March 28th Bug-Fixing Build

The last build had some unpleasant bugs in it, so I’ve decided to roll out another one. Scroll down beneath this somber-yet-beautiful artwork by leylenmonster to see a list of everything that is fixed or different in the new build!

Additions, Changes, and Fixes

  • It is now possible to change the portrait of Yandere-chan that appears in the Stats screen. Navigate to the StreamingAssets folder, open the text file named CustomPortraits.txt, change “0” to “1”, save the file, and then replace CustomPortrait.png (also located in the StreamingAssets folder) with any image you’d like.
  • Fixed the bugs that were preventing custom eyes and custom stockings from working…again. I swear that this time it’s actually working! I’m sorry that it took me multiple tries to fix this problem. 😦
  • Fixed bug that would cause the player to fail any Mission Mode mission if they attempted to leave via the “Go Home” portal rather than the “End Mission” portal.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Yandere-chan to emerge from a changing booth nude instead of wearing her school uniform.
  • Fixed bug that allowed the player to make a panty-hiding shadow appear on a character who was not wearing a skirt.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the panty-hiding shadow to appear on female characters who were wearing club uniforms.
  • Changed one line of text in Budo’s profile. This change is actually related to Osana. Have fun theorizing how!
  • Fixed bug that made some classrooms not have a little wooden platform for teachers to stand on.
  • Fixed bug that was causing houses to appear in the laptop girl’s video feed.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing Nemesis from being able to kill Yandere-chan.
  • Added a backdrop behind the neighborhood in front of the school.
  • Fixed a typo in the credits.

124 thoughts on “March 28th Bug-Fixing Build

    • ‘defeating the club’s previous leader, who resigned after being beaten by “her” own pupil. There are rumors that the reason why Budo dedicated himself to martial arts is because he developed powerful romantic feelings for the club’s previous leader, and desperately wanted to impress “her”.’ Okay, so maybe the possibility of Osana being the former club leader is 25-75.

    • I know right?! It doesn’t make sense if Osana’s incapable of self-defense even THOUGH she was the Martial Arts leader. I think it is her sister, who is the “previous Martial Arts leader”. I mean it would make a little more sense.

    this is just my theory
    I think Osana’s sister (rival-chan) is the former club leader, and also the “extra obstacle” that makes osana harder to kill (mentioned in an old video).
    it would allow rival-chan to remain a near-invincible character haha, if she was the former martial arts leader

  2. Just going to be honest.
    I don’t think Osana is the previous Martial Arts leader, because it wouldn’t make sense.
    If she was, she would be capable of self defense, which she is NOT.
    However as YandereDev said, the line IS connected to Osana, and I think I know how.
    You remember “Osana’s house” right? And the mysterious room called “Sister’s room”?
    Well, and do you remember when YandereDev showed that picture where Yan-chan was about to kill Osana but there was a female student behind her ( most likely about to stop her)?
    Also YandereDev mentioned ‘ Something is going to make it harder to elliminate Osana’ but he didn’t mention what.
    I, believe the “something” is Osana’s sister.
    How is Budo releated to this? Well…
    I think the previous leader of the Martial Arts, was…. OSANA’S SISTER.
    It would make sense, because -IT IS releated to Osana, because IT IS OSANA’S SISTER afterall. It WOULD make it harder elliminating Osana, because if her sister was the previous Martial Arts leader then she must be capable of self-defense, SO SHE WOULD PROTECT HER SISTER.
    I don’t know how the whole “Budo x X/Y” fits into this, but I mean…
    REMEMBER, this is just a theory! I am NOT saying this is ” 100% true” , because IT MIGHT BE NOT.
    I just thought this out , because the whole “Osana is the previous Martial Arts leader” doesn’t make sense to me.
    However you are free to think whatever you want to and…. Have a good day I guess.

  3. So…that is my theory on this whole BudoXOsana:

    I don’t think Budo is in love with Osana, since that wouldn’t fit her character.

    1) she ALWAYS stays by Taro’s side since they are childhood friends so I really doubt that she joined the MA club because she maybe wanted to join the same club as Taro but since Taro didn’t join a club she didn’t as well

    2) if she was the former leader of the MA club her defense would be as strong as Budo’s

    3) I believe that Osoro was the former MA leader because that would explain some things for example:
    – why she is the strongest of all students
    – her bandages (maybe they are some former injuries from the MA club)
    – her scar (maybe Budo injured her somehow?)
    – her way of thinking (after she got beaten by Budo she left the club and maybe she was angry that she actually lost and got into a more dangerous fight which got her expelled. And during her time of being expelled she kinda mutated to a delinquent)

    And my last reason:

    4) YandereDev himself got asked by some of the fans if Budo and Osoro have a relationship which got answered that he won’t tell us and that we should wait and get surprised!

    I don’t really ship OsanaXBudo and if they ACTUALLY love each other I won’t matchmake them xD
    OsoroXBudo 4 life

  4. Every time you post a video about Osaka the rivals or different stuff in the game I always get excited!!!! Your hard work is Marvellous Keep Up The Good Work!!!

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