June 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

There have been a few significant bug fixes between the previous build and the current one, so I’ve decided to roll out a new update!

To see a list of everything that is different in the new build, scroll down beneath this absolutely gorgeous illustration by Glamist!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Updated the Sleuth Persona’s “investigate” animation so that it looks more natural, and made them stand farther away from their targets so that they look like they’re checking out the vicinity rather than closely examining one person.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to permanently stop holding a scrubber or erasers if Yandere-chan aimed a camera at them during Cleaning Time.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a character’s portrait from displaying in Mission Mode if they weren’t one of the game’s first 30 characters.
  • Fixed bug that prevented Nemesis from being able to disguise herself as any character other than the game’s first 30 characters.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a Sleuth to permanently stop holding their smartphone after Yandere-chan aimed a camera at them.
  • Gave the Photography Club new “carefree talking” and “serious talking” animations that might feel a little more natural.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a Sleuth from properly reacting to witnessing Yandere-chan holding a corpse in her arms.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to “Tag” a student who wasn’t actually present at school.
  • Adjusted Rojasu’s animations a bit to give him that “chill” vibe I was going for.
  • Tweaked Horuda’s portrait.

51 thoughts on “June 3rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Keep up the good work yandere dev! The final game will be fantastic, and it’s even fantastic right now! But remember yandere dev to take a break once in a while.

  2. Hmm, keep up the good work YandereDev! We believe in you! (crap I ngot that feeling where Osana might be in the next build, why!?)

  3. Just wondering, Yandere dev are you going to be at pax west this year? I love the game so far your doing a great job!! I can’t wait to play!!

  4. I tried downloading the latest build’s zip file, but when it finished downloading it wouldn’t let me extract anything because it was an empty folder. I don’t know if it’s just my computer or not. Is anyone else having this problem?

  5. If I’m counting good then all clubs should be implemented somewhere in September or October then Osana will be implemented in November but it depends on many things like volunteers, Devpai quality of work and… I forgot what.

  6. And here we have an edgy teenager, it’s about you Andrea, just put in the ass your criticism or would you like maybe to learn how human brain works?

  7. As a single developer that did a large project that was supposed to be done in 2 months, and took in a year and a half,
    I definitely know what he is going through… even though my boss was very understanding and knew what the problem was, people that had nothing to do with the project, like my close friends, just rant about how annoying it’s getting for THEM!

    Dude! I’m the one suffering here!

    Maybe disabling comments and stuff all over YouTube and possibly here wasn’t the best idea, or maybe it was, I can’t judge,
    But the only thing that kinda makes me sad is the how YanDev lets negative people just effect him so much. You can’t change people!

    Anyways, I hope the best for him and his project. really looking forward to playing it one day.

  8. Do note that criticism isn’t equal to hate comments. People always tend to mistake hate comments for “criticism” when it is actually not. It’s called bullying.

    Personally speaking, i prefer blocking haters than deal with them because haters are hard-hearted people who would constantly find a way to break your morale despite how polite and constructive you explain your side to them.

    Problem is, for places like youtube or wordpress where you can’t exactly block commenters (i think?), it’s MENTALLY HEALTHIER to just shut the whole thing down.

    In this day and age, menthal health is just an equal of a factor as physical health when it comes to what needs to be taken care of.

    • Sadly, i have seen some hate, with some people calling him “lazy” or “unproductive” or “wasting time and Patreon donations”. They probably don’t exist for viewing anymore if Yandev deleted them, but yes, I have seen them.

      I checked his donation count today on this very minute and it scores 4100$. He says he doesn’t have a job as he has dedicated his full-time work to this project. I’m not from America so i can’t exactly tell how big or small 4100$ dollars is there considering the factors of “cost of living” and “standard wages”, so i am in no position to make a statement on this matter.

      I believe you should consider the different rival-elimination methods as “playable parts” since he’s literally just gonna copy paste those codes into the new rivals 🙂 those as well as the ability to join clubs with benefits and all those related things.

      Anyway, i’m still in no position to judge because i’m just an accountant, not an IT Specialist or the related. All i know–as a small, personal MMD hobbyist–is that setting up quality animations takes a shitload of time regardless of how professional a person is. It takes me ages to make a fifteen-SECOND video since i’m still a rookie, but i have watched YouTubers who have been doing this since 2012 and it takes them 5 months to make a 3-minute video. That’s just recording the whole thing into animation videos, and it’s probably a bad analogy. But I cannot possibly imagine the extra work that needs to be done to program, test, debug, reprogram, test, add new content, and make it playable for other people, AND repeat the cycle WHILE making quality work, all while needing to take care of own health, sanity and humanity, all while needing to filter email to remove unnecessary ones and determine actual bugs.

      • yes, thats the worst
        he should change his email or just create new, for business stuff only

      • Kekokekblog yeah but then how will he also get emails regarding bug reports? and if he gives away said new email, the trolls will just spam that email as well .w.

        BaconWolfie what makes you conclude that YanDev backstabbed his fanbase?

      • oh right, i’ve forgot about bugs 😦
        but i bet he has someone trusted who can verify bugs so he dosent need entire fanbase to point them out, just few people 😀 well thats what i hope for…

      • He mentioned before that he didn’t want to get a secretary because he didn’t want to burn time needing to babysit a secretary. His concern is that he doesn’t want the secretary to mistakenly filter out supposedly reported bugs, or unfilter-out stuff that shouldn’t take his time, etc.

  9. Aponyy the thing is, people also have their own lives .o. not everyone is willing to sacrifice their time for free work yknow? There are other priorities. For example, the one guy before named Druelbozo who used to commission people for hairstyles that will be added to YanSim eventually got himself a paying job. Not that he wanted to quit YanSim, but he had other priorities. That is just life, which makes it harder for Yandev as he needs to sustain himself, and he is unable to pay for many people to work for him.

  10. Hi, I don’t know if you actually read these or anything, but i just wanted to say i really appreciate you for everything you do, both for the game and just in general.

    I went through a really heavy patch of assessment while I was studying an Assyrian excavation a couple of years back, and though I know next to nothing about game development, I really, truly sympathised with what you had to say about cumulative depression and loss of enthusiasm for a project, in fact, it was discovering you and your undertaking that pulled me from my own battle with mental health.

    I then noticed you’d pretty much disabled all YT comments and closed a few blog comments as well, so this was the only place I could find to post this, but, no matter how bad things get with the impatient assholey part of the fanbase, there will always be us fans who love and support you and all of your work, you’re an amazing person to be able to have put up with people like this and dedicate yourself to development for so long.

    I think disabling the comments, though it will no doubt cause a stir, was a step in the right direction, regardless of what other “fans” have to say, if they don’t care about you just as much, if not more, than your project, they can go shove it for all I care.

    So yeah, this was a bit rambly, but didn’t know how else to express my admiration for you and my concern about your mental health, and there are hundreds, no, thousands of people just like me who care so much about you.

    Thank you again for your dedication to this and just everything you do, I’m not particularly skilled at art or coding or anything relevant to this game, so this was really the only way I could think to “do my part” in helping you feel a little better, as you did for me 2 years ago.

    Keep up the amazing work, at your own pace, and just remember, there are some people all the way out here in Australia who are rooting for you, not just wanting your game.

    Much Love,

    An Average Trashy Australian Anime Fan and his family

  11. Hey Alex! (A.K.A YandereDev) I just wanted to say, that I truly emphasize with a lot of what you were talking about.

    I’ve never experienced depression or anything like that. but I am also an indie game dev. The game I’m working on is literally my first game. I’ve had no experience before my current project.

    Now frankly I’m using an easy to use program (RPG-Maker VX ACE) but that doesn’t make this any easier.

    Like you said in the video, My game is an ambitious project. I’m working on the game basically by myself. A close friend of mine is going to try to help with tilesets, but like myself she’s very inexperienced.

    I’m basically doing all the coding, the art, and the animations myself. and even music, which is something I’m not familiar with either. actual drawing/art is more my category, art is my passion, and I’ve been doing it a long time now. so far,

    I’ve been working on this game since I was 16 years old. (june-ish 2016) and like you, I’ve had a lot of problems with motivation. I’ll have trouble with a sketch I’m doing, i’ll get frustrated, and take a break from it. and then end up never finishing the drawing.

    When I’m trying to implement a new big part of the game, I’ll get intimidated and step away from it. and won’t continue the development for days, and sometimes weeks. I’ll even have days where I did absolutely nothing but watch youtube all day, and I’ll feel absolutely terrible for it.

    And this isn’t like one of your basic RPG maker games you buy on steam. this is going to be (or supposed to be anyways) a huge fleshed out multiple endings game.

    One of my biggest inspirations was you, Alex. You continue to work passionately on your game, despite how hard and stressful making a huge game like this is, and despite the huge amounts of nonconstructive criticism (and bullying). A lot of people aren’t like you. They’ll give up and throw the project when things start getting too difficult and stressful. I’ve always wanted to make a game, but you and your game were what gave me the courage to start making one.

    It’s going to take me a long while to finish my project. but I will finish it. And I will continue to follow your game, until you finish yours too.

    I give you my best luck and wishes.

    -Your Optimistic Fan, SODA.-

  12. I understand why someone in your position may disable comments instead of trying to ignore them. It is however unfortunate for the business side of the project. Even if you aren’t reading comments, people can still feel like there is interaction occurring by posting them. If you have any community manager volunteers lined up, this might be a good time to implement them to screen this stuff, especially as I imagine people will seek alternate avenues to express themselves now.

    I had an experience similar to what you were describing with the game Starbound. I started playing it quite early in development, and playing it quite often as well. I feel like I probably limited my own enjoyment of the game in that way. It may be quite different for Yandere Simulator in the sense that while people treat it like a toy instead of the game, they’re unlikely to get the experience of playing it seriously. I’ll be curious to see what future first time LPers make of it =].

    Really glad the photography club idea made it in; it helped me get a feel for the way your actions in previous weeks might impact the gameplay in future weeks. Looking forward to playing through your vision of the final game, whenever it’s ready =]


    • The latest build works as well as always, not sure what and where from you downloaded. If you have FPS issues, the problem is your PC, not the game, because I can run it at more than 30 FPS with the sole iGPU of my 8th gen i5.

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