Hey! Where’s the video?!

If it’s the 1st or 15th day of the month and it’s been more than a week since the last update, I’ll make a quick post with previews of upcoming content to assure you that I’m still working on the game! As of now, it’s February 1st, so here’s a few preview images:

Oh, my! Who are these young ladies?

What could they be doing around that table?

What’s going on over there? Nothing bad, I hope!

The next build is ready (unless I discover something that needs last-minute fixing). The script for the next video has already been written, and now all I have to do is record the voice over, record the gameplay footage, and put together the video. I suppose the absolute soonest that the video could be released would be Feb 1st, but it’s possible that it might take until Feb 2nd.

Sorry for the wait, and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

158 thoughts on “Hey! Where’s the video?!

  1. Hrrrm they don’t look like Konoka and the other four…Could this be a more fleshed-out group of valley girls to replace them?
    No, wait the bracelets don’t match and they look much more like Ronshaku.

    Whoever they are, it’s nice that the gravity-defying bag Yanderedev put into the game now has a use. My best guess is these five will feed into the reputation system somehow, since groups have always been a means of dividing up the student body into easily recognizable chunks that all serve different purposes.

    I think Yanderedev has been meaning to add school bullies for some time now, but what might be more interesting to see is if they serve any other purposes.
    If Ayano could get dirt on a student (Infochan already knows everything about everyone so really it would be a matter of calling in a favor) she could palm it off to the valley girls to start a scandal.

  2. I bet these girls are bullyies. They look like they are writing the mean stuff on the desk, harrassing Yui, ect. They just look like popular mean girls

  3. I think the girl in the picture is not Yui. YandereDev said that it would result in 5 new characters being added… But Musume was already in the game so wouldn’t it be 4 if there wasn’t another character being added. My theory is that the girl with red hair is a new character and not Yui. But that’s just my theory.

  4. This girl is not Yui. Looks like her hairstyle is also different when you look closely. New character confirmed ! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • No, then why would dev say that 5 new characters woud be added ? Musume was already here and that would make 4 characters which means there should be someone else. Plus, out of all the studens in the game why would it be Yui ??? Wouldn’t someone from the occult club or a new student with a new reputation make more sense ?

    • Yandere dev has stated in multiple Reddit posts that there will never be a yandere sim character that automatically has a low reputation at the start of the game(except delinquents). And her hairstyle is not different, and no, she is not wearing glasses either. I think the new character will be someone else, maybe Gema, since its likely that he has the phone addict trait since hes a gamer. But I cant confirm anything. I’m not Yandere Dev.

      • Idk you may be right I’m just theorizing sorry ๐Ÿ™‚ But Yui might sort of make sense… Maybe she’s evil beacause she was bullied all the time… It feels like a century when you’re waiting for something and have nothing else to do ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  5. It’s a group of Ganguro Girls! Musume is one, so I figured he’d make a squad for her.
    And if you don’t believe me, look it up! Musume is DEFINITELY one.
    But anywho, kudo’s, Yan-Dev!
    I knew it would happen-


  6. Isn’t that racist? Well i know that they’re supossed to imitate gal… but why all of them have darker carnation? Anyway continue your job! ๐Ÿ˜€ (sirry for bad English im from Poland)

    • Oh my god. This isn’t racist. It just portrays Musume’s gang as… what they are. Ganguros often are kinda like Musume. (I think. No hate plz.)

      However for the tanned skin I think that’s a Ganguro thing too?

      • They are ganguro. Yandere dev has confirmed they are ganguro girls in many reddit posts. Also, there is very little racial diversoty in Japanese schools.

    • I mean, it could be, but we don’t know the whole story nor do we know what Yandere dev is planning. But if you think about it in one way, that saying they are just all friends, no blood relations. Think about it, have you not ever gone to school and seen a group of friends (bullies or not) hang out together and they are all the same race and none of them are racist to other skin colors in any way. But, even if you do not go to school or are just homeschooled, you can also see the same thing on the streets with no racism intended by anyone in the group. (To add on though, if I did accidentally happen to offend you or anyone passing by this comment, I meant no harm).

  7. For all you people wondering if it’s Yui or Info-Chan, it’s Yui. I zoomed in on the photo an, although it’s a bit blurry, it’s obvious that it’s Yui. Yui has a ponytail on the side of her head, Info-Chan does not. Also, Yui has red stalkings (Like the girl in the photo), Info-Chan has white stalkings the last time I checked.

  8. I think I know what this is! I think that since Musume is one of those conceited, rich, flashy girls, these girls are her group of best friends who happened to be the bullies YandereDev has teased about for a little bit!

  9. I know this is a VERY dumb question but aren’t those bookbags heavy in the sligthest ? Well, at schools in my country everyone comes to school with their bags, hangs them next to their desks (first thing to do is to go to your classroom), at the end of the day (you take your bag to the club room) you take your bag home… Why do they always carry it anyway ??? (Just my pure curiosity don’t get me wrong)

    • It’s just a test, these bags aren’t final they will be replaced with better models, In the final game, YandereDev will make them go to class put their bags in their desks…etc.
      And It’s not a dumb question, I hope I answered your question have a nice day!

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