Rival Introduction Video

Finally! After a long, long wait, I am finally ready to present the Rival Introduction Video! Enjoy!


  • The 2D graphics that float around in the background – and the rival’s name plates – were created by Jacob Judge ( http://jacobjudge.com/ ).
  • The artist who provided the character artwork for this video is named Guillermo Valerla Iglesias ( http://kjech.deviantart.com/ ).
  • I received color correction and motion blur assistance from Andrew Taraba of Bizurk Software ( http://bizurk.net/ ).
  • I was the person in charge of the video’s motion graphics (making the characters move around onscreen, etc).
  • The modeller who provided the rivals’ hairstyles was Druelbozo ( http://druelbozo.deviantart.com/ ).
  • The music was composed by Taylor Ambrosio Wood ( http://marimbagirl.com/ ).

The characters’ voices are not set in stone, but these are the talented women who graciously lent their voices to this video:

  • Osana Najimi – Brittany Lauda
  • Amai Odayaka – Kimberly Ann Campbell
  • Kizana Sunobu – Katelyn Barr
  • Oka Ruto – mom0ki
  • Asu Rito – Dawn M Bennett
  • Muja Kina – Dawn M Bennett
  • Mida Rana – Marissa Lenti
  • Osoro Shidesu – Alexis Silvera
  • Hanako Yamada – Dawn M Bennett
  • Megami Saiko – Amanda Lee

I’m very, very grateful to everyone who was involved! Thank you all so much for your help!

Character Profiles

If you’d like to learn more about the rivals, I suggest heading over to the Characters page of the Yandere Simulator website! It’s been updated with 10 character profiles!

The Characters page will be updated soon with 10 more characters! Yes, Yandere Simulator has more planned characters than you might think. The next time I update the Characters page, I will announce it with a blog post.

Reasons for Rival Video Delay

You’d probably like to hear an explanation for why it took so long to produce the Rival intro video. On August 15th, I polled the fanbase to find out what you wanted me to focus my attention on next, and the majority of you voted for the Rival video. At that point in time, I fully intended to follow the results of the poll…but something happened that made me choose to focus my attention on the Matchmaking video, instead.

As I’m sure many of you already know by now, screenshots from an earlier version of the Rival video were somehow leaked to the Internet. This was very disappointing to me, and honestly, it significantly diminished my motivation for working on the  Rival video. After I lost my motivation, I decided to focus exclusively on the Matchmaking feature, instead. If it wasn’t for the leaks, I wouldn’t have lost my motivation, and this video would have been out 3~4 weeks ago.

It is still a complete mystery how screenshots from the Rival video were leaked. Here are the facts:

  • Only five people were allowed to see this video; the musicians who were asked to compose music for it.
  • I was extremely secretive about this video, and allowed NOBODY else to see it, not even my closest friends.
  • I uploaded an early version of the video to YouTube as an “unlisted” video so that the musicians could compose music for it. I checked the video’s view count every day, to check for anything suspicious. One day, the view count shot up to 50. This was extremely suspicious (an indication that someone was spreading around the link to the video) so I deleted the video immediately.
  • The entire video was not leaked; only screenshots of it were leaked. This makes me believe that whoever took the screenshots was only able to watch it once; otherwise, they would have taken additional screenshots.
  • One of the composers who I sent this video to has not responded to any of my attempts to communicate with them. (I will call him “The 5th Composer”).

Considering all of the above information, my current theory is that The 5th Composer didn’t take the confidential nature of the video very seriously, and broadcasted it during a live-stream. Someone took screenshots of it, and posted these screenshots on Instagram. From there, the screenshots were spread around the Internet. I have no evidence to confirm that The 5th Composer is the one responsible for the leak; this is only a theory, so there is not much else for me to say.

If you have some free time, I’d like to ask you to answer a few polls for me:

Prior to this blog post, were you aware that screenshots of the Rival video had been leaked? http://poal.me/5qxw6i

If you were aware of the leak…

Did you avoid looking at any images / videos of the leaked material? http://poal.me/u9rzuc

When did you first become aware of the leak? http://poal.me/yzfjl9

Thanks for your time!

What’s Next?

The next thing I will focus my attention on is making a video about everything I’ll need to do in order to implement Yandere Simulator’s first real official rival. I hope to have that video out by October 1st – and then you’ll know what my priorities for the month of October are going to be!

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

190 thoughts on “Rival Introduction Video

  1. It’s morbidly amusing that 90% of the rival character profiles are like, “Senpai needs someone to comfort him after all the awful things that PREVIOUSLY happened…”.

    • I love yandere sim cuz I am a pro so I know the debug menu and the Easter egg mode and I love the pose mode and I am a pro so don’t mess with me

  2. The last rival seems a bit like a Mary sue…

    She is rich, a genius, she has extensive martial arts training, leadership training, she’s the most popular girl in school

    Goddess personality and no weaknesses

    • And you have a chance of murdering this Mary Sue. Where’s the problem? Hasn’t every person dreamed of doing this at one point? Taking that annoying Mary Sue character (be it canon or fan-made) and causing harm to them?

      Besides, she IS the last rival (*knocks on wood* that we currently know of; we don’t know if Yan Dev will pull something else out), so of course she is going to be (one of) the best there is: She is the student council president and all that jazz. I dunno, it’d be kind of a letdown if your last rival turned out to be this pushover of a girl who isn’t even worth noticing in school. (Though that might be neat – but that would be similar to the original purpose of Info-chan)

    • Think of her as a character like Akashi Seijuro. She may be perfect on the outside, but she’s under a lot of pressure, and she isn’t enjoying the springtime of youth.

    • When the first list of rivals was announced a long while ago, she was indeed described as a “mary sue”, so I believe this is intentional.

  3. I just realized, the whole point of the “one week to eliminate your rival” thing is because they will confess their love to Senpai on Friday and date him. So with his little sister NOT loving him in that way, she wont confess to him on Friday… so what reason could there be to HAVE her eliminated by Friday, if she wont confess her love to him on Friday?

    • Maybe when the little sister spends a whole week with Sempai at the same school she creates a stronger bond with him maybe making him not to be interested in having a girlfriend because that would mean not having enough time for his little sister. Also think that she tries to convince him not to have a girlfriend, so she may succeed at it on one week making Sempai not avaliable anymore.

    • It’s been stated that under the cherry blossom tree she will make Sempai promise to never get a girlfriend. So she isn’t dating him, but nobody else is dating him either.

  4. This is great! The only thing I think the rivals lack is Kokona Haruka being an official rival. Just take a moment and think all the suffering that she has passed through being the test rival! She deserves an official place in the final game!

  5. Yanderedev! I know who leaked all the rival pictures to instagram. Their account name is @/budomasuta , they even have a account named @/spoilingtheyandere. Theyre leaking all the stuff. Please everybody report them.

  6. It upset me too when I heard about the leak. I wanted to stay surprised and wait until you made the announcement, and I was annoyed to see certain YouTubers that I thought were respectful, make their own Rival intro video and then leak the information to their audience. I’m truly sorry this happened YandereDev.

  7. so the one I know is Osana Najimi means childhood friend, Amai Odayaka means sweet and gentle, Oka Ruto is occult, Osoro Shidesu comes from osoroshi desu which means it’s scary (I think…), and Megumi Saiko means the best goddess.Anyone know the rest?? (sorry for any grammar mistake)

  8. Hmm. Social destruction for Osana, simple matchmaking for Amai, kidnapping and mindbreaking Kizuna for potential future use, Oka befriended and paired off, Asu seems like a prime candidate for an ‘accident’, Simple distraction for Nurse Muja, Rana-sensei DEFINITLY gets the knifu for being a literal sexual predator, Osoro gets Ms. Mida’s death pinned on her, dunno what to do with Hanako except maybe getting her expelled, and Megami will be a REAL challenge. She probably gets minor social sabatoge, good behavior on Yan-chan’s part, a full gauntlet of matchmaking and at least the outward visuals of attempting to befriend her, for public opinion. Does she have actual interest in Taro as a love interest beyond the superficial? Is she just trying to enforce a safe enviroment? She will need a souring of public opinion and maybe even some proactive romancing of Sempai. If at all possible, a semi-private and heavily veiled conversation might need to be had. Unlikely to be implemented, but the safest thing would be to get Sempai expelled and to follow him to whatever public school he lands in.

  9. Ah, finally! I didn’t check the blog for awhile and missed the posts… but i’m glad the video is out! All the rivals are very interesting and I can’t wait to see what they will be like in the final game! The last rival does seem like a Mary-sue but she IS the final rival so it would make sense to have a hard final boss that could potentially take multiple tries to get through.

    But I know who leaked the video! Info-chan of course!
    Sorry, had to make that joke…
    I couldn’t view the polls, it just showed a blank page with the letters ‘nip’ on it. I was aware something was being leaked, but I didn’t look for more leaks to see what was coming.
    Thank you Yandev for all your hard work! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

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  11. I would seriously consider spending a nice amount of money and wait as long as I have to in order to have a whole yandere-kun’s route (with male rivals and everything).

  12. I knew about the leaks trough a video from a youtuber that I watch, so it was too late to hide from them since he had already showed everything in his video, tho he did have some misinformation in there so I guess it didn’t completely ruin the surprise…

  13. I feel like for the Rivals I would get Osana rejected, drive Amai to suicide, Kidnap Kizana and mindbreak her, betray Oka, matchmake Asu, kill Muja and Mida, get Osoro expelled, and I don’t really know what to do with Hanako. I guess get her expelled too… and Megami I guess I could try matchmaking… I wouldn’t know any other way to get rid of her. She probably has the best reputation, most likely engages in zero questionable activities, and as she is very suspicious of Ayano, befriend/betray probably won’t work.

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