In Defense of Twitch

I tried contacting Twitch numerous times in many different ways for one full year, and never heard a response from them. Because traditional forms of communication were not working, I concluded that the only way I’d ever get a response from Twitch would be if I drew a large amount of attention to the problem.

However, over the past seven days, I’ve been worrying that my previous video may have gotten me even further from getting Yandere Simulator back onto Twitch. The problem is that the hostile nature of my video severely limits Twitch’s ability to respond to me. After realizing this, I decided to create a second video that is much less harsh and critical towards Twitch. This is my attempt to “extend an olive branch” to Twitch, and let them know that my goal is to achieve a positive resolution, not to cause a media storm.

You might not care about the Twitch situation in the slightest. You might be disappointed that I spent time making another video about the subject, rather than working on the game. I apologize if this is the case. Please keep this in mind: it only took me one night to make this video. If it helps, tell yourself “It’s the weekend, so YandereDev only worked part-time today, but he’ll be back to working on it full-time starting tomorrow”.

If I ever make another video about Twitch, it will be my final video about the subject. I’ll either be saying, “The game is unbanned! Yay!” or I’ll be saying, “The game is banned and it’s staying banned. Here’s why.”

72 thoughts on “In Defense of Twitch

  1. I feel that twitch is in the wrong here. And there’s no need to defend it. Like, sometimes a company is just wrong, and needs to acknowledge that, even if it’s seen as an attack. Though from what I gathered from your first twitch video, you remained formal and to the point the whole time.

    Idk, I guess I feel this video is hugely unnecessary, not because ‘oh no I’m not working on the game’ and because I feel twitch fucked up and needs to face up to it. You sent multiple messages from different means and got no proper response, that’s on them, not you.

  2. I still think you should forget Twitch and stream in another streamer site (there are tons of streaming sites over there). Your fans will just follow you up wherever you go.

    Well, its up to you anyway. I will follow you even if you get back to Twitch ;3

    • But YandereDev isn’t streaming it. He wants other people to be able to stream it in a visible place that will get them viewers. You have to convince all of the streamers for Yandere Simulator that they want to stream on another streamer site and you have to convince all of the potential viewers who may or may not know about the game that they want to sift through this other streaming site and find these streams. It’s not a simple process.

  3. I think both videos made their points and I’m glad you made a second one that’s more… friendly towards twitch. Oh and btw, how goes Osana? Will she be available by the start or end of February?

  4. Yandere Dev, you’ve done everything possible for Twitch to give you an answer, but now all you can do is wait for them to respond, no use, for me they do not care about you, ME, this is my opinion

  5. If you had made this video as soon as twitch banned the game. I’d say it was a bit harsh. But they’ve had a year to respond and have said nothing despite the numerous attempts you’ve made to contact them. So to me, you’re fully justified in making the video.

      • Advertisement is part of game development you dimwit. It’s a development blog not a changelog, learn the meaning before using some words. How he spends his time isn’t determined by what one individual wants to see.

        Updates, here have some updates.
        Dev is gonna buy some special crayons for whiny kids like you.
        On another note you wasted 0,01 seconds of his day reading over your meaningless trantum.

        Twitch is a company, they don’t like or dislike. They do business. On the hand the dev would profit from the gained publicity. Nothing personal involved outside the little hurt from the rejection. You seem to mistake certain stances. He isn’t that big buddy type, giving ya poor college students wellfare entertaiment for free. He’s selling a product.

        You should be a customer otherwise please get out. You freeloaders are a waste of time.

      • I agree, it okay for companies to not like the game just keep working the people who like it will support it

  6. I don’t think you should waste your time on Twitch. If you need some time off from working on the game that’s perfectly fine, you probably should, but instead on working on yet another video, just really take your time off, rest a little, watch anime, whatever, people will understand that you’re human after all and can’t work 24/7, and those who don’t don’t deserve your attention.

  7. i think it may be banned by those famous people ”omg this game is bad my children are watching i will ban this game for my child safety” because i think the banning isnt from twitch itself but by reports and maybe angry dumbass parents who cant watch their childrens report numerous time just to get it down but dunt worry im sure twitch will find a way but they have difficulty to do something about it

    • I doubt the average parent knows about yandere sim or twitch. And if they caught there child playing or watching it, then they would most likely make their child stop or take the game away, not contact a company. Adults aren’t that dumb.

      • if you know how many parents commented when yandev was streaming on twitch that their kids are watching meh they are dumb

  8. Hey, man, don’t pay attention to to the haters. Just keep doing your thing. You know what they say: there’s no bad publicity.

  9. in both of your twitch rants I can see both side of the argument but i feel like the two versions would put more stress on you Alex and you don’t get many vacations as it is.But ether way i will be happy with what you choose.keep you thee good work the games coming along great

    • I hope your joking, because we don’t appreciate people who are here when they don’t like the game and are just freeloaders, you won’t be old because he aims to finish it in 2021 or earlier, if it’s later then it’s still not going to be too much later than 2021.

  10. i think that yandev needs to forget about the twitch thing and just work on the game .. i mean this game has been in development for like 2 years now and theres not even a rival in the game .. i understand if he’s an indie game dev but like he’s making 5000$ a month just off patreon not to mention youtube money … he could hire good people to program the game with him

    • I kind of agree it hard to fight a company for Streaming on a game that is still a sandbox build with no clear objective and no way to win. I love yandere sim development because i like the concept and i like watching the development. But currently it can not be marketed because itd very incomplete First thing first finish the project. Then fight for media coverage

    • I still don’t understand why he doesn’t hire better programmers. A lot of them have reviewed his code and said that it’s not efficient enough for the game to run smoothly which is why it’s so buggy. The more sloppy code he adds the worse the game will get. But then again if your a great programmer you wouldn’t want to volunteer your professional service when you know the projects end goal is to make money. You would want to get paid.

      • yeah and the money he gets off patreon could be used for better programmers .. but i mean the premise of the game is great, the concept is well thought out and every feature seems so cool but also so far away because the game right now is just a glitchy mess. i wish he’d just either rewrite the code himself or hire someone to do it so that it’s not like super glitchy everytime he tries to add something new.

      • I agree. Yanderedev should be less stubborn and hire a very skilled programmer. Yanderedev will learn some programing things too… We should always be willing to learn more and more

  11. I just stayed up until 2:00 in the morning waiting for an update, only to realize that there is 31 days in this month… I feel like a sleep deprived idiot XD

  12. I left a comment like this on Youtube too

    I just wanna clear things up here for everybody. Also a little thing at the bottom for You Yandere Dev.

    1:Yandere Dev isn’t being a hypocrite. In His previous video on Twitch,He commented saying the email avalanche isn’t the best idea. He thinks that Twitch will take offense to that,and not un-ban the game. So for all you stupid Midori Gurinus out there,Ya got no orders to do so.

    2:This video is to clarify extra things He forgot to mention,and to apologize on going all ape on them,without looking more from their point of view. I think He even highlighted one of my comments,which later turned out to have appeared in this video.

    3:*blah blah blah GTA5 blah blah blah Osu blah blah blah*. Look,the point Yandere Dev made in the video,is that Twitch is a bit paranoid that they’ll get screwed over by Him. Thus,the ESRB rating reason.

    Yandere Dev,I have to ask a quick little question here IF You do see this. Is it still possible to stream old builds of the game? Because if the old ones,where You didn’t make the student titans more like the Attack on Titan titans is still stream-able. Then the old builds could be the reason why the game is banned.

    • Oh,as for number two on ‘Appearing in the video’ I meant the reason. I did bring up the subject on ‘A Warning To All Game Developers’,in a comment. Though I doubt anyone will bother looking through *goes to check* 45,076+ comments.

  13. Devpai you don’t HAVE to work on the game 24/7! You need to be a healthy, and get sleep, and not have to worry. It’s okay if you need to take a break because you’ve earned it! You could lay off the game for about a month and I’d be okay with it…. Also, is it possible they banned it from Twitch because it’s not a complete game, it’s not a demo, but it’s not complete either.

  14. One possibility I haven’t heard mentioned yet is that Twitch (or someone high up at Twitch) may be afraid someone may try and copy the game in real life, and they don’t want to risk a potential media/political fallout if that happens.

    A few years ago two 12-year-olds took another kid into the woods and stabbed them in an attempt to impress “Slender Man”.

    This game is literally about an emotionally/mentally unstable teenager who murders her classmates in semi-realistic ways.
    With school shootings and other tragic events still occurring regularly, it’s not unrealistic for someone at Twitch to be concerned that there might be someone out there who is mentally unbalanced enough to try and copy the game.
    Imagine if someone committed the acts in the game in real life, and it’s revealed that they watched or learned about it on Twitch.
    It would be massively bad publicity, and on the political side of it, it would be a great “tragedy of the day issue” for a hopeful or troubled politician to latch on to, similar to the Video Game Violence Legislature Hearings that were huge in the 90’s and 2000’s and that still pop up from time to time.

    There may be a strong possibility that Twitch doesn’t want to be anywhere near the game if that happens, and there may also be a strong possibility that Twitch may not want to disclose this to you because it may draw them into a public political debate if you reveal it, which no company wants to be involved in. (Especially given the current political climate.)

    • One clarification and something I forgot to add:

      You mentioned in your previous video about Twitch that all of the content in Yandere Simulator is present in other games, including “schoolchildren being murdered in a school setting”, and showed Danganronpa as an example.
      The key critical difference may be that Danganronpa and the other games did not portray the murders in a (semi)realistic way or in a (semi)realistic setting, and the violence in them would be considered “cartoon violence” rather than actual violence.

      For example: there was a specific case back in the 90’s with the show “Animaniacs” where the censors wouldn’t allow one of the main characters to hit another character with a bat because it was considered to be a “realistically duplicable act of violence”, but would (and did) allow it if a cartoon face was put on the bat.

      I also forgot to add that in addition to any media/political fallout that Twitch may experience if someone does copy the game in real life and Twitch is associated with it, Twitch may also have a civil suit brought against them by the victim’s families. It sounds ridiculous, but it has happened many times before to similar companies under similar circumstances.

      • Good point but I see only one flaw: They allow MUCH MORE violent games on their platform which would then still lead to the hypothetical scenarios you stated.

        Considering what they already have, Yandere Simulator is nothing.

  15. Yandere dev i found a bug!!!

    first of all its in mission mode

    i had a mission where i need to wear a martial arts cloth i wanted to change my clothes i droped that uniform what i carryed after changing my clothes and my game complety frozen!

    and another bug was the timer in mission mode is too slow!

  16. don’t worry yanderedev they might unban you soon but for focus on the game and make more pogress so that yandere sim can thrive and work things out with twitch in the future not like future in like YEARS but like a few weeks or months lol……..

  17. Twitch doesn’t really unban stuff. One of my friends told me that when twitch unbans a game, they don’t care about it ever again. Also, the reason why twitch banned yan sim was the simple feature of nudity. don’t ask me why, I’m sure there are a lot of hentai games out there but, *sigh* that’s the way it is.

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