April 29th Bug-Fixing Build

New build! More bug-fixes!

Hey, do you wanna know who’s a real cool boss? That would be COOLBOSS13! Why is he a boss? Because he made this totally cool image!

Of course, the word “cool” doesn’t do it justice – it’s absolutely outstanding! I love it!

Click “Continue Reading” to see a list of everything that is fixed or different in the latest build!

Fixes and Changes

  • Delinquents now start out with lower reputations than other students (and if you try to raise their reputations, their reputations will always reset back to a low number at the beginning of each day).
  • A character who has been startled by another character’s scream will now become more alert (they will notice corpses / behavior from further away).
  • Fixed bug that caused the delinquent video and voiced lines to play around the incinerator area even if the delinquents were not present.
  • Fixed bug that caused a tripod to spawn in Yandere-chan’s basement if a mind-broken slave died at school without killing anyone else.
  • Fixed bug that prevented glowing outlines from appearing around certain male hairstyles in Yandere Vision.
  • Fixed bug that caused a delinquent’s weapon bag to disappear during the “Apprehended” game over sequence.
  • Fixed bug that caused delinquents to freeze in place instead of starting the combat minigame.
  • Rotated one of the trophy cases near the locker area, since it was actually facing the wall.
  • Bullies will now refuse to perform the “Distract” favor on a Delinquent.
  • Delinquents will now react differently to the corpse of a bully.

30 thoughts on “April 29th Bug-Fixing Build

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    I`m a Russian community translator of everything connected to YanSim.
    I`ve translated 4 last post blogs and a video in 24 hours, and it may be not the last bug-fixing build for now!

  3. Yandere Dev is literally the best game developer that i’ve ever heard of. He’s keeping his fans entertained while working on the game everyday. If that isnt the most hard working person, I don’t know what is. Keep up the amazing work Yandere Dev!

  4. Why I can’t run the game ? I have GeForce GTX 1080 and Intel Core i7-7700HQ and I loading game, first fps 60 (lock) main screen. After small time, i started new game, and i go to school, game crashed on 1280×720. I try and into 640×480 resolution, but always crash. 😦

  5. did you fixed the bug what i send you in one of my emails?
    i can’t press q e r or f while im in a fight, and my keyboard works great so its not my keyboard or computer!
    but im playing on a desktop now and i got an pc to at my mom so im trying there to next week!

  6. hay un bug que me sucede ami que pasa cuando pones la vision yandere antes dek minijuego.se congela tdo o algo parecido

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