January 20th Interim Build

I call an update a “bug-fixing build” if the majority of changes are bug fixes. In the latest build, the majority of changes aren’t actually bug fixes, so I’m calling this an “interim build” – it’s a Latin word that translates to “meanwhile”; it’s simply the build I’m releasing between the previous update and the next update. This build has a new easter egg that I’m really proud of, and I’m looking forward to seeing YouTubers have fun with it!

Usually, in my blog posts, I share a fan-made illustration that I’m particularly fond of. This time, I’d like to share some three-dimensional artwork that one of the volunteers made:


And when I say “three dimensional”, I mean that you can click and drag your mouse cursor to rotate it and look at it from any angle! I think it’s super cool; please check it out!

When you’re done with that, click “Keep Reading” to see a list of everything that is new in the latest build!

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Usually, when an easter egg is active, I disable the code that allows students to identify Yandere-chan as a murderer. This is so people can goof around with easter eggs without being stopped. However, for the Hunger Mode easter egg, I am allowing students to react to Yandere-chan and apprehend her; this is because the point of Hunger Mode is to challenge the player to stealthily take down students without getting caught in order to unlock powers that get stronger with each student who is consumed. (A cooler reward is something I’ll have to implement in the future.)
  • Fixed bug that could allow the student council to break out of a death animation if the “hear Yandere-chan’s footsteps” or “shove Yandere-chan” functions were triggered during the death animation.
  • Attempted to reduce chance that martial arts club members would get stuck on each other while attempting to walk into the changing booth.
  • The student council will no longer react to Yandere-chan’s footsteps or shove Yandere-chan if an easter egg is active.
  • Adjusted Medusa easter egg so that students are only turned to stone if Yandere-chan is within their cone of vision.
  • Yandere-chan can no longer be punished for being late to class if her teacher hasn’t even arrived in class yet.
  • Fixed animation bug that caused clipping during the student council “guard corpse” animation.
  • Began to populate the Announcement Room with props (it’s not finished yet).
  • Fixed bug that caused the spats in Yandere-chan’s home to be invisible.
  • Added a new easter egg to the game – “Gazer Mode”.

By the way…

These pictures aren’t canon at all, but I really want to share them anyway; here’s a picture of Osana being attacked by a goose and here’s a picture of Baby Ayano and Baby Megami bullying each other.

123 thoughts on “January 20th Interim Build

    • Hey yandere dev you keep making Easter eggs but there not going to be in the full game so why keep making Easter eggs in the game

      • He already said he does them just to take some time off of doing the “official” game because he finds them funny and they are easy to implement. He also does so just to do something while he is waiting for assets and other things to be done by the volunteers and such. For example he needs some more things before finishing Osana so meanwhile he has been implementing more things

  1. Yandere Dev you are doing great! I’m so hype about the 5 new students!
    I think they’re either delinquents or bullies. How about you guys?

  2. Can we get the toddler pic to be Canon? Not only would it be hilarious, it would gives us bit more backstory to Ayano and possibly show us how Megami and Ayano know each other (rivals since toddlers, that sounds like an anime plot if I ever heard one!)

    • The Gazer Mode is probobly one of my favorite because you have a more actions, than the other mods (The Only Mode that are actually close to that is Bad Time Mode), when in most of them you have like, only one thing, and that’s it. And That’s why I’m hyped for Kill La Kill and Nihilumbra Easter Eggs.

  3. I caught the stream. Thanks for showing me Goemon. I had no idea such a classic game had passed me by. I came back to it to catch the ending and just love how they gave Ebisumaru the ability to shrink, crawl on his back, and use a camera just so they could make a joke of him taking panty shots in the ending credits. I like him even more than ninja Midori.

    The quote I sent you before had to leave the stream was from my copy of Journey to the west, the scene where Monkey learns how to ride the cloud trapeze aka 筋斗雲.
    I decided to send you to be cryptic and weird in my usual way after I saw you flying around on a dragon in the game — but not without purpose.

    As you will have noticed, it makes reference to the four directions that now correspond to the student council members. Monkey’s character serves an an allegory for the process of enlightenment in multiple instances.

    He starts off restless. Always flitting here and there and causing trouble so the Jade Emperor decides to to something about it by appointing Monkey as one of his grooms.
    Monkey shows great potential, and stands to be promoted from his humble beginnings, but Monkey soon discovers that his post barely recognizes him as an official of heaven and runs amok.

    As a result, he is later punished and must undergo the grueling Journey to The West to redeem himself and become a buddha. A state where he is calm, mindful, and has a great degree of control over his own actions.
    Had he submitted himself to the will of others sooner — like how Ayano can opt to bite her tongue and suck up to the Student Council — he could have achieved a similar position without going to such pains, but Monkey was impatient.

    It is as the patriarch says: nothing was ever standing in the way of Monkey’s progress more than his own thoughts and ego.

    What you derive from this, if anything, is up to you. I hope my lengthy explanation did not waste any of your time. It’s just a story I love to share and talk about.
    Thank you once again.
    I love watching your streams and following the game’s development is an inspiration to me.

  4. That easter egg is incredible!!! But now that I think about it, you are right to say that these features aren’t exactly easter eggs. What if you made certain tasks, lets say oka gives you a task to find special powers, then you get Gazer mode. But otherwise GAZER MODE IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

  5. YandereDev, I’m gonna be honest. Stop implementing easter eggs. It takes away time from working on the next big feature, sorry I’ve think you’ve had your fun now. And what’s happening with Osana? I thought you were working on her? I don’t hate you YandereDev but, it’d be so much better to focus your time on the core features.

    • No, I made a video entirely about the subject of how I’m going to de-prioritize Osana and spend time working on core features instead, then return to Osana once the core features are finished.

      I’ve been extremely unhappy, stressed out, and demotivated lately. I needed to take a short break from working on core features and recapture my enthusiasm for the game by working on some just-for-fun stuff. It has really helped; I feel a lot happier and a lot more motivated to work on the game now. There is still at least one more easter egg coming in the month of January. After that, I think I’ll have it “out of my system” and I’ll be ready to throw myself fully back into the development of core features.

      If you don’t like it, my only advice is to stop following the development of Yandere Simulator. Check in once every few months, but don’t check this page every day expecting to see Osana progress / core feature progress.

      • Honestly, I believe that if YandereDev truly wants this game to be a horror-stealth game that’s taken seriously, he needs to stop implementing so many unnecessarily easter eggs. Good games can have many easter eggs, but easter eggs are to be saved until after you’ve completed the core mechanics of the game and not implement so many during the sandbox.

      • Oh, it’s totally fine! Sorry about that! I wasn’t expecting every update to be important progress all the time, I was just curious of what’s happening with the development. If you want to have fun that’s fine but I really don’t want a meme game. And sorry, I can’t stop checking the blog for a update haha! I’m just really obsessed with your game. I can’t wait for the next easter egg!

      • yanderedev feel proud, the people that make stressful requests, does not make anything in life, relax you is the best, you make the game hate 2º rank of everyone currently even being beta

      • Whatever you do, please don’t quit implementing easter eggs. It’s one of the things that makes the game worth testing while we wait for updates.

      • Jenny :3
        YandereDev’s response wasn’t unfriendly. He was only explaining himself. I think you took it the wrong way. He simply explains why he is acting in such a way (because he’s getting stressed out). He handles critics very nicely and he does get these responses a lot, so it would make sense if he was irritated.

    • A lot of the easter eggs are things that don’t take long to add. Plus, he does game development practically all day every day. Just because some new feature is listed doesn’t mean he’s not focused on the core features! Working on Osana/other important things that need to be done right now usually involve behind-the-scenes things, like perfecting a walk cycle, which is a tiny thing but could take hours and hours.

  6. I totally adore your easter eggs Yandere Dev….
    I also have an idea too yet.. I don’t know if you’ll like it.
    What game is complete without Harry Potter?!
    So I was thinking, maybe you can make death eater easter egg where its so sweet to see Yan-Chan utter the spells, (Imperio (I control), Crucio (Torture), and lastly, Avada Kedavra (Kill), ) while wearing the death eater mask and robes with a wand.
    It would be awesome!!!! But, I now your busy so well.. congrats anyway for this new cool easter egg…

    • Don’t be a doofus.
      Don’t you know how destructive stress is? The Easter Eggs were/are a means to recapture his enthusiasm for the project. All work and no play, as the saying goes. Lastly, the Easter Egg Contest decided that Hunger was to be added next, so he added it.
      Get over yourself.

      • It’s fine adding an easter egg every once in a while, but when the biggest thing about the latest update is a new easter egg and bug fixes to another recently updated easter egg is too far. Making an Easter Egg Contest is bad enough. He’s just begging for something to do other than develop the main game. He’s said before that the easter eggs won’t be in the final game, so they’re technically completely useless.

      • +Madison Maguire
        Better something to keep the blog occupied then just straight up silence. Plus they will be in the final game but will be code activated like the cheats of old. Besides if you think this is bad you should’ve been here when he was still using unity 4. Things were just not moving there.

        TL;DR Easter eggs are relatively easy to implement and code + we get new updates to help our Yandere Sim itch = a happy and less stressed YandereDefv = Win-Win-Win

  7. YandereDev! YandereDev!
    The game had a lot of changes and I liked it a lot, but there is one thing you missed …
    So I went to “eat” a teacher in the game, but the animation that you are wrong, I tried to “eat” the teacher and she died so I fell to the ground and I stopped and I could not I could move, I could only change my hair, accessory, etc …
    Could you correct this error, please?
    and congratulations, your game is VERY COOL, I loved it !!
    I hope it continues and with more news !!

  8. Wow, the easter egg is cool,the new update is cool,the rivals are cool,your videos are cool,your voice is calming-thats cool,your stream was very cool,yandere simulator is cool,an overwatch easter egg would be cool(my suggestion, hope its cool)so you are a very cool person Yandere Dev!So are the volunteers!Im so hyped about the full game!And so are many others,it is a bummer that in the full game the easter eggs are going to be removed…and i know i use the word “cool” a lot.

  9. I think that some improvements in the teachers would be ideal for example

    when yandere chan murders someone and two teachers observe the murder they immediately arrest her as when four students are witnesses of a murder, not that they just stand and watch them kill them one by one

    If a student witnesses a murder and calls a teacher and sees her dead, it becomes slippery that he will hide and that it will be difficult to find him ….

  10. i got a question about the full game : will the easter eggs ( the ones that influence anyway like hunger cierno or ebola modes for example ) get they’re own game mode or will they password locked? ( personally though i think adding an easter egg based could be a good idea for gamers who like to mess around with them but i’l understand if you don’t add it. )

    • Not sureI caught the meaning, but I believe you were asking whether the easter eggs’ll play a role in the final game or not. In that case, the answer is no, Yanderedev already stated that they’re going to be accessible but only via some sort of code (that is, you’ll get them only if you really want them).

    • They probably will. As of what’s planned, easter eggs will have to be either unlocked by playing the game once, or by some combination of buttons. Those two are just what I’ve heard, however, no idea what’ll be implemented in the final game.

  11. The new easter egg is alot of fun, I’m excited to see what new things get added as the game continues to develop. I’ve been following this game’s development for around 2 years now and its grown alot since than, I think we should all just be patient. It take alot of time to make something like this, with a whole team of designers and programmers, so doing it alone with mostly volunteers probably takes alot longer than people would think.

  12. if yandere dev adds bookbags into the game , do you think shiromi would rumage trough the player’s bookbag if their reputation is bad enough and/or one of the students gossiped about ayano doing something suspicious like holding a knife/stealing the awnser sheets?

      • Andrea,
        Shiromi is the one in the student council that does the “dirty work” for the student council, according to the rumors about her.. To quote from the video speaking about these students:

        “If two boys are causing a disruption, Shiromi is the person who manipulated them into fighting. She did this to create a distraction, so that nobody would notice her digging around in a student’s belongings. This is how she would investigate a rumor, that a student has been stealing answer sheets from the faculty room.She would probably find a way to do all of this, without anyone ever knowing she was in the room.”

        Other rumors say that some of he dirty work she may do for the student council include spying, recording conversations of students, and stalking students to learn their secrets.

        So, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shiromi would rummage through Ayano’s bag, especially if people (the student council mostly) were suspicious by her actions. That’s probably why she was implemented in the first place.

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