March Progress Report

Here’s a progress report on some things that have been happening lately, and a few previews of cool stuff that you can expect to see in the near future!

This is one of those videos that doesn’t really need much of a blog post to go along with it, since the video itself is fairly self-explanatory. With that said, I do have one thing to ask you:

Should I implement the maid cafe minigame now, or should I implement it after Osana is finished? Please vote on the poll below:

89 thoughts on “March Progress Report

  1. Oh Yandere-Dev, I feel like you’re spoiling us with all these teasers for surprises<3 If your new schedule is still too much, please take some more time off, your health and well-being is the top priority here:3 I am honestly super excited for Osana, but I know every minute is worth the weight, and I think you're doing a great job!

  2. Well, i think i figured out what’s the suprise, so before reading this: SPOILER ALERT!!!

    In on the volunteer page YandereDev shared a link, what he needs to implement to the game. >
    In the video i’m sure that animation was how will Yandere-chan sneak in.
    So as you can read, the suprise will be that you can inflitrate into Osana’s house. In the document the priority of this is high, so i’m almost 100% sure that’s it. If you’re wondering how the house will look like here’s a few pic from it. >

    Thanks for reading ^^ -Sorry for grammar, i’m Hungarian ><

  3. oh for fuck’s sake… forget the maid cafe, and finish Osana. The only reason she’s taking so long is that you keep implementing fun new ideas. When you have a cool idea like a cafe, write it down so that you can come back to it LATER. If you put in quick and easy minigames, people will lose interest and there’ll be no point finishing Yan Sim.

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