The Origin of Midori Gurin

My newest video is ready! It’s another “in-between” video; a video to fill the space between “big” updates. Because my previous video received a positive reception, this video is similar – the origin story of one of Yandere Simulator’s most popular characters: Midori Gurin!

If you’re only interested in hearing about Osana progress, I have good news! The first minute of this video is all about Osana. Check it out!

I’m really psyched that I was able to make progress on Osana! I really hope that I’m able to keep up this momentum and make even more progress by the next scheduled update (June 15th). If there is a lot of interest in hearing more about Osana’s development, I can write a blog post detailing how much work has been done, what remains to be done, and why it isn’t going faster. But, if you think it would be better if I focus my time on writing code rather than writing blog posts, that’s perfectly understandable.

By the way – if you haven’t seen it yet, check out this Yandere Sim-themed performance by a Russian cosplay group, and this awesome Yandere Sim music video!

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

72 thoughts on “The Origin of Midori Gurin

  1. I would like a blog post about Osana. I’m so excited for her to come out. I’ve been following this game since the beginning and I’m amazed at how far it’s come, but I think a blog post would be good for people who haven’t been following as long as I have. They may be thinking that things have reached a standstill and, while I obviously know that’s not true, I can see some newer fans thinking that. Just an idea. Hi Yanderedev!

    • I think the science club leader is weird. He comes up with clones of Midori, that is a huge mistake. But he could help Yandere Chan in the future because he stalks Megami. He wants her dad’s company so he may kidnap her for science and you the player may help to get her out of the way. I am just so hyped!!! Its kinda like how the Occult club stalks the Basu sisters.

  2. True. Blogposts are good to keep people up to date. Glad to see things are moving at a good pace for you Yanderedev!
    I was checking the blog a few times like a half hour ago untill it was uploaded so I’m happy I got to see it up so early lol >w<

  3. I like Midori. She’s just a happy person.

    I kind of want to see her start a fight with Mai Waifu for YandereDev’s affections, though.

  4. Wrong kind of bug, Midori-chan! xP. All in all, a great video, can’t wait for Osana and the next updates and videos; keep up the awesome work Yandere-Dev, but remember to take care of yourself as well!! Thank you!

  5. Finna pull a Midori and give a suggestion; there should be a “Clumsy” character trait for specific type of characters; like people in the gaming club, while running away they trip (idk maybe because of staring at the computer from 7:15-8:00 in the morning, but the silver lining is that when they trip they throw their phones at you cancelling the time limit, and if you are chasing them, they throw the phone at you, but if you aren’t the time limit continues; but it’s probably impossible to implement that, and it sounds like I’m asking for too much so here’s a wasted comment.

  6. a blog post about Osana’s progress would be good and i now think that one of a DLC Midori’s events could be showing Senpai a bug she found… Great vid Devpai and good luck with development

  7. A blog about osana would be awesome but back to the question at hand. Why are 3 osana’s standing in the hallway. The look exactly how you present yandere chan killing that boy and musume taking the picture. We’re you trying to make that in the game. The were all in the t pose because they weren’t animating.

  8. Well, The origin of Midori being a parody of Churuya “Nyoron”-san it pretty obvious 🙂
    Here’s another one – watch “Chūnibyō demo Koi ga Shitai!” and then go visit the occult club 😉

  9. I really liked the retrospective on Midori, but naturally, I’m more psyched about the progress on Osana! I understand that implemending her takes a lot of work, but right now I’m hoping she’ll be finished before summer’s over:3

  10. On the DLC front: While I don’t like the idea of people thinking of DLC before the game even comes out but how about this: A DLC where yanderedev is a rival. The graphics would be the same as they were in the bug testing builds (As I assume the graphics will be nicer when the full game will come out). So yandere-chan would have to disrupt the game’s development probably using Midori so that no rival will even exist.

    • Wait a second…if Yan-chan disrupts Yan-dev’s work, then that would stop Yandere Simulator from being made. Which means Yan-chan wouldn’t exist. Which means she couldn’t disrupt Yan-dev’s work. Which means Yandere Simulator would be—why do I have a headache?

    • I am soo down for dlc’s it allows you to play the game longer and get stronger rivals im on board . top thing for me would be adding the april fools joke male rivals would buy Immediately! We could play as one of then trying to win Ayano heart from senpai. Whiles shes killing rivals weekly in the game intriguing right

  11. I can’t wait until the next update. 🤔 I honestly love the idea of taking a photo and posting it online,but wouldn’t they fall over because they are be looking where they are going? 🤔

    I think that they should lock themselves in a room and go to post it,making it harder for Yandere Chan to actually get them.I love the whole idea of it though.Keep up the good work Devpai ~❤️

    • THIS!! i def. think the person snapping the photo should try to run to a closest somewhere and the timer is only until they get to that closet ’cause once they’re there it’s over, the door’s locked you can’t get in

      (i posted this on reddit but i wanna mention it here too) in fact i think it’d be cool if there was someone on every floor who “patrolled” the floor with their cell phone out–musume would be on the first floor, game pres on the third, midori on the roof, and…someone else for the secound

      maybe someone who got rejected from the photography club for taking too many obsene pictures so that person wants to prove themselves are a “serious photographer” or maybe they’re the unofficial newspaper club! like they don’t have a club room or members, but they own a blog where they post all past, current, and future events of the school so in between classes they’re looking for people to interview and photograph

      anyway, picture this–the school atmostphere is way down, so the photography club patrols outside the school in addition to the four people patroling the /inside/ of the school; that’s nine or ten people patroling for suspicous behavior can you imagine just how difficult that game would be? and this is /before/ megami comes to school and installs all the cameras and metal detectors

      • Your intended murder of a rival could quickly turn into a genocide. I also think it would be cool if, once Yandere Chan has become very popular and has a high reputation, she has to secure an alibi for the murder. (Not 100% It would seem strange if a person said “Don’t bother me, I need to do something. Also, don’t go near me for around 30 minutes.”

        Maybe the more suspicious you are, the more intense the interrogation is. Your ability to lie or maintain your composure during an interrogation would be influenced by skills, sanity, etc:

        I also think it would be awesome if the police didn’t handle each case separately. After the first few murders, they would likely realize that they are dealing with a serial killer. And they would begin building a profile of the killer. For example;

        They could realize the killer is female and is a student, just based on shoe prints. (Keep in mind the school uniform.) This means that the interrogation of female students would become harsher and more difficult to lie your way through.

        If they find out that the killer is drowning students for example, the staff might tell people that they have to go to the washroom in pairs. Or if they are electrocuting people, the staff could tell people to avoid mysterious liquids and to, under no circumstances, step in them. (Yandere Dev said he wants to change how you electrocute someone, and the picture he used was exactly that. A student stepping in electrified water.)

        As well, based on the condition of the body, they might be able to figure out that the killer is right handed. And, they might be able to guess with fair accuracy how strong a person is. (A stab from a professional athlete wouldn’t look like a stab from a weak shut in.)

      • I like the idea of patrolling person on every floor. Especially after maybe 2 deaths in the school maybe some teachers have to stand outside there classroom at the start of in the morning and walk the halls during lunch

      • Plus this would link into what Devpai said before,about cowards running into a storage room and locking the door to call the police.So to me students on their phones should run into the storage rooms,so you woul have to break the locks before hand 🤔🤔🤔

  12. I like the idea of these fan-beloved characters inspiring new mechanics for them. It’s nice to see that kind of feedback. Hopefully things don’t get too bogged down, though…

  13. Minority would still be easy to kill though, maybe she could have a friend that also walks around the rooftop? I love the idea of students being able to take photos. You would have to plan out your murders carefully so that you wouldn’t end up with 5 victims, instead of your intended 1.

  14. I think the Rainbow Six should fight back after seeing another member of the Rainbow Six being murdered. They are friends after all, and they are all best friends with each other. Yui Rio, however, is evil. She probably wouldn’t fight back as she loves a good killing every now and then. Speaking of Yui, I think that if you ask Yui to follow you, then make her witness you commit murder often, she will make your reputation increase. She will begin to like you and eventually, she will become your best friend. At this point, you should be able to ask Yui to do something for you, and I don’t mean like following you or distracting other players etc, I mean… just possibly… taking pantie shots for you. You may be thinking “What the heck?! She will obviously respond to you saying no!” Well, first of all, she is your best friend. Second of all, she is evil, not a nice person.

    Now I would like to go back to the Rainbow Six:

    I think they should have more unique hairstyles, like I said earlier in the comment. I think Koharu should have a bit of a curl at the tip of her pigtails. Yui could have a longer right-side tail. Yuna could have… well… hair accessories? I mean, if Yuna can’t have a more unique hairstyle, she can at least have something detailed IN her hair, right?

    Thanks for reading my comment!

    PS: Thees are just opinions, not things I am demanding to be implemented.

  15. You could possibly have some other tasks to have in the game. Why you ask, well it could be for getting useful information on a rival or getting a special item you could use for the future.

    I have some ideas on who could do these tasks too. When you showed us the club leaders and I read their info I found out that you can use some of their information to do a task. For example, the gaming club leader is very anti social and he may be tired of being a misfit so to get more members and friends in his club you could teach him how to be more social. Another is that you could find out the mystery of the music club leader. Judging by the fact that she suddenly changed into a rock star you could try to find out why. Some other good ones could be for a possibly abused meme we of the occult club, art club leader, midori, mía wifu, yui, a basu sister, and maybe even a rival.


  16. Great video for best girl. Midori constantly breaking the fourth wall would be amazing. I still think she needs a love interest in the gaming club representing YandereDev himself. And she should totally gift him a ladybug phone strap or something like that. Pairing her up with YandereDev-senpai could be part of her elimination method if she’d ever be made into a DLC rival.

  17. I kind of felt a little sorry for Midori, but I did expect her to show a real bug to Yanderedev when he asked about reporting bugs. The camera thing is a good idea and with this, Midori can stay in the cast.
    I don’t know why, but I want at least one character to like Yandere-Chan (Senpai doesn’t count) romantically. He or she can be an obstacle in killing characters or maybe Yandere-Chan has to prevent Senpai from getting killed by Stalker-Kun at least once a week, while also trying to get rid of her love rival. This seems like a fanfic in the making…I better not write it for now, since I have so many stories to work on.
    Oh well, Yanderedev most likely won’t read this, since he is super busy. Even if he doesn’t read it, I can still give my thanks for the update. Yeah!

  18. Yandere-Dev, Yandere-Dev! What if when Kizana or enough Drama club members become suspicious about her safety, she switches appearances with Kocona and brings two other club members with her as body guards. It might take too much work, but it would punish the player and force them to come up with more creative ways to eliminate Kizana.

    • Nice i love the idea of body guards but maybe that would be better for more advaned rival like megumi and osoro

  19. I had an idea (no I won’t email Yandere dev)

    Kizana and Kokona could be twins, I think this would be beneficial because it would show that even though Kizana seems like a bitch on the outside, she has a soft side for those close to her. You could kidnap Kokona to blackmail Kizana too.

    Of course, this would make Kokona an obstacle. She would spend a lot of time with her sister and would be the most likely to witness her murder. I also think it would be cool if on one day of the week, they decided to swap they’re already similar hairstyles and try to be eachother for a day. (Of course, unless someone previously told you, you wouldn’t know what day this is)

    So every single day when you wish to eliminate Kizana, you have to make sure you aren’t accidentally killing Kokona. And, like the Basu sisters, she would confront you if she witnessed you killing Kokona. Except, I think she would have a much more… Violent… Reaction….

    This way they could co-exist and provide insight that might provide story/reasoning behind Kizana’s attitude

    I think that Kizana may have had some sort of trouble in her life. (If Kokona and Kizana are sisters, this could be her parent’s divorce and other betrayals she has experienced) Anyways, she would feel like she couldn’t trust anyone (except her sister, if that is what Yandere Dev does) and because of this controls the behaviour of others.

  20. I like the idea for phones but with everything that could instantly kill you or having to be monitored in the game, it feels like the difficulty has gone way up. It’s a bit concerning not knowing if you’d able to get past most of the obstacles. Even if you have spent most of the week working for that one moment it can easily be ruined by someone with headphones or a phone around. Especially if you are trying to see how your actions can effect different endings.

    At this point, every elimination needs explanation to know what to do and almost everything is becoming an obstacle you might not even notice at first. Like the sheer number of students each with different patterns. Will we have a way to keep track of them at all? Going around following everyone to figure out their pattern is hardly an option. You probably will not even remember a majority of those encountered.

    This is starting to become something I don’t see myself being able to play. Maybe it’s just me as I am not used to stealth gameplay. But it is worrying to have to wonder if you will be able to accomplish anything in the final product.

  21. Hey there wordpress users! I’ve been thinking (but I’m skeptical about talking to YandereDev) that the problem of making the players feel they are limited to a single location could be solved by making a VERY BIG school, I mean, similar to a campus, but still being a high school. I think it is pretty obvious, isn’t it? I hope YanDev is likely to do this

  22. This video reminds me about the photography club and their potential turn toward a much more dangerous investigative body when the school atmosphere dropped. I assume that’s down the line at the moment, but if you are looking for other subjects to make a video on for next month, an update with additional thoughts on their role and/or similar gameplay altering mechanics would be interesting.

  23. All these videos with all these ideas, but very little actual action/progress on the game itself. Every time I come here for an update YandereDev has a billion new ideas, but somehow still hasn’t finished the first boss (Osana).

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  25. I think it would be awesome if Midori became a playable character in Yandere Simulator. Instead of Yandere-Vision, her special power would be sending YandereDev a stupid email with just the press of a button.

  26. Personally, I absolutely hate pay to play DLC. The whole idea of pay to play DLC has eliminated equality among the gaming community. It creates a hierarchy among gamers with regular people having the normal content and the rich kids with a lot of disposable income getting extra content that the rest of us don’t want to spend on when we can better spend it on other games. If you really want the extra revenue then prey on the spoiled rich kids by making it useless junk. Bravely Default handles DLC perfectly by making only something that lets you immediately use a game breaking ability that normally can only be used once every 8 hours.

  27. I like the idea of Midori as a DLC rival- she’d be unkillable through normal methods due to her respawning ability, so players wouldn’t be able to use any lethal elimination methods and would have to get creative.

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