July 21st Bug-Fixing Build

If you read yesterday’s blog post, then you might get a feeling of deja vu when you see the words below!

The last build that I uploaded had a really unfortunate bug in it, so I’ve decided to upload a new build where the bug has been fixed Additionally, this new build also contains some miscellaneous bug fixes!

To see a list of everything that is fixed in the latest build, scroll down beneath this bloody, beautiful artwork by GrayScaleAndIllusory!

Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the gym teacher’s Student Info page to have incorrect information if she was killed and replaced by another teacher.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to ask Riku “Do you have a crush on Riku?” or ask Riku if he has a crush on a dead student.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to perform actions she shouldn’t be able to perform while being chased by a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that would cause certain club benefits to not be available after the day that the player had joined that club.
  • Fixed bug that would cause glitchy behavior from a teacher if she spotted a corpse while she was distracted by a radio.
  • Fixed bug that would allow a student to distract another student who had been splashed with water.
  • Fixed bug that would cause kidnapped victims to have the wrong length of stockings/socks.
  • Fixed bug that prevented the player from being able to save and view photographs.
  • Yandere-chan is now capable of opening doors while crouched.
  • Fixed graphical bugs on the Yanvania title screen.

44 thoughts on “July 21st Bug-Fixing Build

  1. Yandere Dev, if you have the time, please watch this animatic that I did with Yandere Simulator characters.. c: I’d be really grateful!

  2. this build has massive bugs… the biggest one is that if a teacher is after you, you cant open doors,weapons,talk etc!
    teachers lose there follow track aswell after awhile
    after poring water on kokona and destracting a student to her wil glitch her to not take her bath, having a phone call naked
    destracting a mindslave student wil brake the students follow path if you make them destract the mindslave.
    and im sure there are ALOT more bugs..

  3. YandereDev, remember that one Undertale Halloween Easter egg with Oka you posted last Halloween? Well, if it wouldn’t take to much time/work, and if you haven’t had this idea before, you could add it to the mini games in yandere chans room! Like where Yanvania is.

  4. When I’m in the bedroom and try to use the information about Kokona i can’t choose from the profiles (and yes I took her picture and listened to the phone call). The edging is always around Senpai’s pic and can’t be moved.

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