A Launcher Update and a Fan Video

(If you’re looking for my latest video, click here! If you’re looking for info on the latest build, click here!)

There was a bug in the game’s launcher that was preventing it from detecting when a new build had been uploaded. As of now, that pesky bug has finally been fixed! The new launcher is available for download here!

Additionally, the launcher has been updated with two new buttons to help facilitate better bug-reporting. Check out the top-right corner:

A lot of people were reporting launcher bugs to me – but I’m not the right person to send launcher bugs to. I didn’t program the launcher; someone else did! Now there is a button within the launcher itself for reporting launcher-related bugs to the appropriate person:

Now, hopefully, launcher bugs will go straight to the correct person.

I’d like to mention one last thing. Today, a young animator named Katarina Čipčić uploaded an anime-style trailer for Yandere Simulator! (Or, perhaps you could consider it a trailer for a hypothetical Yandere Sim anime!) I think she did a very impressive job, and I’d like to share it with you!

I think she did an excellent job creating the vibe of a trailer! In general, the mood and atmosphere of this trailer are very cool. I like it a lot!

I’m so happy to see Yandere Simulator inspiring people to create things like this! I hope that I’ll be able to share more awesome things like this with you in the future!

56 thoughts on “A Launcher Update and a Fan Video

  1. I’m so happy you noticed her hard work! You aren’t one of those guys who woul throw it in the trash 🙂
    Btw, she lives in my country (Croatia is da best ;)) so I am really proud of what she did! Croatians would describe themselves as lazy, but this is definitely NOT lazy! Good job Katarina!
    Oh, and keep up great work Yandere Dev!

  2. I wonder if Ms. Katarina was influenced by the opening for a horror anime called “Another.” This opening reminds me of a sequence in that series where students are talking about the class curse and images of the school pass by in the background. It’s very well done. (Also, a Yandere Sim anime would be insanely awesome).

  3. *watches a video of yandere simulator*
    *next day yanderedev makes a post about it*
    Why do i feel happy about this-

  4. Hi YandereDev. I Just Want to ask if yandere simulator will be the type of game where there is more cutscenes than gameplay, and that it is very authentic with facial expressions. I can envision yan sim like this because all other anime games I have played are much like that.

  5. Hey Yandere Dev!!! I was watching some Hatsune Miku because my friend thought I should, and one of the songs, ‘Romeo and Cinderalla’, Hatsune Miku had a hairstyle that looked like Kizana Sinobu’s hair, but with only one rose. Did u get her hair from there?

  6. Personally, I absolutely hate pay to play DLC. The whole idea of pay to play DLC has eliminated equality among the gaming community. It creates a hierarchy among gamers with regular people having the normal content and the rich kids with a lot of disposable income getting extra content that the rest of us don’t want to spend on when we can better spend it on other games. If you really want the extra revenue then prey on the spoiled rich kids by making it useless junk. Bravely Default handles DLC perfectly by making only something that lets you immediately use a game breaking ability that normally can only be used once every 8 hours.

    • I know that no one likes to pay for DLC but YanDev barely gets paid, and the only benefit of DLC is the content and not the price. If YandereDev adds DLC Rivals to debug builds (he won’t) he could profit. Maybe the Rivals could be cheaper rather than free because if it was free, it would be an update.

  7. mm the truth yandere dev esque I create folders with numbers and dates and when I open them there is a file that says error, and it is the one that does not let me play the game but I delete it and leave more and more and more and they do not let me enjoy The game properly.

    I do not know if it’s my computer or the game itself, for example:

    The bug folder is created after aver played a day on Monday, when I reset the day design, game locked or something like that I do not remember, but that did not happen to me before, well and look for how to solve my problem so as not to disturb you, but Seriously I search and I do not get results of my problem.

    After that, I changed the name and it did not work, I deleted it and it did not work.

    But if you are too busy I will not be so urgid @.
    Or if someone has passed and I solve it please tell me.

  8. The fandom for yandere sim is unreal l. We got Fan art game mods cosplay stage plays and now anime crazy 😁

  9. hello…thank u yanderedev for this amazing game
    but I really want to ask u a question and if anyone can answer it would be really nice to help
    I have the game on my lap but I don’t have any of the new characters like leader clubs and rivals like osana or amai amd others
    also a killing method on the rooftop its not available even If have the latest build !

  10. I love the idea of Midori and Kizana. I think Kizana would use Midori as like a helper/servant, a fake friend to her so she’d do whatever Kizana wants. Basically the cliche popular girl with fake friend servant, ynow?

  11. YOU MUST MAKE A YANDERE SIM ANIME!!!! lol jk… i know your busy enough. but seriously, i would watch it if there was.

  12. It would be cool if Midori had a task to ask for a phone charger so she can annoy YandereDev with suggestions, I dunno why this popped up in my head, just wanted to share.
    Maybe YanDev could be in the game himself and ask for a knife as a task to stab Midori when she annoys him. He could be in the computer lab or in one of the storage rooms.

  13. I’m rather annoyed: I don’t know whether to download the latest Launcher because my McAfee LiveSafe on my browser keeps bouncing up and warning me that the download for the launcher is of high risk.
    I’m downloading it from the Home page on this blog where the post told me to go, so I have no idea why my antivirus is having a fit. Is this normal? Should I just force it to download or leave it?

    • Game development in itself takes a lot of time. YandereDev is tasked with jobs meant for at least five people and has a heavy workload. Be patient.

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