October Progress Report: Osana Progress, Framerate Improvement, and Pose Mode

Here’s my progress report for the past two weeks:

I originally planned to make a very different type of video; the original plan was to list every single aspect of Yandere Simulator that is having a negative impact on the framerate (updating the GUI, performing path-finding calculations, performing physics simulations, etc), describe the solution to each problem, and explain whether or not I am currently able to implement the necessary solutions. However, I decided that this would probably result in a very boring video, so I decided to simplify my explanations as much as possible and make a video that could be understood and enjoyed by as wide of an audience as possible.

Most of my time over the past 2 weeks was spent in two ways:

  1. Writing Osana’s story, designing her events, and writing all of the dialogue necessary for her story/events.
  2. Investigating what is affecting the game’s framerate, researching possible solutions, and attempting to do everything I could to improve the framerate.

All of Osana’s lines are written (and recorded, thanks to very dedicated voice actors!), so that was a success, but I’m extremely unsatisfied with how much progress I was able to make with the game’s framerate. I really wished to improve it even further, but researching it and trying to fix it has already eaten up a ridiculous amount of time, and I am very eager to move on to other things, so I will probably postpone the task of improving the framerate.

On that note, I’ve added a Settings Menu to the game that allows the player to adjust the game’s graphics in the following ways:

  • Change amount of particles spawned / disable particles
  • Disable outlines around characters
  • Lower or disable anti-aliasing
  • Disable post-aliasing
  • Disable bloom
  • Enable low-detail students
  • Change camera draw distance
  • Enable fog
  • Disable shadows

Hopefully, giving the player these options will allow some people to improve their framerates.

I’ve also added something called “Pose Mode”, which allows the player to do the following:

  • Move, rotate, or resize any bone in a student’s body
  • Teleport a student to Yandere-chan’s position
  • Customize a student’s appearance (to a certain degree)
  • Make a student perform any animation.

Between writing hundreds of lines of dialogue, researching how to improve the framerate, adding the Settings Menu, and adding Pose mode, I somehow found enough time to take care of the following issues:

  • Fixed bug that would cause Riku to confess to Kokona’s corpse under the cherry tree if Kokona was killed after leaving a note in Riku’s locker.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to snap out of their “Meeting” protocol if they heard a giggle while waiting to meet someone.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cuase Riku Soma to fall through the ground sometimes after studying with Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would allow delinquents to knock out Yandere-chan while she was dumping a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to blush at people she’s attracted to…while she was dead.
  • Updated the texture that appears on a student’s face when they are blushing.
  • Replaced the copyrighted bike ride music with original music.
  • Fixed inaccurate student portraits.

What’s Next?

Halloween only comes once a year, and I don’t want to let it pass by without doing something special, so I’m going to try to whip something up. I already have an idea in mind! However, anything related to Osana will be my top priority. When I don’t have any Osana-related tasks to work on, and when I’m done with my Halloween plans, I’ll continue working on the things that the community voted for in the last poll.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

247 thoughts on “October Progress Report: Osana Progress, Framerate Improvement, and Pose Mode

  1. If every individual is checking every part of the game, it will be remarkably slower, so shouldn’t the student either only scan for things near it, or check a program which does the scan for it? That way, every student is scanning the program’s output and not the hole game?

    Example: Student checks program and it informs them of all important events, such as deaths, location of death, location of player, location of a student who will commit suicide, location of player with knife or/and other weapons, ext.

    All I’m saying is if you implement one program that checks the bolt games every student doesn’t have to do it individually, making the program not have to run so many scans at once, making it faster.

    • I don’t believe that every individual is checking every part of the game. I obviously don’t have access to the game’s source code, but from what I saw in the game, I think that the students are just scanning the area around them as of now.
      Also, I don’t think implementing the event informer you described into the game would help so much. If the informer is informing every student of events on the school, then either every student or the informer will then have to check if the students can see the event. This will increase the running time as there are more suspicious things and activity happening on the school’s campus, especially if Yandere-chan is dragging a recently killed corpse with a lot of pools of blood spawning every few seconds.

    • Yeah, I also thought this way of checking was inefficient. So imma double post here my two cents on the matter as I wrote it in the Youtube comments as well:
      Dev, can’t you find a way to have the corpse/bloodied areas (maybe something like Suspicious Areas, created in a radius around a suspicious aftermath like corpse or blood) do the check? That way the Suspicious Area is the only entity checking if there is something near it/looking at it. Might not be as realistic but atleast you will have way fewer checks done.
      Thing does check, Notifies actors. Cool thing this way is that you can implement a fragrance system. If the Area should smell like blood, it will notify Those nearby to investigate. Would be a cool addition. Difficulty increased but for the greater cause.

  2. Maybe it is a bad idea, but what if instead of making every student check for bodys, blood and so on you make every “suspicious activity” to check for students nearby?

    We have about 100 students planed, and only few corpses at a time (less than 100 for sure). So, corpse constantly checks it surroundings (creepy, yeah), and if it finds a student – triggers some kind of behaviour for that student. Same with Yandere-chan actions. Whenever Yandere-chan does something suspicious – she checks her surroundings for students and triggers their behaiviour if found. May decrease number of checks to an area where it is really needed.

    • Lmao, I earlier came to this conclusion as well and wrote a comment on it prior to reading this~ Its awesome how some minds far away can think alike.

      The only difference is that you mentioned to add the same check to Yan-chan while I mentioned adding a fragrance system to notify for instance the smell of blood to nearby actors.
      We should have both happen in the game, Dev.

      • Oh just realized something as well, in case there are a lot of characters in the vicinity, you can have those or the closest character to notify others in a way. Like if I see blood, I will yell something about blood and others will react to it. If no authority is present, the most probable nearby character will investigate (Like a closest courageous char) or just the closest character if non courageous are closeby.
        Makes for a varying reactions to Suspicious areas.

  3. I really like the fog idea with low draw distance, but I feel as though this shouldn’t be put in right away and should instead be impacted based on sanity or atmosphere. For instance, the lower the sanity or atmosphere, the spookier (and foggier) and the more bland the colors become. It’d be spooky and more intimidating when she loses sanity AND it would have the negative affect of not being able to see as far. This would make the player want to keep track of their sanity and perhaps this could even make senpai a useful tool, like if she were around him, fog would disappear and she’d be able to see farther and in color. This would mean you’d have to be stealthy since senpai can’t catch you in low sanity.

    But, the idea of sillhuotte characters would actually lose some of the game’s unique qualities, like getting the player to feel guilty for their actions. It’s hard to feel empathy for a simple silhouette. Also, the player will want to remember the faces of those who’ve witnessed their crimes if they want to keep senpai.

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  5. Yandere dev yandere dev please make it so that when you kill someone they don’t just fall through walls it’s very weird and people see me kill when they are on the other side of the wall please just fix this or do the best that you can.

    • If it’s a bug, and you can cause it to happen 100% of the time, then email Yan Dev about it. He appreciates all the help he can get. Just make sure you read the Bug Reporting page on yanderesimulator.com first tho.

    I’m Having Fun With Pose Mode.
    And I Also Copied The Tableau Figures Of The Rivals.
    Sorry But They Are Only 8 Rivals That I Copied
    (Don’t Know What To Use In Megami And Muja’s Hairstyle)
    Here Are The Links Of My Work:
    1.Osana Najimii – file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/Photo_15.png
    2.Amai Odayaka – file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/Photo_16.png
    3.Kizana Sunobu – file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/Photo_17.png
    4.Oka Ruto – file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/Photo_18.png
    5.Asu Rito – file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/Photo_19.png
    6.Mida Rana – file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/Photo_20.png
    7.Osoro Shidesu – file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/Photo_21.png
    8.Hanako Yamada – file:///C:/Users/DELL/Downloads/Photo_22.png

    I Hope You Enjoy.

  7. I know Yandere dev does not like suggestions but I had an idea that I need to get out of my head:
    Week 11 rival
    The first robotic human with a perfect replica of the human brain,
    After a lengthy debate she won her rights to attend school and have a normal life.

    You cannot let her witness murder because she is equipped with a camera that records everything she sees, If she were to go to the police you would immidiatly lose the game.

    The same goes if you kill her from the front side, if the body is found you will get a game over, So you will have to attack her from behind. (also she bleeds oil not blood) she hangs out with the social butterflies thus only social butterflies will react to her oil, while other students will question it but wont think a murder has occured.

    You must wear gloves if you stab her to avoid being ellectrocuted,
    you cannot kill her with a blunt weapon as you need to penetrate her metal skin.
    You cannot frame her because her camera can prove her innocence
    You cannot drown her because she doesn’t require air to live (attempting to do this will result in her telling a teacher she was attacked.
    a mindslave cannot kill her because they would get ellectrocuted.
    You cannot kidnap her because she cannot be tranquilized (attempting to do so will result in her telling a teacher she was attacked)

    You can poisen her by pouring acid into her oil that she uses.

    Her rival specific method:
    Step 1: Join gaming club
    Step 2: Learn coding skill
    Step 3: Get info chan to get you access to the company that built her and learn about her code
    Step 4: Befrend her and convince you to let you see something on her camera. (hooking her up to a computer)
    Step 5: Delete her camera files
    Step 6: Delete all files that allow her to experience emotions:
    Step 7: She no longer loves senpai and is an emotionless shell of a student,
    kind of like yandere chan.

  8. Personally, I think the simple silhouettes should be added as an optional addition to the game’s options menu, not as a core feature of Yandere Simulator, as personally, I could see times where I’d want to use the simple silhouette feature, like when I’m playing Yandere Simulator on my less-powerful laptop on the go, and on the other hand, mostly I’d prefer to play the game normally and see each student as their normal individual selves when I’m playing off of my desktop. That’s just my opinion though.

    I love the new Pose mode! Great idea! Yeah the menu interface could definitely be cleaned up a bit, and all the poses categorized, but so far so good!

    As for the idea about adding a cutscene director mode, I think that would be fantastic! Although I’m sure it would be incredibly-hard to add, I could see a lot of people really having fun with this tool, especially if you could directly save your own cutscenes to your PC as MP4 files!

  9. I really hope someone who’s a master at framerates emails Yanderedev and solves all of our problems. That would be amazing.

    Also, the polls no longer show up for me, it takes me to a page with the word “nip”. I know others have been saying this is going on, and i was wondering if anyone knew a solution to it?

  10. Okay so if you vote for yandere kun thats taking up time for the rivals for doing yandere kun thats why i say snap or the tapes 😀 but if you want to have him thats fine but i think he should be in late in the game for now

  11. Instead of having every student search around them for suspicious behavior, wouldn’t it be more efficient to have potentially suspicious behavior check if there is anyone nearby that should be freaking out? Like, when a student dies it’s corpse begins checking if there is anyone close enough to notice it, and then checks if those people are in a position that would allow them to see it. I don’t think this would be more efficient for every possible situation, but it’s effectively much less checks happening on the background on a given moment, unless the player goes out of his or her way to make the school look like a scene from a gory horror movie.

  12. I just had an idea. Do you guys know SARACEN? That person is the one who helped Yanderedev implement the changing outfits feature of the clubs. Well, I checked that person’s channel, and I found out that he/she(Don’t know his or her gender) is working on a video game called Galatea. Its about dating I guess? The thing that I noticed about Galatea is that its in first-person, which allowed me to experience the school life of the protagonist, despite the fact that it is still unfinished. This got me thinking, What if Yandere Simulator have the option to go on FIRST-PERSON view? of course, it affects some of the gameplay, with the fact that it will be harder to see the people around you, especially when the Teachers are chasing you, but I thought it would be an interesting feature. It would allow you to, somehow, experience Ayano’s school life in her eyes. Interaction with NPCs would be a lot more fun, and it would be harder to get away with murder in this mode. I…also imagined doing the sanity animations in First Person, and I really think it would be more…enjoyable? I know that you enter First Person when using the camera, but then you can’t really interact with other NPCs. Also, with the release of Playstation VR, the First Person feature of Yandere Simulator would definitely benefit the VR experience, given that YandereDev release a Playstation version of Yandere Simulator. Of course, I’m not saying that we should scrap the 3rd person view the game currently have, First Person is optional.

  13. everyone: “when’s Osana gonna be ready?”
    me: “when’s he gonna implement that official uniform he designed a few moths ago?”

  14. in the second 3:38 of the video there’s a code that says 01000001 01111001 01000011 01110010 01001011 01000101 01100101 01100101 01011001 01011111 01001001. I decided to search for a binary to text translator and got this: AyCrKEeeY_I . Is anyone out there to help me find out what the hell does that mean?

  15. I’m aware that YandereDev doesn’t really read the comments, but I’m wondering why every student is checking at every tick for suspicious things. Why not have it so when a suspicious thing happens, it triggers a script where every student checks to see if it’s happening near them, and if it is, react accordingly? And when suspicious things/activities are no longer present, the students would stop checking. I don’t know much about code, but would that be possible?

  16. I prefer the appearance of “faceless” gray students to the pink and blue silhouettes, which I feel look rather jarring and tacky. I’m not sure how this will be implemented in the future, but if it ends up being a choice between the two of those (even though I prefer seeing all characters the way they are now), I think the faceless gray students are more aesthetically pleasing and fit the theme that Yandere-chan doesn’t see anyone else except senpai and the rivals as real people. Seeing the similar looking, faceless gray characters interacting in a world of muted color… I think that could really suit the dark mood of the game. Maybe if the game gained more and more color the closer Yandere-chan comes to “winning…” and if lower sanity also makes the world appear more gray? Those could be interesting choices that might end up helping the framerate at least some of the time?

  17. Ugh I’m on a computer and every time I try to download the game it SAYS file downloaded but every time I click on the file it either show a white screen or just a thumbnail and its really annoying

  18. Personally a really subtle and more fitting way to use fogs would be to implement seasons!! For instance, during winter the atmosphere could have more fog and the final rival could also be present in that month, enhancing the game play!! At least two months are going to pass, and within those, certain months with more contrasting seasons can help make the game experience more realistic and motivate the player more to keep playing and find out the differences between each season.

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