Delinquent Update

After an exceptionally long development cycle, the delinquent update is finally ready! I’m so relieved to finally release this update after spending so much time on these guys! Please check out the video!

The delinquents aren’t the only thing that is new in the latest build; there were also numerous bug-fixes and a few additions and general improvements, too! To see a full list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, click “Continue Reading”!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Previously, if the player used Pose Mode to move a student inside of an object (like a tree) the player would lose the ability to interact with that student, potentially ruining poses. As of now, activating Pose Mode will cause the game to ignore colliders so that the player can interact with students even if there is a collider between Yandere-chan and the student (or if the student is inside of a collider).
  • Rim lighting, color grading, ambient obscurance, and distant background mountains are now enabled by default. The player has been given the option of disabling any of these things in the settings menu.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to keep walking around after getting a Mission Mode game over, if they were using Yandere Vision when they got a game over.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to interrupt a character who was trying to leave school after getting a “Send Home” text from Info-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Low Reputation Game Over sequence to occur while Yandere-chan was in the middle of a physical struggle.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to walk through the trophy cases near the entrance of the school and the shelves in the Art Club.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to use laughter to distract a character that was supposed to be busy reacting to a murder.
  • Added two more background tracks to the game (each with 9 variations, one for each combination of school atmosphere and sanity).
  • Fixed bug that allowed Sakyu Basu’s lunchtime ring theft event to occur at the same time as she was being harassed by bullies.
  • It is now possible to release a student from Pose Mode and let them continue their routine after you’ve customized them.
  • Fixed bug that could cause Yandere-chan to be caught for theft up to one second after she had actually stolen something.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to trigger a club leader’s club-specific dialogue options outside of their clubroom.
  • Fixed bug that caused “talking” visual effects to come out of a student during situations when they were not talking.
  • Updated the “receiving an alarming text message” animation that plays when the player uses the “Send Home” feature.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the game’s loading screen from appearing when taking a mind-broken slave to school.
  • Fixed bug that could result in Yandere-chan holding an object during the “Low Reputation Game Over” scene.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s eyes to flicker when she was far from the center of the school.
  • Added some models to the Announcement Room, although some further work still remains to be done.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the confession cutscene to play while Yandere-chan was being chased.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the houses outside of school to have flickering windows / doors.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing an outline from appearing around Kuu Dere’s new hair model.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to appear pure white in the Befriend/Betray cutscene.
  • Replaced Kuu Dere’s new hair model with another one that isn’t as bright and flashy.
  • Fixed a bug with the smoke particle effect that emits from the incinerator.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Nemesis’ knife from being visible.
  • Added shading to Oka’s stockings / arm-warmers.
  • Added a few more props to the Science Club.
  • Added a new sword to the Drama Club.
  • Tweaked Mai Waifu’s hair color.
  • Added another Headmaster tape.
  • Improved 6 old hair models.

That’s everything that isn’t related to the delinquents – but, of course, the delinquents are the real star of this update! Here’s what makes them different from normal students:


  • Delinquents arrive at school later than any other group of students, because they don’t value their education as much as everyone else.
  • Delinquents use a “tough guy” walk animation, idle animation, and sitting animation.
  • Delinquents carry weapons with them, meaning that 4 new weapons have been added to the game along with the delinquents.
  • Delinquents have unique poses in their student profile images, like the bullies do.
  • Delinquents use a different “reacting to Yandere-chan being weird” animation than other students.
  • Delinquents don’t trust authority figures, so they won’t report your behavior to teachers if they see you doing something bad.
  • Delinquents don’t gossip with anyone outside of their gang, so being spotted by a delinquent won’t damage your reputation.
  • Delinquents respond with rude remarks when you try to apologize, compliment, gossip, ask a favor, or speak with them about anything else.
  • Delinquents shove Yandere-chan if she gets to close to them, like Student Council members.
  • Delinquents are immune to Yandere-chan’s seduction stat.
  • Delinquents spend most of their time outside of the incinerator area, where they gather will around a radio that plays a sick beat when they’re around.
  • Delinquents have very different personalities than other students, so when they are hanging out with each other, their “socializing” animations reflect their attitudes.
  • Delinquents have a unique “talking” visual effect that is different from the one that other students use.
  • Delinquents intentionally show up late to class.
  • Delinquents don’t run when they are late for class, unlike other students.
  • Delinquents don’t show concern if the teacher of the class is missing.
  • Delinquents don’t change their behavior during low school atmosphere.
  • Delinquents have a large number of voiced lines (over 90!) which play during various circumstances. (There may be a handful more voiced lines added to the game in the future, as well.)

By far, the biggest and most complex addition to this build is the combat minigame. The minigame itself was easy to implement, but the numerous surrounding circumstances were very tricky to take care of:

Combat Minigame

  • If a delinquent sees you holding a weapon, they will feel threatened, and will enter a “ready to fight” pose. When they are in this threatened state, they will wait for you to take action, and will taunt you if you don’t do anything. After enough time passes (or if you leave the area), they will calm down and continue to go about their routine.
  • If you get too close to a delinquent while holding a weapon, the delinquent will take out his weapon and defend himself by attacking you. You can also cause a delinquent to attack you by repeatedly running into him; this is a sign that you’re trying to attack / provoke / pick a fight with the delinquent. You can also cause a delinquent to attack you by committing murder in front of them.
  • During the combat minigame, the player is required to hit certain buttons that are being displayed onscreen in order to dodge the delinquent’s attacks, counter-attack, and disarm them.
  • Yandere-chan starts the day with a specific amount of “health”. Being struck by a delinquent’s weapon will reduce her health. Health is not displayed onscreen as a number, but rather as a red vignetting effect around the borders of the screen.
  • If Yandere-chan is struck by a delinquent’s weapon, she will get bruises on her face. The severity of the bruises correlates to the number of times she has been struck by a delinquent’s attacks.
  • If Yandere-chan’s health reaches 0, she will be too injured to continue fighting. The delinquents are not bloodthirsty barbarians; if they see that you cannot continue fighting, they will stop fighting you and put their weapons away.
  • However, if a delinquent is attacking you because he knows that you’re a murderer, then he will not show any mercy. When your health reaches 0, you will be knocked out by the delinquent, who will make sure that you’re arrested for your crimes.
  • If Yandere-chan has been injured by a delinquent, she can rest in the school’s infirmary to recover her health. This will cause you to miss class, so you will lose the opportunity to invest study points, and your reputation will be lowered.
  • During the combat minigame, failing the first button prompt will cause Yandere-chan to lose some of her health. Failing the 2nd or 3rd button prompt simply resets the minigame. Succeeding at all 3 button prompts will cause the delinquent to become injured and drop his weapon.
  • After a delinquent has been injured and disarmed, he will no longer shove the player or enter the “threatened” state when faced with a weapon.
  • Normally, if a delinquent sees you commit murder, he will run up to you and begin attacking you. However, if a delinquent has been injured and disarmed, he will react differently. If he sees you murder a student he doesn’t care about, he will react like a Loner (run out of school and call the cops). If he sees you murder another delinquent, he will react like a Hero (try to disarm you and apprehend you). If he sees you murder a bully, he will perform the “Evil Persona” reaction and flee the school. (Ooh, lore!)
  • A delinquent’s fingerprints are on his weapon, so if you disarm a delinquent, then grab his weapon (while wearing a pair of gloves) and use it to murder someone, you can frame the delinquent for murder.
  • If a delinquent knows that you’re a murderer, he won’t drop his weapon when you win the combat minigame; he will catch his breath for a few seconds, and then simply try to attack you again. The only way to get out of this situation is to kill the delinquent while he’s catching his breath.
  • If other delinquents see you having a fight with another delinquent, they will watch the fight while cheering for their friend to win.
  • If a member of the student council sees you fighting a delinquent, she’ll run up and pepper-spray you.
  • If Senpai sees you fighting a delinquent, he’ll get mad at you for being violent in school (but I don’t have a voiced line / animation for it yet, so currently it looks a bit janky).
  • If a teacher sees you fighting a delinquent, you’ll be expelled.
  • If a normal student sees you fighting a delinquent, you’ll simply lose some reputation points.

Phew! I don’t think there have ever been this many bullet-points in an update’s changelog before. This build might have more changes than any previous build, purely because the delinquents required so many new conditions and situations to be programmed into the game.

My next priority is going to be creating a backstory video for the delinquents. I already have all the art and voiced lines required, so I should be able to knock it out in a day. However, if I decide that the narration should change a bit, I’ll have to wait to get new voiced lines. After that, there is another video that I have the art+voices for, so it should follow shortly afterwards. Then, I’ll return to focusing on the game – but I’ll probably work on lots of minor features rather than work on one big feature.

For now, I think that’s all I want to say! Thanks again for patiently waiting for this update, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

109 thoughts on “Delinquent Update

    • Don’t rush yandere dev about osana, if she’s not finished yet, then she’s not finished yet. You need to learn to respect yandere dev because it takes time to do stuff like this. It takes time to code and program games and he’s probably going to slower the progress for osana or even stop making her until people stop rushing him to make an osana update.

      • Dude, they only asked about Osana, they did not go like
        “yOu neEd t0 stOp maKinG thEse sTupid bUilDs aNd stArt maKing pRogressrr oN osAna!!11! I hAve beEn waItiNg frrr hEr evRr siNce 2014 aNd i aM tiRed oF wAITing!!!1!1!!”

        I agree that Osana takes her time and i think people rushing Yandere Dev definitely should stop, but this particular person you are ranting on is just curious about how the progress put on to her, they are not rushing Yandere Dev.

  1. what build do you have to be in for the delinquents update because i have the march 15th one and it only shows the old ones and not the new ones

  2. Congratulations on 2 million subscribers and releasing this delinquent update!! I’m really happy that you’ve reached this milestone 😀 I like how the delinquents are expressive and more interactive with Ayano-chan. They are some of my fav characters in the game, I hope the female versions will come out as well 🙂

  3. Hey yandere Dev umm welp meh friend said “what if yan chan have a good rep and got a fight into a delinquent and the students council see it why would the student council pepper spray yan chan I’d she hot a high rep it would be better if she just got punished or something” I don’t know how to answer her but she suggested if “yan chan has a high rep and got into a fight then a student council see it the delinquent is the one who got pepper spray not ayano” I know ur too busy and probably this is dumb that why my friend told I comment it not her —_— oh and congrats on 2millon sub!! Ur amazing >//<

    • Actually, when the guidance counselor will be implimented, instead of being pepper sprayed by the student council members, they will send you to the guidence councelor and you will be able to explain your behavior

    • Yes I think the bruises should have some effect on reputation or something otherwise going to the infirmary is just a waste of time and fighting the deliquents wouldnt be that risky.

  4. Does anyone know why everytime I start the game the start screen doesn’t do the animation thingy, like hen it goes from white to pink, like it froze? Please if someone knows answer me because I was able to run this build one time and I really, REALLY want to play it ;w;

    • So the screen frozes in the loading screen? Happens to me every time. Just wait, if it says that “Yandere Simulator is not responding” don’t listen to it. Just wait. Eventually the game will load. Takes around 40 seconds to me.

      • Thanksss, I’ll try since I just close the game and move on to something else

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  6. According to definition, a delinquent is a juvenile who has been arrested. Maybe the quest to unlock the Yakuza will be deleting a delinquent’s criminal record.

  7. Shouldn’t the fighting minigame be linked with physical stat? I mean, it seems like the delinquents are pretty easy to defeat with little effort, which might have effect on eliminating Osoro.

  8. I dont know why i cant dodge the attacks… even i do the right procedures even i hit the certain buttons it wont work i dont know why? help me yandere dev

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