Why is Yandere Simulator’s development taking so long? Part 2

This is the follow-up video to the video that was uploaded yesterday. Yesterday’s video focused on the problems that are impeding development. Today’s video proposes several potential solutions.

After watching the video, please take the time to vote on these two polls:

Out of all of the solutions that I proposed in the video, which one would you prefer? http://poal.me/2yoaiq

Are you a “Chill Fan” or a “Heated Fan”? http://poal.me/38o6vh

233 thoughts on “Why is Yandere Simulator’s development taking so long? Part 2

    • well… that hairstyle disappeared because Yandere Dev was thinking that that hairstyle is not for yandere-chan, beacause that hair style was copyright from an anime. (I don´t remember about that anime..sorry :C) PS: sorry for my English.Im in Mexico but Im American.. heh.. (I speak more Spanish than Enlish.)

    • Here is what I think about each option:

      Continue As Planned:
      For me this is the best option and the one I voted for. No one expects you to kill yourself Yandere Dev, and certainly no one wants you to be unhappy and give up on your life just so you can work on Yandere Simulator. Instead of putting in 12 hours a day on the game you should schedule yourself and treat the game as a regular 9-5 job (7-8 hours of work, 1 hour break for lunch, 2-3 weeks off for vacations, weekends off), assign a task for each day (on mondays I’ll work on the code, on tuesdays I’ll catch up on the volunteers… etc.) and take your life back. As long as you keep us updated on how everything is going and update regularly (even if it isn’t bimonthly) we wont lose interest in the game. Take your life back Yandere Dev.

      Launch Crowdfunding early:
      Not a good idea as we really want Osana and have been waiting for her for quite a while; plus you can get twice the support and money on the crowdfunding campaign if people have a demo to entertain themselves with and back you up. You can attract more fans, besides its just more professional to release the demo before.

      Working With A Company:
      This is the second best option, Yandere Simulator would get the professional treatment it deserves, the problem with this option is that you’d lose creative control and probably would be forced to change a lot of things and concepts and we don’t really want that. If you find a company that gives you full creative control then you should probably take it as long as you agree on how the profits of the game would be managed. Surely they would take quite a bite but I think its a small price to pay to take Yandere Simulator to its full potential, and who knows, maybe with a company Yandere Simulator would get to a bunch of people it wouldn’t have otherwise.

      Make it a hobby:
      No. This is the worst option. While most of your fans are the chilling type (including myself) going for this route would only make you lose fans as people would eventually lose interest in the game and I know you don’t want that (you said so yourself). You don’t need to do this to take your life back and care for yourself, as I said, there’s always the option of treating Yandere Simulator as a 9-5 job, you don’t need to kill yourself and the fans don’t expect or want you too. Have your weekends off, do whatever you want after 5pm, enjoy vacations, heck, even if you’re just feeling lazy one day then take it off. Of course you’d need to be strict with yourself and stop feeling guilty when you’re not working on it.

      This is just and opinion, and you should do whatever you feel is best for both yourself and the game. I hope you make a video where you let us know of your decision.

  1. Let me go through each option and show the problems with them I have, and how you can make it better:

    Continue As Planned:
    Yandere-Dev, you’re killing yourself! The poal currently shows a 95% chill fanbase. Imagine cutting back your time working on the game to simply 10 hours a day. You may lose 14 hours a week that way, but you would NOT lose 14 hours of productivity. Productivity per hour decreases the more hours you work on it within the same timeframe.You might perhaps lose only 10, or even as low as 5 hours of productivity at your current speed, though the latter is an extreme example, though, but as the amount of loss would likely vary each week.I cannot speak for the entire fanbase, clearly, but I personally would not mind if you went an update without actually giving us a new build, as long as you took the time to tell us what has been going on in the development of the game

    Launch Crowdfunding early:
    I do not recommend this, as it would hurt your funding to not be able to have Osana in the game. An alternative would be to have an “Osana-light” in the game, which is essentially a half-implemented Osana, but that missing half being options to get rid of her, or similar. But you have expressed problems with this before. I don’t really have much to say about this option.

    Working With A Company:
    This is the option I support the most, in theory. But my personal opinion is that you need to find a company who gives you full creative control and full ownership. Unfortunately, the cost of this is likely a large margin of profit. The only other option is to find a company that would see gains simply by being associated with you, which would mean a small company. This small company may work faster than you, but it likely would not be as dramatic a shift as you are hoping. Since this is not my choice, I cannot rate which of these values I feel you should focus on or provide guidelines for your sell. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

    Make it a hobby:
    Obviously, this is the worst option to anyone that doesn’t care about your personal health. However, this can also be an extremely bad move. Even chill fans will eventually move on if you neglect the game too much. However, an alternative is to simply not make it your main job. Instead, you could just notify the community, alter your crowdfunding with the relevant warnings, and go about your life. Those who were left donating would be aware they were funding Yandere-Dev, not Yandere Simulator. Perhaps this funding would be enough to not take a full-time job. Perhaps this option would ultimately work similarly to the first as I outlined above, but with less obligation on your side.

    • Except he is using the 95% of chill fans argument to stream 4 hours a day on Twitch. I’m not saying he shouldn’t play games, but 4 hours is a bit too much. Those are 28 hours a week, which can be considered a part-time job. Also I do think he overestimates the time working on the game. Probably he works closer to 10-12 hours, which is a lot yes, but if he is going to game for 4 hours daily from noon to 4 am and then complain from the lack of sleep, makes the point invalid.

    • I do agree with Continue as planned on what you said. You are so correct.

      On Launch Crowdfunding: That, I also agree with.

      Working With a company: I disagree with this one, because Working With A Company might just ruin how he function his own game. While on the other hand, he can take breaks and let the company work while he is taking those breaks. 40% disagree, and 60% agree.

      Making it a hobby means that he will barley update and loose what he called “Hype.” So I think I agree what you have stated.

      Overall, I think working with a company might work better than everything else.

    • I have to agree with you but from my own personal experience as an indie game developer, working with a company can sometimes be the wrong option. Even if Yandere Dev finds a company that is willing to still give him full ownership (not as likely as what others think), it is most likely they will still want to change the game in different ways (game mechanics, overall design, etc.) which is what Alex is worried about. In my opinion, He should just focus on Osana now and then start the campaign, as well as having a break away from coding the game.

    • Yan dev, I don’t think downgrading yandere simulator to a hobby would be a good idea.

      But at the same time, working 24/7 isn’t a good idea either. Try working normal hours.

  2. Can someone tell me why the Launcher cant connect with the Server? I can download the Launcher a few times, its still like this that I need to download the complete game because the launcher doesnt updating..(sry for my bad english)

  3. I consider myself a chill fan and I am happy with a slow but progressive development but I would not be happy at all with the “downgrade to a hobby” option. maybe the best solution for yandere dev is to continue the method that has been in use these past 3 years but make a slight change. Osana is not the only major aspect yet to be implemented. (though she is THE most major) some aspects other than Osana yet to be implemented fully are the delinquent’s schedule, behavior ect./possible delinquent club and the full functionality of the guidance counselor to punish yandere-chan properly for misbehavior. In an earlier video Yandere Dev himself said that he doesn’t mind what order things are implemented as long as it gets done. I think the best thing Yandere Dev should do is plan at least x amount of days for coding each week and x amount of days for working with everything else or use an hourly breakdown in a similar manor. I’m no game developer but to me the main issue sounds like time management. what do you guys think of this?

    • Yes I totally agree with what you’re saying. I cannot code at all and I think that yandere dev should take a break from Osana every now and again and focus on other major or minor things that he mentioned long ago but never had the chance to upload them. I am a chilled fan and I would support him in any way possible. Honestly this game is driving yandere dev towards depression and even to the extreme of suicide if he doesn’t take a break soon!! He’s definitely got anxiety because he doesn’t want to make his fans disappointed which is why he’s stressed over trying to work 14 hours a day! 14 HOURS A DAY?! I mean cmon guys lets give him a chance to breathe and let him enjoy life for a bit so he can get back to his old self again!! What do you all think about what I think?

  4. Let me put it like this, the “Heated” fans will keep complaining even if it is only a hobby, either because they don’t realize or don’t care that game development takes time.

    Signing up with a company is not a smart move if you want to keep even the slightest semblance of creative freedom.

    To agree with “endorb” 12 hours a day is way too much and you’d get more done if you cut it back a bit.

    Now for possible solutions to your contact and programming issue, why not hire a professional programmer to migrate the game to unity 5 and C# whilst you continue working on the current system, and you could always ask for volunteers to create a sort of “filter” between you and every single submission and other e-mail (for example, answering the simple mails and the below quality submissions and sending the good submissions through to you)

  5. Look I don’t know if the developer is reading this, BUT giving this question to the players of the game is on one side nice but the hard core fans will comfort you and say, do not rush just work on it and when you’re done you’re done … The truth to the matter is if you plan to see a finished game the original plan that is crushing the other options currently in the poll will lead the game nowhere. It has a name and potential but with this attitude it will fall under its own weight. It is more than a year since I have downloaded and played this game and since then the game has progressed but not that much and I am not interested in playing it with every minor mechanism added to it, and it is still a sandbox build instead of a demo version. To stop the development is just retarded if you have a game with name recognition out there and a waste of money too. Either go with a game company but try to negotiate good terms for you, and this option would be good for the game because the company obviously wants to make as much money from it as they can. Or try to bring in attest two people and incorporate them into the development because if you want to have the last word in every decision (what impression I got from one of your videos) it will not be good, you have to be able to make compromise and bring in other ideas and drop some like in a normal development team. Anyway do what ever you want I can care less, just to bring in my opinion because I would play the game if it would come out, if.

    And sorry for my English, it is not my mother tongue.

  6. I feel like it’s totally reasonable to take breaks and slow things down for your own health. I think I’ve been following the development for a few months now (Maybe half a year?) and I don’t feel like fewer constant updates wouldn’t change the level of excitement that I have for the finished product. Just stay steady, take a breath, and remember what you’ve been working towards for all these years. Only positive vibes from me! No mater what you decide to do.

  7. I don’t know whether you’ve thought of this or not, but, while transitioning the code between Unity 4 to 5, and Javascript to C#, can’t you just have a copy of the game in the original code, which you could distribute to us (the players) with small updates (like easter eggs, small visual adjustments/game modes) which wouldn’t take too much attention from the transforming of code, but would still build up small amounts of “hype”.

  8. Yanderedev… If you don’t fix this game’s spaghetti code now, you’ll end up having to do it later. Wouldn’t it be faster to hire a programmer now, while there are less things in the game for them to fix? If you run out of things to do during this period, you could try to hype up the game by making videos and talking about how this is going to make the game even better. Also, you might “evolve” by monitoring the programmer.

    “I don’t want to lose the hype”
    Mate, if you wait till the game’s nearly done and then say “Oops, this mountain of code is a mess, gonna take a year to fix it” you will lose everyone’s respect and hype. You could temporarily stop Patreon donations while this is happening so that fans won’t feel like they’re throwing away money. You have said that you don’t use most of it.

    Ignore the frustrated children and focus on making a solid game that you can be proud of and that other people can enjoy.

      • Maybe someone should start posting a weekly mission challenge. There are only two rules:
        1: It must be possible (so no cleaning up the blood requirement in Mission Mode. I checked everywhere – no mop and bucket, at least when you have active security cameras)
        2: Don’t just slap Nemesis everywhere. There are other ways to make it hard without her.

        For example: 1902321101010100100 (Difficulty Rating: 10, Nemesis off)
        Options enabled:
        Kill Kuu Dere and ONLY Kuu Dere with a Katana while wearing a gym outfit
        Dispose of the body by shredding it and dispose of the murder weapon
        No witnesses
        Don’t let the cameras notice your suspicious behavior
        Steal documents from the safe
        10 minute time limit

        Any takers?

  9. Honestly in the end what really matters is your health. According to the poll, 95% of the people following the progress of the game are chill fans (I am one of them), just take your time with the game’s progress. If it means cutting back on the hours spent developing new content then by all means cut back on those hours. Honestly I would rather have a game that time and effort has been put into it and end up turning out amazing than a game that was rushed just to make that small 5% happy. I’m sorry to you 5% but you’re just going to have to accept that developing a game as big as Yandere Simulator is tough. Yelling at Yandere Dev is not gonna speed up Osana’s completion in the game. Just enjoy what’s been released so far and give the poor guy a break. I don’t mean to sound rude but honestly you should be grateful he’s taking the time to even make this game in the first place and that he’s continuing development.

    Good luck Yandere Dev!

  10. I feel the solution to all of this could be as simple as taking weekends off, or at the very least work less hours. Sure, it would lead to the game taking a lot longer to be finished, but at this point your mental health is a lot more important.
    You could even wait until a demo can be released once Osana is implemented, and then give the game to a company that will appreciate your vision for the game and not ‘fix up’ anything important to you, like the panty shots mechanic. Call me naive for thinking there would be a company willing to do this, but if you were to find one that were willing to keep these fundementals in the game, you might as well accept their offer.
    I’m sure a lot of people will be willing to wait up to six months or more for the game to continue updating afterwards.

  11. Definitely some good stuff in the comments, though I do feel bad for making more for there to read… >X<;;

    I am also a chill fan, and a very adamant one, at that. I do not mind waiting 2-4 weeks for an update, because at the end of the day, this is something fun to do, and isn't necessary for living. I love the game, but this is a luxury commodity, and I am aware of this. Thank you so much for all your effort so far!! 😀 Playing this game after my own full day of work (and office politics) is personally liberating, and it makes me feel accomplished and proud of your work when I miss a few updates, and see so much good progress. ❤

    Since I'm relatively new (four months) to this fandom, I don't know how much the fanbase is grown/spread-out, but I personally could survive solely on the fandom, if the group was continuing to put out new art, videos, talks, analysis, and other media that I could explore and enjoy. Might be a good way to keep the hype up during the crowd-fundraiser (if that's where the game goes; the thought of a large company having this game *terrifies* me), and I would be willing to get a dasebase up and running that could keep track of the various websites, links, and other assorted media that the Yandere fandom is currently generating. 🙂 It would take some effort from the group as a whole (just sending in links, mostly; setting up a SMS-based converter might work…), but I'd be willing to do it, for you.

    You deserve all the love you can get. 🙂

  12. I ‘Spawned’ Osana into the game to see fun girl, afterwards I changed her name back to ‘Reserved’, but when I saved the name as ‘Reserved’ and go into Yandere Sim to play, fun girl is there! I checked the spelling and it was fine!

  13. While I am more of a chilled fan, I would be disappointed if Yandere Simulator became a hobby. I would be okay with a change in schedule though. I would be fine with a eight hour workday with weekends and vacation as should anyone. I know you have my respect being so dedicated to this games development and maybe you feel you can’t live up to the expectation of your fans by working at such hours as the ones I proposed but I think you already go beyond what you need to do. I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes for your vision of Yandere Simulator as are others, so if you need to take a break or if you need to make this a hobby, I’ll be following the development of Yandere Simulator.

    • I can’t speak to Kokona about Domestic Abuse.
      I’ve get her uniform, listened to her phone call and talking to Saki.
      I’ve also left the note in her locker.
      I’ve tried the rooftop at 7:30AM and Classroom 1-1 at 7:15AM.
      She bugs out before she gets to the rooftop with “Was this just a prank?” and when she gets to 1-1 she goes “Sorry, can’t talk right now.”
      Have I missed something?

  14. Micheal Keating try the following:

    1. Listen to Kokona talk to Saki about her domestic abuse (a.k.a debt)

    2. Restart the day (Don’t worry, you’ll still have the information)

    3. Leave a note in her locker. Don’t do 7:30 or 7:15 because for some reason, it glitches out

    If this does not work, open the debug menu and press “G” to teleport to the roof with Kokona.

    • I figured it out. There were two things going wrong.
      One, as you guessed it was the time. The second was I was just not looking in the right place on the roof.
      But yeah, anywhere other than the roof seems to bug out. 7:45AM is a good time to shoot for. Any later and she’ll go to class immediately after getting there. Going for an after-school time doesn’t work, either as she goes straight to Cooking Club and sods to everything else.
      Oh well, at least I know now. Thanks ^^

  15. I found this while reporting Kokona to the guidance councillor:

    There is a typo when you report Kokona via the dirty secret.

    The guidance councillor says:

    Your after school activities are completely unacceptable!

    The subtitles say:

    Your after school activities are absolutely unacceptable!

    I’m not sure if this was just a mistake/typo, or if this is intentional.

  16. I think yandere dev was working better when he was talking with friends, gaming blah blah blah personal stuff blah blah blah. I remember this line from somewhere…

    “Physical Activity increases productivity and (dah x7) poing!”

  17. YandereDev, please don’t overwork yourself. As much as I care about the game’s development, (which believe me, I do) you really need to take more breaks. I can’t imagine how it must be to live your life doing nothing but sleeping and working, day after day. I wouldn’t be surprised if you developed anxiety though all of this. I suggest possibly cutting an hour or two from your daily amount of work, or taking a day off each week to relax. While that would take some time away from development, it will most definitely help to have some free time to simply chill out and give yourself time to unwind. You may even end up more motivated to do better work if you’re not constantly pushing yourself. Development speed doesn’t bother me that much, as long as I hear from you that you’re making progress one way or another.

  18. Here, Ima be honest for a second.
    I’ve been following the game for 2 years now and I LOVE the idea of it! I think it could go places, and I completely support YandereDev taking some time to finish it due to the fact he doesn’t exactly have a team. Now, I’m a business student literally studying the whole giving up 50% of stuff. And let me tell you THATS NOT WHAT’S HAPPENING. If you were to give up 50%, then you’re giving it up to a pretty bad company. A company that cares is gonna make you give up maybe 35%, and will let you do all the stuff you want to do with the game because they actually LIKE the game. A shit company is gonna make you give up 50% and WONT let you do anything because they’re worried about backlash from the community.
    Look, I support you and all, but there’s no reason for you to continue to deny things that will boost the “hype” on your game. You’re literally digging yourself into a hole, and it’s a hard ass hole to get out of. Lower your standards, take interviews, stop wasting your time with all these videos, take a break on the weekends, and I promise you, you will get shit done.
    This game is gonna crash and burn, and it will be so sad to watch.

    • Para resolver tus dudas YandereDev planea agregar a un chico “yandere” al juego una vez que esté terminado y ocupará el lugar de Ayano si el jugador desea un “senpai” mujer, en cuanto a tu otro comentario el juego podría ser adaptado a xbox en unos años pero seguramente sería hasta que ya se haya terminado y como sabrás para entonces el juego Yandere Simulator ya no será gratuito y deberás pagar por él para poder jugarlo, probablemente se saque un demo también adaptado pero no será el juego completo (obviamente).

  19. Yandere Dev I think the best option is to finish osana,start your funding,hire a programer,and take a break! then while the game is being fixed, we have something to keep us occupied(the demo) on our computers…

  20. Question for the community, NOT Yandere Dev – does anyone know where I can find a Mac version of this game that has the Feb 15th update? The version I’ve got now does not offer the most recent update, and for some reason, the game isn’t triggering the automatic “new version is available for download” feature that has happened every other time.

  21. I’m a chill fan. I can wait as long as I want. YanDev is putting a lot of efforts and taking a lot of time to make this game one of the most awesome games in the world. While waiting for new features in YS, why not play Mission Mode or and try the hardest level?

  22. Yandere Dev, you might not see this but I want to say you’re so awesome! I’d say I’m a chill fan, because although I (95% of the fan base) want you working on the game WITH a healthy mind and body. You REALLY do deserve a break. Please don’t push yourself so far, everyone loves what you’re doing. The Heated Fans just are ignorant and don’t know any better. Weekends, the odd cheat day, the week or two long vacations, don’t punish yourself by restricting yourself from your enjoyments. Though you might look back and think ‘Wow, I created an awesome indie game”, you might also think “I wasted my 20s.”. You acknowledged this yourself, so please do yourself a favour and watch some goddamn anime 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. I’m chill but I’ll probably stop following the development, since it seems, there wont be much. I know I will know if this game ever comes out and probably gonna try it out. GL and peace.

  24. honestly, since things are almost definitely going to slow down *even more*, I’m going to stop following development like I used to. I guess it doesn’t help that I also recently learned some things about the dev that have disillusioned me. plus, frankly, with a clear head that’s not full of blind support, these past few videos have sounded like complaining and time-wasting to me.
    I encourage fans to delve a little deeper into the dev’s recent past before continuing support – just a quick google search for “yanderedev” should bring up some good links, even if they need to be taken with a grain of salt.
    all the same, i really hope the dev and the game exceed my expectations, however long it may take for that to happen. good luck.

    • The person needs rest but other than that his past doesn’t matter much for the game. We’re all here for the game and for the long timers like me this is already normal. Heck, it even feels weird not doing this (checking and watching updates)anymore. The phenomenon he created/is still creating is amazing but in the end it’s still his and he owes us nothing (generally speaking I mean even if we did give him money on patreon it’s still his game)

      • I’d say his past is pretty important, if it suggests that he’ll do anything stupid in the future. he has a history of weird behavior, and his fans should know if there’s a possibility that he’s gonna let them down.
        (and he definitely owes fans something if they are paying him a whopping 5k a month, imo)

  25. I can see why people are having ass, but honestly, like the manga industry, you have to understand human needs and limitations. I can be patient. Yandere Simulator is worth it. So, please, don’t kill yourself under the work load Yandere Dev.

  26. Yo. I don’t really keep up with the dev, but I do check back from time to time.
    I think what’s important from a crowdfunding standpoint is the fact that you’ve shown you want to finish the game.
    Of the four options:
    1) It shows your personal dedication to finish the game that you want to put out such a robust demo. It’s a good idea, but it could also add more layers of code to unscramble.

    2) This is also a fine idea. It might still take awhile to hire a dev (unless you have someone already lined up). Then it’s all about taking a new direction in keeping up “hype” during the 6 month wait. You know…like most normal game companies.

    3) You’re right to be careful and guarded about working with a company and possibly losing the rights. Especially if you don’t have representation or experience dealing with companies. I myself also had dealings with a publisher who wanted to help my company with its first game. (But my company went under before we could finalize anything. Sucks when a company is two people…and I was the artist/marketer). It all depends on who you work with.

    4) To me it sounds like you care too much about the project and the folks who supported you to downgrade to a hobby. But that’s what I did after my company went under. I work full time as a technical writer and spend my free time on my millions of hobbies. One of which is game development. But I don’t advertise that I’m actively working on them so I don’t have the following or high expectations. At this point it might feel like betrayal to those who supported financially, but yeah…

    Option 5…Sugar Mama? XD XD
    Anyway, thanks for the insightful video. Best of luck!

  27. I’ve noticed that on the first poll about 60% say stick to the plan and about 20% (including myself) say downgrade it to just a hobby. I think it would be better if we could strike a 40% approved middleground.

    What if Yandere Dev downgraded development not to just a hobby, but to a less time-consuming job? It would be great if he could do that. Imagine if he cut his time spent working on the game every day in half to just 6 hours? That would open up so much more room for him to enjoy his life, and it would also give us a healthy update schedule that we could live with.

    As the second poll said, 95% of us, evidently, are chill, and don’t need him to put his nose to the grindstone 12 hours a day just to pump out a build in a certain amount of time.

    So let’s come together and agree that he should slash his daily work time, but maintain the current routine to a certain extent so it can make both us and him happy.

    • Golden Freddy I like your idea, but some people might not be satisfied with it – some people (including myself) will lose interest in the game. I really want more feature/Osana to be implemented as fast as possible; with that said though, I am a chill fan – so I’m not that bothered if Yandere Dev took a whole month vacation, I can play other games until then. I just want the development to improve and go by fast, although a vacation would really relieve Yandere Dev’s stress, so I 50/50 agree on your idea, I just personally think some people won’t have the same satisfaction as you.

  28. Hi, YD. I figured I’d chime in with some thoughts, as a reasonably-seasoned software developer and quality assurance analyst. Note, my specialty is NOT game development, so weigh your reception accordingly (or feel free to ignore entirely). I’ve just spent the last year rebuilding a test system from the ground up with the support of a highly-skilled software engineer. I did so facing the headwinds of a team that wasn’t completely sold on change, and I did it by continually generating hype, especially with management. We released our work several months ago, and we’re still supporting that work today, continually improving and driving new features.

    To be blunt, having a proper foundation to your game is more critical than building new features. You described several problems in your recent videos that would be solved exactly by hiring a software engineer (not just a “programmer”) who can design and implement the core systems your game would need to thrive. My concern here is that, if you focus so hard on “delivering Osana”, your game’s first “boss”, that you’d code to the encounters and mechanics around *her*, and potentially lose sight that what you need is a system in place that is suitable for all bosses, all mechanics, and all event generation in general. Notably, you said (and correctly so) that a lead engineer would likely look at all of your current work (which you’re planning to move to C# anyway) and toss it out in favor of a rebuild… …so why waste time doing work on a significant feature only to throw it out, or worse, be stuck with a system that works only for one character, but you’d have to re-engineer for another altogether anyway?

    For example, you mentioned that the build time for a C#-based system would improve four-fold. So the entire problem you brought up of an hour a day being sucked away from you by long build and launch times would be mitigated by this change. This sounds like an immediate win, barring the time it would take to move between code bases. You would also gain the benefits of working with a proper managed language, as opposed to *javascript*, a horrible language filled with caveats and asterisks to just about all of its core features. Keep JS on the web, make your own life saner by switching to a good language! …I might be a little biased. 😀

    There are different ways you can generate hype while the re-engineering process is under way. Regular updates, for starters, in terms of just posts with talks about what your team is accomplishing and why. You can talk about game mechanics, new challenges, interesting ideas, and generally keep people informed about progress. Keeping people informed is critical. You could, also, provide early alpha releases of the new client (side-by-side with the existing game code) as soon as it becomes even remotely playable, with the goal of eventually retiring the original code base release altogether once you’ve restored feature parity. That said, I would wait at least until the core systems are in place.

    I don’t know if you already use a task management system, but I’d strongly recommend using Jira or something similar if you don’t already. I have a feeling you might be (because you seem to have a shred of sanity left), but if you don’t, now is the time.

    One thing I’ve noticed you don’t talk about is QA. I don’t know what’s in your code base, but I’m going to take a wild stab and assume you don’t have any unit or functional testing. This is possibly also slowing you down in the long run, as you have to diagnose issues that would have potentially been caught in unit testing. I’m not familiar enough with Unity to suggest solutions to unit testing, and honestly, you’d be better served implementing automated QA during your port to C# (since you could develop game mechanics code in Visual Studio, and just import that code into your Unity project afterward). I also strongly, STRONGLY recommend looking into SpecFlow, which is based on the Gherkin test development language. Even if you don’t implement it directly, using SpecFlow to design how your functional scenarios should work is a major time and sanity saving tool.

    Finally… dude, slow down. You’re in the death march and you’re not even ready for release yet. You need to seriously time-box your development efforts into a sane, 8-hour schedule. I would say that, before you hire a developer, you should consider hiring someone to answer your emails. You’ve repeatedly signaled that mailbox pruning takes a ton of your time so… stop.

    My proposal to you right now is to take back at least four hours of your day, before you do anything else. Set a limit, and reclaim some of your work-life balance. You might be doing this “as a job” and feel obligated you owe the people funding you on Patreon, but no sane backer should feel you have to sacrifice your LIFE for this. Are you going to have to work a bit harder than a person drawing a paycheck? Sure. But being tired and overworked all the time only leads to mistakes in coding and judgment, and leads you to getting more frustrated with your work and lack of a life. I suppose that’s part and parcel with the game industry, but man, really, stop killing yourself over this.

    I wish you the greatest success! Now go watch an episode of anime.

    • Yup, I mean I’ve looked at some of the actual code and use of Unity and he’s right about a professional probably would want to upgrade from that as soon as possible so they can work faster (For example the animation rig is the legacy version in what I have).

      If you can find a programer who is qualified in unity with years of experience, its possible they can be convince to hold off on large scale refactoring until a viable demo is released. As highly I can sing the praises of C# over JavaScript, and how much easier it would make life in the future if you started upgrading now, It really just depends if you will be able to continue to make updates that will satisfy people that you are making genuine progress. Most people don’t understand code, or even a single difference between C# and JavaScript (without googling it or you having already said it).

      Either way, you can’t keep up the pace you currently have. Cutting back to even 11 hours would be better (obviously 8 hours be the most reasonable) then devoting every waking second to this game. Personally I would go insane without a little bit of time not coding and enjoying games and anime. You probably already are insane at this point, so something should change (just not giving up completely and backing away).

  29. Bruh, the only thing I’m heated about is fanning the fire in the Vocaloid fandubbing community with the recent parody (I.E. I don’t really like them after they treated a friend like crap for not using autotune and a super-expensive mic). So yeah, I’m mostly chill (though I do prefer seeing actual new content in a build).

  30. I hate to say it, but I don’t think Yandere~Dev should turn Yandere~Simulator into a hobby. However, he should cut back on the work. Spend maybe seven instead of twelve hours working. He needs time for friends and family.
    For the company idea, I think it’s bad because it will no longer be completely made from Yandere~Dev’s vision of the game.
    Starting the crowd funding early might be a risky move but could pay off in the end.
    All in all, I think that Yandere~Dev should be the one to chose which path he takes, if this game is harming his health then it’s not our place to tell him that he is lazy and should work more.

  31. Why not just take Persona’s route and instead of a single street have several small outdoor areas? (Specifically similar to P3, where you have a mall with shops, a shrine, a street, a train station, etc.)

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