October Progress Report: Osana Progress, Framerate Improvement, and Pose Mode

Here’s my progress report for the past two weeks:

I originally planned to make a very different type of video; the original plan was to list every single aspect of Yandere Simulator that is having a negative impact on the framerate (updating the GUI, performing path-finding calculations, performing physics simulations, etc), describe the solution to each problem, and explain whether or not I am currently able to implement the necessary solutions. However, I decided that this would probably result in a very boring video, so I decided to simplify my explanations as much as possible and make a video that could be understood and enjoyed by as wide of an audience as possible.

Most of my time over the past 2 weeks was spent in two ways:

  1. Writing Osana’s story, designing her events, and writing all of the dialogue necessary for her story/events.
  2. Investigating what is affecting the game’s framerate, researching possible solutions, and attempting to do everything I could to improve the framerate.

All of Osana’s lines are written (and recorded, thanks to very dedicated voice actors!), so that was a success, but I’m extremely unsatisfied with how much progress I was able to make with the game’s framerate. I really wished to improve it even further, but researching it and trying to fix it has already eaten up a ridiculous amount of time, and I am very eager to move on to other things, so I will probably postpone the task of improving the framerate.

On that note, I’ve added a Settings Menu to the game that allows the player to adjust the game’s graphics in the following ways:

  • Change amount of particles spawned / disable particles
  • Disable outlines around characters
  • Lower or disable anti-aliasing
  • Disable post-aliasing
  • Disable bloom
  • Enable low-detail students
  • Change camera draw distance
  • Enable fog
  • Disable shadows

Hopefully, giving the player these options will allow some people to improve their framerates.

I’ve also added something called “Pose Mode”, which allows the player to do the following:

  • Move, rotate, or resize any bone in a student’s body
  • Teleport a student to Yandere-chan’s position
  • Customize a student’s appearance (to a certain degree)
  • Make a student perform any animation.

Between writing hundreds of lines of dialogue, researching how to improve the framerate, adding the Settings Menu, and adding Pose mode, I somehow found enough time to take care of the following issues:

  • Fixed bug that would cause Riku to confess to Kokona’s corpse under the cherry tree if Kokona was killed after leaving a note in Riku’s locker.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to snap out of their “Meeting” protocol if they heard a giggle while waiting to meet someone.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cuase Riku Soma to fall through the ground sometimes after studying with Yandere-chan.
  • Fixed bug that would allow delinquents to knock out Yandere-chan while she was dumping a corpse.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to blush at people she’s attracted to…while she was dead.
  • Updated the texture that appears on a student’s face when they are blushing.
  • Replaced the copyrighted bike ride music with original music.
  • Fixed inaccurate student portraits.

What’s Next?

Halloween only comes once a year, and I don’t want to let it pass by without doing something special, so I’m going to try to whip something up. I already have an idea in mind! However, anything related to Osana will be my top priority. When I don’t have any Osana-related tasks to work on, and when I’m done with my Halloween plans, I’ll continue working on the things that the community voted for in the last poll.

Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

247 thoughts on “October Progress Report: Osana Progress, Framerate Improvement, and Pose Mode

  1. ANYONE know how to download the latest build. I’ve tried updating the launcher and it always stops at 300mb downloaded. I’ve tried downloading the latest zip and that just paused and restarted. All this work just so i can do some weird stuff using senpai and other people. SO DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I think the faceless students would be a good idea if they are NOT a big part of the game. Like in town, where riding pass faceless NPCs. However, at school, the students that either will try to steal senpai, a possible partner in crime, and maybe some teachers should be the ones shown. But it would be nice to just murder everyone that has some characteristic, but that also means more coding. Whatever you chose will be the outcome of your game.

  3. Got the game! you have to download it from the host website using MEGA. Btw, the pose mod is great except with a few things missing, or needed.
    Time: In the original mod, you could stop the time so you would stay at school for as long as you want. I’m assuming not yet implemented yet.
    Spawning: The original mod allowed you to spawn any student by clicking their name. Assuming again, not implemented.
    Quitting: Originally, you could lock the students in for posing, then unlock them to their original coding, meaning that nothing even happened.
    Scripting Animation: This one wasn’t exactly in the original mod, but it would be nice to see something like this.
    Invisible yandere-chan/fly with camera/you get the idea.

  4. People were saying I should post this comment on the blog, originally it came from the video on Youtube.
    “This might be something you’ve already thought about.
    But when you mentioned each student checking for bodies, it reminded me of a stealth game I played that I really liked ‘Mark of the ninja’.
    What the developers did there, is instead of making guards check for bodies, they made the bodies check for guards. Which also made it a lot easier for them to make guards react in small groups, telling one to check out a suspicious sound while the other stayed behind watching.”
    Maybe it is something useful to consider.”

    • i actually thought of the same idea only a bit more detailed on YS reddit:
      “the corpse would scan for students, after the corpse found the student it would add their ID’s to a list and call a function for that student which changes a bool value that would be checked in the Update method which will only then search for bodies. that way the students won’t need to check for the alert but instead the corpse will tell the students to start checking. as to why i said to add it to a list, the reason is that if the student left the area (while not finding the body), the corpse will again change call the function which changes the bool value and then the student won’t check for corpses in the Update function.”

  5. I’m glad you decided to implement pose mode! I think that was a good idea for helping to fill the time between updates. I would like to suggest adding the ability to change skin color, though. Senpai’s skin color can be chosen in New Game mode, but the skin color of other students cannot be selected. I’m sure you’ve already considered this, but I think it would be a nice feature to add. You could even add “unnatural” skintones, like paper white (like the spooky ghost girl) or bright red (like a devil/demon) for more variety in posing scenarios.

  6. On the esthetic side, is anyone else waiting for YandereDev’s proposed uniform to be implemented besides me?

    It’s just that after seeing Lucciola Crown’s (aka Chelsea Rose) artwork for the YanSim chibi charms, I’m craving to see the uniform finally in the game (without mentioning that I haven’t seen its male counterpart yet) :’3

  7. I wouldn’t like playing as much if the students didn’t have faces/individual appearances. I find it much more interesting if I, the player, can find out new/unique things about each student to manipulate or kill (since one of the ways Yandere Dev has mentioned before is that you can play as a bloodthirsty killer. In which case I want to see who I’m killing, even if they’re not “manipulable” or “useful” to yandere-chan).

  8. I don’t think any of these options fixed FPS. Minus no Shadows, but I don’t do no Shadows. I have GTX 1070, i5 4690, 16 RAM DDR3. 25 FPS when around students. 55-60 when outside. I’m gonna guess GPU power won’t save this game. Its the scripts, there is way to many running at once. So these scripts need to be optimized. Can confirm going from GTX 750 ti to GTX 1070 didn’t improve frame rate lol.

  9. How about only rendering stuff that you can see? Or is that too complex to implement in this early stage of development?

    Also, how about also implementing level of detail based on range?

    • If you mean LOD, then there already is a hardcore version of it. You can literally make the draw distance 10 meters in front of you and the FPS is still bad. But yeah I expect in the future version there will be LOD(Meshes and Textures beyond your draw distance render at lower poly/lower texture size. Even with no LOD the frame rate is bad. It has barely anything to do with graphic as the largest texture sizes are 1024. My i5 4690 coupled with my GTX 1070 can run Fallout 4 on Ultra at 90 FPS(Capped at 60). I really can’t comprehend how YS runs at 25 FPS with the same setup. I assume its too many scripts running at once, in one area. I really hope YandereDev can optimize his scripts. I don’t mind the FPS honestly. Its not really an immersion game. I’d still much rather have a constant FPS than 25, 47, 60, 26, ect randomly.

      • I’m going to be blunt.
        Unity isn’t made for huge 3D games (it was initially made for more simpler games), and FO4 uses the same engine as Skyrim (all they need to do is modify it for FO4; can easily modify the graphic programming). In addition, FO4 was in development for 7 years. Yandere Simulator is in development for 2.5 years, and it is still in development. Bethesda definitely has more programmers (at least 30), and they don’t need to spend time to design the game. They also don’t need to spend a lot of time sorting through, reading, and replying to emails. Nor do they have to update the game’s fanbase twice a month by creating videos and writing blog posts. Neither do they had to continue to add features to keep fans interested in the game.

        There is more that can be said, but I’m no game dev expert. However, if you can’t comprehend why Yandere Simulator’s frame rate is terrible after reading the previous paragraph, I don’t know what to say.

  10. Handsfree I have a suggestion it’s about the story of the game it is unfinished and hard to understand please Finnish it if respond or fix thx

  11. What about doing it a bit like Pokemon, where each room is its own loading area. If that’s too small, then perhaps make it so that different areas of the school load. The computer only needs to make what is considered that ‘area’, and ignores everything else. The only issue I can see being a problem with this, is people staying out of places that have dead bodies so that the game doesn’t load the reactions of any passerbys. And in that case, I would recommend another option I’ve seen: Make it so that the dead bodies are searching for people that can react to it, rather than living people searching for dead bodies. Since there will be considerably less dead bodies than students, then that should help.

  12. How to add osana (this is not a mod)
    Step 1 found a student.json it will be found at the yanderesimulator_data folder
    Step 2 found the id 33 and the name is unknown and rename to {Osana Najimi }
    Step 3 now launch the game and osana will spawn to musume and occult club member
    There you go. Im so happy about this 🙂

  13. Dude, there’s no reason to downgrade the graphics because the framerate is taking a hit. You’re screwing yourself over with your own code. Stop worrying about deadlines and improve the coding so you don’t take a fucking hit in framerate. There’s a lot of features that could be nixed i.e. NPC’s checking their surroundings every second. Sounds to me like you’re just worried about hitting deadlines. Quit it, YanDev. You can improve the game, stop worrying about these fucking deadlines.

  14. Reducing NPCs to silhouttes is lazy and makes the game look lame.

    Listen, months back we fans voted about how we preferred to see things progress–and most people voted to launch the KS earlier and get a couple more paid programmers on board.

    What ever happened to the results of the poll? If Yandev can’t figure out the frame rate issue, nor how to fix the numerous bugs, then it’s time to hire help. Adding more features or stripping away graphics isn’t going to help in the short or long run. It’s just going to make things more difficult when it comes to finalizing the product. So skip headache later on and gain an extra pair of hands or two and fix things -now.-

  15. i dont know about you guys but i LOVE how YanSim looks without the outlines *-* LOVE IT and well the fog could be a nice touch too but if YanDev wants to add it he might need to give the fog a propuse or to make it a gameplay mecanic kind of thing :s

  16. please no faceless students… if a faceless stundent will be a withness of your crime then how youll going to find him maybe next day and eliminatte him? btw i love this game

  17. Yanderedev, how do characters move? Do they move via script (CharacterController.Move etc) or via animation?
    If they move via animation you can… I don’t know… try to script their movement, so you don’t have to process animations for every single character, but just for those who are visible.
    15% for “Animation.Update” is quite significant. I had that problem too with enemies, optimizing their movement helped me a lot!

    P.S.: I’ve noticed you use Occlusion Culling, so that isn’t a problem of rendering… I don’t know why Camera.Render takes so much CPU!

  18. Yandere Dev! Yandere Dev!
    Why do I have a miserable frame rate (3 FPS) when I have particles turned off, no outlines and I can only see 50 m ahead of me (with fog turned on)?

  19. HELP.
    The last build I downloaded was the june 6th build. Today I downloaded the launcher and updated the game (it took about four long hours). I played for a few minutes, and then closed the game. But when tried to play it again and opened the launcher, it started to update the game again?? The june 6th build was still there, and it hadn’t updated at all. What am I supposed to do?

  20. Would there be a clear difference from the grey foggy world yanchan experiences when Senpai isn’t around and the low school atmosphere? If so, I like the idea of the player seeing the world as Yandere Chan does and grey students kindof add to that bleak environment. However, I think if possible, that if you’ve befriended or Seduced someone they should stop being grey

  21. “This might be something you’ve already thought about.
    But when you mentioned each student checking for bodies, it reminded me of a stealth game I played that I really liked “Mark of the ninja”.
    What the developers did there, is instead of making guards check for bodies, they made the bodies check for guards. Which also made it a lot easier for them to make guards react in small groups, telling one to check out a suspicious sound while the other stayed behind watching.
    Maybe it is something useful to consider.” -Luna Kuutamo, on this update’s youtube post

  22. Damn… that’s fine. The game is progressing and gaining progress, but in addition, also make the terms of all yummy… graphics and all. In order that every person can play this wonderful game.
    Damn… it’s cool. ~

  23. I know Dev does not take suggestions, however I just had a thought that may help with the inventory issue if it still exists.

    What if Yandere-chan carries a purse or a satchel?

    I would be big enough to carry knives and the like but too small to carry large weapons. This might solve the controversy around the skirt-opening idea and could also work if Yandere-kun is implemented (I hope).

  24. i like the idea of the faceless students but maybe when yandere chan takes a pic for info chan info on a student will also unlock their actual appearance so it keeps the idea of yandere chan only seeing the people she is interested in.

  25. instead of running the detection, pathfinding and script checking every frame you could run them every quarter second or so, it’d still be well within a beliveable human reaction speed and would cut way down on calculations.

  26. As the amount of dead bodies is often smaller than the amount of living bodies wouldn’t it make sense to have the bodies force the checking response in to the characters around them. That way there is no needless checks and only checks made when people are near bodies? The same goes for observations on suspicious actions. If the main character pushes this check in to the characters around them then there will be far less checks per frame.

  27. I feel like faceless students, from a pure gameplay and thematic perspective, is not a good idea. Rivals are presented as symathetic in a lot of ways, creating a theme for the game where the player is either drawn in to killing against their morals, or taking the pacifist route and sparing their rival girls. This theme should continue to other students. The player should feel bad about killing or hurting these students, and see how they change in their behaviors because of their actions. It’s what sets this game apart from generic stealth games with generic or unsympathetic enemies. This game challenges what people usually feel empathy for, and just how far they’ll go to win. Just like Aishi-chan, who is the “vessel for the player’s actions.”
    From a gameplay perspective, the appearance of faceless students dampers the entite look of the game, alters how people will recognize characters for later uses, and takes away from one of the major pulls of this game- characterization.

  28. In one of your videos you were examining Natsuiro High School. You mentioned that you were afraid staying in the same environment (school) would get boring for the player. If you were worried about that, then you should also be worried about not giving the each student their own individual appearance. The player will probably be spending most of their time at school anyway (unless you made other places more fun or very needed/relevant/whatever). Seeing the same students all the time would get boring. I think more “individuals” would give more replay value in a way. Hopefully you will figure out some other way to lower the frame rate.

  29. I didn’t send a bug report request for this because it has to do with a debug thing, and this isn’t for Yandere Dev, I just wanted to ask for the general community’s response: is anyone else having problems with the left leg? It worked at first but after posing a few people, it won’t let me move anyone’s left leg. I can move the knee, ankle, and foot but not the leg itself. Thoughts?

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