March 18th Bug-Fixing Build

If you’re looking for the latest progress update video, click here!

The latest build had a few bugs in it that were really bothering me, so I couldn’t resist uploading a new build to address the issues.

Scroll down beneath this beautiful illustration by padfootlet to see a list of everything that is new in the latest build!

This update contains some changes that were made purely to benefit people who enjoy modding the game. I’ll describe those changes below. This is going to get a bit technical; you might not understand (or care) unless you are familiar with editing the game’s files.

Technical Stuff for Modders

Currently, the game cannot generate portraits for randomly-generated students. The only students that can be randomly generated are the students past Student #33. I instructed the game to not load any student portraits past Student #33, since their portrait would be inaccurate.

However, some modders enjoy putting new characters into the game, using the empty slots that exist past Student #33. Because the game is deliberately scripted to not load portraits for any students past Student #33, this negatively impacts the experience of modding custom students into the game.

I’ve added a file called “CustomPortraits.txt” to the “StreamingAssets” folder. This text file contains a single number: 0. If you change “0” to “1”, then the game will load portraits past Student #33. I hope that this will be helpful for people modding the game.

In addition to that, there is also another change that will be beneficial for anyone who enjoys modding Yandere Simulator to change the characters’ appearances. Previously, student hair color and eye color were linked; there was no way to spawn a student with different-colored eyes and hair. I have added a new column to the JSON file so that it is now possible for modders to spawn students with different hair and eye colors. (It is still not yet possible to choose exact RGB values, though. Sorry about that!)

In a previous update, I said that I had created a file called “CustomStockings.png” that could be edited to give a female character custom stockings. Unfortunately, I forgot to actually add the file to the StreamingAssets folder so that people could access and modify it. Sorry about that! The file has been added to the StreamingAssets folder in this latest build.

Okay! Now that the technical stuff is out of the way, I’ll move on to summarizing the rest of the changes made in this build:

Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Fixed bug that would cause the game’s “prevent the player from peeking at unfinished Osana assets” countermeasures to activate outside of the proper circumstances.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Nemesis to have Saki’s hair and a martial arts bandana on her head at all times. This time, the bug should be fixed for good, and shouldn’t come back.
  • It is now possible to customize a mission in Mission Mode so that Nemesis can be killed while she is wearing a disguise.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the low-atmosphere loading screen to appear during high school atmosphere.
  • Lightened up all characters’ eye textures so that their eyes are a bit brighter and more vibrant.
  • Fixed bug that was causing students’ legs to turn white in Yandere-chan’s basement.
  • Made minor modifications to the Nemesis-chan icons in the Mission Mode menu.
  • Changed the sound effects of the rooftop air ventilation machines.

66 thoughts on “March 18th Bug-Fixing Build

  1. NO! You made it WORSE! MY MOD doesn’t work anymore! Why Fun – girl! It won’t work until you remove Fun Girl!

  2. Yes! You can finally kill the disguised nemesis! I was hoping that would be implemented someday. I cant wait to playtest the new build… i have to wait until Monday when i have access to a computer…

  3. I noticed the ventilation fans in the previous build. I love all the warning signs on it. The first one I saw was “serious injury may occur” and nearly wet myself laughing! Nice one!

  4. Bug 1 : Every time I try to use the custom stockings that I created / edited in pose mode it shows up as grey stockings.

    Bug 2 : when I try to use the custom stockings in the JSON file fun girl popes up when I open the game, she says the osana thingy, and i didn’t even edit osana’s name.

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  5. Omfg

    On the yan Sim fanon wiki I posted a thread about how we could give each girl custom stockings, different eye colours and shit like that


  6. Literally the different eyes and the custom stockings i made do not show up. And on senpai, even when starting a new game and changing his eyes to a different color they always change to the same color as his hair.

  7. Is anyone having trouble with the eyes? I double and triple checked to make sure I put a different eye color from the hair, but the eyes are still the same color as the hair.

    I tried adding a character that has brown hair and green eyes. His hair and eyes are both brown.

  8. two things. 1.) When i give a student custom stockings it does not give me the stockings i made its the color of the template. 2.) the same this with the eyes it is still linked to the hair color

  9. yanderedev i understand that it may be hard or take much time but can you add a gun to the game
    for ex we can shoot one of the rivals from roof like snipers

  10. I tried to mod using the ID’s past 33 in the JSON files, and even though I didn’t even touch Osana, no matter what I do, the Fun Girl is there. This happens every time I try to mod the JSON since Fun Girl was added and it’s so frustrating.. help please aaaah

  11. Switching/mixing and matching different hair to eye colors still don’t work. I tried making a girl have Shima Shita’s hair+yellow color along with Sora Sosuke’s cyan eyes, and she ended up still having the yellow eyes linked to the yellow hair color.

  12. Do you guys know if there’s any way semi-easy way to remove Yandere-kun’s hair so that it doesn’t overlap with other hairstyles? It’s not necessarily a big deal since he’s still majorly experimental, but it would be pleasant to know if possible.

  13. very neat but the latest build removed yandere-kun and there is no ventilation sounds or a ventilation system on the roof as it says in the notes. on a sidenote i know this isn’t a legit thing at least not yet but now even cyborg mode isn’t badass anymore as senpai and others notice your armed,teachers can outbeat a cyborg and cyborg-chan doesn’t really act like a cool cyborg anymore and swing the sword like crazy because that was a VERY cool animation,very well done,i don’t know why you removed that animation for cyborg-chan. also nemesis-chan still can’t be killed at all as you have written in the notes in THE latest build,other than that your doing great Yandere-dev! stay determined. (;OдO)

  14. Thank you so much Very interesting and applicable. The one point I really like is the one about infographics. You produce one infographic and get plenty links from it but also traffic. I am yet to find some example of highly successful infographics, but I used this method a number of times for my blog– I hope you’ll continue with providing us with great posts like this. Thanks again Neil.

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