Bullies and Phone Addicts in Yandere Simulator

Today, the game gets several important additions: four new characters, bullying events, and a new reaction to murder! Here are all the details:

Here’s a point-by-point text breakdown of what these new features entail:

“Phone Addict” Persona

  • A Phone Addict reacts to murder by taking an incriminating photo of you and texting it to the police, which can result in an instant game over.
  • A Phone Addict reacts to corpses by taking a photo of the corpse and texting it to the police.
  • When a Phone Addict is contacting the police, a countdown timer appears above their head. If the player kills the Phone Addict before the timer runs out, then the police will not be alerted.
  • A Phone Addict’s daily routine involves walking through the hallways of the school, making them a threat to the player.
  • A Phone Addict performs different walking / standing / running animations than other types of students.
  • Midori’s Persona has been changed to “Phone Addict”.

New Characters

  • The 4 new characters are Musume’s friends, who follow the same fashion trends as Musume.
  • Musume’s friends accessorize much more than normal students; They each have unique phones, phone charms, bookbags, scrunchies on their wrists, cardigans around their waists, etc.
  • When interacting with Yandere-chan, Musume’s friends will perform different animations depending on how popular Yandere-chan is.
  • Musume’s friends spend Cleaning Time gossiping in the girls’ bathroom instead of performing their cleaning duties.
  • Panty shots of Musume’s friends are worth more to Info-chan than other panty shots of other students.
  • Musume’s friends deal more damage to your reputation than other students when gossiping about you.
  • Musume’s friends arrive at school in a group, performing different animations than other students.


  • If a student’s reputation drops below -33, that student will be targeted for bullying. (If multiple students have a reputation below -33, the one with the lowest reputation is targeted.)
  • A bullied student will use a different walk animation / idle animation than other students, and have a different routine from other students.
  • If a student’s reputation drops below -100, the bullying will be so severe that they just won’t come to school anymore.
  • Once a day, there will be an event where Musume’s friends harass a student who has been targeted for bullying.
  • Musume’s friends will scribble graffiti on the desk of a student who has been targeted for bullying.

In addition to everything above, I have also made a whopping 40 different fixes/changes/additions to the game. Out of all the builds I’ve made, this one might have the greatest number of differences from the build that came before it! Click “Keep Reading” to read everything else that is different in the latest build.

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • It is now possible to zoom in and zoom out with Yandere-chan’s smartphone even if the user doesn’t have a scroll wheel; just use the Tab and Left Shift keys. (Only works if the player is a member of the Photography Club.)
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to emit “speech effects” even when they were not talking, if Yandere-chan distracted a student who was already being distracted by another student.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to permanently freeze in place if they discovered the corpse of the victim of a murder-suicide, after the murder-suicide animation had ended.
  • Any student who becomes “Broken” (currently, it’s only possible with Musume after kidnapping her and holding her hostage) will switch their Persona to the Coward Persona.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a Teacher to run to the location of a previously-reported corpse instead of running to the location of the most recently reported corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student to continue performing the “talking” animation towards another student who was clearly busy performing a different activity.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a student council member to react to Yandere-chan’s footsteps even when they were supposed to be distracted by another student.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Kokona / Riku from running to the matchmaking fountain if Yandere-chan instructed them to travel there during Cleaning Time.
  • If a teacher is late to class (or is distracted by something during class), students will now perform a “Huh? What’s wrong?” animation in their seats.
  • Fixed bug that would cause problems if Yandere-chan bumped into a member of the Student Council while they were being distracted by another student.
  • Fixed bug that would break a student’s routine if the player spoke to the student while they were performing a “reacting to camera” animation.
  • Fixed bug that caused students to perform the “talking” animation even while alone, when standing outside of a club that had been closed.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a student to break out of a death animation if the player aimed a camera at their face as they were dying.
  • Fixed bug that caused teachers to fail to notice corpses when returning to the faculty room after investigating reports of a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that could allow Yandere-chan to return to her normal standing animations after activating the Gazer/Hunger easter eggs.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent a student from obeying the “Go Away” command if they were performing a club activity at the time.
  • Fixed Hunger Mode bug that would cause the player to remain permanently frozen in place if they tried to attack a teacher.
  • Finally fixed the bug that would cause Mai Waifu’s chest to stretch out (I think…) so Mai has a custom eye shape again.
  • Changing into a clean pair of shoes will now cause Yandere-chan to stop leaving bloody footprints on the ground.
  • Fixed bug that caused Yandere-chan to continue laughing endlessly if she was laughing when the schoolday ended.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to send a student to “Distract” a student who wasn’t even present at school.
  • Replaced some of the first weapon models (Knife, Syringe, Box Cutter, Screwdriver) with new, improved models.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Student Council members from having larger vision cones than other characters.
  • Adjusted props in the infirmary room so that there wouldn’t be gaps between the furniture and the walls.
  • Removed the “ledge” running around the school’s rooftop; it didn’t really feel like a big improvement.
  • Fixed bug that prevented student council members’ armbands from appearing in their student portraits.
  • Fixed bug that would cause faculty members’ names to display as “Unknown” in the Student Info menu.
  • Fixed bug that prevented teachers from giving Yandere-chan a game over for demonstrating insanity.
  • All female school uniforms are now “fitted”, like most anime school uniforms usually are.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to tell a student to go “distract” a dead student.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to send a student to “Distract” a mind-broken slave.
  • Fixed bug that caused Teacher’s Pets to run in place when hiding in their classrooms.
  • Adjusted weapon colliders so that weapons wouldn’t float in midair above surfaces.
  • Adjusted the position of some props that appeared to be floating in midair.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the delinquents from shoving Yandere-chan.
  • A sound effect will now play when the player takes a photograph.
  • Improved the model/texture for the loose socks.
  • Added a special power to Hunger Mode, unlocked after the player feeds upon enough students.
  • Yandere-chan’s blood footprints now take the shape of bare feet in Hunger Mode.
  • Added voiced lines for Yandere-chan while feeding during Hunger Mode.

Five new characters?

In a previous blog post, I stated that the next build would involve “five new characters”. However, the new build only has four new characters! I said “five” because I was thinking of the fact that there are five bullies; I forgot that I was going to be putting an old character (Musume) into the bully group.

Technically, the old Musume is gone and replaced by a new one who has an updated appearance, a completely new daily routine, a different reaction to witnessing murder, etc. I put as much work into the new Musume as I would put into a new character. Still, I’m sorry if you feel ripped off because this build has four new characters instead of five.

This video felt short!

I went back and watched some of my old videos, and felt annoyed by the sound of my own voice. I talk really slowly in my videos, don’t I? This time around, I was self-conscious of it, and decided to speak at a faster pace. As a result, the whole video went by faster, so instead of a 10-minute video like usual, I wound up creating a 6:50 video. I still covered the same amount of content as a normal video…I simply did it at a faster pace!

What’s Next?

I’m probably going to focus on adding a couple of simple features to the game before the next “big” addition, which will almost certainly be implementing the delinquents. (The delinquents in their current form are basically just statues who exist to convey an idea, rather than a fully-realized feature.) Because the next few features I’m planning to add to the game are simple in nature, you’ll probably see the next few builds and videos come out relatively quickly compared to previous ones.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

137 thoughts on “Bullies and Phone Addicts in Yandere Simulator

  1. Am I the only one who noticed that the writing on the desk is the exact layout from a frame in Koe no Katachi (a silent voice) manga?

  2. The Kardashians have joined the game.
    On a serious note though, it looks to me that you’re adding more challenges to the game without adding any advantages. The bullies look like they gossip a lot, so it’s more reasonable to have them stand in a circle to gossip sometimes instead of always walking around the school.

  3. But wait, doesn’t Aoi also patrol the hallways? I understand that there need to be people in the hallways and on the rooftop to make getting away with murder a hard task, but I just can’t help but feel that Phone Addicts + Aoi walking around all the floors makes it a tad… too much? Like an overfocus.

    • I feel sad for anyone that was actually thinking they were black and not merely tanned. They’re pretty obviously gyaru.

  4. Pingback: (Yandere Simulator)Hana Daidaiyama hakkında düşüncelerim – Bloggy

  5. For those of you complaining the bullies are going to make things hard, or the fact that we already have Aoi in the hallways… Murder is not the only way to win the final game. In fact, you could finish the entire game without pulling a knife on somebody. Remember what Yandere Dev said. Murder isn’t supposed to be easy, and I personally feel the game should be as hard as possible for a geno route. Ya filthy killers.

    • Well, yah. But i have to point this out.
      First, the games name is Yandere Simulator, not Mean Gossip Girl Simulator or Matchmaking Simulator. You are playing as yandere, killing is the way to go for this character. So in game called Yandere Simulator you shoud be able to play as Yandere.
      Second, i think in a good steath game all mechanics shoud be equal and let the player chose witch one to use do deal with the problem. Or if one of them is harder to do it needs to have a HUGE positive result, to be worth it to use this mechanic

      • Yes, but a yandere does not just apply to murder. Some yanderes never resort to violence. A yandere is simply a lovesick girl who would do a range of things to get and protect their lover and keep others away from him/her. Violence is the solution that is portrayed most often, but it isn’t the only thing that they do.

  6. I’m thinking… It’s possible to take photos or anything else of this bullying and use to expelled this b*tches of the school?? Or low their reputation??

  7. I know YandereDev probably wouldn’t see this, but I think there are plenty of benefits of joining the bullies:

    The conditions of joining the bullies:

    -You have to have a high reputation

    -You have to befriend all the bullies

    The benefits of joining the bullies:

    -Less damage is done spreading gossip

    -Maybe you don’t have to become students friends for them to do favors for you, since they see you as pretty and popular.

    -You can ask the bullies to bully one of your rivals for you.

    -You can get the bullies to do favors for you that relates to you getting rid of your rival.

    -Takes student a little longer to notice you doing anything suspicious.

    -Increases your seduction.

    -Bonus when trying to pair two students together.

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