97 thoughts on “A Warning To All Game Developers

  1. I really hope Twitch gets their crap together and realize that they’re being completely unreasonable. Don’t worry Yandere-Dev! All of your subscribers, followers, and overall fans have your back! ❤

  2. Twitch is hiring for a number of positions. It may be possible to kill two birds with one stone and get a job at a prominent company, and gently nudge the removal of Yandere Simulator from Twitchs ban list. Shame I don’t have experience in where they want. 😦

  3. Twitch is just completely unreasonable here. Even though I don´t often watch streams I hope it gets unbanned soon. Maybe I´d actually start watching them more often as soon as Yandere Simulator is added to the list

  4. Honestly, you sound like you’re making a storm in a glass of water. This was a year ago, get over it, it doesn’t deserve an almost 20 minute video. You could’ve just explained the issue in under ten minutes but it seems like you just “had” to rant.

    • I guess you don’t realize how influential streaming sites are to the attention a game gets. Twitch is THE site to stream games on. Almost everyone has heard of it, even people who dont play video games and/or don’t go on streaming sites. Banning a game on Twitch keeps it from getting a lot of attention. I dont think Devpai wants a ridiculous amount of attention for his game, but this is a very frustrating problem. And its frustrating for the fanbase as well. Even me, who never goes on game streaming sites, finds this very annoying and unfair.
      Please know i am not trying to be rude. I apologize if any of what i wrote offends you, but this is kinda how it is from how i understand it.

      • I understand the problem and while it does need to be addressed, I don’t think making an overly long video mocking the people who work at Twitch is the right answer either. He could’ve addressed the problem in a more concise and professional way, as it is right now, half of the video feels more like whining than actually looking for a solution.

      • I totally agree with Alis. While the video wasn’t unnecessary, it was way too long and over half of it was whining and ranting. The part where he talks shit about whoever banned the game actually does more harm than good. The begining of the video was alright and informative but as soon as it got to that part, I think anyone not interested in YanSim would just close the video thinking it was just a dev being butthurt.

      • He first isn’t whining. Second he makes it very clear how he’s been trying for a whole year to be professional and TWITCH has been being childish in ignoring him. Third oh my gosh people stop posting negative comments we don’t need negative feedback like seriously!

      • “They started it first” doesn’t even work in a kindergarten, so that’s no excuse… And he could have complained without mocking and insulting Twitch employees. I get how frustrated he is but “Twitch’s support is shit” works just as well, is still within the realms of acceptability given how frustrating all this is, and isn’t childish af. Third, if we give negative feedback it’s because we care about how this may negatively affect YanSim.The video could have had a much broader reach if only the second half of it wasn’t there.

      • Hence I said “in this instance”. Generally speaking you really shouldn’t do this kinda of thing lightly but as with any rule there are exceptions and this is one of them when you take everything into account.

        However, if he does this more (which I believe he wont) then it would RRREEEAAAAAALLLYYY be a problem but like I said already in this instance with everything taken into account it was justified.

    • Considering the frustration was building up over a year, then this video was completely justified. If he could get it all out now then it won’t bother him in the future which would hamper development. “Professionalism” be damned in this instance YandereDev is still human and this was a human response.

      • Yeah he’s human but he’s making a brand for himself at the same time. He’s ruining all of it by making a video full of whining and passive aggressively insulting the twitch employees he doesn’t even know.

      • Yeah but it’s one thing to rant and post it on a personal blog or something and another to make a public video “to all game developers”, publish it on the YanSim blog, say he wants it to be shared so it’ll reach Twitch employees and spend over half of it insulting and mocking the very same people he wants to be helped by.

      • Hence I said “in this instance”. Generally speaking you really shouldn’t do this kinda of thing lightly but as with any rule there are exceptions and this is one of them when you take everything into account.

        However, if he does this more (which I believe he wont) then it would RRREEEAAAAAALLLYYY be a problem but like I said already in this instance with everything taken into account it was justified.

      • The thing is, I disagree this is an exception… He obviously had a lot of time to think about this video, so it’s not even like it was a heat of the moment thing. If he were just saying “f*ck it all, I don’t care about YanSim being banned anymore”, then sure, go ahead and insult Twitch as much as you want, but asking people for help with getting YanSim unbanned in the same breath as he insulted the very people who could do that? It doesn’t matter how justified this was or wasn’t, it was completely counterproductive and YanDev should have known better.

      • Damn right! ““Professionalism” be damned in this instance..” is a good point. Twitch is being extremely unprofessional and having very poor customer service by dragging this shit behind it for a year. YanDev has been nothing but patient with this company, so it is understandable that he is getting frustrated and felt the need to make a 20 minutes long video over the matter. You try creating a widely popular indie game and having it banned from a website for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Like he said, YanSim could rake in a shit ton of money for Twitch, because it has become so popular, and it’s popularity will continue to grow as he further developes the game and adds new mechanics.

    • It it seems you did to. Whatever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Honestly you mean and negative people keep forgetting there is a HUMAN on the other side of the screen.

      • He’s a human with an important brand that he’s jeopardizing by patronizing the twitch employees that he wants to unban his game. He’s also a human whose not above critique.

      • Saah and Alis, I don’t completely disagree with you and your points, I just want to make something clear (NOT AN ARGUMENT): Yandere Dev has made this video knowing that fans might throw in the towel and leave because he’s making it instead of Osana. Us fans check out his blog because we care about what progress is being made; how we can help him with the game’s development. What would he feel if he saw this huge argument and people dissing on his risk? He may think that he should start working DAYS straight so that we could get content fast and not make arguments. Anyone would go crazy if they had to work nonstop to please this group of people. I’m a little pacifist, yes, but I was reading through comments and this debate just hurts me. (IF YOU GET ALL “OH PACIFIST, Y U EVEN LOOKING AT THIS MURDEROUS GAME”, IM NOT SUPER PACIFIST. I JUST hate. hate. hate. arguments) So, I don’t want to argue, and you do have a point. But please, this really is a game. He’s annoyed because he might like to broadcast his own game on Twitch. If you spent years working on something and people liked playing it, you may be happy to see it on a game streaming website. But instead, it is suddenly removed. You protest and try to reason with the website, but they do not pay attention. YanDev offered to change things like ‘Titan Mode’ or any ‘scandalous’ features, such as clouds over a naked body. So please, let’s stop arguing and let Yandere Dev have a break!

    • Honestly, you sound like you don’t even know this game. This was a very silly comment to post, get over the fact that we all like it and you’re like ” everyone likes this game, I should stand out by saying it should be shorter.
      You didn’t have to watch the video so it’s nobody’s fault not ours not YandereDev’s not yours, I’m just saying that their are nicer ways to voice that sentence of yours and he is higher up that you if you know what I mean. I’m not trying to argue just know that nicer things or ways can be said

    • i think the problem is that having your game banned alongside games about rape is extremely bad publicity. I also thought the way he handle the video sometimes came across as immature… but in the other hand i guess i understand where he is coming from, if something like that happened to a game im developing i would not know what to do. This is really bad for the game in the long shot… what if once Yandere Simulator’s kickstarter is up lots of new people don’t support it thinking it’s a hentai game? Even if WE people who play the game NOW, know better, we are just a fraction of the future players the game could have.

      • Like I said before, it’s totally understandable that Dev is not happy with with situation and I think he absolutely deserves at least an explanation of why his game is banned. That said, I don’t think it was necessary to mock Twitch employees to validate his point. Dev says he wants to be taken seriously as a game developer, then he should be fully prepared to take the high road and be professional in his approach, no matter what.

    • To me, I don’t think he is being whiny in the second half, only the blog part. Look, I don’t care if you disagree with me, because that’s your opinion. But he isn’t saying shit like “Twitch is a prick” or “Their employees are assholes and they should die”. He’s still calm about this. He doesn’t want to start a fight with Twitch. He just want his response from them, why the game was banned.

  5. We should kidnap the daughter of the Twitch developer and send him/her a video of the daughter tied to a chair, blindfolded and crying for help. This way we can get the Twitch developer’s attention. Then we will send him/her a message to remove all banned games from twitch or else . . . for every day these games remained banned, we would remove his/her daughter’s fingers. This way the Twitch developer is forced to act immediately if he/she wants his/her daughter back in one piece.

  6. Let’s Midori these people!!!!!!!!! But srly, spread this as far as you can. Lets give them horrible publicity. Or we could boycott them. Get their views down enough that they start freaking out over it. Or just- like i said before- Midori them with a TON of annoying email that someone has to go through.

  7. Emailed them again, as I did year ago before deleting my account. Let’s hope.

    As to the people who say “It was wrong to make fun and talk shit about whomever banned the game”… I would agree with this year ago. I would agree with this if twich had explained this in any way. But they made it the wrongest way possible – ban and ignore. It is an example of very unprofessional and bad support work. There is no way you can excuse it after a year.

  8. i mean, the yandere trope is kinda trash, but we’re allowed to have problematic favs. this game isn’t hurting anyone. i get what you’re saying about “those” people yandev, but you seemed a little… overzealous. i’m not at all defending people who want to get rid of all problematic media simply because it’s problematic (if real people are getting hurt that’s one thing, as is if it’s really something reprehensible. but nothing is perfect), but it felt a bit like you were lumping those people in with people who care about equality without being, well, yanderes about it. take this as you will

    • Yeah I wasn’t moved by his anti-SJW rhetoric. He sounds like the equally as dumb other half that believes everyone is an oversensitive hive-mind when literally people are just expressing basic concerns. Also exploiting your slightly larger female fan base as a counter argument when generally there is an overall increase of female gamers in the gaming world is just childish.

      • Whatever happened to if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all? You didn’t have to watch the video and you also don’t have to see what Yandere Dev is doing. You can just go somewhere else and go enjoy that.

      • xchashi, by that logic the video shouldn’t even have been posted because it’s not saying nice things about Twitch or the whole situation, plus YanSim can be streamed in other places, sooo…

      • Okay time to step in. You guys have harp on his little jokes and jabs a bit much. I’m getting sick of how we need to keep bottling things up. Why do people expect everyone to be when one party is being a jackass? Twitch is being the jackass here and you guys are like, “Be nice. Be professional dude.” We don reward professionalism and kindness to assholes like Twitch. did you know being too nice can make people take advantage of you? He’s human at the end of day like we all are.

        Lastly, you kind of ignore all the reasons he has theory crafted. These are just reasons he thinks his game was banned. Yes, he takes jabs but if you were in his position you kind of had enough of their bullshit. Keep in mind how some people he did talk you on Twitter from Twitch didn’t take him serious and saw him as a pest. So, once again why does he have to be respectful to people who are not being respectful back? Respect is a two way street. It is earned. Not given out like candy because people feel they are entitled to it.

        Also on the anti-SJW rhetroric….as someone who is neutral in the situation. He wasn’t wrong and people who have been harassing and “exposing” him have been SJWs. What he says has some truth to it. He also has firsthand experience, so he would know better than you and me. And it wasn’t “childish” to bring up the female fanbase of Yandere Sim. It made sense here. The rise of female gamers is coming from the mobile market. Not PC or consoles. Many people don’t wanna take the mobile market serious but it is a legit source income for many games. Do research on that before you call something childish. I hate when people cherrypick sources just to fit their narrative.

      • There are numerous sources of YandereDev doing stuff like this in the past like unsolicited anti-SJW rhetoric. He is not above critique especially on a public platform. The “he’s human” argument doesn’t really hold much weight when you are promoting a brand or a business and trying to network/make connections. You have to be professional to yield better results. People expect you to hold some type of cordiality no matter what gets thrown at you. I’m not saying you can’t be unprofessional, no one is stopping you, but it will give your brand less credibility. A lot of people felt that this video would’ve of been way more effective if he just kept it consise and didn’t go off on a large passive aggressive rant at the twitch employees and SJW’s. To be frankly honest SJW is such a niche term it sounds out of place for a “serious” discussion, but that’s something else in itself. What’s done is done.

      • “The rise of female gamers is coming from the mobile market. Not PC or consoles. Many people don’t wanna take the mobile market serious but it is a legit source income for many games. Do research on that before you call something childish. I hate when people cherrypick sources just to fit their narrative.” I think you need to reread my post because it seems like you didn’t comprehend it properly… :\ ??

      • Honestly I found that part of the video just plain gross. Completely unnecessary. There are a lot more people whining over ther “SJW”s than I’ve ever seen SJW’s… who looks like the “butthurt” one now?

    • I see, so you guys are “those people” who judge because you don’t like it, and think it bad as you think you are delivering “Justice”? you don’t understand Yandere dev’s feeling, if so, then don’t talk like you care about him,”those people”.

      • I’m done lmao you don’t have to defend him like he’s a toddler. Just listen to the other side of the argument instead of rejecting it.

  9. As someone who’s working towards becoming a game developer, I totally understand the frustration you must have about the whole situation. I have one idea about maybe why Twitch won’t allow the game on the site, but it’s just an idea. Maybe it’s because it’s an unfinished game right now? Of course it’s still playable, but it’s not an official game yet, even up to your own standards. Usually games in development (as far as I know) don’t have the game up to play as it’s being made or possibly even have enough popularity to be noticed if it does like Yandere Simulator. I know that it would be difficult to change a game after it’s made to go up to Twitch’s standards, especially if it’s a major point in the game. If you don’t get the response you hope for from this video, I suggest waiting until a demo is made? At least then you can try to get response with a finished product saying, “Look, this is the game truly!” If they respond and tell you, that’s amazing, you can fix what you need to fix! If not, try again after you finish the game or potentially even after the Kickstarter to show it’s a game that’s going to be made. If even after all of that, Twitch wants to keep it banned, then so be it. You still have Youtube and it’s videos/streaming, and although it sucks that it happens to be your favorite site, but Youtube is what got the game started. These are just suggestions though to try and help out. (i’m sorry it’s pretty long, it was going to be a youtube comment but I figured this could be more appropriate )

  10. I’m honestly hopeless when it comes twitch. I don’t even have a twitch account, I found out about Yandere Simulator through one of the big name YouTuber (probably Markiplier). So I can understand why it is important to lift the ban, as a potential to extend it to more people & the usual expectations.
    Getting the video more views and having people bring up the issue. The only thing I can really think could be any help but might be another deadend is maybe contact someone who does look into YouTube or gaming trends. To see what they might think could be the problem, as well as an outsider point of view. The other thing I can think of is a non-profit petition, just to show twitch that there are people who believe that game doesn’t deserve the ban.
    I’m sorry that these might not help. They are the only things that I know have worked in the past.

  11. I think it’s its lack of ESRB rating. Due to the game violent nature, Twitch must consider Yandere Simulator as a “Adult Only” game until proven otherwise. As a private company, Twitch as its own “judgement” policy.
    I would waste my time with Cobra Club dev and if they treat YandereDev the same way they treat the other “Adult Only” dev…

  12. Thanks YandereDev for informing me, I shall tell every game developer I know by email. I will link them to your video if possible to see evidence.

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  13. Yeah, that Twitch thing is bullshit, but wait, YandereDev knows Dangan Ronpa?! Sweet! Man, I would kill to see some Dangan Ronpa easter eggs!

  14. I’m a woman who believes in equal rights for everyone and I love Yandere Simulator. The “questionable” content in Yandere Simulator comes from a place of parody, not misogyny. The day we stop being able to enjoy offensive content in a simulated environment is the day that art dies.
    Do you guys agree?

      • I agree with both of you. The “offensive content” is meant to be protected. The entire point of the First Amendment is to protect speech that offends some people. Corporations may not be governments but they are in control of vast forums for public discourse and should be required to at least provide people notice and an opportunity to be heard (due process rights) when they ban someone. There’s a universe of difference between those who care about rights and the SJW (left wing) and Moralist (right wing) advocates for censorship and other restrictions on speech. Using your idea of what is and isn’t “offensive” or “moral” as a club to bully people into silence is wrong regardless of which side is doing it. We must be able to advocate our ideas and promote our own beliefs, otherwise we cannot have a free discourse of ideas and people can’t make truly informed decisions. This is a game. It’s not real. No real people have been harmed and no real world action is being advocated. Let it stream and let the public decide if they love it, hate it, or don’t care one way or the other.

  15. While there are games that do portray women in demeaning ways, I don’t think Yandere Simulator is one of them. The behavior of Yandere-chan and the scenario the game presents could happen in real life, albeit without the Easter eggs and stuff. And unfortunately, while the work of feminism is noble, there are some people who take it too seriously and become stereotypes or parodies. It would suck if one of those people caused Yandere Simulator to get banned.

  16. Twitch does not deserve you, YandereDev. I would suggest you to find another streaming website that is not an asshole to you (hope you can find some stream service that is not Twitch and make a fking name there, so Twitch would realize its mistake).

  17. This is absolute bullshit! Twitch should speak to you about this instead of sitting on their asses. This game shows NOTHING bad. Yeah there is killing, nudity, panties, etc. On twitch, many people stream this kind of stuff and the game that they were playing isn’t banned. I’m confused and upset that Twitch won’t reply to you. I feel you YandereDev.

    • yes they alow south park: joystick of truth that includes graphical nudity and even more intence then ‘panty shots’ also they alow gta and I have seen my brother play it and its 100% more aggressive and graphical then yandere sim. not cool. I feel you! (you both) hopefully twitch relised it has made a terrible mistake and should “un” ban it immiediatly hopefully!

  18. I am posting this on my Quotev account right now at Dragonrider1404, I’m so sorry Yandere-Dev that Twitch is doing this and if you had chosen the Email Avalanche option, I would have been the first one there.

  19. Man i think Twitch needs to tread with all that

    They got games w/ similar aspects as this one, but they did a random selection and picked yours for the blacklist

    If they don’t unban them, i think you should let them kick rocks and leave them be

    There’s probably better and fair streaming services out there, so it should be good

  20. true, why would twitch let south park: joystick of truth, and not let yandere sim on?? what is going on??? maybe twitch does’t like the idea of japennese games, like yanderedev said. hopefully they resond to yandere dev.

  21. This makes me wonder if I ever made the game I want to create, if I would also get banned from Twitch.

    This game would be superficially similar to Yandere Simulator in theme (schoolgirl in an anime high school setting), but would not revolve around a yandere. Its gameplay and mechanics would differ greatly, and would be based heavily off of Bully (Canis Canem Edit). The game would center mainly around all manner of different “clique war” missions, pranks, and other shenanigans in addition to normal school activities. No idea for a name. I’m not even sure what kind of “dere” a schoolgirl who seems nice/cute, but is actually a sneaky punk hooligan/delinquent would be.

  22. It is serious to ban a great game like the Yandere Simulator !! Those guys from Twich just look at those games that they think will not generate money … How absurd !!

  23. Okay I strongly feel that a factor in why the game was banned might be the fact that you can bully a girl and lead her to suicide. That is the main thing that makes any sort of sense as to why it would be banned. I could be wrong tho

  24. Do not worry! I send a e-mail to twitch saying:
    YandereDev made a video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hS6GLrM0mVA ), please watch it. I can’t force you to return YandereSim in twitch, but if you won’t, please say WHY you do it! I LOVE YandereSim, I do not know ifyou quit it is from any adult content, violence or graphics maybe?But please, can you answer all the e-mails from YandereDev and answer him?I have some reasons why I am writing this message:
    -YandereSimulator is a game with more than 20 different posibilities for eliminating a rival: stabbing, pushing off the roof,expeling and others.
    -YandereSimulator has got rivals with different personalities and Osana is adding to the game!
    -YandereSimulator has got like 20 clubs the player can join like power-ups!
    -All defects from YandereSimulator are in others games on twitch.
    -YandereSimulator has got awesome graphics,animations and artstyle.
    -YandereDev has got a million of subs that will love to see the game on twitch.
    Sorry for my bad English!
    Thank you very much for reading this.I hope this helps.
    I hope it helps!Aaaaand….Sorry for my bad english xD

  25. We could try a petition to have Twitch at least review the game and clear up any misunderstanding. For the people who hates that he complains, he has right to complain as you do to have an opinion. Second, the mocking thing is just for fun and games, people who took how he down them seriously is just as silly. Unless you’ve been in his shoes, then people can’t understand how hard upsetting it is to do so. But either way don’t give up YandereDev! The fans and players will always support you and hopefully one day Twitch will unban it.

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