February 4th Bug-Fixing Build

There were still a few lingering issues in the previous build, as well as some improvements I wanted to make, so here’s a new bug-fixing build!

To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this super cool 3D render by SugarySyringe!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • If the player jumps directly to lunchtime at the beginning of the day, the game will automatically put graffiti on the desk of the student with the lowest reputation, without requiring the bullies to manually put it there.
  • A student who has been targeted for bullying will now be shy around cameras, and will perform a “hiding face” animation when you try to take a picture of them.
  • If multiple Phone Addicts are texting the police, the “Chase Camera” will follow the Phone Addict who is closest to finishing their text message.
  • It is no longer possible to give food to a member of the Student Council; they are too cautious to accept food from a stranger.
  • Fixed bug that made all Rainbow Six friendship bracelets disappear if one of the Rainbow Six developed a low reputation.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student council member to fail to properly lead a teacher to the location of a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that caused Midori to hold her phone and chalkboard erasers simultaneously during Cleaning Time.
  • Fixed bug that prevented “Hunger Mode” from working properly if Yandere-chan was spotted while eating a victim.
  • Fixed bug that caused the Bullies’ scrunchies to be missing from their profile pictures.
  • Graffiti that has been put on a student’s desk will be removed at Cleaning Time.

47 thoughts on “February 4th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Cool, I went out for dinner and now there’s a new update!
    I know you rarely have time to answer questions, but I’m really curious about this: What percentage of the game’s expected core mechanics have you completed, and how much more time do you think it will take to complete? Is Osana near completion, just that you want to focus on the game’s more important mechanics before releasing her, or is she still under development?
    I don’t really expect an answer because I know how busy you are, but I’m hoping to be surprised:)

  2. Yandere Dev, Yandere Dev! Wouldn’t it make uch more sence if one of he bullies got kidnaped or got murdered the rest of the bullies would have thier phones already into “taking a photo” position becouse they wouldn’t want to be the next one missing, so they would be abel to text the police much faster before yandere chan would reach them?

    • Not exactly. I can’t imagine how realistic it would look to have someone holding their phone as if they planned to take a selfie or picture continuously throughout the day. But I CAN imagine that if you kidnap/murder one of the bullies, these actions could be implemented:
      1.) Their field of vision will increase making it more difficult to sneak up on them or be stealthy
      2.) If one of the bullies gets murdered, they may think it was revenge for bullying a student. Thus, murdering one of the bullies may have the consequence of them ceasing any more bullying to the currently bullied student. Which would be bad if it was your rival. They will go and bully the next student with the lowest rep, however.
      3.) If you kill three of the bullies, or if you kill Musume (or maybe also kidnapping her can work), they will realize that they specifically are being targeted due to their bullying and will stop bullying students altogether. This will block the bullying elimination method for the rest of the game, but they will still walk around the school and take photos for evidence.

  3. I was thinking: wouldn’t it be more realistic if the phone addicts just called in the police? Texting fits these gals, but it’s too much of a stretch imho.

  4. Wow ! YandereDev is back ! I just finished looking up Horuda and there’s a new build. Well, upon looking Horuda up, she is almost guaranteed to be like Mei Mio’s bun. I hope she stays even if she becomes a side character 😀

  5. Yandere dev I have a great idea for the bullies. So when you start to walk or go next to the bullies and you have low reputation the bullies should say. “Oh my god… Look at that loser” but whet you have a positive reputation the bullies should say “Oh my god… Yan chan I love your hair it must have taken hours to do” then when you have a normal reputation the bullies will giggle when Yan chan goes near the bullies. The second idea I have is when you have a positive reputation the bullies would start to stalk you because they want to be your friend.

  6. Students hiding their faces around bullies is a very nice touch since all the bullies in this game are phone addicts, so it implies that the student is so traumatized that they now associate cameras with their experiences of being hounded at school.

    “They are too cautious to accept food from a stranger.”
    I get the weird impression that Akane in particular would complain about Megami placing this restriction on them while Ayano is “active,” and that could make for some funny character-building dialogue.
    It would not have to affect gameplay.
    Having said that, food cravings could make for a unique weakness and could be compensated for by making Akane more resilient to other threats. The player could learn about it by joining the student council and hearing Akane talk about it from the privacy of the student council room.

    Musume has four “underlings” and Megami has four elite students working under here. I’m sensing a pattern here.

    It’s like everything at Academy functions in groups of five-man bands. (The literary trope that is.)

    The student council already references Chinese astronomy, but if this is what Yanderedev is going for then it might actually be referencing Journey to the West specifically because that’s where the trope comes from.

    Monkey and Megami are the leaders.
    Pigsy and Kuroko are the lancers.
    Tripitaka and Akane are the hearts. (Taken at face value anyway.)
    Sandy and Aoi are the big buys.
    And, by process of elimination, Shiromi and the horse must be the smart ones…because that’s the only slot left.
    (If it’s any consolation, the horse used to be a dragon.)

    Satsuki, one of the primary influences for Megami, is also the leader of a five man band trope.

  7. YandereDev! YandereDev! I have an idea for the next update, I know that Osana takes alot of time…
    I find it really weird that Kokona have unlimited gym uniform, So You can make it more realist, Heres my idea :

    If we anchor Kokona twice, she will steal another student’s uniform, but Yandere Chan will be able to take a photo (in a specific space), Ayano will unlock the option to tell the principal or the proffessor, If you wet Kokona three times, she will stay in the bathroom for the day. HERE MY IDEA!

    • Kokona wouldn’t steal, she would just where the outfit she is currently wearing, or ask Yandere chan for a uniform, or she would get one herself from a staff member or student council

  8. I know this is gonna be criticized a lot and you probably won’t see this but…YANDERE DEV, YANDERE DEV, I have an idea for an easter egg and/or new game mode. I’m just gonna say it since probably a few people are thinking this, but a Danganronpa easter egg would be pretty nice. 🙂 (other than the few hairstyles) Maybe it could be just a character model with special powers or like Mission Mode as a special game mode.

    Easter Egg:

    It could have a Junko Enoshima or Monokuma (as a teenage girl) model and both of them would be able to give students “punishments” like in the games, but if Junko kills 10 students total she’ll end up killing herself.

    Game Mode:

    Basically just like Danganronpa, just Yandere Simulator version.

    I know both of these ideas are most likely very stupid but it was just a thought I had and had to say it.

  9. I really do love the addition of the bullies, but I have to say, Musume looks… out of place.

    Like, when walking among the bullies, she stands out– but for entirely the wrong reason. While very pretty, she looks LESS flashy than the girls around her. After a few minutes of really looking at their designs, I’d say the lack of hair dye on Musume is a big factor– her style is tasteful and pretty, but not FLASHY… which is a problem since she’s supposed to be not just the most flashy girl of her clique, but of the entire school. She has one strip of hair dyed salmon pink, but her friends all chose wild colors–purple and pink on Kashiko, hot pink and yellow on Hana, shades of green and cyan for Hoshiko, and Kokoro may have only chosen one color, but she dyed the entire front of her hair and framed it with spiral curls at the ends. Musume in her current design looks like she belongs, but not as the leader.

    Maybe you can add some more hair dye to her? Or maybe more accessories to her hair, since all she has is the butterfly hairclip whereas the other girls have multiple small or large hairclips/hair accessories? Maybe you could even make her leg warmers another color, or a multitude of colors? I doubt you’d need to change her design completely, but she definitely needs more flashy in it to fit what her profile currently says about her.

    Given that she also doesn’t match anything of what her friends’ profiles say (stating what she’s doing on her phone, a bit about her two-faced personality, etc) I’d also suggest adding that, but for all I know you already had that idea.

    • In addition to this, how about the entire group have those weird, colorful fake nails that ganguros have and give Musume the longest of them all. It would probably them look too much like bimbos though… very flashy still.

  10. Did I totally bork my game, or does Ctrl now attempt to crouch/crawl AND activate Yandere vision/laugh? 😡 I can’t remember there being key mapping but since I’m so used to Ctrl being crouch, it totally seems like something I would have done.

    Also, the dark atmosphere from Hunger mode lingers even after pressing ~ to restart the day, or quitting the game and restarting. Resetting the week, however, fixed the issue for me.

    Regarding the update itself: I love the new characters, both the popular girls and the placeholder who I promptly grew attached to. ❤

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