Rival Introduction Video

Finally! After a long, long wait, I am finally ready to present the Rival Introduction Video! Enjoy!


  • The 2D graphics that float around in the background – and the rival’s name plates – were created by Jacob Judge ( http://jacobjudge.com/ ).
  • The artist who provided the character artwork for this video is named Guillermo Valerla Iglesias ( http://kjech.deviantart.com/ ).
  • I received color correction and motion blur assistance from Andrew Taraba of Bizurk Software ( http://bizurk.net/ ).
  • I was the person in charge of the video’s motion graphics (making the characters move around onscreen, etc).
  • The modeller who provided the rivals’ hairstyles was Druelbozo ( http://druelbozo.deviantart.com/ ).
  • The music was composed by Taylor Ambrosio Wood ( http://marimbagirl.com/ ).

The characters’ voices are not set in stone, but these are the talented women who graciously lent their voices to this video:

  • Osana Najimi – Brittany Lauda
  • Amai Odayaka – Kimberly Ann Campbell
  • Kizana Sunobu – Katelyn Barr
  • Oka Ruto – mom0ki
  • Asu Rito – Dawn M Bennett
  • Muja Kina – Dawn M Bennett
  • Mida Rana – Marissa Lenti
  • Osoro Shidesu – Alexis Silvera
  • Hanako Yamada – Dawn M Bennett
  • Megami Saiko – Amanda Lee

I’m very, very grateful to everyone who was involved! Thank you all so much for your help!

Character Profiles

If you’d like to learn more about the rivals, I suggest heading over to the Characters page of the Yandere Simulator website! It’s been updated with 10 character profiles!

The Characters page will be updated soon with 10 more characters! Yes, Yandere Simulator has more planned characters than you might think. The next time I update the Characters page, I will announce it with a blog post.

Reasons for Rival Video Delay

You’d probably like to hear an explanation for why it took so long to produce the Rival intro video. On August 15th, I polled the fanbase to find out what you wanted me to focus my attention on next, and the majority of you voted for the Rival video. At that point in time, I fully intended to follow the results of the poll…but something happened that made me choose to focus my attention on the Matchmaking video, instead.

As I’m sure many of you already know by now, screenshots from an earlier version of the Rival video were somehow leaked to the Internet. This was very disappointing to me, and honestly, it significantly diminished my motivation for working on the  Rival video. After I lost my motivation, I decided to focus exclusively on the Matchmaking feature, instead. If it wasn’t for the leaks, I wouldn’t have lost my motivation, and this video would have been out 3~4 weeks ago.

It is still a complete mystery how screenshots from the Rival video were leaked. Here are the facts:

  • Only five people were allowed to see this video; the musicians who were asked to compose music for it.
  • I was extremely secretive about this video, and allowed NOBODY else to see it, not even my closest friends.
  • I uploaded an early version of the video to YouTube as an “unlisted” video so that the musicians could compose music for it. I checked the video’s view count every day, to check for anything suspicious. One day, the view count shot up to 50. This was extremely suspicious (an indication that someone was spreading around the link to the video) so I deleted the video immediately.
  • The entire video was not leaked; only screenshots of it were leaked. This makes me believe that whoever took the screenshots was only able to watch it once; otherwise, they would have taken additional screenshots.
  • One of the composers who I sent this video to has not responded to any of my attempts to communicate with them. (I will call him “The 5th Composer”).

Considering all of the above information, my current theory is that The 5th Composer didn’t take the confidential nature of the video very seriously, and broadcasted it during a live-stream. Someone took screenshots of it, and posted these screenshots on Instagram. From there, the screenshots were spread around the Internet. I have no evidence to confirm that The 5th Composer is the one responsible for the leak; this is only a theory, so there is not much else for me to say.

If you have some free time, I’d like to ask you to answer a few polls for me:

Prior to this blog post, were you aware that screenshots of the Rival video had been leaked? http://poal.me/5qxw6i

If you were aware of the leak…

Did you avoid looking at any images / videos of the leaked material? http://poal.me/u9rzuc

When did you first become aware of the leak? http://poal.me/yzfjl9

Thanks for your time!

What’s Next?

The next thing I will focus my attention on is making a video about everything I’ll need to do in order to implement Yandere Simulator’s first real official rival. I hope to have that video out by October 1st – and then you’ll know what my priorities for the month of October are going to be!

As always, thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator!

190 thoughts on “Rival Introduction Video

  1. Aw Oka’s gonna be gone the first 3 weeks? 😦
    But I get it has to be done for the game and stuff. The video is AWESOME by the way! Great work.

    (also I saw the entire video on YouTube a few days ago but I can’t remember who uploaded it)

  2. oh dear.. my memory is rly bad.. n my personal situation regarding the leaks isnt exactly an answer option due to the question.. i didnt see any images/videos leaked.. but i did see names and descriptions of each rival from the post that had the leaked images. (it happened to have info on ALL the characters in the debug builds and ones only mentioned in the debug builds)
    Only images i ever saw was on google and in Jay’s vids.. but they werent often.. plus i noticed the red aura around the nurse WAAAAY before the rival video was even MENTIONED on the blog of being created.. i honestly thought it was a glitch.. but i noticed it stayed there even after the new nurse model was implemented…
    any who~
    im glad to see how far Yandere Simulator has come, and am very excited and positive about the end result of the game~’
    im sad i wont get to see Oka for 3 game-weeks tho, but im not going to say “THATS BULLCRAP! IM GONNA QUIT BEING A FAN OF THIS GAME! SCREW U DEV-PAI!” or anything (i legit was thinking of like a 5 year old saying that n then sticking their tongue out)
    i adore this game and thats definitely not going to change!

  3. Yandere dev….. with all the respect that you deserve I think it was kinda dumb, very dumb, not showing your video earlier, because the more time passed more people saw the leak, and the more unamused you official video became…. sorry for saying this in such a way but is true, I of course think it was very disrespectful to put leaks, and I even reported the video… but I just can’t shake the feeling it was surely dumb to not show the official video in your channel and let the time pass and that people keep watching the leaks and so on…..

  4. Yanderedev,
    I only knew of this person’s video that they had put up, before the official Rival Introduction came out. I only saw it in passing like a week ago and wasn’t able to find it again when it just popped up in my feed. Now I found it again. Here’s the video.

    Yandere Simulator [Rivals Spoiler]

    I truly apologize that this had happened, I thought at the time that this person had just unblurred the video from one of you videos when you showed this and I resisted very much on looking at this video since I wanted to see it come from you yourself. I feel bad that I never said anything or informed you. Please forgive me. I hope that in the future that no one ever does this to you again. It is very disrespectful to you and other creators who don’t want information of something they are developing leaked.

    • I tweeted to him that there was an Instagram dedicated to spoiling yandere simulator. I assume he didn’t see the tweet because he didn’t reply to it.
      I’m so upset that this person posted confidential information. He/She also posted spoilers to the matchmaking update that Yanderedev did not reveal.

  5. I don’t know why, but hearing some of those voices…makes me want to kill them, except for Oka and Megami. High pitched voices…must silence them. This is how I speak, when I don’t have enough sleep or coffee…time for Starbucks. I look forward to the update.

  6. YandereDev… We all are so very sorry. We know how hard you work, and all the stress you may have every day. This adding to the stress is horrible to you and all of us. We all love you, and thank you for using your life, that you could have used watching anime and playing video games all day, making this game for all of us to enjoy.

    And again, im sorry and I hope that everything gets better in the future…

    (I love ya the most out of everyone by the way ^^)

  7. I do not want to change to Kokona, the truth seems to me an interesting character who could contribute much as its history and friendship that can save Yandere. In addition,she has earned the affection of all its drama and personality. Let the tender and sweet Kokona not change by this egocentric.

    • You know, I was thinking… what if Kizana’s egotistical nature is just a performance? And, in fact, she’s like Kokona under that shell?
      It’d be just like one of Shakespeare’s quotes:
      “All the world is a stage. And all the men and women merely players.”

      But that’s just my thought. Dunno if Kokona will evolve into her own character, but I’d like her to still be in the final game.

    • If she acted just like Kokona, though, with the same backstory, wouldn’t it be too easy to use this against her? The final game should have new mysteries to challenge the player.

  8. I can’t reach the pages for the polls 😦 I remember seeing that a couple videos were showing off the screenshost of the rivals video within the past couple of weeks, but I resisted the temptation and waited to watch the official video because I knew that Dev was working hard on making the video for us! I super psyched to see the first rival implemented!! Thanks, Dev! Keep up the great work ^_^

  9. *fangirl screaming intensifies*
    THIS IS AWESOME!! I didn’t even know about some of these rivals at all! THIS IS SOO COOL! XD
    That one girl though has a style hair similar to kokona, won’t that be confusing? OMG that teacher tho, I should have expected a teacher rival but I sort of didn’t.
    The little sisters voice is really good!! That’s like a Funimationn quality voice!
    It really stinks that someone leaked the rivals. I was avoiding them though because I was waiting for you video! And tt was worth the wait! It happens though when it comes to games, movies etc. It may seem cruel, but you shouldn’t worry about it and maybe even think of it as flattery(?)
    People are really excited about your game! On another note, I really enjoyed your video! I can’t wait for the rivals too!! XD

  10. Yay! You did a fantastic job!
    Out of all of the rivals, I am looking the most forward to .. -cough- taking care of Mida (substitute teacher) and Osoro (the delinquent.) I’m really going to have a hard time calling Kokona Kizana now.

    In regards to the leaked rival video/screen shots (since the poll site is down), I was not aware that there was a leak until like 4 days ago when I was reading through some of the comments here on your blog. I never saw any video or any screen shots on youtube, but I would not have looked at them anyway. Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves. It’s very disrespectful to your work and to you as a person. I’m so sorry this happened.

  11. Kizana is lovely, and I wouldn’t ask for anything to be changed, but I do wonder what will be done with Kokona and her personality/character. Will she go thru a few visual changes and remain as a background student? I am actually fairly invested in her money troubles and overall narrative. Thank-you for the game so far, and preemptive thanks for that which is still to come.

  12. BTW the first video is from this person named Saki Mikori. the second person is SamTheYandereGamingteam if you want to find more videos you can look up “Yandere Simulator Rival Leaked”

  13. Constructive criticism: if you want to be professional game developer(and go about developing a game via blogs/builds), you should have focused on what the people wanted. It’s supposed to be work; 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration. You can’t let things like leaks make you focus on something else; you’ll never get the work done properly, and your fanbase will begin to feel as though you actively don’t care about what they would have liked to see implemented first. You shouldn’t punish your fanbase for someone’s bad decision(i.e. leaking). It sounds more like excuses, so I’m just letting you know how the industry tends to work if you ever hope to be professional.

  14. Love the rival video! I’ve been waiting to see these girl’s designs… plus, now I know what my targets look like; next step is to find their weaknesses….. Senpai will be MINE. 3:) Anyway I also noticed that you updated the Character page on your website, so now it has all of the rivals, and I LOVE IT!!!….. but, it seems to be missing a few key characters, right? Specifically, Yan-chan, Senpai, and (though I don’t know how you’d do her character picture) Info-chan. I hope you include them. In the mean time, the game’s looking better with each update, and I look forward to seeing what you do next. Keep it up!

  15. HE NEVER STREAMED IT. He only said he was working on it. People went incognito on his computer and took screenshots of him working on the video. For fuck sakes, check yourself.

  16. I’m also going to tell my Opinion here, I first heard of this leak(s) yesterday in a video of AzzMan. He explained that in the Comments of his last video there were people who knew there was a Leak of the rival Introduction Video. This was the first time I’ve heard of any Leaks. Before I saw a List of the (possible!) Rivals he himself put together based on Information from YandereDevs Twitter- and Blog-Posts, but this wasn’t a Leak, just an idea of who and how the Rivals will be.

  17. It seems that most rivals are the leader of a club. Will that club only be available for that one week then? (Unless non-deadly methods were used of course).
    For example:
    Amai Odayaka doesn’t appear until week 2, so you cannot join the cooking club until week 2. If you kill her (which seems likely since the non-death methods take awhile to set up), then the cooking club is closed permanently.

  18. Alex, you should probably just leave copyright claims. I know it takes a lot of time out of your hands and I really don’t wish for that but… Just as a artist if people were leaking or posting my work on their pages for subscribers and followers I would be pissed and it has happened to me before, it fucking sucks…

  19. Best day of my life! Thanks Yan.D, sorry about the leaks being… Leaked… But now I can’t wait!
    Your making me cry right now…;-;

  20. “Megami is the heiress to Saiko Corp, the most powerful business conglomerate in Japan. She is impossibly wealthy, a certified genius, has extensive self-defense training, has excelled at everything she has ever attempted to do in her entire life.”

    Saiko Megami TOTALLY isn’t inspired by Kurokami Medaka, like, not at all.

    LOL I guess she’ll be my favourite.

  21. Pingback: September 29th Bug-Fixing Build | Game Development Blog

  22. When I found out about Yandere Sim on 20th September, 2015, I didn’t really like Kokona-chan at all. I killed her, and killed her again, and again. The more I played Yandere Sim, the more fond I grew towards her. Now, she’s going to… leave, I don’t want that. She’s my favourite character in the game, and she’s the most likeable one too. I wonder where all the lines the talented Mom0ki made will go… I’ll miss you, Kokona-chan!

  23. BTW, something about Megami strikes me… might be the black stockings and gloves? Almost makes me wonder why she wears them, since they so terribly clash with the white of the uniform. (Though I am aware that, if you implement the uniform you want, it will look different) But… dumb, random theory I thought about: is Megami a robot and the gloves/stockings hide the tell-tale joints?

  24. I knew there was something fishy going on when Azzman posted his 155th Yanderesim video titled “rivals”. I decided not to watch it because I thought it was based on the speculations, nevertheless I suspected there might have been leaks.

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