May 14th Bug-Fixing Build

None of the bugs fixed in this update are super critical; I’m mainly uploading this build because it contains a couple of things that might be of interest to some players. If you like messing around with easter egg modes, and if you like seeing little hints and previews of upcoming content, then this build is for you!

But first, check out this super-cool video by Sforz – the first 4 minutes of the video are a super-cool Yandere Sim music video!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Performed more work on the Photography Club’s clubroom. I’m still not done working on it, but if you take a second look at it now, you may understand it a bit better.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Musume to use her usual “Phone Addict” animations even after being “broken” by the experience of being kidnapped and held for ransom.
  • When they are alone, delinquents now use an updated “texting on smartphone” animation that looks much more appropriate for a “tough guy” type of character.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a delinquent to get stuck walking in a circle if he noticed Yandere-chan holding a weapon while investigating a strange noise.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Musume to hold an invisible phone in her hands when following Yandere-chan, after being kidnapped and held for ransom.
  • Musume now loses the “Phone Addict” persona and switches to the “Coward” persona after being kidnapped and held for ransom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause some male students’ backs to clip through their chairs when they were sitting in their seats.
  • Male students’ hands will no longer clip into their phones when they are checking their phones before class begins.
  • Fixed bug that would cause delinquents’ weapons to turn invisible when performing a group takedown on Yandere-chan.
  • Way back on June 3rd, 2015, I implemented the “Bancho” easter egg. Recently, I accidentally activated this easter egg while trying to use a debug command, and saw it for the first time in years. I realized that it’s incredibly boring – it doesn’t even have any sort of functionality or attack associated with it! I decided to spice it up with a new appearance, new animations, and an attack animation. It’s very similar in nature to other easter eggs we’ve had in the past, but still, I couldn’t resist updating it; I didn’t want to leave Bancho Mode in such a boring state.

38 thoughts on “May 14th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Wait was there an update yesterday? Because you posted a build yesterday and then the launcher said it was “up to date” and I see no changes to the game.

  2. I love how you continue fixing these bugs (I bet because of emails) but good job yandere dev I love your game you have done an amazing job so far and can’t wait to see you do in the future

  3. I actually appreciate all this work like you decide to continue to develop the game and it’s always a good job. I can’t wait for the full game to come out.

  4. I have a question! After Osana is added, what will happen to the Kokona events in the game? Like when she leaves her lunch unattended, or leaves her fingerprints on a knife, or when she talks about her dad with Saki. She’s pretty much the prototype rival, but once we get the actual rival those events won’t really be needed. I mean, it’d be weird if both Kokona and Osana planned to confess on Friday. Will those events be removed completely, or maybe edited somewhat so that they’re more up to date?

    • simply download the new version and drag the new game to the folder where you have the yandere simulator and the pose mod and it will say “if you want to replace it” and say yes and it’s done

    • Kokona’s weren’t made just for fun, Kokona isn’t just a placeholder rival, she also serves the purpose of a test subject. They are not “her events”, they are all the rival’s events, but because they haven’t been added yet he tries them on Kokona

    • I want to say that Yanderedev plans to add those little nuances for many of the students in order to liven up the school, so most of Kokona’s events will probably stay in. She just won’t be your rival anymore.

  5. How I move with camera like in the video?, I am making some pose mod things and sometimes the yanderes camera angle sucks…
    And I know Kgftbz’s pose mod where is free camera, but is this in the game without mods? (I am stuck on March 15th build because of the pose mode) please help

    • You do realize that you can use the March 15th Pose Mod in build *after* March 15th, right? The whole “March 15th” thing just means that’s the date it was last updated. It’s still compatible with the latest build.

    • simply download the new version and drag the new game to the folder where you have the yandere simulator and the pose mod and it will say “if you want to replace it” and say yes and it’s done

      • (Different account but still is still me)
        I know i can do that but always i do this something goes wrong sometimes is pose mode error, something whole game crushes sometimes only loading screen works. I forgot ment it in previous comment. If you know how to fix this.
        (Same it was before March 15th with bullies)

    • You can drag the march 15 build tl the new build any time… i keel updating my files to the new build so my mod is up to date ;D

  6. lol i realize there is a new build
    after i updated my files for modding….
    well im gonna wait until the members are added

  7. Yandere-Dev, this isn’t a question, or a suggestion, or a request, but I have the sudden urge telling me “In the next update, Osana will be alive, ALIVE!” Lol, idk why…
    Midori doll says HAI!

  8. Thank you so much Yanderedev for this mention, I’m IndieFray the author of this song and I want to say this: “Italian communty loves you!” so keep working on the game and thanks a lot again! Me and Sforz will continue to support and share your amazing work with other projects! bye 😉

  9. Yandere Dev, keep up the awesome work! If anyone says that Yandere Sim is boring, well… A special little Yandere might as well dump something in the incinerator lol

  10. sooooooooooo im still new to this game so im figuring things out still so uhm… i feel stupid asking this but how do you download the new builds, or update them??

  11. 7o’clock in the morning I gotta go down get fresh gotta have my bowl gotta have serial see every one I have to get going yeah I am a yandere and I am rushing gotta go stalk senpai ooooooh nooo OSANA OSANA OSANA YOUR GONNA DIEE DIE IN HELLLLL half past 7 in school i gotta get my knifu end her lifuuuuu OHHH YAAH OSANA OSANA OSANA OSANA YOUR GOING TO HELLL

  12. It’s driving me absolutely crazy that Kokona won’t read the note I give her. There were previous builds saying that YanDev improved animations and stuff for when Kokona comes to Ayano’s house and I want to see them! I also can’t remember what the rest of her house looks like and I really want to make Ayano’s house in the sims >.>

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