February 7th Bug-Fixing Build

I’m running out of different ways to phrase this, but:

The last build had some funky stuff in it, so I’ve created a new build that resolves some issues! To see a list of everything that was changed in the new build, please scroll down past this gorgeous artwork by ros.e_8!

  • If someone takes a photo of you committing murder, but you’re wearing a mask in the photo, you will no longer get an instant game over, since the cops won’t be able to identify you from the photo. (They’ll still come to school, though.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Place Cigarettes” prompt to appear above a rival’s back even when Yandere-chan doesn’t have cigarettes in her inventory.
  • It is now possible to make bullies prematurely end a bullying event by having a another student show up and talk to the bullied student.
  • Fixed bug that made it possible for a mind-broken student to attend a scripted event, like Kokona and Saki’s rooftop chat.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a mind-broken Phone Addict to use Phone Addict animations instead of mind-broken animations.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Musume to continue holding erasers in her hands after being broken out of a bullying event.
  • Adjusted height of trees and bushes around the school so they are no longer floating slightly above the ground.
  • Fixed bug that caused Horuda’s skirt to grow in size when she was performing her “react to camera” animation.
  • Fixed bug that prevented a student’s “bullied” animations from taking priority over their “shy” animations.
  • Adjusted the “Chase Camera” that appears when a student is texting a photo of your crimes to the cops.
  • Fixed weird graphical bug visible from the incinerator area looking up towards the school rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai’s smartphone to use Osana’s phone texture.
  • It is now possible to take a panty shot of the school nurse.

71 thoughts on “February 7th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. “Yesterday, I said that Feb 6th would be my day off. However, there was an unexpected change of plans, so Feb 6th was just a normal work day. Today, Feb 7th, will be my REAL day off! If you’d like to see me play Shadow of the Colossus, visit twitch.tv/yanderedev starting at noon PST! This time, it’s actually guaranteed to happen!”
    That was the bonus message. Its’s in Al Bhed

  2. Yesterday, I said that Feb 6th would be my day off. However, there was an unexpected change of plans, so Feb 6th was just a normal work day. Today, Feb 7th, will be my REAL day off! If you’d like to see me play Shadow of the Colossus, visit twitch.tv/yanderedev starting at noon PST! This time, it’s actually guaranteed to happen!

  3. Hey YandereDev! You just finished Osana right? I know you will change some of few things in Osana’s event, but you should finish it right now. But there are no Osana, are you planning to release Osana when the game goes to Kickstarter? That would ruin people’s exciting, I am not telling you to add Osana. If you want to add Osana then add it, but we’re waiting too long for Osana, I hope you answer it 🙂

    • Yandere dev isn’t going to add osana until he adds some things that should be in the game,because when osana is out the game could finally be judged as a real game,not a debug sandbox,and if he releases osana and leaves all the thing he needs to add to make the game interesting and challenging,people will think its too easy and boring.

      • I understand that sediment but having a rival gives you a goal or a purpose rather than just dicking around and mindlessly killing everyone. It just gets old after a while. So many people we interested and on board when Kokona was the placeholder rival. I’ve seen so many people lose interest because of unfufilled deadlines and promises. So if not adding Osana, then have a placeholder at least for now until he’s ready to bring her in. And adding Osana would only make it a demo, a work in progress demo. Which is not a bad thing.

    • He wants as to feel like we are playing an official demo when eliminating osana,he is quite far from that…,im sure he will do his best.

    • Not only everything Ibrahim said is true, but keep in mind that TinyBuild needs some time to convert every new build and change from Unity 4 (the engine Yanderedev has been using) to Unity 5 (the one that will be used by both parties once the game is refined and Osana can be implemented).

  4. If you feed a student council member and they say that they’re full, they still take the octodog because one of them isn’t on the plate and disappeared.

  5. Please update the games codes that the game runs smoother, instand bad FPS by the middle of the school and the corner by the delinquients. Dä

  6. I wonder, do you even test builds before uploading them? Or Jay does it for you? Because every bug you fix comes from his video. Also, why is it so buggy lately? It seems like you just throw new feature to the game without linking them to alredy existing and on certain points game just crushes because it doesn’t know which action perform. Actions that should be disabled at the time.
    You realy should consider hiring some expirienced programmers cause at this point yansim goes downhill.

    • Most of YandereDev’s bugs are user-reported. That’s the point.

      I mean, it’s a sandbox, made, for users to find and report bugs. That’s what any, not just YandereDev’s, sandbox builds are made for.

    • I bet he does check his builds to make sure it’s not too buggy, but what do you except from a new feature? Of course there’s gonna be a lot of bugs from a new feature, nothing turns out perfect on the first try. Do you even know how hard it is to create a game like this?

    • Bro, most games that are put out there are put out there in one go. You never know when the developer started working on it. That’s, of course, in most cases. This is a very unique case were the developer puts the game out there before time in order to get feedback from the players. Yandere Dev has stated in his videos that he wants to make a game that the players actually enjoy, so he wants to get their ideas and opinions involved. A game isn’t perfect in one go, especially when the developer of this game is an independent game developer with some helping hands. Take into account how difficult it is to program a big game such as Yandere Simulator in the first place. This isn’t even half of what will be implemented, and it’s bound to be a good game due to all the hard work and hours put into it, especially with the advice of the actual players. This game developer actually interacts with the audience and it seems he works hard as well as the other people helping out with the game. However, there will always be glitches. You can test the build to check for bugs, but you will miss things. For example, something like taking a picture of a student to check if their skirt goes all crazy is not the first thing that comes to mind. So, legit dude. Use some logic and actually follow the development of Yandere Simulator before you go and comment the stupidest things ever. My game has never crashed before, and I’ve tried looking for several bugs. Maybe try getting a new computer, or stop complaining.

      • Bro, it’s been 4 years and ever first rival, the core of the game isn’t implemented yet. And, yes, I know how difficult is to make such a big program cause I have programming background. Game is writen is JavaScript which is just not suitable for games, that one. I looked into code and its run on if/else statements. Perfect way to buggy mess. Game should be rewritten into C#.
        Aś for crashing – my computer runs Witcher 3 and other similar games smoothly. Look into FPS and compare to any other game. You will see how shitty it is.
        And, this dude gets 4k on Patreon monthly + YouTube and Twitch money. He should have hired programmer, modeler and concept artist long time ago and stop relaying on volunteers. Volunteers that come and go when they are bored. And, have you ever seen Yanderedev acknowledging single volunteer? I didn’t. The may work for free but should get a little credit for what they do.
        Also it clear that Yanderedev does’t plan anything in this game. We get tons of videos about features that ‘may get to the game’, ‘i just had a brilliant new idea’. And meanwhile we are ‘dude, where’s Osana?’ He should’ve had plan beforehand and stick to it.
        And yes, I am complaing. I am, cause this game had great concept and great start. It’s sad to watch all of this going to hell.

      • How often do you check for development updates?
        The first three years of development were slow as hell because it took a long time for the old engine to compile over a small change, which has been resolved because the game was rewritten from Javascript and Unity 4 to C# last year and development has been significantly faster since then.
        Yandere Dev has acknowledged that Yandere Simulator wouldn’t be what it is now if it weren’t for the volunteers, and in various cases has explicitly mentioned volunteers’ names and their contribution, and there’s also the credits in-game.
        Osana isn’t in the game yet because YanDev wants all core features to be implemented first (npcs reaction to blood, weapons, etc., the guidance counselor, the student council, the bullies, the delinquents, club leaders and club members, etc.)

    • “And, this dude gets 4k on Patreon monthly + YouTube and Twitch money. He should have hired programmer, modeler and concept artist long time ago and stop relaying on volunteers.”
      Not sure if you even know what a salary is, but, if you subtract his own salary from the amount, how much money remains? He already pays some of the volunteers (the most hard working and old ones), do you expect a qualified programmer or modeler to work for, like, 300$ per month? This is the mentality because of which freelance professionals today starve. P.S. he already signed a contract with tinyBuilds (not really a couple of amateurs): they’re converting the game to Unity 5 and will work a lot after the end of theKickstarter campaign.

    • That’s a fan wikia maintained by fans only. He cannot waste his time there, given that he already works a lot on coding and videos (he even replies to users on Reddit).

  7. YandereDev, can’t we make other students wear Jacket like bullies? I hope you answer my question I really want to give students jacket!

    • i’m assuming you mean Musume’s placeholder for her old place in the JSON files. Her name is Horuda Puresu and she will apparently be removed when ‘The Mysterious Object’ is implemented.

  8. Yandere Dev Tandere Dev , can you explain who Rainey is ?
    There is a ton of people who are saying she is this and that … so can you please expain to us ?

    • I think it’s because one of his fans named Rainey had a disease and wouldn’t live until the game is completed. It’s very nice that dev would put an easter egg for her. (I copied the comment from somebody else her/his name is Camila Hidalgo my English is bad so that’S why I couldn’t put in my own words who she is ^^)

  9. The word you’re looking for is Hotfix, or Patch

    Hotfixed Build:
    * Fixed [ quote bug/issue]
    * Added [assets]
    * ect

    Awesome work guys, keep up the great progress, this game is unique and awesome xD!

  10. I wonder when YandereDev is gonna start updating the game’s graphics? I’m not saying that the game looks ugly or anything! I just think that he would be able to sell Yandere Sim with a bunch of free models still in the game.

  11. I love how many changes and fixes you’re making, it’s great to see how taking some of the pressure off has helped you work😄

    (Feature Suggestion – Ignore if you want)
    I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t wait to be able to do more with Ayano in terms of customisation, I certainly don’t expect ‘Custom Maid 3D 2’ calibre but maybe just a system to have a saved accessory preset would be pretty darn neat. Maybe even a password system (e.g. 13, 7, 4 – typed into some password bar would give you each hairstyle and accessories assigned to that number.) Granted I know that would take a while and a fair amount of effort, especially with much higher priorities, but it was just a thought I had and felt I should share.

    I’ve loved this game since it’s early days and love how far it’s come. I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the future. You’re awesome!

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