December 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

There were some pretty bad bugs in the most recent build of the game, so I’m rolling out another one! Scroll down past this illustration of Musume Ronshaku taking a selfie with Harambe to see a list of everything new in the latest build of the game:

Koumi-Senpai draws a lot of really beautiful illustrations that definitely deserve to be showcased here…but there was no way I could resist the urge to feature Harambe on the blog, so I just had to go with this one!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan’s phone to display a blank message if the player attempted to send Info-chan a photograph of anything that didn’t have a collision box attached to it.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona and Saki to avoid their Monday rooftop event if they were spooked by weird behavior from Yandere-chan before they reached the rooftop.
  • Fixed bug that would cause blood pools to spawn hovering in midair if a student was dismembered while their corpse was lying on top of a cello case.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a large black shadow to appear over Yandere-chan’s body when she removed her clothing in the locker room.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Yandere-chan to freeze after committing murder while wearing a painter’s frock or a martial arts gi.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the “Confirm” prompt to be listed as the incorrect button on the Mission Mode menu screen.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to not spawn blood when move than 50 meters away from the center of the map.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the “Student Info” screen to be totally broken inside of Yandere-chan’s room.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the syringe in the infirmary to float in midair.
  • Modified the texture of the katana case and its key.

Hey! What about the fan art contests?!

I’m sorry! I wanted to release the bug-fix build first! The very next thing I’m going to do is review all of the entries, so you can probably expect the winners of the fan art contests to be announced later today! (EDIT: Sorry, it won’t be December 2nd! It will have to be December 3rd, instead! I’m very sorry!)

55 thoughts on “December 2nd Bug-Fixing Build

    • It should had be subimited until November 30th on Yanderedev’s timezone.
      But… even if you’re late you can send it to Yanderedev. He loves fanarts. But, of course, you are not going to participate on the contest.

      • Remember that in March to November there is Day Light Saving in California.
        So during that period is GMT-7.
        I don’t know the exact day that Day Light Saving starts and the day it ends. Sorry.

      • (couldn’t reply to your latest comment and sorry for my late reply) so…he lives in pst time like me…. however, it’s time to activate some possibly faulty thinking (i’m sorry), since, i didn’t know what time he runs by, and he leaves the due date of 11/30/16 which is just 11:59 pm, no PST included assuming that he had assumed that everyone would’ve known. Please note: I participated in some art contests, no official ones yet, mainly DA user supported. A crucial detail is to add to the end date/time is the timezone so, everyone would submit all their entries by then and there won’t be anyone left behind, due to the timezone difference. Since, he didn’t add timezone and only left the due date, which means that the due date is when the whole world date changes to 12/1/16. Hawaii or HST or GMT/UTC -10 will still be in 11/30/16, leaving 2+ more hours to the rest of the world depending on where they live or 3+ if you wanna run by GMT/UTC -11. So if kuruotokonoko submitted their entry after 12 am and they live in another timezone besides GMT/UTC -10 or -11, they could’ve made it, however we don’t know what timezone they live in…. (っ– ‸ – ς) //sighs

        Please note: This is possibly faulty thinking. I’m partially sorry for how much I have written.
        Also….I should’ve added it to my email with my entry….. //face plants my desk

      • Well, PST is later than most timezones. For most people, it won’t be a problem.
        But I agree, maybe there’s new fans here and they didn’t know or considered Yanderedev’s timezone.
        I think the GMT goes until -11, it’s just 3h of difference.

      • I search on internet and just those places are later than PST:
        • French Polynesia: Tahiti Island, Marquesas Islands, Gambier Islands (France)
        • Cook Islands, Niue (New Zealand)
        • Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa (USA)

      • There are later timezones?! O.O I know that PST is later than most time zones. But…the little bit of extra time saved me to be honest unless it might not have. Oh well. Originally, I wasn’t going to make it until I did some timezone research and it brought me something I really needed. I mean I did…2 separate contest entries in a row basically including this one…the other one ended last Sunday. I arrive so late for everything I want to join. But, seriously, 300+ layers for my entry was hard enough and I had to merge most of those layers.

        Ahp…im talking too much again. XP

    • Yeah… that’s called advertising something irrelevant, don’t do it without permission or if it’s related because we are trying to talk about this game and your just here like “COME TO STEAM.

  1. Who is harambe, when did they die because I didn’t see them on the news and wasn’t it last year?
    Unless harambe had a clone!

  2. Is launcher is bugged or no more updated with new versions? Currently I pressing force re-download thinking that version check is bugged for over a month, but I didn’t test if that updated game yet.

  3. Yanderedev Yanderedev! i’ve found an impossible mission. there it is:
    Kill Pippi Osu.(does’t matter)
    No corpses discovered.
    You must dispose of the target’s body by incinerating it.
    Complete the mission within 10 minutes.
    Clean all blood.
    You must kill the target with a knife.(doesn’t matter)
    No witnesses.
    Dispose of the murder weapon.
    Kill ONLY the target.
    You must kill the target while wearing a martial artist’s gi.
    First we need to use martial artist’s gi, we need to join a club.
    then we need to incinerate person but to do this, because of delinqents, we need to join light music club.
    But for this XD we need to leave from first club, but we can’t leave ‘couse we’re blood, and we can’t change uniform from martial artist’s gi. and every option is disabled by this.

    i know this is boring to read, but i got this mission and i tried so many times, but ”NOPE!” i can’t complete this.

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