2017 Art Contests

In 2015 and 2016, I held art contests – and I’d like to keep the tradition going, so I’m doing it again! And, just like in 2016, there will be two art contests simultaneously!

Student Council Contest

The theme of this contest is “The Student Council” – but you’re not limited to simply drawing a straightforward group shot. I’d like to see you get creative!

You could draw a typical moment from their everyday lives, draw an important event from their past, draw your personal interpretation of the rumors that surround the council, or anything else! Let me give you a few ideas:

  • How do you think Kuroko reacted when she learned that Megami won the election for student council president?
  • Do you think there is any truth to the rumor that Akane’s sweet and gentle personality is just a facade to hide her true self?
  • How do you think Aoi lost her eye, and do you think Megami may have been involved?
  • Do you believe the rumors that Shiromi is involved in shady business on behalf of the student council?
  • Do you think that all the rumors are just a bunch of lies? If so, how did these crazy rumors get started?
  • How do you think these characters get along? Are they on good terms with one another, or do they get on each other’s nerves?
  • If Yandere-chan joined the student council, what kind of opportunities could this present that would help her eliminate Megami?

You could focus on one character, or as many as you’d like! You could focus on the four new girls, or imagine a scenario occurring between Yandere-chan and Megami instead! You could make a single illustration, or draw a short “manga” that tells a brief story! As long as “Student Council” is the theme, your entry will be valid!

If you’re thinking “Huh? Who are these people? What makes them so special?” You should check out my latest videos here and here!


Easter Egg Contest

Yandere Simulator has a number of silly “Modes” that were added just for fun – DK Mode, Slender Mode, One Punch Mode, etc. These modes aren’t hidden, but I’ve been calling them “easter eggs” purely out of habit.

For a long time, these “easter eggs” were considered to be a big part of the game’s identity. Over the past year, I shifted my focus away from easter eggs, in order to distance Yandere Simulator from the notion of being a “meme game” or “joke game”…but, gosh darn it, the easter eggs still have a special place in my heart, no matter what people say!

The objective of this contest is to design an “easter egg mode” for Yandere Simulator. In short, if you could make Yandere-chan put on a costume and gets powers, what would you want to see? A “Ninja Mode” where she can teleport and throw knives? A “Giant Robot Mode” where she pilots a huge mecha? A “Dragon Ball Mode” where she can fly and shoot fireballs? Maybe you want to see Yandere-chan dressed as 2B from Nier Automata, or Pyra from Xenoblade, or Kat from Gravity Rush. I want to know what you’re interested in – and I want you to draw it!

Contest Rules

Both contests have the same set of rules:

  1. You must submit your entry via e-mail. My e-mail address is yanderedev@mail.com
  2. You’re allowed to participate in both contests simultaneously.
  3. You’re allowed to submit as many entries as you feel like drawing.
  4. You’re allowed to participate even if you’re a volunteer for the project (but don’t expect special treatment!)
  5. January 1st is the final day that you’re allowed to submit entries. I cannot accept any submissions past January 1st.
  6. You must include the words “Council Contest” or “Egg Contest” in your e-mail’s subject line, or else it may be impossible for me to find your entry in my e-mail inbox.
  7. (OPTIONAL) If possible, please upload your creation to a website and give me a link to it, instead of sending me a file.

Contest Prizes

Just like last year, I’m thinking of these contests as something to do for fun, rather than something to do because you want to win a prize – but, if the winner of the Student Council Contest wishes, I’d be willing to gift them a game on Steam! (As long as it’s under $60!)

As for the Easter Egg Contest, I have something else in mind: The person who designs / illustrates the coolest easter egg will have their easter egg added to the game! So, if there is a “Mode” you’ve always wanted Yandere Simulator to have, get to work on drawing it, and it might just appear in the game!

Deadline Feedback

I really hope that the community will enjoy these two contests! There’s only one thing I’m worried about; I set the deadline at “January 1st” because I want to keep the 2017 contest within 2017…but if that’s simply too tight of a deadline for you to create something cool, then perhaps I should reconsider!

If you intend to participate in the contest, please vote on this poll and let me know if I should extend the deadline: http://poal.me/tqz99t

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

74 thoughts on “2017 Art Contests

  1. All my ideas were more of dressing up the student council members in various games/anime ヽ(´▽`)/ I have too many silly ideas, I hope it’s okay none of them are related to dev’s suggestions

  2. How exactly is this going to work game play wise? We have four new issues patrolling the school with no way on how to even make it past Osana. Each new addition seems nice but it begs the question, how exactly can we beat level 1 with so many obstacles are in the way? Introducing these characters are great but it feels like he’s adding characters that should be seen in an anime, rather then a video game. The anime Kakagurei is pretty much the student council, at least in over exaggerating terms, but with characters like these there should really be a consideration to the players.

    Adding more of a challenge is great the further in the game you go but having all of this so early in the game feels as if level 1 might as well be level 10. It’s starting to look more like something you’d see in an anime action drama rather then an actual game. Characters that strong and powerful would know what was going on and be able to nail Ayano at any chance they got. If what the video says is true then there wouldn’t be any point in getting on the student council if you can only do so that late in the game and it wouldn’t make sense for the game to be easy in the beginning with characters that powerful already having control of the school. Can someone explain how this can be fair? Or better yet, why the hell is it even worth murdering anybody anymore? At this point the developer has made killing into more of a chore then anything so why kill at all? What is the reason anymore?

    • At this point, the student council doesn’t really post that much of a threat. They’re only four girls and it’s a large school, it’s pretty easy to commit multiple murders and not be caught by anyone.

    • It’s supposed to be difficult, but really the biggest obstacle they’d pose would be if you wanted to commit bloody murder right out in the open. There are several ways to dispose of rivals, some that don’t even require a run in with the Student Council

    • Well… there are multiple ways to murder a rival… I don’t know is that will be possible in the final game, but I kill my rival, not so long ago, by doing a task for her, and then I ask her to follow me… I kill her, Bury her body, change my uniform, AND dispose of evidence, so the next day, nobody think she was “Dead”, but everyone thought she was “Missing”. It’s not that hard to get past student council now….
      …More challenging is group takedown.
      Also it took my like 4 days to elimanate Kokona… The first 3 was just me trying to use diffrent elimantion methods, like trying to frame her for murder (Which, for some reason, wasn’t working.), trying to burn her (Which, wasn’t also working, as I Forget that You must to place bucket on the door.). For now it isn’t that hard.

  3. OMG!!! Can’t wait to see AKANE’S ARTWORK! I’m in love with her!! I identify myself as her! TRUST ME, SHE IS LINKED TO SUCCUBUS DEMON!!!! Those Basu-sisters are just a fake distraction from the truth ! ❤

  4. Since I’m not into drawing for contest purposes, if anyone wants an idea, try this out for size.

    Since the hairstyle is already in the game, how about a Danganronpa/Junko Enoshima easter egg. Talking to a student will automatically make them go crazy with despair and they’ll attack anybody in sight other than you. The idle pose would look like this:https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/danganronpa/images/5/5e/Junko_Enoshima_Illustration.png/revision/latest?cb=20170529225243

    Seems like a bit too much to program for an easter egg but just an idea.

    • It probably wouldn’t be to hard. Mind slaves are already in the game, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to tweak their animations.

  5. I can’t draw that great, so I might as well just tell my idea/s here and hope that someone will use this as a platform for their art submission:

    I see Megami sitting on a throne, with the rest of the Student Council members surrounding her. Kuroko is behind the throne, slightly looking away from the audience’s view, and her face seems darkened, like she ‘resents’ being near Megami *wink wink*. Shiromi is on her right, whispering secrets into her ear. Aoi on the left would be kissing her hand, but in a way that looks like she’s begging for something (compensation for her eye). Akane would be in front of her, with Megane’s legs on her back, suggesting that Akane is just a footstool, an item used for Megami’s comfort. The artpiece would be seen like how the night sky in Chinese legends would be seen, with the Student Council members in their designated areas, and the rumors are taken more seriously and is being shown in the picture.

    Basically Yan-chan is wearing an Augma, and the environment changes into a different texture pack. A recommended weapon would be a sword. (Ordinal Scale Mode)

  6. If someone would draw Ayano as Altair from Re:Creators, spawning swords around her to stab people and using a gun as a violin. She’s too OP, she needs an OP artist to draw her. I’d love to draw her if this isn’t my first time and my program is slowly installing right now.

  7. Lol… I doubt that I will be able to make CG renders of this easily, but i would say a fun easter egg would be… Putting a FNAF Springtrap costune on yandere chan… Then it’s special move would be Jumpscaring students to death if you sneak up on them, otherwise if you just run around in the open everyone including teachers shits brix and runs away scared.

  8. Would you be able to make a plush Instead of drawing a picture? I’d love to make a plush of the read haired one, she’s so cute!

  9. I have a really great idea for the art contest but I’m on holiday and won’t return until the 4th. Please extend deadline to February maybe because there’s no way I can enter by Jan 1st!

  10. Can we just send pictures to Yandere Dev through his e-mail ??
    Because I don’t have any way to put the drawing into my laptop
    because I don’t have a scanner.. :((

    • You can take pictures of your drawing then upload the picture on a site like tumblr, deviantart, imgur etc. Send him the link of the picture since he mentioned that he doesn’t wants the participants to send pictures as a file.

  11. Hi everyone, i’m here to propose a small idea..since this is the newest blog people will come here the most.

    A secret ending where yanderechan can report info-chan to the council, if the player chooses too, it has no real purpose, but it’d be fun to be possible, maybe it can be attached to something, im sure there’s more to info-chan then we see, so…

  12. does anyone know how to send the art to yandere dev? please reply to me if you know this is my 1st time doing this so i’m excited! (but srsly please reply on how to do it. it would help me thank you (^U^)

  13. YandereDev, Can you add Geiju Tsuka to the game and come to class 2-1 and sit on the fourth column in the first row and be an official Art Club leader? Can you add it to the first development build of 2018 please. Please keep it in the final game please.

  14. I haven´t been able to change the game´s resolution. The only option is 1366×768, but, with that, it goes too slow, just closing the game becomes a hell! With the old options I was able to play in peace, does anyone know how can I fix it?

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  16. I have idea for ester egg, but I can’t draw well. I really want to see Yandere-chan as Tsubaki from Servamp. She will have katana and when she attack someone the peals of kamelia will appear and where she go it will start to rain.

  17. Do you guys know if YanDev is responding to the emails with the submissions? He did last year, but I didn’t get a response this year and I’m worried I sent it to the wrong email….

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