July 26th Bug-Fixing Build

Hi! I fixed some bugs! Here’s a new build!

To see a list of everything that is new, fixed, or different in the latest build, scroll down past this super pretty fan art by Rival Mythos!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Adjusted the criteria for a Club Leader’s club dialogue options becoming available; this should result in less situations where players are trying to talk to a club leader about joining a club, but can’t figure out how to trigger his dialogue options.
  • Fixed bug that would allow a teacher to begin a struggle with Yandere-chan while she was being shoved, which would result in Yandere-chan getting trapped between those two states.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed players to “teleport” Yandere-chan a few meters forward by making Yandere-chan run on the same frame that the “Pass Time” feature ended.
  • Fixed bug with Yandere Vision that caused glowing outlines to appear around characters’ hair, but not around the rest of their body.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to bypass the invisible wall outside the boys’ locker room by entering first-person mode.
  • Adjusted Kuroko’s animations so that her arms are more relaxed and aren’t so unnaturally stiff.
  • Fixed bug that prevented outlines from appearing around the new students in Yandere Vision.
  • Yandere-chan will now drop whatever she is holding when she is shoved.
  • Added the ability to change a male character’s clothing in Pose Mode.
  • Removed the invisible mirror floating in the hedge maze.

77 thoughts on “July 26th Bug-Fixing Build


    1) I’m confused. Are you working on a new club, or that mysterious feature next?
    2) Is the mysterious feature going to be big enough so that it gets its own video?
    3) Between Drama, Cooking, and Music, which club do you wanna add next?
    4) You once said that Cooking and Drama were more simple, but Music was more elaborate. Is that still the case?
    5) What would make Music more complex than Cooking or Drama?

    • 1) Depends on how quickly I get the assets for the next club.

      2) Probably not, I’ll just let YouTubers cover it.

      3) I think that Drama will probably get added next.

      4) Yep.

      5) Some extra stuff I have planned. Kinda like how the Swimming Club has a whole bunch of different activities they perform every day (stretching, jogging, swimming)

      • Awesome! I was hoping the Drama club would be added soon! Why is it that some clubs have more members than others? Occult, (the current Cooking Club), and sports (counting Asu) have 6.

      • So Music is the last one with five? Also, what kinda stuff do you have planned for Music. And can you PLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE give us a hint about this mysterious feature. Also, PLEASE tell me it’s not a debug feature.

      • YandereDev!! When are you adding the actual club leaders (i mean the original ones) I see that the sports club leader is not Asu Rito, is that going to change?

  2. YandereDevvv..i’m having a problem with the launcher…it keeps on saying that it cannot update the game becaise of internal error…what does that even mean?

  3. (1) Do you consider school fair or sports day possible
    (2) Is it right that now Daku Atsu is a teacher’s pet instead of being a coward
    (3) Is male teacher still a possibility right now
    (4) How could possibly Hanako Yamada have a suitor right away when she transfer to the school
    (5) Will their be more benefits for each club
    After time goes on (like science club new robots or new things to use that the club buys or cooking even more delicious things to get more higher reputation)
    Sorry if I say to much

    • 1) This is a common question, so I’ll add it to the About page: https://yanderesimulator.com/about/

      2) I’ll reconsider all student personalities later, at some point in the future.

      3) It’s possible, but unlikely.

      4) You’ll see.

      5) Right now, I feel like some of the clubs lack meaningful benefits for the player (or redundant, because other clubs serve the same purpose), so I’m thinking about trying to come up with more benefits for those clubs.

      • Hey YanDev, while I was checking the answer on the About page, I noticed that the first rival’s arrival date is still listed as late 2018 or early 2019. Given recent announcements, do you want to change that to “whenever she’s ready”?

  4. That’s pretty cool and logical to drop things but I’m wondering if students will one day eat lunch during lunch time instead of standing around

  5. Critical game breaking: When tried to talk with the husk(cooking, drama, lightmusic etc) she got bugged with saying Greetings all the time when pressing button(Club interaction with her doesn’t appear), after this I cannot interact with other students (No killing, talk option etc)

  6. 1- can you pls put a code in the game that allows us to put osana in the game currently as not all of us mind if it doesnt give us a proper repusentation of the final game but just want her for things such things as pose mode and we could help with the bug testing as isnt this the entire point of having these debug builds to test for bugs and report them

    2- please make it possible to put kizana back in the game

    • Sorry, no; it’s extremely important to me that when Osana makes her official appearance, we get a really accurate representation of what she’ll be like in the final game.

  7. as you have the technology to change a students hair when they get wouldnt it be wise to change kokonas hair so that her drills fall apart when she gets splashed with a bucket of water

  8. Hello YandereDev only have two questions:
    When you finish doing all of this which will the next club follow after the Sports club?
    2 some day you will take the trouble that we all know is the lag because I put in the option of the textures and I put the last.but I still have lag even if I put the ditancy.
    Well hara thinking about it, well you could fit the animation of running for Yandere -Chan …?
    It’s just that I hope you can answer me 🙂 I hope you do not have any problems with anyone just FOLLOW YOUR HEART ♡♡♡

  9. How about allowing the easter egg Yandere Kun be able to enter the male shower room? Jay from Kubz Scouts tried it but he couldn’t go in even though he used Yandere Kun.

  10. Yandere dev, are you going to make the martial arts club members, such as Budo, have muscle definition such as the sports club members?

  11. Keep up the good work devpai- I can never get bored of yandere simulator :)))) also when the sports club talk about their leader, is that Asu?

  12. Hey Yandere Dev!

    Great process on the game! Lat time I was able too update it was when the bullies came out (I’ve missed A LOT!)
    just a few things on my mind
    1. If you had too take a guess when is the Light Music Club coming out
    2. Are you planning of removing the Rainbow 12 Anytime soon (I really like the rainbow twelve, that is the only reason I’m asking)
    3. So the art club, science club, and gardening club go around the school too do stuff. will every other club be doing stuff as well?


    Terrible Suggestion but I need too say it. Maybe if Yan-Chan escapes from a Heroic Student, the next day they keep looking out for her

  13. Now i have something to do other than watching the news of the president being here in my city! Woohoo!

  14. Yanderedev, for some reason, the fact that you know how to use a semicolon properly makes me really happy.
    Thank you for reporting to us in a high-quality manner! I rarely see errors.
    It just… makes me very content.

  15. Yandere-dev I have some questions.

    1-All the characters from the Drama, Kitchen and Music club will be new or will some of the rainbow characters be included?
    2-Plan to make the Gaming Club (Pipi Osu, Ryoto Ippongo, Midori Gurin, Mai Waifu and Gema Taku) Have activities like other clubs?
    3-Plan that the Gaming club remains the same and nothing else is implemented its leader or will there be more new characters in this club besides Midori and the others?
    4-After Completing everything done to Osana and finally releasing what you plan to do, or what do you plan to implement?
    5-Some characters will have some kind of protagonism in the different rivals (Example: Can a student hate the opponent and is present in some kind of elimination)?

    I know the questions are too long, I hope I can answer them.

  16. I have a few questions.

    1) What are the main things you’re working on for Yandere Simulator at the moment? (If you want to share.)

    2) When do you expect the game to be complete?

    3) When you finish Osana, are you going to place her in the game then work on other rivals, or place them all at once?

    Thank you for your time if you answer these questions! Keep up the great work! ♥

  17. Anyone any idea how to pause time if the device your playing on does not have a pause button so the debug command cant be activated?

  18. Shouldn’t people not want to distract the former delinquent? In his information, it says that people won’t talk to him!
    Also why do the sports club members like to randomly walk into each other?

  19. Huh, reading the previous comments that kind of brings up a question.

    I don’t know the criteria for how many people need to be in a club to keep it running, but I think it’s 5, right.

    So if you kill off the rival in a 6 member club will there be a substitute club leader or will it disband also?

    Question sounded smart in my head, but it’s probably already answered with logic.

  20. YanDev About The Martial Arts club I have 3 Questions

    (1) Why do All the members have black belts? Even Yandere Chan has A black belt when She first enters the Club!
    (2) Could there Possibly be an Elimination Method Attached to the Martial Arts Club?
    (3) When You put the “Spar” Option in the game Will it basically be a recycled Delinquent Animation? Or Something else.
    That’s All Thanks~!

  21. Hello Yandere Dev!!! I’m a little disturbed about the pentagram in the occult club, so i have a request if you can change the pentagram to a bunch of random circles and lines (that isn’t satanic) because i feel disturbed that im playing a game that satanic things that im easily disturbed of. Anyway, Thank you for your time! and keep strong on the development on Yandere Simulator!

  22. Maybe it can be Lust Demon, because if it’s a function, but you will not make a video (you never make a video about the demons, you just put a clip) and you’ll let the youtubers react, is that if the Easter Eggs remained in the game would have to be her, I think

  23. Hello Yandere dav. I have some questions:
    1) When you do other games, will you call yourself “Yandere-dav”?
    2) When will the function “Conversation” be ready, instead of “Compliment”?
    3) Can I choose in “Launcher” where to download the game?

    Thank you.

  24. Yandere Dev, I have few questions.
    1. Since Kokona is a fan favourite, will she be the substitute Drama Club Leader?
    2. How many modes do you have planned for the final game
    -Will Mission Mode Make The Final Cut?
    —If it does, will all the rivals and people be there making it much more difficult?
    3. Will there be any rivals with more than one sutior?
    4. Will There already be couples in the game to help make the game feel move alive, such as have a conversation with one another, and stand in a place where they would be a threat to the player.

    ~1 Suggestion~
    I think that in the future, if there is enough money for it an Anime Cutscene should appear for certain events, such as a club shutting down and that leaders reaction before the screen fades to black or when Yandere-Chan commits a sloppy murder and the school loses its morning period remembering the student.

    ~Thanks, Keep up the great work

  25. YandereDev, I have an idea for a Drama Club! Members of the Drama Club will rehearse in all locations, as well as taking requisites for performances in the storage room. How do you like this idea ???

    (Sorry for my English)

  26. Hey Yan dev. I have a question.
    In one of your comments in the previous comments section you said about possibly destroying a person’s phone if they took a photo of you killing someone, then could you theoretically take a rival’s phone and take multiple photos of Senpai, show them to the police, could the police detain the rival for stalking a classmate. Or even give it to the guidance councillor to give a detention to the rival. Hope this wasn’t a waste of time for you.

  27. Yandere Dev! Just a few questions. You don’t have to answer!
    1. Will there ever be a gym class?
    2. Why does Ayano only have the new run and not the npcs?
    3. Will there be more games to do in Ayanos room?
    Also, I have a little bug. At lunchtime the delinquents and the student council have the default walk. Don’t listen to the haters! They don’t see how amazing you are! ❤

  28. Will you (in the future) change the students routine so that they use all the school places ? And (sorry if it was asked before) will you reconsider the students names after the crowfunding ? because the names right now feel really awkard… But apart from i think you re doing a good work and i wish you good luck to sucess !

  29. 852/5000
    I studied a year in Japan, I can tell you then that the schedules are very strict and that each subject is important, when I studied on Mondays it was the normal classes in the morning and in the afternoon sports activities, they vary day by day for example Monday classes 1 – 1 take gymnacy while other classes 2 2 take athletics and 3 – 3 take swimming, so I think all students should use the locker room to meet these schedules and be more realistic,

    the gardener is very present too, helps to do things that the students can not.

    there were several rooms where the teachers of English, biology and chemistry gave us classes, although we did not see so often, the teachers have a rest room and the students also that is like a kind of cafeteria there are things sold in vending machines

  30. yandere dev I found a bug when you teleport to the turtle the time changes to 7 something and whenever I go to the turtle and go home its shows me that thing with your study points .

  31. Quick questions!
    -Will snap mode be done before or after Osana (I’m super excited for snap mode)
    -how many ideas do you have for Ami (ame? The baker) she’s my favorite

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