July 23rd Bug-Fixing Build

I had a new build prepared yesterday, but I ran into some technical problems that prevented me from being able to uploaded it. So, today’s build is twice as big as usual!

To read a list of everything that is fixed in the latest build, scroll down past this gorgeous illustration by a talented artist from China named “Redall”!

Fixes and Changes

  • Previously, I had made the decision to disable button prompts if the player was being chased by someone. I’ve decided to reverse this decision; it is now possible for the player to use button prompts when being chased.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent Yandere-chan from picking up any objects that were dropped nearby Saki and Kokona while they were having their private rooftop conversation.
  • Adjusted Sakyu Basu’s lunchtime event so that the player doesn’t have the option to steal Sakyu’s ring if Sakyu is staring directly at her ring.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “turn off radio” and the “go to locker room” states to get mixed up if they happened at the same time.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to send a student to distract another student who was in the “Go Away” state.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to strike up a conversation with a student who was distracted by a radio.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to put a stolen ring into Kokona’s book bag.
  • Fixed bug that would cause two of Yandere-chan’s hairstyles to disappear at the Heartbroken screen.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to put contraband into Kokona’s book bag during classtime.
  • Fixed bug with the scrollbar on the Student Info screen.
  • Updated the game’s pathfinding plugin. This resolved the issue of students spinning in circles whenever they were given a new destination, and also resolved the issue of teachers sliding across the ground as though they were on ice.
  • Fixed an easter egg bug that would cause the player to become unable to perform a “Yandere Punch” after being shoved by a delinquent during a punch.
  • Fixed bug that prevented some characters from being able to exit the school environment once they had reached the sidewalk outside the school.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to make selections in the Student Info screen when inside of Yandere-chan’s home.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that would cause the Journalist’s tapes to only come out of one speaker instead of both speakers.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Pippi and Ryuto to get stock on the props outside of the computer lab when walking to class.
  • Fixed bug that would make a friendship bracelet appear on Yandere-chan’s wrist during the Befriend/Betray cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from being able to summon a male with the same hair ID as Osana’s hair ID.
  • Added a “Press the Y button to show or hide the delinquents” debug command to the debug menu.
  • Yandere-chan will now drop anything that is in her hands when she enters a hiding spot.

42 thoughts on “July 23rd Bug-Fixing Build

  1. At this rate it wont be long before there’s an Osana build. Or a build where the fake club leaders are replace by the real ones.

    I’m really happy Yan-Dev is doing so many new builds must mean he’s enjoying working on things again.

  2. im just waiting for YandereDev to stop updating like crazy with Unity 5 before I download the latest build… Amazing progress though

  3. I just go finished customizing the entire student body in the game, but i noticed 4 reserved spots down by the teachers. Are they for Muja Kina and Mida Rana the headmaster and the Councilor? I looked around the school at all the different classrooms besides the basic ones 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2. There are 8 more classrooms you need teachers for. Else you plan on using the 6 teacher to double up on teaching classes? I disregarded the Gym teacher, cause she can teach anything related to Gym (Swimming, etc.) But you’ll need a Home Ec. Teacher, else Amai will teach it? a Science teacher/ Bio teacher, else again the Science club leader will teach that >.> (They are pretty much the same you can use one teacher for that.) Workshop, Sociology, Calligraphy, Art, art club leader teacher it??, and lastly English. ( If you do add more teachers add a Foreign teacher to teach English (Since the game is based in Japan) ( Match make with Muja or Mida! ;3)! o-o You may need more slots in the students in the Json file. Cause if the students teach those classes. Thats kinda dumb. You might need to upgrade the Faculty room, like expanded it out ward. (Cause a school shaped like a giant cude with a hole in the middle isnt really realistic, schools over the years would be renovated, expanded, ect. so having it look like a cube, wont look right. Especially if school was around in the 80’s) Oh and you could also add a Old School Building. For a thing to do in the Occult Club, have rumors surrounding the old school building (Maybe turn that into the one from the 80’s and have the one you have now the present day building) You can use the old school building to have a means of getting Oka alone. when its her week to be eliminated. I have many other idea’s regarding the school and im curious about how things are gonna turn out! Sorry for such a long paragraph when i get hooked into something i loose track of time and just keep blabbing away xD
    Keep up the awesome work Yandere-Dev!

  4. Oh and btw, when i was messing around with the Json file, for some reason Osana spawned??? But she has no events or anything that comes with her she walks around and once as she get to the shoe changing thing, she uniform looses texture. Just patrols the halls xD

    {“ID”:”39″,”Name”:”Osana Fakejmi”,”Gender”:”0″,”Class”:”21″,”Seat”:”11″,”Club”:”2″,”Persona”:”7″,”Crush”:”1″,”BreastSize”:”1″,”Strength”:”1″,”Hairstyle”:”Kizana”,”Color”:”Kizana”,”Eyes”:”Kizana”,”Stockings”:”Kizana”,”Accessory”:”0″,”ScheduleTime”:”7_7_8_13_13.375_15.5_99″,”ScheduleDestination”:”Spawn_Locker_Patrol_Seat_Patrol_Seat_Patrol”,”ScheduleAction”:”Stand_Stand_Patrol_Sit_Patrol_Sit_Patrol”,”Info”:”Osana Najimi’s Imposter! Of course…dont mean we cant kill her. :3″},

    If anyone wants a Osana Fakejmi xD

  5. plz ;-; can anyone please lead me how to update yandere game pleaaaase ;-; im playing the 1rst june version and i dont know how to updaaate
    pleaaaase guys i need HELP !!

  6. this is what happen’ when u give a Unity 5 to YandereDev :))) I’m curious what he could do in a Unity 6 :)))

  7. With so many damn builds coming out as fast as The Flash on a Monster and cocaine, people aren’t even downloading the latest versions by this point. They’re just waiting for Osana/a BIG build to appear because what’s the point when a new build is just gonna come out 2 days later? xD

    • NOTE: I am in NO WAY complaining at all xD I’m really glad that Yan!Dev is once again regaining the title of “Fast-As-Shit Update Master” because Unity 5 works so well. Keep up the amazing work Yan!Dev =^,-,^= With the speed you’re going at, we’ll have more than one rival in the game before the end of the year xD

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