August 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

It’s the same story as yesterday; there were no huge critical issues in the previous build, but I fixed some bugs and made some improvements, so I’ve decided to update the game.

To read a list of everything that changed between the previous build and the current one, scroll down beneath this absolutely adorable artwork of Ayano holding the mascot of Tiny Wars in her hands, drawn by LaDollBlanche!

Fixes and Changes

  • Restored the “Custom Portrait” feature that had been missing from the game for a while. Read the text file named “How To Add Custom Textures.txt” in the StreamingAssets folder to learn how to use it.
  • Fixed bug that caused the incorrect student names to be displayed on the social media page accessible from Yandere-chan’s computer at home.
  • When the bullies are trying to spy on Gema, they will manually open the door to the Gaming Club if it’s closed when they are trying to spy.
  • When the bullies are trying to spy on Gema, they will no longer perform the “spying” animation unless he’s actually in the room.
  • The accessory that appears on Yandere-chan’s body after joining the Drama Club is now a rose instead of the “cravat” from before.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Cooking Club members to attempt to feed characters that were being posed with Pose Mode.
  • Changed the way that students spawn at the beginning of the day so that they are all in distinct groups.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Riku from changing his appearance as a part of the Matchmaking process.
  • Fixed bug that would make the camera twitch violently at the very beginning of the day.
  • Restored Kokona and Saki’s friendship bracelets.

214 thoughts on “August 22nd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Dear Yandere dev there was a bug when i was trying to matchmake Riku and Kokona, kokona’s intrest’s have gone a bit weird she has the “meh” face on everything and she has a smiley face on the occult intrest. so if you see this please fix it
    keep up the great work and stay strong đŸ™‚

  2. Hello, YandereDev again.
    1. Will the framerate in the game be higher than 20 for weak computers/laptops in the future.
    2. When more students come to the game, how does the added students impact the framerate.

    • 1) Ideally, the game should be able to run at a good framerate on any computer, no matter how weak. However, there is a certain point at which it’s simply not reasonable to expect the game to run well. For example, if your computer is using 20-year-old hardware, then I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect me to get the game running well on your computer. But I do want the game to run well on MOST computers, within reason.

      2) I already explained it.

  3. Hi Yandere Dev! I was wondering a few things. They might be already answered or what not and I’m sorry if they are, but here is the list:

    1. This is something that I personally don’t care for but tons of my friends seem to wonder and just CAN’T STOP talking about it so I decided to ask. It literally is something so unnecessary and will probably effect the frame rate way more. So the question is, is there going to be an animation for walking or running down or up stairs?

    2. When Ayano is carrying a bucket and “accidentally” trips, should her reputation really go down? I mean if it’s the first time and it’s with or around nice people, then I think minus one or minus none at all is more reasonable. BUT if it’s the second time then it kinda gets annoying for them and THEN her reputation takes a big impact. If it’s around bullies or just people who care for their looks or get annoyed easily, then it should take a chunk out of her reputation.

    3. Is every student going to have a impact on the game or have a part in the story? Like the Basu sisters and Kuudere are not in any clubs and are basically only there for the character to interact with and for extra “eyes” so the character can’t run around with a dead body and get away with it. I mean, every other character except some rivals, Taro, the Basu sisters, and Kuudere are all in clubs and have an impact on you if you join the club.

    4. This is a simple thing. But shouldn’t you choose Ayano’s “persona” before the game starts? Like when she is about to go to school or something because if I saw a student I knew basically all my life stand emotionlessly until she gets to the light music club and changes it in the mirror then I would be kinda surprised.

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