Why is Yandere Simulator’s development taking so long?

I decided to create a video discussing the reasons why Yandere Simulator’s development is taking so long, and how to speed it up. After writing the script for this video, I realized that it was going to be so long that it would probably be a good idea to divide it into two videos. The first video is about the problems, and the second video is about the potential solutions.

Here is the first video:

I’m sure that you will have some questions after watching this video. Please wait for me to prepare the second video; it will probably address most of the thoughts that you’ll have after watching the first video.

97 thoughts on “Why is Yandere Simulator’s development taking so long?

  1. When you said that you feel like you’re wasting your late 20s that struck a cord with me and I feel your pain, but never forget that your work is reaching hundreds of thousands of people all over the world right now. The vast majority of other people never get the chance to be so relevant. It’s not time wasted yandev, it’s time invested!

  2. This game is huge… it’s impossible for just one person do all the programming stuff… that is a waste of time… you said a lot of work has been done but you could not implement this because you’re alone… you need to hire more programmers to help you in this development… i know that isn’t easy to work on a team.. but there’s a lot of things that is impossible to do alone… and this development is one of those things…

    • It’s bad for your health, that’s isn’t a healthy lifestyle… we are fans… we’ll still here waiting for the game, no matter how much time it takes to be ready for us… but time won’t wait for you… you’re expending the greatest part of your life on this build working alone… it’s time to take it to another level!

  3. I draw comparison’s to a webcomic called Erfworld. The creator has been at it for over 10 years, and it’s going very well now with an incredibly strong fanbase, donations, purchases/products and so forth. But it’s only gotten that way, and remains that way, because of the incredible amount of his personal time thats put into it… for the past 10+ years… Its exhausting for him, but at the same time it’s incredibly encouraging to be working with what he has. Managing his own webcomic site thats profitable enough to support him, his fiance, two artists and part-time support several developers. Not to mention the incredible fan-base which cheers him and his team on and create a plethora of fan work.

    YD is in a similar position. He’s worked incredibly hard for an incredibly long time and is incredibly tired. But the incredibly fan support gives him heart. The fact he can look at that fan support daily, receive the generous patreon support and see the incredible lengths fans go to with fan content, all lends to show that his efforts are paying off, that their yielding success and rewarding his investment of time.

    But… Just like Erfworld’s creator, he knows that despite how amazing the fan interest and support is, It’s all momentum and to take his foot of the pedal is to loose momentum and loose interest in the game and watch all of his past 2-3 years of investment dwindle rapidly and take another concerted effort to build back up the momentum. It’s a delicate balance, even to ease off on the accelerator rather than completely remove the foot, because the loss of momentum can have a equally detrimental affect, not merely on the product, but on YD’s motivation it’s self. The strange situation where he’s worn out by the efforts but also driven by the fruits of those efforts.

    I’m sure we’ll see some good responses in his next video on how he’s going to move forward.

  4. I think the solution to all your problems is obvious.

    Stop developing Yandere Simulator.

    Realistically speaking, you will be working on Yandere simulator for nearly 10 years before it is finished, no matter what you think of it now. Quit! Quit while you’re ahead. Quit and save the world of YandereDev from having a mid-life crisis where he realizes that his entire life was spent on meaningless fans who care not about him, but about what he can do for them!

  5. I prefer u completed the story line first rather than use your time for fix not game breaking bug or new feature. And longer time for new update not really big problem for me because its not like i’m gonna download every new update if the update so minor. So make big update so people distract with your game long enough for u to take a break.

  6. I understand his distrust of other people but the evidence is clear: He’s made his mark and hype for this game wont go away as quickly as he thinks. He deserves a break and anyone who says otherwise deserves the lowest pit on hell

  7. Yandere Dev, please take care of yourself. I care more about your well being than a game. You have worked SO hard to make the fans of this game happy. In reality, YOU deserve to be happy. I know it’s hard not to worry.. Because I would probably be a nervous wreck if I was in your shoes. But you are overloading yourself to the extreme. You need to relax and take frequent breaks. Real, dedicated fans will understand and will be willing to wait.
    I wish I could help, somehow 😦 Hang in there!

  8. Yandere Dev, you work yourself way too hard, you’ve gotta at least take ONE day off regularly..You deserve to have a personal life and go out with friends. We don’t want you pushing too hard and getting into an unhealthy work cycle like this. Give yourself a break, man, the majority of us would much rather make sure you’re mentally energized and healthy than get a new build as soon as possible every single month. We love you.

  9. YanDev, I just wanted you to know that we all love and support you, and that we appreciate the work you’re doing. After all the trials, trouble, and general problems that you’ve encountered during the development of YanSim, it’s amazing that you’ve stuck with it for what’s going to be three years! That takes DETERMINATION (I’m an Undertale fan too) and I respect the time and effort you’ve put into it. I’ve been following the development ever since the school was grayed out and there were only the Rainbow Six Guys/Girls, YanChan, Senpai, Pippi and Ryuto, and I’m amazed at how far the game has come since then! I especially love the detail you’ve put into the game. The new school is GORGEOUS and I absolutely love it! I also love the fact that each student is unique and has their own backstory and connections within the school. It makes the game feel more realistic and lively. I’m super excited for Osana and all Rivals after her, but even though it’s taking a while, I’m staying patient because I know that with more time being put into her, the better she’ll turn out! But still, you SHOULD take a break every now and then. No one wants you to overwork yourself. It’s not healthy and we definitely don’t want you to get sick. We love you! Please, take care of yourself and take breaks when you need to. No one is going to die because you take a week off. Your true fans will understand. We can only expect so much out of you. You’re still human, and we can’t expect that forcing you to continue work on the game will get it done any faster. So I just wanted to say that we love you, we appreciate you, and we support you in everything that you do, but please, take care and don’t work too hard! Thanks for everything that you’ve done, and thank you for reading this message. YanDev…. keep doing amazing things!

    ~A huge fan

  10. yandere dev, you should probably rest, I’m sure none of us will lose interest in the game… after all, I really think this game is good, it kind of relieves stress for me.

  11. Yanderedev, Yanderedev!! Take a well deserved break whenever you need to. Sure it’s exciting to get new updates, but hardcore fans will certainly stick around and others will come back whenever they see an update. Quicker progress is most certainly not worth three fourths of your soul, man.

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