January 24th Bug-Fixing Build, and a poll regarding Twitch

I’ve uploaded a new build that fixes many of the bugs that were present in the last build!

To read a changelog of everything that is new in the latest build, please scroll down past this beautiful illustration by ZakuraRain!

I’ve been waiting so long for the Flame Demon to become relevant, so that I could finally share this gorgeous artwork with you! And now, the time has come! Hooray!

ZakuraRain also drew two other really beautiful illustrations related to Midori and the Flame Demon – one of them is old, and one of them is recent!

Changes, Fixes, and Additions

  • Fixed bug that was causing the camera to be positioned at a low height during the “Summoning Flame Demon” cutscene, if the player had been crouching or crawling before initiating the summoning sequence.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to freely walk around after a group takedown animation if she was performing an action (such as an attack or dumping a corpse) while being apprehended.
  • Students will now pause for a moment before performing a group-takedown, instead of instantly launching into a group takedown immediately after witnessing a murder.
  • Attempted to fix bug that was causing liquid to appear on students’ bodies if they were standing nearby another student who had liquid on their body.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the panty “censor shadow” to appear over Yandere-chan’s eyes, rather than her panties, during the Flame Demon easter egg.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the game to freeze if Yandere-chan was aiming her smartphone camera while being apprehended in a group takedown.
  • Fixed bug that would cause teachers to speak Senpai’s lines after catching Yandere-chan misbehaving.
  • Changed the school logo on the social media website accessible from Yandere-chan’s bedroom.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Flame Demon to say his “Have a taste” line more than once.
  • Removed a 3D model that was not meant to be visible.

Twitch Poll

It’s been over 24 hours since my big Twitch video. I’m amazed by how much attention that video has received! I’m very grateful to everyone who sent me words of support!

Twitch still hasn’t responded to me yet. Maybe 24 hours is too soon to expect a response. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for any kind of communication from them.

On that note, I still have a lot of thoughts to share regarding the Twitch situation. I was thinking about making another video sharing these thoughts. This video would run for about 5 minutes, and would have much less “critical” tone; it would be more of an “extending an olive branch” type of video.

In your opinion, what should I do?

Note: Votes are in, poll is closed. Thanks for your input!

78 thoughts on “January 24th Bug-Fixing Build, and a poll regarding Twitch

  1. Gotta pick your battles, Dev. It’s not worth starting something over even if there IS something more insidious going on. You already have a dedicated and growing fanbase even if you aren’t on Twitch. Don’t let being banned from one site stop you.

  2. I am just wondering what the 3D model was. Other than that i feel like i can’t wait to hear more about Osana and the other new features. I have purposely avoided all videos including Osana just to be able to see her in the final state.

  3. Change the name of the game! See if Twitch do the same on the banned list. If they do they need to give you a reason for the ban, for that means they do update it. If they don’t i guess that means we can play it on Twitch 😀

      • It would be fine if he didn’t have to rethink a name and because of the past when he proposed a lot of names and then everyone thought that Yandere sim was changing the name to “Lovesick”, I think it would be a better idea to wait for them to answer.

  4. For once you actually need suggestions. Just kidding!!! Honestly I would wait if I were you. I wouldn’t get so worked up. It’s not good for your health. Yes, I understand that yes, twitch is your go-to-site for games. But what is Twitch doesn’t respond to you at all?? I mean I don’t wanna make you have doubts at all!!!! I’m trying to say that I would make your fingers crossed til Twitch responds. (Have you heard Nekopara is being a anime?? You should play the game, It’ll take the edge off~.)

    Have a wonderful day YandereDev!!!!! Til then we meet again!!



  5. What if the group apprehension would be to surround you and not walk with you but using the animations of the delinquents when they push you to prevent you from escaping te scene but also you would be able to attack the people but they will be strong in “personal” apprehension mode. (people will lock in place surround you and push you around so you won’t escape and then when there are enough people and your in the correct position they will perform the animation).

  6. Yandere Dev I don’t think making more videos about Twitch will help your cause and honestly, the comment section had a lot of hate so I think you would only be digging yourself a deeper hole. If you do make another video on it, make it in a month but I think you should do the more mature thing and continue waiting for longer so your judgement isn’t clouded by anger, regret, or anything. If you still have the exact same idea of what your video would be, then go for it! Xx

  7. Dear YandereDev, I’ve been following the development of Yandere Simulator since last year. Thank you for addressing this issue that has been going on for over a year. I believe you made the right decision to make a video about it to spread awareness and give suggestions. However, at this point I believe there is no point in continuing to press this issue as twitch has been refusing to cooperate by ignoring your messages. In other words, it would be best to put all your attention into the development of the game until it’s about halfway complete and leave this issue for a while. In the mean time, you will receive many more fans that will support the ban lift of Yandere Simulator. Thing is, the game isn’t commercialized yet, so you are right that twitch might think that it won’t really benefit them to allow an unfinished game with ‘problematic’ themes to be streamed in their website. Thank you for taking the time to read this comment.

    • Yes! He needs stop with this debacle! He’s jeopardizing the games reputation. There’s so many other streaming sites!

  8. Just let it be for now, Twitch lost its moxie for supporting the gaming community a long time ago. Its current motif involves downsizing the bandwidth for unprofitable streams while maximizing the mainstream clients. Keep up the great work with the sim. Let the fanbase be your promotion.

  9. You’re wasting your time on Twitch, man. Real talk; focus on Osana, because this game currently has no goal. You’re going to be wasting precious time on something that can be addressed later. Stop getting distracted. Get an actual /game/ going, and then think about Twitch.

  10. Honestly screw what the polls are saying and just focus on the game. The same people telling you to make another video are going to be the same people that will be upset when you give another update about Osana not being close to ready. This Twitch issue is beating a dead horse with a stick.

    • I checked the poll again and unfortunately it seems the majority voted to wait for a week, while those who ask for no more seem to be lagging severely behind despite having 2nd highest amount of votes. I don’t mind YanDev’s last twitch video but that one should *really* be the last in a while, until the game starts to become more like a real game, not a sandbox build full of bugs and missing key features. As big of an issue it is, this whole ordeal will severely delay the development of Osana if he puts any more attention to it. I sincerely hope YanDev knows his priorities if he wants to be taken seriously.

      • Well, I wanted to vote against it but it was so rushed I didn’t get a chance. Letting it be for now would be wiser. The more videos, the more attention, the more drama puts YanDev into a desperate position. (He might not be there but he will surely look that way). And the poll itself was a bad idea in the first place. Fans are fans but this decision was his to make and everybody knew that. But he put the power into the hands of fanbase and now if he will think it is a bad idea after all, he will gain bad-rep for ignoring his community after he offered them to make the choice. . . . . . I get the idea, and I will stick with this game till it fails or releases but those were some silly moves.
        Btw Yomi HIme – I reacted yo your comment because it seemed reasonable enough to make me want to voice opinion. Sorry f it is a bother.

  11. Don’t keep going after twitch, as they probably won’t listen as they don’t have to. Just focus on developing your game because THAT’S what’s important.

    Trying to get your game off the ban list of ONE platform that provides services that can be gotten from ANYWHERE else is completely unnecessary, even if it is your favorite streaming site. If you don’t like their decisions, then you can just encourage people to use another streaming site to stream Yandere Simulator.

  12. TBH I never heard of Twitch … I am Romanian You got me hearing of it , we look at Youtube.. same my friends… same all the fans of Yandere SImulator that I know… So I think it is safe for you. As well maybe when the game is done or at last a Demo things will be solved, for now focuse on what you need your game and life. Not things that aren’t fixable soon.

  13. As much as everyone else is saying against it, I think you should continue to work at this issue. No, I don’t mean by insulting them or anything, but your idea for the “extending an olive branch” video is definitely something that you should do. If we can finally get Twitch to talk to you, maybe this can all be resolved! Maybe there was something that was previously in the game, and they just haven’t looked at it since. And if it’s a matter of profitability, first off, that’s a dumb reason to BAN a game. And second, you haven’t even finished the first rival out of 10, and you already have over a MILLION supporters! and that’s just the YouTube subscriber count, that’s not including the people without YouTube accounts, the people that hear about it from friends, the people that follow the blog, and the people who watch people like Jay play your game!

  14. Okay I strongly feel that a factor in why the game was banned might be the fact that you can bully a girl and lead her to suicide. That is the main thing that makes any sort of sense as to why it would be banned. I could be wrong tho

    • I think the author watched Kubz Scouts’ video of Burning Love. He named the character Gurinu and made Flame Demon fall for her

  15. Yandere Dev if you pour water on kokona,she will go to the bathhouse,nude and if she nude she will have a purple thing in her face and please add a nude clothing in pose mod,not being pervert here…im using it for a series

  16. As much as I think it’s bullshit that twitch wont even be specific about why your game is banned… they have a right to choose what is and is not streamed on their service. You did the right thing by calling them out on their lack of consistency, but I strongly doubt that they are going to relent on your game being banned. I personally wouldn’t have framed this around the “starving artist” troupe personally because that is irrelevant. The reason the artist is starving is because nobody cares about the starving artist. Sad but it’s true.

  17. Just: *Change the name of the game. (Yandere Simulartor is banned… not *insert random name here*)
    *Change blood color to purple. (Or other color that is not red… that usually seems to work for AAA games)
    *Add an optional mustache to Yandere-Chan. (The Perfect Disguise.. and will appease thous who only kill with male characters)
    *Twitch themed panty would be cool. (+10 followers when flashing while streaming… i mean, popularity bonus? idk)

    You are welcome…. ops i mean sorry.

  18. i found a bug, when you create a randomly generated student (student number 34# and down) not touching student 33# at all and you go into the game the fun girl appears with out renaming reserved to Osana Najimi.

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