines that the teachers use when Yandere-chan is trespassing. Their lines are now more general, so that the lines can apply to a broader variety of situations (instead of talking exclusively about trespassing in classrooms.)
  • It is no longer possible to use the “Send Home” service on a student if that student doesn’t have their cell phone with them (for example, if they are wearing swimming trunks or a martial arts gi).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “End of Day” sequence to repeat itself endlessly if the player stole Sakyu Basu’s ring, put it in Kokona’s bag, and then killed Kokona and disposed of the body.
  • Fixed bug that would cause characters to retain certain objects in their hands (like watering cans) when receiving a “Send Home” text from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that caused a bully to try and sunbathe inside of a locker if she heard a giggle while on her way to sunbathe at the school pool.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Student Council members to be unable to tell whether or not a door was locked / room was unable to be entered.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the “lower / deactivate particle effects” setting to take effect for the steam in the boys’ locker room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to behave strangely if they witnessed murder while performing a “react to camera” animation.
  • Updated the names/portraits/text that appear on the social media page when exposing Kokona for compensated dating.
  • Moved Kokona’s bookbag to the location of her new seat. (It might continue to change in the future, though.)

128 thoughts on “August 21st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. 1) Will the turtle be removed when the Light Music Club gets added since you can spawn in a student to kill, but when they get added it will be impossible to avoid getting caught?

    2) Will you ever replace the accessory for Ayano when she joins the Cooking Club, because it’s a bit glitchy and clips through different hairstyles?

    3) Will facial hair ever be available to use in pose mode?

    4) Is the Light Music Club the hardest club you’ve worked on, since it’s coming last after the other clubs, or did you just not have time to work on it since you needed to get the update out?

    That’s all the questions I have, thanks for having an amazing, fun game!

    • 1) Nah, the turtle will probably always remain in the game.

      2) This is a problem with nearly all hair accessories in the game. It’s not an easy problem to fix without making all hairstyles uniform in size/shape, and having strict conventions for the size/placement of all accessories.

      3) Probably eventually.

      4) It has an elaborate feature that no other club has.

  2. Yandere dev, can you fix one of the cooking club member’s hair and those head things?

    Also I found a way for the FPS to work a bit more better!

    Particle count: Low
    Outlines: None
    Anti-Aliasing: 4x
    Post-Aliasing: On
    Bloom: off
    Low detailed students: off
    Distance: 50m
    Fog: off
    Shadows: off
    Distant animations: on
    FPS cap: unlimited
    Camera sensitivity: 1

    This way the FPS is higher than 10 FPS and we can see the place a bit more better while it’s not lagging as heck.

  3. Yandere Dev I have a question if you kill a member of a club is supposed to close it but when a rival leader of that club arrives the club will open or something like that?
    I do not know if I can understand, I’m sorry for my bad English

  4. Hey, I have a question, I’ll be happy if you answer. 1) So, will there be a way to eliminate the opponent in the final version of the game without hurting her and excluding her from school? 2) And will it remain for next weeks? 3) if similarly get rid of rivals, will it affect Megami and the ending of the game?
    Good luck in everything, and do not reboot yourself. : 3
    P.S. If something is not clear, blame it on Google translator

  5. SO COOOOOOLLLLL too bad I have a chromebook and can’t download the game!!!! -le heartbroken- but still this game is amazing :3

  6. 1) Will we ever be able to ever the teachers lounge without being a part of the student council?
    2) When will we be able to bury bodies?
    3) could/will you make it easier to the panty shots. Some girls are either sitting down a lot or walking around too much. Ex. The occult club girls sit in their club all the time, making it hard to do this

  7. I have a bug to report! I’ve been trying to talk to the cooking club members but it’s like trying to talk to a student counsel member. Although the leader works fine.

  8. Hello YandereDev. I knew about this controversy and propoganda the past few months, and I wanted to say this…I feel sorry for you..I turn 18 tomorrow, and I wish to help you with the game more. Though I do need college, I wanted to say that I just want to support you as much as I can.

  9. Hi yanderedev ,I have some suggestion about the final game and mabey for future updates (hope you like them and accept(sorry for my English if…):
    1-I think it will be very good if the game be more intelligent and about relationships between students with more option,well you know,like Sims a bit if you know that game…..

    2-make town complete, I mean add more houses and players be able to go through the town after schoOle and go home like that too…every students has homse and add option that killing students in their home in some shapes ,and I think killing osana(eliminating her,right?)in every type and mod and shapes like for example,eluminat her(kill her)when she sleeps,and some odder types that helps to kill her so crazy and fun…hmm mabey like gadarene her!and like senpai comes to osana home and see her dead(well if she has invite him to her home beccuse of any reason that ayano will know and we can choose to kill her in that time or not)(but not so easily,make it dificalt to that,that we will not do it every time to do that,only in special time or cases,you know…)well this will be very huge option if you accept this…(because I’m sure it is the biggest thing you can add with more details and im sure EVERYONE WILL LOVE THIS )I can take a poll about it and see people’s opinion…..(I’ll do it)

    I just wanted to speak more about this suggestion,well I think you understand its funny in every moments its coming more details and optiones in my brain about this…!oh you can add vveerrrrrryyyyy and mmmmooooreeeeeee options for this omg I can’t explain it!!!!!!!!!!it will be very funnnnnnnn very,just imagine that…………!!!

  10. Lol I didn’t understand the meme,but I have a really annoying bug who destroy the gameplay,So I am listening to kokona’s call and when she walks away,She says that I listen to her call ._. and I can’t get around other students because they say the same thing as her and the game is RUINED because when I head to class it’s game over (expect the reason I can’t literally walk by students ;-; Fix it please? Or you already did..I haven’t played it awhile because of this

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