May 11th Bug-Fixing Build

Hey! Fixed some bugs, uploaded a new build.

To see a list of everything that is fixed or different in the latest build, scroll down past this absolutely adooooorable artwork by KseniaDraws!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause Info-chan’s “Send Home” service to fail if Yandere-chan used the service on a student council member and then bumped into her while she was reacting to the message or running out of school.
  • Fixed bug that caused the camera to point in the wrong direction during the Senpai creation screen, if the player didn’t reset the camera’s position before proceeding to choosing Senpai’s uniform.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the two sparring students in the Martial Arts club to continue sparring even if Yandere-chan was trying to talk to one of them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause any student to break out of the “Sent Home” protocol if they were alarmed by Yandere-chan while leaving school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause any student to break out of the “Sent Home” protocol if they heard a radio on their while leaving the school.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the combat minigame animations to play if Yandere-chan was within 1 meter of Senpai when the minigame began.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing characters from entering an appropriate animation when witnessing Yandere-chan get pepper sprayed.
  • The player can no longer perform a club activity immediately after sending a mind-broken slave to kill someone.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing the incinerator’s button prompts from appearing at the right times.

43 thoughts on “May 11th Bug-Fixing Build

    • It is explained at his official website.
      “The price and release date of the final game will depend on a lot of different factors. The most important factor is the Kickstarter fund-raising campaign.
      If the Kickstarter doesn’t reach its funding goal, the final game may have really crappy production values and might not have all of the features that I’ve been talking about. The game would be released a few months after the Kickstarter, and I might not even charge any money for it, depending on the quality of the game.
      If the Kickstarter raises the bare minimum amount of money required to fund the project, the final game will have everything I’ve promised. It will probably be released about 6 months after the Kickstarter ends, and will probably cost $5 ~ $10.
      If the Kickstarter raises a ton of money and reaches its “stretch” goals, then I would be able to implement many of the features that people have been asking for. This would mean that the game would remain in development for a longer period of time – possibly up to a year longer – but would be a much better product. In this scenario, the game would probably cost $15 ~ $20.”

      • Lil’ Shaddie, no offense, but that’s a little hostile. He is trying his best to get this game done. Have you ever programmed a game supposed to be long, have complex animations and dialogue, and do it all with little to no money? The Patreon helps him better, and the Kickstarter thing failed the first time around. I have a feeling that we WILL get Osana before the year is up. He just has to finish implementing all the mechanisms he needs for her to work well and not bug every five seconds. At least he’s taking the time to clean up bugs and glitches so your gameplay isn’t shitty. I mean, would you WANT to play a game that bugs out 24/7? Probably not. So, I don’t get why you feel like the game won’t be good. It’s already freaking awesome! Sorry, but this is all just my opinion. Again, no offense if I implied anything rude.


      • PLEASE don’t make it needed to be payed I LOVE THIS GAME TO BITS and I would be devastated if I had to pay due to me probably not being able to play 😦

    • +Lil’ Shaddie
      You do realize that he’s using the money top pay for the work of people like modelers, voice actors, and on……. right? You do know those aren’t cheap… right? You do know this is a one man project and even team projects take YEARS right? You do know that this is just ONE SECTION of a larger game? You do know that we want a top quality product right?

      Do you realize the concept of game development….like at all? Or even the concept of money? Unless you can give a good reason as to why you leave such a comment then based on the evidence I’ll presume you DON’T know and that I have just enlightened you. Hopefully this would make you reconsider your action

      • Yeah that too, it’s also for inspiration and stuff that could be added to the game…. well.. if you watch his twitch it’s gonna be the other way around….

      • lil shadie wha is wrong with you dude? id like to see you do better than he is doing. and those games he spends money on please take into account that he is human and needs to do other things besides working on a computer! God!

    • I cant belive how much effort yandere dev put in this game thank you yandere dev keep up this great work 😀

    • Megan Plays
      Chill down. Like its not such a big price m8.
      Its not 600$ its 5 – 10$ !
      How old are you ? If you are over 18 then you must have your own credit card and a part time job to earn money before doing a full time job. OR you are a minor that isn’t let by his mom due to the content or that she dosen’t trust online sites. DUDE. Like ! It’s such a little PRICE. Dev isn’t asking for a darn fortune ! He is asking an every-day allowance price ! It’s a super tiny shiny price. Don’t complain until you see the prices to games like RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER or GTA & Bendy….yeah…Bendy & the Ink Machine is pretty expensive for its lack of animations.

    • It is stated in official website that she will be added to the game sometime in this year.
      “Q: When will the first official rival be implemented?
      A: The first official rival should be ready sometime in 2018!”

      • Lil’ Shaddie, Osana WILL be somewhere in 2018. He even said it in one of his delinquent videos.. He said that after he comepleted and debug the delinquents, He’s going to release Osana to the game.

  1. This is a ‘I just figured this out and wanted to share with the world’ kind of comment. Do correct me if i’m wrong. (Or don’t. I don’t mind)

    Anyway, i’ve spent much time going over pretty much every tape and every video consisting of tales of Megami’s family….though the ‘putting together of the pieces’ was a great struggle….until i went to his character page and decided that i wanted to observe the man in the wheel chair a little.

    And in that moment everything — family wise — came together! That man is THE Mr.Saiko!! What confirmed it was when i decided to download his image and i got a little surprise. The image name is ‘founder’. What else could that possibly mean?!
    So i got curious (and excited) and decided to check out the young woman and the young man who, thanks to Jay from the Kubz Scouts and everyone else, said that they were Megami’s Aunt and Father. Sure enough, with the DL, i received ‘Aunt’ and ‘CEO’.

    Well, at first, i was a little confused with the whole ‘CEO’ thing but after listening to the second tape again, i realized that this man is the same one mentioned in the tape as Mr.Saikou’s son who had a normal child hood but eventually had to take up the same training his sister had been doing her whole life.

    And another thing. While listening to a tape, on one of Jay’s video’s, something he said, alone with the information listed above, got me thinking. Megami’s aunt spoke of a ‘sister’.
    Either a new character is yet to hit the character board or she is right under our noses. I raise a brow at the thought of it being Ryoba Aishi but….who knows?

    More is to come and i look forward to catching more puzzel pieces!! Keep it up Yandere Dev cause you are THAT DEV. XD

  2. Now the offer help option is no longer available for Kokona on the roof and you can only take pictures and save them when you are trying to turn the fragile girl into a mind slave. Otherwise, no pictures save at all to your phone.

    • That is where I’ll have to correct you, my friend! While the ‘save photo’ option may be bugging out slightly, you can still indeed offer help to Miss. Haruka! I’ve tested this out, just to make sure I was giving you correct information, and I noticed that the ‘offer help’ button was somewhat glitchy, you just have to be in the right place, and the camera has to be as well! It’s bugging out right now, but I’m sure Yandere-Dev has been notified many times, and it will be fixed in the next bug fixing update! Despite the slight bug, the offer help option is still operate-able and other then that, the befriend, betray elimination method runs through smoothly! I hope this helped! 🙂

  3. So like, yesterday I tried to use the launcher to download the 10th build and it downloaded the 6th.
    and then today i tried using the launcher to download the 11th build, and it downloaded at basically 0.01% per second. i just watched it for a good three minutes as it went up about 1.8%, and then i tried the download from like MediaFire or Mega or something and it only took 10 minutes and downloaded the right one.

    I think the launcher’s borked.
    Anyways, exited as always for another build! ❤

  4. You’re spoiling us with all these updates, Yanderedev! It really feels like the game is finally taking shape. Keep up the great work!

  5. Am I the one on who really hopes that Fempai gets added in soon? Though, I think Yandere Dev will probably only add her in when the full game gets released, or, at least not until Osana is done. ;w;

    • I really hope yandere kun will be added in the final game because i really like lgbt stuffs i just think is something very cute see a boy have a crush in another one.
      And i think a fempai would be nice two but between yaoi and yuri i choose yaoi ‘-‘
      (Sorry for my bad english i from Brazil 😳 )

    • She will be added, but much later. YandereDev confirmed that you will be able to have Senpai x Yandere-chan, Fempai x Yandere-chan, Fempai x Yandere-kun or Senpai x Yandere-kun. But first the core mechanics need to be in the game.

  6. I NEED HELP, PLEASE! i downloaded this latest build of yandereSim but I unable to play it. It crashes every time, its so frustrating. i even went to the game-crashes page and turned my game’s graphics quality to the minimum; Low(1/8 Res Textures). My yanderesim still crashes. At first I couldn’t even download it. It was taking too much time. Even when it finally downloaded, it wouldn’t play. Its sad for me as a fan. Please just help me with the crash. YandereDev or anyone, please help, what should i do?

    • Hm, I’m not all that knowladgable but do you have enough space on your computer? My computer for example can’t run the game because I have an old computer with windows XP still, so it depents on that as well if your computer has the right assets for a smooth run.

    • I believe Windows 7 might be the problem here. The older versions are losing their support except for Windows 10. But otherwise… I have no idea what is the problem here. Maybe you need to delete some files from the game, or the game just doesn’t work on laptops (I might be very wrong here, but I honestly am only guessing what could prevent you from running the game)

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