December 19th Bug-Fixing Update

Whoops! There were a handful of bugs in the previous build. Nothing absolutely game-breaking, but I still wanted to release a new build to address the issues.

To read a list of everything that is fixed in the new build, please scroll down beneath this absolutely adorable Christmas-themed illustration by wthkiwi!

It’s just so cute!!

Fixes, Changes, Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause the Basu sisters to behave strangely on the school rooftop (spinning in circles, curling up into a fetal position, etc).
  • Fixed bug that would cause Akane to get stuck on the locked door of a closed school clubroom if any clubs closed down at school.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed the player to stab a student council member from the front, outside of their pepper-spraying range.
  • Removed “security system console” from the Announcement Room when security measures are not installed at school.
  • Student Council members will no longer turn their backs on you if you are less than 1 meter away from them.
  • Re-fixed bug that made it possible to kidnap male students (and also council members)
  • Updated the punching animation of the “One Punch” easter egg.
  • Tweaked a few of the models in the Student Council room.
  • Vastly improved the Student Council uniform texture.
  • Added earrings to Kuroko’s character model.
  • Fixed a typo in Megami’s subtitles.

Are you curious to learn more about the art contest that I mentioned in my previous blog post? I’ll be uploading another blog post later today where I provide all the details! I hope you’ll look forward to it!

35 thoughts on “December 19th Bug-Fixing Update

  1. Now this is a nice Christmas present though I wonder if noticing blood is implemented could we write or draw stuff on the school with blood? I mean it would complete the whole psycho set wouldn’t it? I mean we can already juicify somebody for crying out loud

  2. I have an idea. If you’ve done a task for one of the members, that member should shorten their range by 5 meters or you would have the ability to explain yourself for carrying a weapon. Ex- If you’re caught carrying a knife, you could say you were walking to the cooking club, but if you’re not going in that direction, you will have a game over.

  3. I found it too, but i check the channel it was on, it was uploaded onto a channel that was made to look like yandere dev’s channel, but its not the real thing, cuz if you look, the channel has 61 sub while the real yandere dev’s channel has 1.8 Million.

  4. Fixed bug that would cause the Basu sisters to behave strangely on the school rooftop (spinning in circles, curling up into a fetal position, etc)
    That’s a bug? I thought they were just weird people.

  5. They copied YandereDev’s channel so that there was a bigger chance that people would find the video and starter disliking/hating the game and YandereDev himself. I’d recommend you to ignore that video and those impatient, brainwashed “haters”.

    That’s up to u tho. >.>

  6. I hope your updating the games code also, because i dont know why the game have major laggs ad 4K resolution :D, that was better after the August Updates

  7. I’m asking this question here on the blog rather than reporting it because I don’t think this is a bug, but I’ve been having trouble with the launcher. A friend is letting me play Yandere Simulator on her HP laptop (as I have a Macbook Pro), but for some reason, it keeps saying “invalid permission” or something like that. It recommends that I put it into a particular folder (did that) and that I look to see if the firewall is allowing it to connect to the internet (did that, and even checked to make sure it was approved by McAfee). There should be no reason for this issue to continue to happen, but it clearly is, and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Has anyone else had this issue upon downloading the launcher?

    • The bug is still there, though: one them keeps curling up while the other one walks around aimlessly. I should probably write Yanderedev as soon as I find out how to correctly reproduce the bug again.

  8. Akane still gets stuck in locked doors when a club goes down. I don’t know if its just that clubroom, or my computer. The club was the Martial Arts club.

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