July 25th Bug-Fixing Build

If you’re looking for info about the latest big addition to the game – the Sports Club – please click here!

A bunch of bugs were discovered in the previous build, so I fixed them as quickly as I could! It’s pretty rare to release a new update less than 8 hours away from the previous update, but I don’t want anyone to be stuck with a buggy build, so here it is!

By the way – an artist named “Reptilian” created something really cool! It’s a short manga depicting a potential backstory for Uekiya Engeika, the president of the gardening club!

I think it’s really cool, and I want to share the link with you so that you can check it out: https://reptiliandraw.wordpress.com/uekiyabackstoryen/ Please consider reading it!

Okay! With that out of the way, please click “Continue Reading” for a list of everything that is fixed or changed in the latest build!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would sometimes cause students to rapidly zip across the map if the player took a photo at the exact moment that the student reached their current destination.
  • Attempted to improve pathfinding so that Sports Club members won’t take shortcuts across the grass field when running on the track behind the school.
  • Fixed bug that caused characters with unique walk animations to use default walk animations after the player attended class.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Sports Club students to use their “jogging” animation even when traveling at walking speed.
  • Sports Club students will no longer attempt to use the same ladder as other students when climbing out of the pool.
  • Fixed bug that caused a panty-hiding shadow to appear on Yandere-chan even when she wasn’t wearing a skirt.
  • Changed the text that displays on the Student Info screen when a student’s strength is the maximum value.
  • Fixed bug that caused one of Info-chan’s covert listening devices to be located in the wrong spot.
  • Reduced length of one of the Sports Club stretching animations (it lasted waaaaay too long).
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to kill a student while they were swimming in the pool.

89 thoughts on “July 25th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I like the new update, but there is a weird bug when you change to the school uniform in the boys locker room. Yandere-chan will be naked, slide to a wall, she won’t have her clouds around her and you won’t be able to move(Like Jay did in a video but with Yandere-Kun)

  2. Pretty cool comic they made for you.

    I wonder if you’re going to sprinkle in subtle backstory or habits of side-characters. Like the gardening club leader talking to the flowers?

    It would give the game more replay value to go through the game and try to find the little bits and pieces you can eavesdrop on. Like when you tell Kokona to meet you on the roof and she tell’s you a bit ’bout herself after her conversation with her friend.

  3. Yandere dev there’s is a glitch when ever yandere chan is doing an animation (getting pushed by a student council or laughing) she slides forward.

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