How Sanity Affects Murder in Yandere Simulator

The new build is finally ready! Here’s a YouTube video that will tell you all about it:

If you want to see a list of every little addition, fix, or tweak in this build, here’s a list:

Fixes And Changes:

  • The idea with Social Butterflies is that they would run and hide in heavily-populated areas. However, if a murder occurs IN a heavily-populated area, then Social Butterflies “hide” right where they are standing. To combat this problem, Social Butterflies now run to a collective hiding spot and huddle together, rather than “hide” in plain view of the killer.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the pink trail leading to class to fall through the ground. (This has caused the return of the bug that would cause the pink trail to exert physical force on other objects in the world. Finding a solution that prevents both bugs simultaneously is difficult.)
  • Researched and successfully implemented a method for modifying textures while the game is running. (You can currently only see one example of this in the game right now: Midori’s stockings and panties are now green.) This opens up tons of customization potential in the future!
  • Finally fixed that stupid bug that would cause teachers’ eyelids to deform in a bizarre manner during their blinking animation, and also fixed that stupid bug that would cause teachers’ irises to deform during their “eyes shrinking with fear” animation.
  • Previously, if a murder-suicide occurred above stairs, the difference in the heights of the two characters would the animation to become desynchronized. Now, a murder-suicide is no longer allowed to occur above stairs.
  • Fixed bug that would give the player a game over for holding a weapon – instead of a game over for murder – if the player committed murder in front of a teacher.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the murder-suicide animation to glitch out if Kokona was splashed with liquid or set on fire before the animation began.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent blood from spawning during a murder-suicide animation if the animation occurred above the ground floor of the school.
  • Fixed bug that would cause students to tilt at extreme angles if the player distracted them with a giggle while at a higher or lower elevation.
  • Students who have witnessed Yandere-chan commit murder will now always perform a face-hiding animation if she aims her camera at them.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to spin in place if she received a note in her locker telling her to meet a student at 7:00 AM.
  • Replaced Yandere-chan’s old placeholder home environment with a new one (trigger the “Befriending Kokona” cutscene to see it).
  • Fixed bug that would cause Kokona to do weird teleporting nonsense if she was splashed with water while changing her shoes.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Senpai be permanently frozen if he was startled by Yandere-chan while changing his shoes.
  • Attempted to fix bug that would cause students to get stuck on a wall when attempting to exit a bathroom.
  • Attempted to fix the bug that would cause corpses’ limbs to stretch out as they were being dragged.
  • Fixed bug that would allow the player to pause the game while being attacked by a delinquent.
  • Fixed bug that would prevent the player from using the “Go Away” command on Musume Ronshaku.
  • Fixed bug that would allow Yandere-chan to clip through walls after winning a struggle.
  • Fixed fire extinguisher signs that were pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed janky camera movement after winning a struggle.
  • Smoothed camera movement after losing a struggle.
  • Added a new hairstyle to the game.
  • Fixed bugs in Bad Time Mode.
  • Added the ability to pray to a turtle.

Murder-Related Additions

  • Added new killing animations that play depending on the protagonist’s current level of sanity. You must speak to the turtle in the Light Music clubroom to activate these animations.
  • Added stealth attacks that only play if the protagonist attacks someone from behind. You must speak to the turtle in the Light Music clubroom to activate these animations.
  • If your Physical stat is above 0, it is now possible to have a struggle against a teacher, and kill that teacher.
  • Now, when a teacher is killed, they will be replaced the next day by a randomly-generated teacher.
  • Adjusted the blood spray particle effect of the murder-suicide animation.
  • Added new struggle animations (for students and teachers).
  • Added new sound effects to the murder-suicide animation.

What’s next?

I’m currently looking at three possibilities…

  • Implement Matchmaking
  • Create the Rival Introduction Video
  • Take care of a bunch of miscellaneous tasks (implement new inventory system, re-write some code so that it’s easier for me to make cosmetic changes to students, make changes to the school environment, etc.)

The way things might work is that I’ll start working on the Rival Introduction video, but I’ll run into some kind of roadblock (need new music, need adjustments to the artwork, need the voice actresses to re-record some lines) and then I’ll put the Rival Introduction video on hold and take care of miscellaneous tasks to pass the time while I’m waiting for the assets I need. Or, I’ll work on the Matchmaking elimination method while waiting for assets, instead.

Help me decide what my next top priority should be! Vote on this poll!

214 thoughts on “How Sanity Affects Murder in Yandere Simulator

  1. So, in the updated cut-scene with Kokona in Yandere-chan’s house, both Kokona and Yandere-chan had Yandere-chan’s model with Musume’s hair. Has anyone else experienced this?

  2. The laucher isnt downloading the game and i have redownloaded it three times, is anyone else experiencing this too?

      • Hmmm i already have the launcher… but… If it dont works If You download it from this website…
        Go to download and download it from mediafire.. If its still dont works means that You two dont have enough Giga RAM this happend to me too… when i buyed a new pc…So i go to buy a RAM card implementez it în the pc and the game opened

    • I’ve experienced this many times as well. I believe Yandere~Dev said that he wasn’t the one that created the launcher and to contact someone else on Just download the new update without the launcher and you’ll be fine.

  3. Regarding the last part of the video; I personally think the game still should refrain from a beat-em-up combat system. This is for three main reasons.

    1) The idea of having to physically beat the rival as the climax is rather…well…anti-climatic. One of the reason that YS (Yandere Simulator) appeals to me to such a great degree is because of the sneaky and stealthy way to remove people. While YS does go into blood-thirsty murder option (which is very enjoyable) the other creative ways truly reflect the genius of Yanderedev and of Ayano’s character. So to suddenly end it all with a fight seems out of place and frankly disappointing.

    2) While Ayano is definitely psychotic and murderous, she has also proved herself to be smart and crafty. We can see this by her ability to ‘befriend’ Kokona and to even manipulate the entire school to bully her into suicide. She even has the ability to EXPELL a student which is manipulating the entire education system. This means that simply combating her rival is almost disregarding her sly abilities and resources.

    3) Finally, since this particular rival is the leader of the delinquents, that actually opens the door for Ayano to possibly be more creative in her way of taking this rival down. Reason? Simply because these delinquents will have knowledge of the rival and if Ayano was to use blackmail, tasks, favours or bribery to find out knowledge about the rival to help her in the future! I personally feel this is better, also, even convincing one of them to be on your side through emotional and psychological manipulation would give the player such satisfaction. (Not like a mind slave though, that would be repetitive).

    Other than that, whatever Yanderedev decides to do, I will support and respect him for it. He is creating a great game and I can’t wait for more. Sorry for speaking for so long!

    • I get exactly what you’re saying… at the same time having the option of a brawl isn’t a bad idea. Some people will play the game as a Sneaky, stealthy, hunt for Senpai, so that no-one even knows there’s a killer… Others will go on mass murder spree’s and just hide the evidence that it was them. Both are equally valid methods. Since Yan-dev has already said you can’t stabby-stabby the delinquent rival, that removes a lot of possibilities.

      Add in the fact that he has said many elimination methods can only be used once… and you might end up at the point where you need to take out Delinquent-chan and you’ve already used mind-slaves, blackmail, expulsion, suicide and matchmaking on the previous rivals (not sure when Delinquent-chan will turn up, but there are ten weeks of rival slaying so it could be a while)… and you might be out of valid methods for her, so having a rival specific method might be nice to have as an option IF you’ve already used your entire toolbox. Then again, you might be saving another method for her specifically. There’s no reason why we can’t have both.

      • That’s a really good point! If Yanderedev chooses to implement the combat system, which I know a good amount of people like the sound of, then that’s fine. I just hope that there is an alternative to combating the delinquent if he does, but I agree with you totally! We could absolutely have both!

  4. Seems like eventually she’d come across a rival who matched her abilities. Part of the game is to challenge players in how they murder someone, and a combat system could work, especially if it shows how creative she can be as a psychopath. She can be like Lelouch from Code Geass, who goes into fights with winning strategies that give him the advantage. It would be interesting to see that happen.

  5. I’d be quite fine with a combat system.

    Having the OPTION of fighting should stealth fail just makes sense.

    Having the option of fighting should combat be desirable would be nice.

    Having no choice but to fight head on would be extremely vexing, and not in line with the themes presented.

  6. Although the rival introductions would be pretty hype, I feel it’s much more practical and productive at this point to take care of the miscellaneous tasks rather than adding more miscellaneous tasks to the pile by adding more new features.

    It’s just good etiquette to tidy up before moving on to another milestone!

  7. Revise your code and work on the minor tasks before tackling the Rival Video and Matchmaking. I know a lot of people want those badly, but making sure your code works is much more important~

  8. ‘-‘ I really hate how the concept of the game is now. I’m just going to blindly rant.. YandereDev won’t see this anyways. Ahem* I love how unrealistic he could be 🙂 Most of these student and rivals are supposed to be normal. Do you expect someone at school to have inhuman strength and have experienced combat skills? Also, why do you still not get the point of yanderes? They are supposed to be clingy and sweet in the outside. I don’t think I see ANY of that in this. YandereDev, you don’t understand what a yandere is nor can you say ‘Yandere’ correctly. I get it. Not everone can say Japanese correctly. I at least tried to get it correct. I’m Korean, so I should have had a hard time as well, but I acrually tried to earn correct information. I understanf that you being unable to pronounce Japanese doesn’t impact the “game’s” development, but I just had to point it out. Anways.. I love the idea of making a “Yandere” based game, but please, make Ayano-chan an ACTUAL yandere.

    • Yandere translates to (based on Actual Research.) to : yandere

      (plural yandere)

      (chiefly Japanese fiction) A fictional character who fits the archetype of being genuinely romantic, loving, kind, merciful, sparing, sweet and gentle, but is at the same time brutal, psychotic or deranged in behavior. The psychotic tendency can be both sudden and ever-present. Often used for both comedic and dramatic displays of character.
      plural form of yandere
      Yandere (ヤンデレ) is a portmanteau of two Japanese words yanderu (病んでる), meaning to be sick, and deredere (デレデレ), which is defined as strongly and deeply exhausted, infatuated, moonstruck, head-over-heels, or lovestruck, but in this case used for “lovestruck.”

      The word was developed from tsundere which describes a character who is both hard-nosed or moody tsuntsun (ツンツン) and the aforementioned lovestruck. The sick portion was added when a new layer of romantic obsession came about beyond normal tsundere (where cool emotions were warmed and nurtured towards awkward, romantic or sexualized tension) where seemingly normal displays of strong and deep romantic love and affection become mentally dilapidated (i.e. kidnapping crushes, poisoning food that is to be eaten by a romantic rival, or forcing the romantic love interest to commit shinju (心中))


      • And.. you made yourself look like a weeaboo like me ‘-‘ I already knew everything that you stated. What I had stated says exactly what you wrote or copied and pasted. Sweet, clingy, cute, etc. However i must say. YandereDev didn’t include any of that. I was. I was blindly asking “where is the ‘dere’?”

      • 1. i Dont think its possible to be a weeabo when thats my origins.
        2.the Game ISNT finished he is working on it so your comment is very idiotic and mindless
        3.the dere IS there(and will be MUCH more in the FINAL GAME) my proof: The Cooking club,Befriending, Tasking, complimenting, AND matchmaking However they have their Darkside Making it more real
        No yandere Is 100% Innocent.
        they will do ANYTHING for the one they love(its putting a Dere Feel then adding the crazy) in fact now that i think about it.. Dere… hm.. the Point Of a yandere is to look normal.. But on the inside they are.. broken…
        With that being said there is no point In judging a Game that isnt done and that HALF of the Features are not even known!

      • 1. I had no idea that your origin was from there, nor could I ever have known. I know how you feel, everyone calls me a Koreaboo just because I claim to be Korean. I don’t act korean, but both my parents are Korean.
        2+3. Just before i start, keep in mind that I said “I’m just going to blindly rant” or take out my frustration. Ahem.” I do not need that excuse again. That is the excuse that YandereDev keeps saying. If he doesn’t get the concept, no matter what product he gets, it is going to be wrong. Also, she should be trying to interact with him and trying to get close to him. Now, what is Ayano doing? Killing, Killing, “I don’t even care about making him fall for me anymore, I’m just going to kill anyone near him and innocent people.” The dere is not there. Her design does not match either. She looks more like a hearless “kuudere”(of course, kuuderes cannot be “phychotic”). Not to mention that your proof doesn’t make sense. How does cooking, befriending, tasking, complementing, and matching have to do with being “dere.” Those are things anyone can do without loving anyone. She doesn’t look nor act sweet, and “cute.” SOMETIMES, Ayano looks like she’s just bloodthirsty and doesn’t even care about love. At this point of the development, I honestly think that YandereDev is making students in Ayano’s school .. Too unrealistic. Why will almost all the club leaders like “Senapi” and why are they all girls. Also, why would they be harder to kill? They are just normal student with hobbies. That is all.
        (You can ignore this one. )4. I’m not trying to be offensive, but I believe that you are being quite rude (I am as well, I apologize if I am making you frustrated).

      • i was simply telling you the TRUE meaning of yandere. also this game ISNT FINISHED And very Little is known about it therfor you are being so idiotic in the final game She will be MORE of a yandere. he is focused on adding the more big things. a yandere is a girl or boy that will do anything for their senpai, even if that means taking a life they dont have to be sweet On the outside just apeer normal. please do not reply as i am fed up with your Unconsiderate idiot ways
        (sorry if mispelled or bad english)

      • Indeed. You look very rude and idiotic in many ways. Actually, I’m fed up with what you are saying. You keep repeating what you said and I keep having to justify them. It sure is a pain. You poured oil on fire, dear. Also, why would you use the word “senpai” (You used it to describe a yandere.) Just by saying senpai, you automatically look like a weeaboo in my eyes. Senpai? Shouldn’t you have used “someone they like.” Senpai doesn’t necessarily fit in the meaning. Not to mention, you said he is working on the “Big things;” I disagree. I believe that he is making the game very unrealistic. You may not need more than one way to kill some. In the end, Ayano’s victims will die. It doesn’t matter HOW they die. *sigh* I wish not to write anymore. After all, you said you didn’t want to hear from me. In the end you won’t reply. This was a “blind rant.” You don’t need to answer.

        Lastly, in what way am I showing “inconsiderate idiotic ways?” I believe that you’re exaggerating everything that I state. It’s unreasonable to call me that when you are insulting me out of “frustration” and disgust.

        Why did you say baka? Just say idiot.

  9. Thank you so much, Yandere-Dev! You did the great job!
    P. S. Remember, in one of the older tweets you wrote that you’d add feature to matchmake Pippi and Ryuto?
    Sorry for my bad English.
    Thank you 🙂

  10. YandereDev YandereDev! I love this update. And please, do the rival introduction video. I must know more about Oka Ruto <3.
    PS. Is it bad that I stalk Oka instead of senpai????

  11. I would be absolutely fine with a beat ’em up combat mechanic, just as long as:
    1) This won’t be the only way of dealing with Delinquent-chan.
    And 2) Keep it in the style of Yandere Simulator; don’t have things like breaking bones, like Mortal Kombat, or anything like that.
    If these conditions are met then I would absolutely love to see this implemented.

  12. Since I am playing Yakuzua 5 right now, I gave the whole thing some new thoughts, and i think, if condinfed to the right curcumstances, this could work vor YandereSim.
    A) I would limit it to a certain PE stat, and improving with further rank.
    b) while it might look wierd when yandere-chan takes on severel grown men, yakuzua style, it would absolutely work in duel style combat versus the delinquents.
    c) It could be used to move up the ranks of the School-Gang, giving you some pwoer over the ones of lower rank, possibly taking order from you
    d) An Honor-Dual with the a possible leader-rival of the delinquents could result in Yan-Chan being the undisputed Leader of the gang and coudl serve as a nonlethal rival elimination for the delinquent, since yan.chan could order her to stand down from Senpai.

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