An interview and a new Bug-Fixing Build

I’ve got two things to mention today!

The first bit of news I’d like to share is that I’ve been interviewed by Bijuu Mike, a YouTuber who enjoys Yandere Simulator. The interview ran for over 40 minutes! We covered a wide range of topics, from the origin of Yandere Simulator, to my history before working on Yandere Sim, to my plans for the future once Yandere Simulator is complete – and much more!

You can check out the interview below:

The next thing that I’d like to mention today is that I’ve prepared a new build to fix some of the bugs present in the previous build. You can find a full list of all the changes below:

Fixes, Additions, and Changes

  • Fixed bug that made it possible to interrupt a student’s “waiting to meet Yandere-chan” protocol by asking another student to perform the “Distract” favor on the waiting student.
  • Added a new debug object to the Light Music Clubroom that allows me to test out an upcoming feature. It’s too soon to explain this feature. Hopefully, you’ll find out soon.
  • Removed some art assets from the game that were only meant to be temporary placeholders. (This time, it was the neighborhood outside of the school.)
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to use the “Push” and “Offer Help” commands on Kokona after splashing her with liquid.
  • Fixed bug that was preventing sound effects to come from the two fountains on opposite sides of the school.
  • Fixed bug that made Sakyu Basu’s ring appear on Yandere-chan’s hand during the Befriend/Betray cutscene.
  • Fixed bug that made Senpai’s eyes appear white at the beginning of the Senpai customization sequence.
  • Fixed bug that was disabling the “Custom Stockings” feature described in my previous blog post.
  • Fixed bug that was disabling the “Custom Eyes” feature described in my previous blog post.
  • Implemented new walking animations for Yandere-chan and female students.
  • Adjusted Yandere-kun’s hair so that it’s not so flat against his head.
  • Replaced the railing on the school rooftop with far superior models.
  • Fixed bug that made one of Senpai’s facial hair models invisible.
  • Implemented a new running animation for Yandere-chan.
  • Implemented a new walking animation for males.

65 thoughts on “An interview and a new Bug-Fixing Build

  1. I loved the interview. We saw a whole new side of you YanDev! It was awesome and funny and it gave us so much insight into Yandere Simulator. Thanks so much!

    • I think he answered this awhile back and said something like it would be cool but would have to wait till everything else was finished. Don’t quote me on this

  2. To be honest, the new walk animations for female students & male students are fantastic. Now, they don’t look like they’re walking without breathing in & out. 😀

  3. I actually like the new walking and running animation. It’s got more movement to it. Mmmmmm, I don’t know if you’ll answer this maybe someone else will but will the rivals have different reputations? Like Osoro’s reputation would be low and Megami’s reputation would be high? Trying to figure out if it would be hard to expel Megami. (Really exicted for Megami. She seems really interesting :D)

  4. what a luck to see yanderedev and leaurn his story.

    actually I’m having the same deal as him in the begining.
    I’m creating a game with yanderedev’s methode (realeasing an update at least once a month) and it is quite hard because of school moreover it’s more a hobby than a real job for me. (I prefer having a good base first). so the developpment is slow and not far enough to be really intresting. and sometime, I’dd like to work more on it to work on intresting stuff sooner. but priority first …

  5. i wanted yanderedev to notice this art by dancerquartz because I think its a good idea even though mission mode takes place in a seprate timeline as the game. so yeah I’m posting it again. i hope he reads comments more than once

  6. Hey guys. Sorry I’m a bit late for the blog-posting. I just have theories to get off my chest. Specifically, about the thing that makes Osana harder to kill, and why Osana is taking so long. In Osana Progress report part 1 or 2, I can’t remember, YandereDev mentions something that makes Osana harder to kill. I think that it is a friend, probably female, based on the uniform of the girl that grabs Yandere-chan’s arm in the picture. I think it’s a martial artist, or maybe even a delinquent, or just a regular friend who will attack if you kill Osana. Also, in an earlier video, he said that there are voice lines for a new female character. Side note: I think all the rivals should have a “right hand man” (except the teacher and nurse) that sticks with them almost always and attacks you if you kill the rival in front of them. Oh, also, the subtitles on Osana’s phone call say that she is being blackmailed. Maybe she has a delinquent friend who is mixed up in a gang, Osana tried to interfere, and Osana is now being blackmailed because of it. Why Osana is taking so long is because he has to make a whole new environment, Osana’s house. He implied that Osana’s parents would make an appearance. Maybe you have to break into her house, and sneak around to avoid her parents. If they catch you, it’s game over. Also, the animation he was doing in his recent video looked like someone was climbing a decorative wall-thing to break into someone’s house. Ok, theorizing over. Please reply with your thoughts, I just wanted to get that off my chest.

    • I agree for the strong friend of osana and the climbing animation (in a previous video, we saw a pseudo plan and an open window was set). However, I’m not sure it’s Osana’s house.

      in fact, I thinf all depends of what type of elimination is this specific method:
      -is it an hostil method where we kill Osana in the new environment?
      -is it a nasty methode (like expel, reject and bully without suicide) where we have to make something in the new environment to prevent her to confess her love to Senpai?
      -is it a friendly methode where we have to make a mission for Osana and help her with her problems?

      because there is actually only one friendly ellimination method (befriending) and because the kind of method has a lot of importance for each ended, it will probably be the third option. But in that case, I don’t see why yandere chan would enter like a thief in Osana’s house if she wants to help her. It should be somewhere else. For example, if kokona had a specific method, we could maybe have infiltrated Ronshaku Loan and get some files that would sink the corporation if Mr Ronshaku don’t stop his shit … or we could have killed Mr Ronshaku.

      In that case, why not the house of the bullyer (if it’s a bullyer)?
      -we learn the truth about Osana’s problem. (like the discusion on the rooftop about the loan sharks with kokona)
      -then we have the choice, befriending her by capturing the syster of the target, or by stopping the target in her own hous by killing them or by finding something that will persuade them to let the rivale alone. (like “onchaku Loan infiltration)
      -once that’s done, you can tell Osana everything is over and ask her to stop following Senpay. (probably a cinematic other than befriending)

      that’s only theoric, but it’s how I see the specific method

    • I think the person who makes her harder to kill is her sister. In one video where he show’s the layout of Osana’s house, there is a room that is labeled ‘sister’s room’. I mean, why else would he give her a sister? And also, the wall animation is most definitely breaking into Osana’s house. On the volunteer sheet it says that one of the rival’s elimination methods involves breaking into her house.

  7. So you know how you will be able to make Senpai into a female (in future updates) but like, shouldn’t you be able to make the Rivals into Males as well, >.> someone should draw all the Rivals as males. For example Osana Like have a orange haired guy, and for like his identity as a rival (Or what ever you want to call it) have like a tie, that is orange with dots. I would draw them myself, but they wont look as good as Guillermo Varela Iglesias drawings as the original artist. But if someone has already done this send me a link to it. i wanna see!

  8. nice the mirror. I had a lot of fun with it.
    However, we can see that yandere chan has some emotions … how curious. perhaps it’s just comedy.

    the first think I thaught by seeing it was : “could yan-chan have these emotions (for true) by playing a certain way ?”
    In other word, if we chose to kill a lot of students, could we have the angree personna?
    if we chose to become a nice person (nor killing nor kidnap anybody), could we have the dere dere personna … or maybe the heroic?

    or maybe these personna will represent the mood of yan shan durring a moment (she has no emotion I know. but according to me, with a mother who only have a heart for her “love” and a father whose daughter is the one of the monster who killed your girfriend, maybe Ayano just hadn’t the luck of having love from her parents so maybe she will learn to feel emotions this year)

    another possibility is the that these emotions are fakes yan-chan use to bluff with other students.

    anyway, I’m curious to know how it will be usefull.
    yanderedev, this work is just awesome

  9. ♥♥♥♥♥♥DEAR,DEAR YandereDev.I really don’t like the new walking animation.It’s probably because I’m sensitive to change,and I would really like it if you change it back to the way it was.I love the game and I enjoy playing it.But from now on can you make a poll if you want to make big changes on characters ? Please and THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. I hope we get to see Dev’s other game ideas after YanSim is complete, the one about the girl trapped in hell sounded great 👍🏻 I instantly got an image of those sand dwellers from Fable 3 for some reason.

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