“Even Yanderes Need To Love” – A Parody Video

If you’re a Vocaloid fan, you may be familiar with “Kunoichi Demo Koi ga Shitai” – a song that was released in 2013. The title translates to “I Want to Love Even if I’m a Female Ninja”, or “Even a Kunoichi Needs Love”. A fantastic English cover was created by rachie and JubyPhonic.

Earlier this month, a fan of Yandere Simulator created artwork for a Yandere Sim-themed parody of the original music video. She showed her work to me, and I thought it was fantastic! With her cooperation and with the help of a video editor, we produced a higher-quality version of her original video. I got permission from rachie and JubyPhonic to upload the video to my channel – and here it is!

I hope you enjoy it!

That’s cool, but what about the game’s development?

I may have some very exciting news to announce soon, but I don’t want to say anything until it’s 100% set in stone. I’m sorry for keeping you waiting! Thank you for your patience!

122 thoughts on ““Even Yanderes Need To Love” – A Parody Video

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  2. YAY! A new announcement? Oh I can’t wait!

    Also, YanDev, don’t forget what we all told you! Take a break, relax, enjoy yourself every once in a while and don’t overwork or stress yourself out too much, okay? We love you and we need you to be at your best, but that can’t happen unless you take care of yourself!

    Your YanDev Cheerleader ❤

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