April 30th Bug-Fixing Build

I keep finding bugs! And when I see ’em, I gotta fix ’em! So here’s another build!

To see a list of everything I fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this beautiful drawing by Kicchan!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that caused a student fleeing from school to return to their normal routine if Yandere-chan attended class before the fleeing student could leave the school. (For example, a Coward/Evil/Spiteful student fleeing school after seeing a corpse.)
  • From now on, if you disable rim light / distance blur, the game will remember your preferences and will disable rim light / distance blur in the future. (But when you reset the week, your preferences will be reset, too.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to fail to enter the murder-suicide animation if they were in the middle of shoving Yandere-chan when they were attacked by a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to put a bloody circular saw into the incinerator, if the saw was used for a dismemberment but not a murder.
  • Delinquents will no longer continue to perform their attack animation if Yandere-chan is apprehended by a teacher in the middle of a fight.
  • Delinquents will no longer accept food from Yandere-chan (if she offers them food, they’ll respond with a rude, dismissive remark).
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to put a mind-broken slave’s murder weapon into an incinerator.
  • Kokona was moved to a different seat in a recent build, so her bookbag has been re-located to her new seat.
  • Kokona will now show signs of attraction to the delinquents, since she is attracted to piercings.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a student from calling the police after fleeing school.

56 thoughts on “April 30th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I know NOBODY sees this but…
    if someone does, can you try checking if the buttons work while burying someone? (If you drop a corpse or drag him to the garden burial area, you lose your ability to pick or grab him again)

    I can’t do this myself because yandev’s launcher is always glitchy for me, so i have to wait hours till the game downloads all over again. And i’m not a normal teenager ok? Yes, i should have reported before, but i didn’t know you could message Yandere Dev via any site like gmail! I thought i had to use Email site because he uses email.com! But it never allowed me to sign in!

    Please, it’s really frustrating to have to kill a target in mission mode (this glitch also happens in the normal game) only to be like “ok, burial is glitched and i can’t move this douche closer or in the center of the burying spot, guess i’ll have to count it as a mission done then”

    PS. Burial isn’t completely glitched, if you drag him to the burial spot to very center, it’ll appear “bury” instead of “fill”. But if you do it wrong, with a head or leg being out of the burying spot it will show “fill” instead of “bury” glitching the game, making it not possible to finish the mission. And the opportunity to dispose of the body in any other way in the normal game, giving a 100% chance of the corpse being found, because again, you can’t drag or pick him up.

    • Eh… I would try this, but sadly my slug computer can’t even download the game, so I can’t help you. Sorry. I think you should just go message his website about the bug or look for people on youtube if they have not the same bug like you. Maybe they will have a solution or something. I’m sorry that I can’t help you, but I wanted to let you know that people do see your message. They just might not have the will to reply.

      • I already looked everywhere ~-~
        All kind of solutions didn’t work. Whenever i open it and try to update the game, it always say an error message saying it’s not in my local files. But they are. The message says to move Yan sim exe and data to my local files, togheter, at the same file. I did that but it still didn’t work. People said to try and move them to my desktop or back in downloads, but it still didn’t work.

        When i first tried the game, i could solve this problem by deleting some files. So i thought, hey! my pc is full! But with which every update it just didn’t work anymore. And i do have enough place to share the game. If otherwise, the game wouldn’t even download when i install it all over again with https://dl.yanderesimulator.com/latest.zip or the links from https://yanderedev.wordpress.com/downloads/

        But the launcher just doesn’t work for me. I saw someone with the same problem, and their answer was that their pc was also full. But they never complained about it again. And there was a person in wiki, who had the same issue, they said they fixed it, but not how, and i can’t necropost so-

        Thank you anyway. I have some past struggles with people not noticing me when i needed help. That’s why i usually respond with something lke that. But you changed that, thank you! I’ll try waiting two days and see if Yandev releases another bug fixing build, because it’s just a pain having to install it all over again, and sometimes the download fails too. I’ll try finding a way to fix the launcher problem myself. Thank you so much again

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  3. I feel that senpai needs a better friend to talk to him and walk through school with him at certain times, this person should not be a loving rival, but a short-term rival, since he is always close to him and as he is the best friend of senpai will have great influence on him, if this person sees you killing someone he will tell senpai, if he sees blood he will tell senpai, he is always with senpai if you become his friend senpai he will have a good impression on you , if your enemy senpai will have rare impressions on you, but especially if he dies senpai he will feel sad, so it would be a good character

    Remember that senpai is a normal person, with normal notes and normal friends, so I would add more normal life to senpai and thus have more events that do not include only the rivals to make it more realistic, besides this way you would know more about senpai For example, he talks to his best friend about how he likes cats or his allergy to cats, things like that

    It is very unrealistic for senpai to stay reading all day, he would have to spend time with someone walking around the school.

    • Actually, it is realistic for someone to be reading books all day. Haven’t you seen his info? Senpai is a LONER. He doesn’t like hanging around people, so that’s why he doesn’t talk to others as much and rather enjoys being alone. There’s nothing wrong or unrealistic about that. Loners tend to find something they enjoy doing a lot alone without anyone bugging them. Senpai likes books, deal with it.

  4. Yandere Dev! Ive experienced a major glitch (which wasnt listed here). If you kill the bullies (or just one) and the delinquents notice, when they do the spiteful reaction, if you attempt to attack them, they will push you away but will still be in the reaction pose. Then, the game will be stuck. I’ve had this happen twice, and both times I cannot press anything, I just get stuck moving the camera. Im guessing that it’s due to the game trying to start the fighting mini-game, but the delinquent isnt able to enter the game, so the game just stops working. It doesnt crash or freeze, you just get stuck. If this has happened to anyone else, let me know

  5. I know Yandere dev is super busy, but I feel like the next big thing after/before Osana should be the photography club.I feel like they are getting left out because of all the work being done to the game.Which I completely understand.Plus, I just noticed if you read the Coach’s info on the website that it says something on the bottom that shocked me that I haven’t noticed before.Im sure plenty of people already knew about it, it just got me thinking a little.

  6. This is just my personal opinion, but I think that the student council members should all react to Ayano fighting a Delinquent differently. For example, If Kuroko were to see you fighting, she should push the two of them apart, and then ask what’s going on. After both the delinquent and Ayano give there explanations, she should send them both to the guidance councilor.
    If Akane were to see them fighting, she should step in, and ask them both kindly to stop. If Ayano and the Delinquent continue to fight, Akane should probably call either Aoi or Kuroko (it would be a 50/50 chance on who she would call to help)
    If Aoi sees the fight, she would run in, and probably say something like, “I’LL KICK BOTH YOUR ASS’S IF YOU DON’T KNOCK IT OFF!” or something like that.
    And if Shiromi catches them fighting she should… go hide in a bush, and then snap a picture of the fight. After the fight, if Ayano wins, she will wait until Ayano has left the area. But if Ayano is fighting all of them, then Shiromi will first record a video of the fight, and wait until either Ayano has fought all of the delinquents, or wait until Ayano gets beat up and takes a rest. After that, Shiromi will continue her normal routine.

    Once it’s time for them to have there meeting, they should all discuss the things that happened throughout the day. However, the first thing that they would talk about, is the fight.

    but that’s all just my own opinion. i thought i sounded more logical then them only pepper spraying Ayano for fighting, rather then the delinquent who is HOLDING A FRIKEN’ WEAPON! I mean any of those things could cause MAJOR damage. Even broken bones! AND AS FOR THE PIPE, THAT THINK WOULD KILL YOU WITH ONE HIT! Or at least cause amnesia. Either way you would end up in the hospital with being hit in the head with one of those.

  7. hey YandereDev! I’m a big fan of yandere simulator ! I just wanted to say that I encountered two bugs , one bug was that I wasn’t allowed to raise my reputation ( automatically, and yes I pressed R and / r) the other big was that I couldn’t attack anyone ( as it had both “pose “ and “ kill” on at the same time ,and I tried pressing e)

    • holy shot nvm disregard the “bug “about killing that was just me being dumb af ( I’m new to this game )

  8. GIve Shiromi a delinquent persona and violent personality vis Json file and then load up game, Could work with other student councils but i didnt try

  9. yanderedev yanderedev: it would be super good, now that the criminals can put every time we lose against them the reaction of the students to see us all beaten, that they offer us help and take us to the infirmary …

  10. yandere dev I would like you to implement osana najimi on June 30 of this year since that day is your birthday and there we will all love you more but that day is also my birthday would be the best gift for two hehehe

  11. I have a idea for this game 😀
    So why the hell would senpai date you after so many girls got killed, expelled, disappeared etc.? Here is my idea: If you confess your love to senpai there will be a 50% choice that he will reject you. So the player has do to at least 1 task for a random student or a close friend from senpai. The random student will tell everyone about how nice you were (The task has to be something big). The more task you do the higher the choice that Senpai will accept your confession because he will think that you’re a nice Schoolgirl who is caring. Sorry for my bad English I’m from Germany

  12. You are doing it great, continue like that! However, while I was playing I noticed this ‘bug’ (this is not exactly a bug, this is a thing that is not added for now) I fighted against a delinquent and I failed but a girl from the student council expelled me, I was hurted, The point is that I shouldn’t be expelled, the delinquent should. (it happened the same with a teacher)
    But I say the same, this game is great and I love it. Awesome!

  13. Okay. I was wondering why Kokona wouldn’t blush around the delinquents.
    My custom Midori doll says hi!

  14. So either it is my laptop or something else when I tried to download the build it gave me the April 2nd build so either I missed something in your blog or something else please help

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