Indestructible Rival 2

Hey, remember Indestructible Rival? I made a sequel!

“YandereDev, you baka! Why are you spending your time making videos like this instead of working on the game?!”

Well, I produced this video in my spare time, and only worked on it if I felt like I had recently made very significant progress on the game. I don’t feel guilty about doing something fun and silly in my spare time…

…but, you know what I do feel guilty about? Easter eggs. I’ll explain.

I think that there are two different Yandere Simulators. There’s the one that exists in reality, and then the one that exists in my mind.

In my mind, Yandere Simulator is a horror game where you play as the monster. The protagonist specializes in sabotaging other peoples’ lives using every tool available to her, whether it’s gossiping, bullying, kidnapping, or worse. There is no boundary that the protagonist won’t cross; psychological torture, animal cruelty, and outright murder are all viable options, as long as they get her closer to what she wants.

In my mind, Yandere Simulator is a stealth game, but not a traditional stealth game; it’s a social stealth game. It’s not about hiding around corners…it’s about hiding in plain sight. You must hide your true nature so that nobody learns you are a bloodthirsty psychopath. You must hide your intentions so that nobody will suspect that you’re about to spill their blood. You must hide the truth from people so that you can deceive and manipulate them.

However, the Yandere Simulator that exists in reality is something quite different.

Working on such a grim, dark, and morbid game can get very tiresome, so sometimes I briefly pause development and  create silly things just for fun. If I didn’t take short breaks to relax and create humorous things, I’d probably go insane from spending hundreds of hours working on such a morbid game! My humorous “easter eggs” have resulted in many smiles and laughs…but they have also had an unintended side-effect.

A “game” is something that has win conditions and loss conditions. It is currently impossible to “win” Yandere Simulator; in other words, it doesn’t even qualify as a game right now! Because Yandere Simulator is so far from completion, the easter eggs are some of the only ways to enjoy Yandere Sim. Unfortunately, the silly content has received far more attention than I ever anticipated, and has become a part of the game’s identity.

As a result, Yandere Simulator is often perceived as a joke game or “meme game”, which is the exact opposite of what I want. I have only myself to blame for this, since I’m the one who put in so many goofy easter eggs.

The solution may be to completely re-brand Yandere Simulator. To create the “horror game vibe” that I’ve always wanted it to have, many aspects of the game may need to change; the color scheme, the user interface, the soundtrack, and everything else that gives a game its “look and feel”. I’m going to focus on gameplay for the remainder of 2016…but, in 2017, the game’s branding may change completely.

This point in time – while Yandere Simulator is still regarded as a “joke game / meme game” – is the only point in time when it will be appropriate for me to produce “silly” content. After the Great Rebranding, I’ll have to abstain from silly “just for fun” stuff. So, before that time comes, I wanted to have a little fun, and produce a video that celebrates Yandere Simulator’s goofy side…and that’s where “Indestructible Rival 2” came from.

In short, this may be the last – or one of the last – “silly” videos that I produce, as part of my effort to stop producing content that would result in a “meme game” stigma.

With all of that said, I fully acknowledge the possibility that I could alienate a huge chunk of the game’s fanbase by rebranding the game. A lot of people probably became fans of the game because of the current balance of whimsical content and dark content, and wouldn’t find the game appealing if it moved too far in a different direction. This is something that I’m very concerned about, so this is a decision that I won’t be making without feedback.

Well, if you’ve been following this game’s development for a while, then you probably know what I like to do in situations like this…yes, that’s right:

It’s poll time!

462 thoughts on “Indestructible Rival 2

  1. Even if it’s a dark and grim game, a little humor here and there is alright. The jokes doesn’t need to be outright silly too. By making the jokes subtle and fitting to the right situation, the game won’t risk coming off as cheesy.

    Take Silent Hill 3, for example. It’s definitely a game with a really dark premise, but there’s this rather humorous scene when Heather felt grossed out about searching the toilet bowl ,turned to the player and questioned said disgusting action. That’s a reference to the older Silent Hill game when the main protagonist stuck his hand into a toilet bowl to look for something.

    Players will eventually feel numbed by all of the grimness if the game’s so dark that there’s not even a hint of ‘light’. Unless that’s what you’re aiming for. Making players feel like they’re in Yandere-chan’s head.

  2. Guys The next build Is going to be matchmaking. The reason I think this is because the sanity attack animations aren’t all complete so he had 2 options, Rival Intro vid, or matchmaking. I’m 90% sure he choose the matchmaking route because matchmaking is a complex elimination method so he needs a lot of time ( like 3 weeks which is the time YandereDev had to work on the game ) So overall Yandere dev I think choose matchmaking and It may take along time because I also think there is a cut scene in this elimination method he has to work on. I’m just saying that’s what I think. Or I could be completely wrong. Ps I think the build will be out on the 15th or 1st of September

  3. I love the tone of the game the way it is. I love being able to eliminate my rivals, being stealthy and covering up my messes. However, if I get frustrated or just tired of the stealth, I can blow off steam using Yan-chan as well. I can pop one of the easter eggs and have a bit of fun, then get right back to work. (at the price of resetting progress, if needed) It doesn’t need to be meme-laden, because the game itself will create memes. But an artistic nod here and there could be really enjoyable.

    • This, a thousand times. There’s NO reason to shy away from any humor whatsoever. I’ve said it before, Yandere Simulator has nothing to fear from Goat Simulator or Job Simulator or any other game at all; it stands on its own merit and quality.

      • UNLIKE you rich spoiled kids i play on a cheap laptop and study in actual books. OOOH try picking one of those up. ALSO i WAS GEtting Sad Becuase at the rate he was going his normal build time (1st and 15th) would be the 16th a day AFTER my birthday (one that sucked senpai ass bc MY gran got put in to the hosipital) so i do apalogize. (sorry for bad spelling/ Grammer english isnt my first Launguage)

  4. my guesses are adding match making, new killing animations with each kill after another because of Ayano losing her sanity, fighting teacher animations, possibly new students/ new rivals, bug fixing, and maybe just maybe a way to kill the delinquents

  5. Personally, I could do with less Easter Eggs. But only because I want to see YanSim and not “YanSim references X”. They’re fun, don’t get me wrong. But I’d rather have less Easter Eggs, but more fun little things like this video as a way for you to take a break from the grim aspects of YanSim.

    I loved the video.

    As for the poll, I picked that the balance is fine right now. Just… well, see above my stance on Easter Eggs.

  6. I know that the idea of Yandere-Kun and Male Rivals are not really that welcome in YandereDev’s mind (probably because they will cost more work from the voice actors) but I really want the game to have the option to change the protagonist’s and the antagonists’ genders. I know that Yandere-chan is amazing and all, but I think I would feel more… comfortable to play as a male. I know that there are not that many Male Yanderes in anime, but I think it would be awesome to see Yandere-Kun and Male Rivals in the game. 🙂

    • I don’t think that a Male protagonist would work. The game would be weird if you go around killing male people and kidnapping them. There’s nothing wrong with having a female protagonist, it’s fun ^_^

      There’s an option that is not available yet when you start a new game that allows you to choose the gender of your Senpai, but I suppose that the mechanic will be the same, only female protagonist and victims.

      • You could also mod the game, to make Yan- Chan look more like a male. So, if YD won’t implement a “choose your gender” option, there are always alternatives

      • I can’t see how that’s anymore weird than just having a female-yandere. If there’s nothing wrong with a female-yandere, there’s nothing wrong with a male, and you’re certainly still free to play a female yandere. I personally think a male would be fun because it is rarer in anime. The only thing ‘wrong’ with a male yandere are time constraints that come with modeling and animating one. I personally think it would also be fun if certain elimination methods were more/less effective depending on sex but that’s just me.

        I also think the only reason why you can’t kidnap a male right now is because there are not enough animations for YandereDev to use. Otherwise, there’s no physical reason why you wouldn’t be able to.

    • You know, maybe this is my Yaoi Fangirl-self talking, but I wouldn’t mind a gay version of the game. As in, Yandere-chan can be chosen to be a guy, but the rest of the characters retain their gender. Yandere-kun still wants a male Sempai and is getting rid of his female rivals, who are all playing ‘unfair’ because they are, you know, female and can use their ‘feminine wiles’ and such on him.

      …of course, this could lead to people crying “SEXIST” by your victims being girls, but… mh. Yeah, the internet would explode over this… still, I can dream. (Or draw it.)

  7. There is a chance he will possibly post the update early ala tonight or tomorrow but he made a tweet finally after all these days so he is alive but maybe he is filming the update video and post it tomorrow night agggghhhh im so excited xD

  8. Yandere chan is supposed to be the trademark charecter. So adding a Yandere Kunn would make things complicated as of the face of the franchise. And with the hair and bust side customizations you can make yan chan look like a male a bit. And using the hit an uniform would kinda make the skirt blend in a bit. (If ya still wanna play as a “male”) Just some advise ❤

  9. I think the game is perfect the amount of humor you put in it. Yandere Simulator is a game, so it have to be engoyable ( in a humor way ) too 😉 (sorry if my English is bad)

    • I just want to see them go flying with one punch XD after all that chasing they did and coming out of no where because they can go through walls and what not. they’ve been invincible long enough lol

  10. For me, all these little easter eggs (like the ability to play the theme on the light music club’s piano or reading the notes in the faculty room) are essential to the game since they give more depth to it, some other small way to get entertained, and not just a “do this, do that”. As for such things as the easter egg menu and various accessories, while they don’t really fit the game, it would be a waste to not have them. What I would propose is a sandbox/endless mode – no rival, no senpai. Just you, easter egg menu and a bunch of students to kill.

  11. Keep all the easter eggs in. You could lock them away as a reward for beating the game as intended or as unlocks for various achievements and that will drastically increase replay value. Have you ever beaten a game to death and then got bored of it and then started playing with debug menus and cheat codes? maybe throw some mods in it? Once you’ve experienced the main presentation, the option to just go nuts is always welcome in my mind.

  12. you know, you could just simply split the game in two, keeping the serious elements and silly elements intact. Two different games, of which you can update at leisure, like the videos. Lovesick (or whatever other name has been decided) and Yandere Sandbox. Might be a stupid idea but w/e, it sounds like a nice idea to me

  13. I feel like you can keep some of the fun, silly easter eggs, but in a twist way. A mini-game way? Now, that would take a bunch of programming I bet, but making like a sandbox where you can still play the game the way it will be in the future but instead, you have the weapons at the front, the easter eggs at your disposal, and maybe even options to turn on and off stuff (I.E; Delinquents spawning, demon hands, etc.)

  14. I remember after getting a specific ending on Chrono Trigger, it unlocked a ‘dev room’ of sorts where you could talk to the staff who made the game, see various animations, and some other stuff I can’t remember as well (it’s been yeeeeears). Anyway, if you’re worried about breaking the tone- just do that. Keep making silly stuff to keep yourself sane, but lock it in a ‘bonus’ room the player can access only when they meet a certain criteria (like finishing the game under a certain amount of time, or winning without offing anybody- or heck, make it the prize for completing a long, hidden side mission that’s unimportant to the story). The players who enjoy the easter eggs get a whole playroom full of them, but your original vision- a psychological horror/social stealth game- remains intact.

  15. Oh come on, Yandere Dev. This is technically a horror game. There’s fog, spooky secrets, a demonic club, everything a horror game should have. But if it wasn’t for the Easter eggs, imagine how many people would say “Why is this game so dark?!” or “Ehhhhh, this game creeps me out” or “Needs some silly stuff to balance out the morbid main story.” The Easter eggs are a huge part of the game! If you just stop working on Easter eggs, around 35% of the people who like the game will think it’s “getting too morbid” and just leave to look for something else! You’ve gotta keep making silly stuff once in a while, or else a huge chunk of the game’s fans will be disappointed and won’t like the game anymore.

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