Update Coming Soon

Don’t shoot! The next update is almost ready. All I have to do now is fix one or two bugs, and then produce the update video. I don’t know if it will be ready within the next 3 hours, but it will definitely be ready within the next 27 hours. If the next build and video aren’t ready within the next 6 hours, then they will be ready sometime tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night.

Here’s a preview:

See you soon!

345 thoughts on “Update Coming Soon

  1. Midori is wearing different color socks than the others.
    Oka wears a diferent design of leggings also
    Oka is a rival
    YandereDev says that each rival would have a different type of leggings/stockings.
    Midori is a test build rival confirm.
    (I’m joking around but I get the feeling this is gonna be a cool build XD)

    • He also has a few bugs to fix witch can be very time-consuming, Yandere Dev is trying his hardest each and every day to make this game happen. He needs more recognition then he gets, making a game is hard especially when there are bugs to fix and emails coming every few seconds. Hes trying his hardest (This isn’t directed at you 73mm! I just don’t know how to start a new comment, All i can do at the moment is reply so don’t think I’m attacking you or anything, btw love you Mabel-Gravity Falls Icon.) to make this a great game and he has a great passion for what he does. If anything the game’s development is going faster than expected. So lets all just be thankful that Yandere Dev cares about this game and his work as much as he does. Some developers don’t care about the game at all they are working on and halfway through making the game they just give up. I know Yandere Dev will do great things with this game and I am so excited to see where this goes. (Sorry about the full book I just wrote. DAMN this is a really long comment.)

  2. You know you’re a sociopath when you spend your day in your room waiting for the update to come out so you can mercilessly butcher the entire school followed by eating a Bento in Ginta’s office. One of these days Ginta… Hehehehehehe…. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Oh sorry, went full yandere there for a moment.

  3. Omg Yandere Dev is the role model for my programming and he is doing better than a very large amount of people could… Mr Jazzy Feet, or as Razzbowski would say, Mr Turtle, Razzbowski is going to have a fun time with this update ♪───(^ν^)

  4. Samn i thought it would be out by the time i got out of practice *gets ice cream and cookies* time to wait

  5. This looks really neat. I can’t wait for the update. Also, just a question for people in the comments..thought this might be the best place for it. My name is Lillith, and I’ve been thinking of starting a youtube channel, I was going to start off with Yandere Simulator first, but not sure how to go about it with out doing something that has already
    been done. Can anyone give suggestions?

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