A note about blurry textures…and a bug-fixing build!

Hey! Does Yandere Simulator look super blurry when you play it?

That’s because you selected low-resolution textures when you launched the game!

Do you want Yandere Simulator’s textures to be crisp and clear?

Then, DO NOT choose low-resolution textures when you launch the game!

(I recommend playing with shadows disabled, because shadows currently make the game lag very badly!)

If you want to avoid blurry textures, then don’t choose anything with “Half Res” or “Quarter Res” or “Eighth Res” when you’re launching the game!!!

But, if the game frequently crashes for you, it’s because your computer is running out of memory…so if the game is crashing a lot, you’ll need to play at Half-res or Quarter-res textures.

On a completely unrelated note: I uploaded a new build today! To learn what’s new in the latest build, keep reading.

New Build

I added a debug command to the previous build so that I could test something with Yandere-chan’s character model by pressing the spacebar key. Unfortunately, I forgot to remove this debug command from the build before uploading it, and as a side-effect, a lot of people encountered strange bugs when they pressed the spacebar key. I wanted to fix this bug and upload a new build right away – but because it feels strange to upload a new build with just one single change, I decided to fix as many bugs as possible before uploading a new build.

To read a list of everything that is new or different in the latest build, scroll down beneath this beautiful artwork by SyrnIK!

This is such a beautiful interpretation of Yandere-chan and Megami Saikou! It’s like seeing a glimpse of what Yandere Simulator might look like if it was set in Norway in the 1840s…

Fixes, Changes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that would cause a character to freeze in place indefinitely if the player caused them to pose for a photograph, then turned away so that the camera wasn’t rendering them anymore.
  • The previous Hitman easter egg music has been replaced by a new track. It’s “Ave Maria”, a public-domain song. The vocals were actually provided by Yandere-chan’s voice actress!
  • Fixed bug that would affect the rotation of the special wearable object added to the game yesterday if the player crawled and then stood up while wearing the object.
  • Yandere-chan’s smartphone camera view now accurately depicts the currently level of School Atmosphere (desaturated colors).
  • Fixed bug that would cause the 34th student to have animation errors if that student was given a male gender.
  • Removed debug command that would cause Yandere-chan to turn invisible if the player pressed the spacebar key.
  • Teachers will no longer perform the “leaning left and right” animation when giving Yandere-chan a Game Over.
  • Fixed bug that would soft-lock the game if the player asked the 34th student for a task.
  • The camera can now zoom out further when wearing the special wearable object.
  • Updated one of Yandere-chan’s new hairstyles to have less clipping.

57 thoughts on “A note about blurry textures…and a bug-fixing build!

  1. Yan dev about student “34”… their pathfinding will break if their teleported to class or following you and being told to stop

  2. i’ve been playing yandere sim at the beautiful graphics quality for quite a while now and it runs at 30+ fps. the only issue i have is occasional crashes when i restart the day. but basically the shadows causing lag may be more of a computer issue than a game issue.

    or maybe my pc has magic powers… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. The Kizana in this build isn’t the same in the other one, there are no walk animations or task available And i think her hair is lighter.

    • I think I might know what the problem is…..
      You may be talking about Kokona but Kizana is 100% not in the game because even Osana the first rival isn’t. I mean Oka is but she’s a regular student and the nurse doesn’t react to anything. If you use a mod don’t pester Yandere Dev about it because he can’t do anything about it. Complain the the Mod creator.

      • Lol you add Kizana by editing the JSON file. She’s in the game, but it’s the same way as when Osana was added. It’s not the actual finished Kizana, calm down.

      • If Yandere Dev didn’t like it, then why did he leave it in the build released to the public, than keep the build she can be implemented into, for himself?

    • Maybe you could actually post some details of what exactly is wrong with it.
      If you’re talking about FPS, he’s well aware of it. If you’re talking about the visual quality of the game (graphics & texture details) read what he posted.

    • Sebastian, Yandere Dev can’t magically make the game better, ESPECIALLY if you provide no details of what’s wrong. If you hate the game ’cause it’s “Getting worse” stop complaining and just do something else.

      • Im not good with these type of things, besides, i play on mac. Any way to change the JSON files for mac?

      • Yes, you can change the JSON file on a mac. As a YandereMac player, I can help!
        Step 1: Go to Finder and right click or control click on the app
        Step 2: Select “View Package Contents”
        Step 3: Go to either Resources or MacOS, I forget.
        Step 4: You should see the StreamingAssets folder. This is where you will find “Students.JSON

        Hope it works for you! 🙂

  4. I’ve experienced this for a while now; whenever I restart the day, my game just starts lagging a lot. It drops to 9 frames! I am getting a 1080p 60fps graphics card soon to see if that makes a difference. If not, I will have to just get a new PC. If that also doesn’t change anything, then I suggest Yandere Dev tries to fix this issue if possible. Also, for all I know, it has only happened to me. I don’t know any other people who have experience this or discovered it. Please suggest ideas/reply to me if you have solution(s).

    • That happens very frequently with the walk into school. I’ve got come newish hardware and the game’s FPS plummets on that sction alone. High population is the source of your problems. Drop your graphics quality and see if that helps any.

  5. Yandere dev there is a command/mod (IDK which it is)but it makes midori have a route which she walks and walks…

    • Read what you posted.
      It’s a mod. Don’t cite mods to complain. Complain to whoever made the mod – which will never happen as you can’t remember who it was.
      In the even you’re just stating things, it doesn’t help matters at all.

  6. Hey Guys, I have a few questions about the current debug built. There are some things that don´t work (at least on my computer) and I want to know if this is a bug, my computer isn´t working right or I missed something in the game….
    For example Kokona doesn´t have her mobil phone conversation on Monday 7:45, she never has (since the last update). Was this removed or do I now have to manipulate her or something? I mean this is really a pity, because now I can´t gossip about her on the Internet(the Shisuta Town thing…). In previous builts, when she had the morninge conversation and I tried to crush her, the bucket missed her and nothing happend…!?
    Also I can´t really poison her. I mean when I increased my Chemistry stat (Gaming or Lessons) and put the poison in her bento, she still “died” BUT: I couldn´t drag/pick up her corpse, no one reacted to it and on the next day she appeared again, just like nothing happened! And she is “watching” Senpai but at that moment he is on the rooftop!
    What´s wrong? What did I miss?
    Anyway, thanks for reading and a BIG THANK YOU if someone could help me.

    • – About Kokona’s phone call… I didn’t know!! I might check it by myself later.
      – About Kokona’s Wednesday, if you poisoned her bento, she will choking and “died”. But, if you put on Yandere Vision, she would highlighted as a “still live student”!. That means it just a fake dead (AKA she still alive, but just stay in place until day ends). If you’re holding a weapon, you still can stab her as a normal NPC!.
      – About Senpai, since Devpai test Osana with her events with Senpai, he’ll be on the rooftop. You could watch some of his videos. You might understood. And Kokona again, I think it’s too complicated and annoying to change her routine. She’s just a “test rival”. That means her events are just placeholder unti\ Osana is in game.

      • Thanks for your answer 🙂 Please tell me about the phone call thing if you checked it.

    • I’ve just check it out. I realize that she doesn’t take a phone call now in the latest build. Here are some of my thinks about that:
      – It’s the progress of Devpai. I think he’s trying to make Kokona becomes a regular NPC.
      – Maybe just simply that he tested Kokona for something but forgot to add the phone call back to her routine in the JSON files.
      And about the dump bucket, did you use the “1” key or the “Dump” option? And BTW, I don’t have the old builds anymore…

  7. Yandere dev, I know that you don’t usually read comments like this but if you are reading this, I think you should add a note on mission mode that says:
    Mission mode is not part of the canon timeline of yandere simulator. Don’t expect everything to be similar to the final game.

    The reason I want you to do this is because that first timers might click on this mode and judge the entire game based on the mission mode. Which would be unhealthy for Yandere Simulator because it might lead to people thinking that this game is a Hitman ripoff. Could you pls add this?

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